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January 23, 1930 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-23

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37 ll:.1 ) y 1 S.' 1,] *i1 1 JI~

_tl-- ni telaltnI u _u ventet i tx es~ 1fl lf .-~--. ~II1M B EO J~ That MihiansUniversity Mu-
orf the livterit Copy recivd by tlw' Ass Lrt to the Pv1'xe- # ILJ UI ! 1!J G 11bii1c'w h bJec'n4aREPORT
denlot until 3:30 p. nL. (1u:0a . nt. Strday) l' ,nnIir -('~''y xppular I Jac( .>.znlu g Xva-"'
jVOL. X,. TIL SJIXY JANUiARY 23,h930 N. 35 r !IIJ Seccectary Davis Notices Slow -AWed Arburelsiay faLswi
_ L1~II IJIIVUL ~e~ver inEmpoymnt vas j~uflc( ytrcy by Suunerm-
- reover in mploment j tclden 4Wllians, in charge of tars L
N0111r( 'FST After Stock Crash. of Inspection. The rcgitr in Fn- ti
Uostl AnnunIH(cs IncreaseC - iut~ou Hal-l" ha iinea>cd sdead ;-
All en ~tudents, Alemet~is e'1t I Milig aniiin Asitjqn Ma re: o zxlo~o ~ i(ANSu xrs JN :IY(1fli l ~t4 uthsiLW', 1(lI
Nubrapetition signed by more than 110('~) llbers of the Union, Ithere wiliNumerno MenalsCIN SEN ATdRulAl.1 da¢uiigvth(IBat si
be a meeting today in' the Union I in iitt a. in. to 6 pn. fr the purpes a yie1JCnc Calls. yll ave brought out. an Lwzrae os. 90t,
place i fU 0 the1.mrit sO~(i for U~it to theC NOVEMtBER , i. ~~iguests over week curls. !I
plae n l~ct henwitsyem ort~~ clction of the president au(dl .t t, :AL~.S§IN N ii WRWA~3IiNtC ON, D. C., Jan, 21-A cAording to uperiteudeint il- d
ofteUin.ertr.Blswlll'cs t otha h tciW (upard tgene] in employment cdur Iians, a rater portion of tiie vi- ;s
of tbe Ution. Lloyd, president Net Cost Per Student Amounts ip~g the last two weeks for the first tor fail to register when lookigla
to*~2.O orLat ea;-1§CsViece the stock imarkt defla- over the exhiisinayon ftev
to itj ,,frf 12~ 'u AI~e 'r:Al -tU~'i ~$.54foYeastYar;tr LtYveb1wa eore othre major display rooms, and an;
19ri? ea Bfoe.I ~; 't e mbrta rpotd oaccurate count of the act-ual to- ¢c
I hose Colccs who have not c:; Vd tottrio ,nc1 :lrys olice. ?M3 Wey ove oayb eee -a any period is nees srilys
+ilngincerikig bildilitir P(rive the nIlwm Alu,' o th Ita'elirs ofal t i,' r. WGVeii clEI Forythe, director , t.ary Davis. Ihalrd to obtain. In his es~mLae,;W
cousesiaxthe Literary lCcbv.(..C pivv; liCll]M'r oEucot ies, ot+,yof .t~ieUiveiity HalhService, tl<tz~ fepomn l vri13eeWlim eivsta }
Fund IPhysics yad-r e d kcto do ticPnmditi yiorder ' t fher gf~C3sit' rs dythatoeo ~w1'cityhscagdi temr hn130otiestk d
May be Obtained ini tonefor t lt,,r] =tlc,., lus"u .:ai:of travtsi giicanzcc is th.cx':J- (l, ictil, thet hief ee cutive Ivantage of the Museumtzs Buidig;
I us i~IkIA,-aid, lter receiving information each nmonth, afligure whic sat
A. inreasrl eizl rr of calls from sto- that the see iron and automobilelreices vr'ypeiu
(l 15 sru'iriug attenti which uinutries, iaotg wth~ virtually ev-~ year in thle hstry of thle mstitu -Ci
All i'ag ilneiiig sMu ds I :4w ilie;; wC csi ine eas l lo ule- ohr ao ldsr i h~in Drn h nOh fIeenI
ishx dSchedule of E lX3i'V1tioll lot 0 iI3v Joi Iallconfl : , teir i zn- woO (I i~1.L(al dv ,.. aid(,I er lY "" , a~ridty nth -aln. Durgth-lie oenhoups;.ii-
li naons to Professor liP~gb': ulPcroow 279 Wes1. Lri;n-chibil-( iXd -~ 0os\lut a fygenf,. There i ceJan6.y. ashwincaclatifAnbe rb ore an a dozen grode ).t
Ing, not later than Friday, Janar 24, at non. were no consultations on this sub-i children made the special tatyro
H ' S( e1 t ry Davis said "We an cx-1 b
ft ~etdalo uiesi the building under Williams' dirge--
(Ii~eisRyh ~ C~orJlsih t.It. t2 li bes e l o)i in eer.f75192the acordn'lIr tie agrat ea o bui yssi M
~pn orre_ ttofl C'! the r ". ecNoros of 192th, ame rcen. ' O ltLu elonte-ion, a majority of the tours be-
Gliilia' 1tgtm GiS~C+RccnI lL~~~lC,.-e. 'a in: iIl1928, but Il11, an apreciable in- Y~el se swl te way to~igmd ncnlet ihteC
open fo retiis ratiyr Cnlh Uof November 1(recovery"f from1"the12,11101tudy nofstearly eaaly W ashtwnInIndi n
,,srljin i le nu____________of__Nov__mbero i on"b2,dur]ng the last few months lore which was conducted in t.le,-ie
''Jz1 J~uetor Frs'l sidtht oMof129. ;public schools here earlier in tie.p
exhibit of Silk and Ctton 1rints , ,y) Acrau dcsiMl;)-; al"I mall-tu~den-ts whocamefor hep were!A<,,' I~41 "' - 1II;1*,in. 1 actually rmarked] the turn Suiday i a big day at the Mu-;B
ufacturer's, third !leer Architec ture build ing. -;ii diflulty over some peculiar cr- Wiliam hiwwar'i Ta ft. tpward in employment, the scre- ]sewiln.tThe week's work is on ex-el
cioigca berin, aso- Chif Jutic oftheUnied W ~try said, but it was not entirely hbit in most of the departments,
cFacultyavng g ne alyano- i efJ si eo heU i eItts ev ient until Jan. 6, when reports and everything is dressed for the 1f
~ecitsSection of theFaut Women's C10)~r brl'Jge partyil ooic bang
the Alumnae room of the icheigIl Lea gue building. 2:30 p. n. Those octor rorsythe believes that the Supreme Court, who is reciprat- showed a steady gain. Since then, i extra flow of v~tors who are tak-1
' not interested inl cards are ask.ed to brilgn ii !csa~h~.service rendered in these es,014~ from a recent illness at A~he- he continued, the strides toward ing advantage of tiler leisure mo-
A.S.M.I: tuen h'nc ieisat7:~ p n.,rom22.with the view of putting the stu- vile. North Carolina. industrial recovery have been main nents to browse through the his- ;A
A.S .r. tdn alhnesd :Jp nro 2.dest back in the right frame of_______ tamned. toneS and jpre-histonic nmounts with
Pt~of. C. T. Johutzon w-illtails on it' eL,vi: stE~e~icring Campr,. ttuid 10to ursue his studies with a The report of an imrpov nlent il;their long, mouthi-fillhng nes.]
- 1-enewed vig or is cons;idred o VETERAN GUIDE the labor situation closely followed ; f£le Suday Before Christmas vac-
(iriian Sien>ce Socei1-y ilC~rt _] -i hihe Capel of the Jziihitzran varlue. *, SF U D F~ Z Nan aiinyu icenent by Secretary Lra tion ceased saw the greatest crowd
Legu bilin t :3 p r. Te -inalul pre,,srure. sys, S _____F_'. :rnt ha record year in co- I in many weeks at the institution,j
- Dr. Forsythe, "upon our cepartmen'..- sti t inaind maintenance of pub- 55 registering in "Evolution hall" !e
French Lecture: Professor Andre Mro rz of Hiarvaid University will for' increased and improved service 1 B ' sc~td c)lic work and by public utilities1 alone. l
give the first lecture on the Csreie i7J-lcais program Thursday, Janiu- hi l' ay made difficult the pre- MANISTEE, Mich., Jan. 21.- seemed assured, with an outlay of Among the attractions with grad- d
ary 23, at 4:15 o'clock, in Nalural Sa9icne auditorium onl "L'Esprit d2 oig. loll oi a necessary incomel. The ;Frank Meyers, 57 years old, pioneer' seven billion dollars in these fields iate students, back for this or that iL
Voltaire." fcciirl o assuranlce which came !and veteran guide o Shoolea ft apr-obable dluring the year. - ----- ------- -- --
wall ceach past increase of student .enhlc tte nesatVon
Geology 101 abratoiy: Lt make-till ierlodl today at 5 o'clock, fees v ,seyi ended by the inereas- county, was founid IfO/ i lco deathnlerc commission tdy pha
-.-----_ rid cl niads for increasingly expe- !live m]iles fromt Stouuen Leaday. I-eI' tionis were filed by two railroads for
A; 1. E. E. picture will be takean at 5:15 p. 111. at the Dey Studio, ,Jve seivice which could not be hsd gone out ysterday to cult ice. permlission to issue 30,00,000 in t i
334 S, State Street. withhe'ld under our very generous l me\ts asiuio'vn o hundreds of 'boxn, a large part of which IS to1_ Sir P
polc?." itourss anti Lun~ers who -annu ally be %plt for new equipment and
rJihc Psychologica Journal 'tb will meet thi~s evening il room l 211.15, 1FOS ,n.i,,-r.-1i y vis;its there was an visied this county. imnpovements this year.
~aia cnc uiin. 1), C , -ij; 119 ill rep)ort on inve'Stigatiouis o zcras of 2 per col( for the y5- -
etnti. Mr. Brainard wxvii r'rpiert or certain entaltests of children. i12;3-25 use <tle preceding year. / (''
rniMotion picture films of m".Le e i lig in ratu will be exhibit-ed, i ui ; v ,5ireoded by ai mice of 1.- 1GO YOUR GLASSES REMA IN FULL
O'Cl l; 1n1 v cade i 1927-28 vervisitsi
l nglisih 100: Eg lish Seminary wi meet tonight, at s8'clhki js- ini 1926 27 thsever itsitn Have you ever, inotied that your guests leave their ~
rooint408 iiratry. l'Mr. Demray will..reort onl the progress of ' 126i-217 bin-vg an increase of seven ~watr glasses full at the cant: of the mteal? Do you suppose - andI
investigation. -I1(, clt (c the iay of 1925-26. dicy (do not like water or' is it the taste of the particular - I
The ratc tcoML orl aM se-rvice le r != ), ,.~ -oIa onlecamn
t t( io uiu in Applied Meulv]rai : M.r. 8.A. ~ithr Sei1 Son , CL, -¢();e (t. Ltlcd ' eee row 'the ( yudU e3nP
of Dii1 ¢ on Detroit- ll umow~ tso r lxci ill ive aa(p . r Gil the V.Li15 lt; r-h,,,l ..,." .r o 9 ~ r ? acx12.'0,-n-i-4w tion from vexti r fi'w s by ti'terving Tpure Arbor Springs "l E iANG)LISHJ1I
phases ofi[the tuinii con Stru,.tn. The inceeti-,, wwill be il 40~. 45(v V),l 'ohre 1-- '; , wal-; liv 1') ])127-'_ yi(tt"
W est U ngj, i dlog , a t 8 p.1r 'u N c ( la i lcaop n to pii(ic, n28 ; e.50 ll - A R E ORr.S P R I N G S , RO u n o\VAla s D cTilE R(il Ce o ay . i o~ o r v tl t l i f y lr r i lP o n e 8 2C O M I N~i
JunorLi C~sI~ - wllbe ohi~t-oI1.oiv ndI oiw~li13.L:(.S ' ee . ill net oil;- . - x-n hne870E
]'a.inorlrrlid4' vof lUp~fiert~v b!li],Ther- .re it5t Ill Cbs ~l are O".1oa e t1: tAl1.tr~('!!t!l~13 !!!!!!lSii~lltllltlall Ililg (lllllI2O- Wivigil - b ~lillllt I
must he taken care of at one(,, I 11ui tal :3 t im- - - -T eLyCd ii
BiAva- Chapter of lIota lApllia meet Thiursday evening 7:45) ili on 33o tLu nthat, -I Ilrmembe!rs be pre-;
3201, Ew ~t Eigir -ering building. Elcetion of mecmbrs wviii e followed -
by an c1lr cs by Mr. William H. Selewv. Si;i aDct~ i li pie..um-cfoi r he, will pres4
__-_.Plrihiiuenrl;-n will be taken Fri- U
iNaha R. Kappa Delta meets t12:00 o'clock today kt Spcd'1cao ;'s dvz y.) ]a11U u1ry 24. at 12 o'lcckat IUI
.studio on Liberty St, for Mchigauce]Sian pholorapo. 1 c,,;> studo. All wmr-nbers come 1 rt 1a~ tuui i tj
Uliivrsl"y lecturi>,: Mr. Fe~ ncr lBrockway, writer and i mebcrerrof l Jjdfjajl Clith: The election of A
the ]rtish Parliament, will speak 0: I 'nlish PV1I ,;-ilflS Todayv," under II Jij(l~or the c ~c-ond(Is('estr £1
teauspices of the - OI -epaioflto nC'o", lfnil L: tal.ei iEiee au(di- ".i t !s, l- ' aeSuaday, Jan. 26, atC O ALS RE
- toriurti, Molda, January 27, atl 8:.00 p.In. The public is inivited. 2.30p p ~i., a an hall AlI mem-I C OR L I NERIS_
r' .. 'UJl1' t xf'i rl e r-elted to be present
RWITUniv ersity ]Art ( Ciub m e et ,; Lori ( h c .,i°r"
at 7:30 at Womne's Lea ue billd- MERR1LL* LYNCH & COs. °w'
ing. All mnmbors are urged to la.e and~e
present as in portut discussion will Nr1 ! and Echan~
be held ol matters of bast <and fu- Chkago> Stock rxlN bi-ge -
tire policy,(-I ecln tc o d y 1

16-4 [r
1111 - r itL i Aim Arbr;, irin xy.Ad
meiows petrifiedl sIuni which grar-
I itle lobby of the old museum for
many years. When it stood in
12 middle of the corridor where
to. Romance Languages building is
ow,, it became famed throughout
ite schiolastic body as one or the
se! pdlossesioiis which the then
V1113(.Uure iii suui po&messd. To-
ay it still heads the display on the
concI floor exhibition hlla, but its
romnence has ben\ shaded by
ven more wonderful exhibits ln.
very depatment.
Following an interview wvith Mr..
Villianis yesterdty, Th'le Daily re-
ur t or sauntered thirouh the reg-
Le ns jutst to :ee if all ti %q claims
f j tinc ver e j ugtif icd In the ' v -
lution Hall" book thte name "Del
'ampbcll" was found, with the d-
ress "Fiji Islancds" boldly standig
. the adjacent column. Much
akenm back with such news possi-
11lili0,, the reporter dashed back tu
'. Williams to verify the unbelev-
W1e discovery. It seems that Tr.
'anpbell is a student at Michgan,
nid would have his joke, much to
mo- reportcr'0 dsgust and - ftmp-
oin tinent.
The recgisters at the Museum
iudin- includelinies from almost.
very country in the world. The
arthest point yet inscribed, how-
ver, is some lonely town in cen-
al Asia, the most prominent in--
abitant of whichi went th'oughi the
nin Arbor institution late last year.
WARSAW, Poland, Jan. 2L.-Aft-
ra quarrel over this year's budget
a a committee room, Deputy Po-
oski today challenged Deputy
ieberman to fight a duel
.es'ohn Theatre
ent at a
mnuary 27

rshmiiaii liLrary Clas-icues will Detroit Stock IExchange l
beW colkctdd Friday, JanYuary 24 ,' New "s rl Curb Markect 3E#Maie
from 9. :00 a. i7..to 3:30 l. int.a id IAcsrm %arie'~(.!Jd wi C ( svi v.4t!'1 iteiz0, r' ! Ai'?°'-
Monday, January 2, from 91:00 a.BakPoe49KiMtn --
m o33 ,mat the deki 0 First Nat'l1ak hne49
the main entrance of Angell hall Evening-
By ROBERT COOLEY ,: h'A NGELL - BelGreet 1S l6cnide
of the University of Michigana living authorities on the Liii
A y i&T W 1r fafomousfor his remarab
IUT I1 U'iPL ,j--- spearean plays and old E n
$2.50 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor Bx Off ice I
UNIVERSITY Frida, a fl. 31t hn
ci $t~- .50, 2.00, $250 Seats $2.50, $2.C
aShool o Vut
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - --__ _ _ _ _ _ _- -__ _ _ -- - ---- -

-000 P. M.
red "one. of the greatest
glish drama" and - world
!e productions of Shake..
glish comedies."
Now Open
)0, $1.50, $1,00








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