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January 16, 1930 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-16

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-Th. T)-A V , T.AMTT A RMZ.1iFr 1020-

. _.___.

i -t - -YL1 -- S -- 1- s}


r University Bureau of Appointments and occupational Information: I f P-m
Publication in the B uilletin is consructive notice to all m emrbers i D f t e U i e st , C p e e v d b h s i t n o t e T e; -C i g opleneo h rea y A stdntsoany.e& o P a m a ya~
dntuni "30p[m.(1:0Iin. SatuULLLy)ii 'requested to file elections for the second smester today or Friday, Jan.ri
01 the Ur~~r~1v Copy ~ ~ ~v~ b~ the I j 17in troame50, C hle eofPamaci Alstrynt l 1 C~~o Pharmacy abuiTding.U
deT uti30p. rM. ~(1:30A. in. a~kTtua y) eIQ lnP4'' M1+ tr r~rc!A~~el

'Man ifestoes AgainEst [~ CM UE
3 P e s d e t re F o nd 3 E I MI { higan G overnor L ight ens .
. ; rfeTerm!; for JFive Liquor
Law Violators.

To All Fraternities: At a rmeeting of the Committee on Studen.
Affairs held January 15, the following resolution was passed unanimous-
Whereas both the University Senate and the Committee on Studeri
Affairs have gone on record approving a plan of delayed ruishibt
pledging and initiation f'or fraternties. and. expressing the belief ~~
suach-a plan would prove to be hen erieh tito the best intcrests of both
the University and the fraternitir , and
Whereas this Committee believes that the time has arrived for the
adoption of a definite plan for such delayed pledging and initiation.
Therefore be it resolved that
1 from and after September, 1, 1930, no freshman shall be allowed
to live in a fraternity house:
2a from and after September 11. 193;.- no freshman .Shall be eligible'
to be pledged to a fraternity, nor l)(,r ttcd to board in a fraternity
house until his second su ii rYeresidcl~te at Michigan, and then
only in the event that he shall 1h; ve (tarne 1 during the previous semester,
a minimumof eleveni hour; of credit -axed 1d to~n honor points;
2b no student s'Dall be eligIble for initiatlion until the beginning of
his sophomore year, and then only in the event that he s]:nl' hz zye
earned a minimum of twenty-six hours of credit with an avea e rt:t
of "C" and shall not be on the warned or probation list;
3 the details of the plan, with particular reference to the time
and method of rushing and. billding-, be workfed out by a joint com-
mutte(.- ou:i izgofthe De< z.nof Sturi ->cnt: a d i Oher members, three
to bac appointed by him a--i theeby ie JIc lBntOf e 7iuterA:rnal
ty Co iwhich , u. (00 itIfC.n1 .lY01',Ye to uthe C );lmittee '
t. .. I~c.cxi, Sc e rrlv, (> unazit tee I o~ udent JcW'ATaius

,r C. C. Glover, Secretary
Honor Students in EEnglish : Procfessor Strauss is unable to meet the
jgoptoday. The next meeting will be th- regular one on Reading List
No ,Thursday, January 23.
Society of Industrial Ebgineers .(5 Year Men) : A lecture on IPro-
i .-ltion Control" will be given. by Mr. Gordon Lefebvre, Vice-President
r: Charge of Operations at the Oakland Motor Car Company. al 8:00
p. mo., in ioro 302 at the Union. Everyone 1ntere- L.~is cordially
Chemical Engineers: There will be a regular meeting of the A. I.
Chi 1 . at 8:00 p. m. in room 3201. Professor A. D. Moore is the speaker
of the evening and a very humorous talk is expected.
* Engineering Council will meet In room 304 Michigan Union at 7:30
J1. D1.
j ouse Presidents of the Women's League: There will be a meet-
ing of Hose Presidents at 5:00 o'clock in the Board of. Representatives'
room in the League. All signing out slips must be in.
Choral Union Ushers: Report at Hill Auditorium before 7:30 p. m.
for concert tonight.
1tumnmcrs: Pictures will be taken at Speddlg's at 12:08 o'clotik.
Senior Blall (Committee: Picture wll he taken at Dey's Studio art


Professors With Pure
Saints of Ch irch.

Freshman Week: Ata meeting of (,he Committee on Student Affairs Christian Science Society meets 'in the Chapel ot fhe Michigan
held Janary 15, it was voted that hereafter fraternity and sorority1 League building at 7:30 p. m.
ruzhing will not be allowed before the noon of E:.turclay of Freshman
Week. Faculty Women's Club : The Faculty Women's Club will meet today
11. A. ken~jyon, Secretary, Comiiittece on Student Affairs { at the Michigan Union, 2:30 p. in.

Senate Council. will mecct for thle conlsider ii=,,n of important busi-
ness at 4:15 p. im., Mondry, Jzanuary 21, ini room lD Alumni Memoria)
Please note the chanige of thi. This; meeting; was at first announc-
ed for January 20 but the change is madc bca use of conflict with the'~
Sedate meeting on that day.
Fra uki E. Robbins, Secretary
Action of the .Adi inistrative Board: The Administrative Board of
the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts has taken the following
g William Dobkin has been suspended for the remainder of the presen
semester and has been recorded with an E grade in Spanish 32 because
of dishonesty in the class work of that course.
W. R. Ilunilhrc.yv, For the Acdministrmtive Board

Doctor James B. Conant, Professor of Organic" Chemistry at Harvard
University, will present a lecture under the joint auspices of the Univer-
sity and the local section of the American Chemical Society, Friday a t
4:15 p. mo. in room 303 Chemistry Building. His topic will be "Some
General Considerations Concerning Oxidation Reactions." The lecture
will be open to all who are interested.
Chidren's Rhythm Classes: Children's lthythnx Classes will meet
as usual Sa':urday morning at 10 and 11 o'clock at the Women's Athletic
A new course of 10 lessons is just starting., Beginniers as well as
former pupils are eligible. There is still room for a few more in each

"No science is warranted in giv-
ing an ultimate religious jud~ge~-
ment of e~i e world," stated Dr. W"i'l-
Slard L. Sperry, dean of the Har-
vard school of theology, in the
third of a series of lectures spon-
sored by the Michigan School of
Religion given yesterday, entitled
"Religious Spirit and the Scienti-
fic Method." "The judgements of
science and religion do not always
coincide, and probably need no :,"
he said. "When science first clash-
eci with religion, it opposed itself
so what was revealed religion, or
'ran :.foul of statements in the Bi-
ble. It would not believe that the
world vas made in 24 hou~cs, t a t
man was a fiat' creation, ethxicaali;
innocent. This opposition ot r'i5
years ago led men to believe that
science is the enemy of religion.
Science Equals Religion.
"People now believe that science
an~d religion are one and the same
tthing. They identify scientific pro-
gress as miracle. There is no rea-
solwhy a good astrologer should
not be a good Christian, but ther'e
is a good deal of too hasty jumip-
ing to the conclusion that science
is religion. A chxemst as such is not
a maan whto, as a cmist, should be
called upon to say whether or not
tlere is a wisdom or spirit of the
world. As a manl, he may. I believe
that universities wvill defend the
right of any man to say what he
wants in the area in which hie ape-
cializes, but not in any other.
Tradition Untouched.
haseligious tradition, as a whole,
hsbeen left untouched by science;
such instances as the book of Job,
and the thirteenth chapter of the
Corinthians have not been disput-
ed. My relation to the mystery is
the same as wften science started.
It has not been able either to af-
firm' or deny an ultimate affirma-
tion of religion.
!"Science and religion have three
! points in common. As in every re-
'ligion there are a few pure saints,I
in every university. there are a few
really good scientists. Both are
seeking the truth for t he sake of
kniowledge, not to cash in on it.
jThey both possess a dispassionatef
love for truth, which is a most
splendid chraracteristic of a scion-:
tific mind. They do not let personal
likes or dislikes interfere with the
,truth. And lastly they have the
power of self criticism. In religion1
the power and practice of it is more
Ioften ethical than Intellectual. The
power and practice of self criticism
makes scientists and religious men
of one method in life,", he conclud-
Deferred Rushing Planr
A Ae~ i-,r% L-ar r w~aLLt

Pew amendment to the state crinm-
n al code. The five affected are
Associte L re3 hoo " nk B'Uker, Muskegon; Etta Mae
' ~Juan Coatpisteguy. ; ltll =r, L,,nsing: Alon zo Noyes;,
rguy reidnt wo's e-!oia : Fred Palm. Lansing, and
lieveci to be imperiled by the rev- The Popishatiooslerapouty
lutionary me nifesto recently 1. ytheomtinswrapov
goenrbrought to light. Copies of the doc edaythe oveorfonrthe hrecoin-
ument were widely distributed .'i nendatmisonerofarhrdonsWoda
the Riveraprvnne.colesinro adn n a
in commuting the sentences off
School of Forestry the liquor lifers. Gov Green issued
Students Hear Talk a statement declaring it never. was
on Wetern actic ithe intent of the framers of Michi-
on 'ste Tatics -an 's crinminal code that prohibi-
S.B.Lckd' of the0officeof Forest tion violators should be sentenced
~. B. ~to a life term.
Management in National Forest "It was not the intention of the
district number 4 is now visiting1 drafters of the criminal code that
the School of Forestry and Conser-1 violations of the liquor law should
vation, and has addressed the stu-; bring a life sentence. I am there-
dents and. faculty orr forestry prac- 1 fore commuting the sentence of
tices in the far West. One of the these five persons to 7 1-2 to 15
most intensify interesting of expe- years to comply with the new
riments connected with forestry, he l amendments to the criminal code,'"
said is now being initiated in the the governor said.
SKibib national forests, which lie in! Of the five whose sentences were
the north of Arizona. commuted by the executive, the
"Back in 1906, under the protec- cases of of Mrs. Miller and Palmr
tion of the federal government bio- Iaroused nation-~wide attention at
logical survey, 4,000 deer grazed fLhe time of their trials and son-
peacefully in an area of fifty square I tences.
Imiles,", he said. It began to beI Palm, whose felonies were a mix-
realized in 19:18 that deer Nvere in Iture of offenses, was known as the
creasing to a degree of overstocking. Inat ion's first and only "pint-of-gin"
In other words there were too many Ihlfer. Hie was sentenced to Jackson
deer for the forests available. in September 1927 for life on a
Studies were made by biologists of four th felony conviction.
the biological survey. A crisis was __________________
reached when a survey placed the
number of deer at the amazing fig- New York Listed
ure of 30,000. A program of action
was hindered by a disagreementj Stocks
between the state and the nation-
al government. An agreemient re-
garding the necessity of reduction Conservative margin
of the number of deer was finally' accounits solicited
Conditions became critical, severe
damage being done to the forest Telephone 2327
trees, lie said. A remedy plan wasI
finally put in action whereby reg-I
M uated hunting was allowed in des-f BROWN.- E~ss 6&1C01
ignated sections, trapping was per-E INCORPORATED
mitted in order to send live animals
to other parts of the state and Investment Securities
country. "The state and govern- nnAbrTutd.
Iment feel this plan is likely to cor- 1st Floor
rect the prevailing conditions," he
said. - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


iA~ ,2TG, Jani. 15.--Gov Fred WV.
1 'Ti oday xWrote the final'
.1:jnlce: in Michigan's famous "life,
car liquor law" when he commuted
ie life sentences of five prohibi-;
' :mriviolators.;
The commutations bring the
' entences of the five to ternms of
1-2 to 15 years to comply with the

; (

University Bureau of Appoininnents and occupational Information:I Geological and Geographical Jolurnal Club: There will be a mzeet,-
There will be a meeting for k)rosl)4 ct.ivre Master and Ph.D. degree candi- i lug in room 2054 N. S. at 8 o'clock en Friday evening. January 17. Mr.
dats iterste Incolegeorumv ersity teaching, Saturday morning at W x. S. aCarl son will give an illustrated talk on, "Winter Dog-sledging to
10:15, in room 205 Mason hall. The Bureau would like to inform the # the Inland Ice of Greenland." All interesoted are cordially invited to
students of the opportunities offered. Dean G. Carl Hluber of the Grad- j attend.
ua~ col iladesTh ru. Lttt rurdomn, Director ' Pect Club: Dr. George F. Cartland of the Upjohn Company
L._....___heralmao will address the Club on. January 21 at the Michigan
Anunmtcint. of a Circular on Chromium Plating: The Depart- League, on the results of recent research work on Cod Liver Oil. Dinner
mnent of Engineering Research announces the publication of a circular, at 6:15 p. in. will precede the address of 'the evening. All interested
Number 3 in the circular series, on Commercial Chromium plating, by are cordially invited to attend.
Richard Schneidewlnd. Members of the faculty who are interested may
obtain comnplimentary copies by calling the publications office, phone Lutheran Students: There, will be a sleighride party on Fridav
467, and students may obtain, copies at half price, by calling ait the evening, January 17, at 7:30 p. i. Thre meeting place is at the church
of 3ce, room 1047 East Engine erizng builing. The circular is priced at at Third and West Liberty Streets. !Call 5996i for reserv'ations. If there
50 cents a copy. lis too little snow, the party will be postponed until further notice.
J. Raleigh Nelson., Chairman of Committee on Publications
Engineering Students: All changes from one department to an-' Scalp and Blade Members: 'I'he picture, for the 'Ensian will be
other should be made before January 18. Application cards may be takenat Rentschler's Studio, 319 E. Huron, Saturday, January 18, at
procured in myb office. i12:30 p. G .Pno.o , soiae D a
G. I. Patersn, ssocate eanPhi Sigma Initiation Banquet will be held this week Friday at 6:30
EVENTS TODAYi o'clock i~n the Women's League building. 'Dr. E. C. Case will give the
Choral Uniioni Concert: I-eifetz, violinist, at 8:15 p. in., Hil~l audi- address. All members are urged to attend. Send reservations to Evelyn
toriunu. Dressel, Botany Dept., Natural Science Bldg., or phone 7259.
A Collrctiwit of Silk and coItoi rrits by Amercicani designers and C raftsmi-en: Note change in schedule this week. Meeting Friday
anufa ctuirers is now hung in tl ,,fo;re cxhibitlii room, third floor at 7:30 p. in. because of game Saturday. Also meet Sunday at 2:30 for
.Archite-It,,re bpjil.(ing. opfen ladiy, et:,:epzt Siindays, frome 9 to 5 o'clock, rehearsal in preparation for candidate Jan. 25. 'Ensian picture at
There is ali a collection of studj(; by3}o' udeuts of' the New York School Rentschler's Sunday, January 19, at 10:00 a. m. Everybody out!
of Applied Design. Visitors are corc~hl~y Nwelcome. _______________


. ' !"1.X111.1, :. " "'./"d.. .Id, I. ". ". o".., ".re"1.r+" /. . ". "%.d . .0. ./. .f./. , "./d'.r . ".rr': id ~«/



An Exhibit of photographs a~d floor plans of twenty churches enr-I
tered. in the Nation Wide Church Buildi) Competition of the Chr'istian
H~erald is now being shown in the grouand floor gallery of the Arehi-
t ctural Buildimig, from 9 to 5 o clod-,,Janutary 15 to 13. Open to the
L~isu. iai.itistration Lecture: Mr. ,J. G. Sandry, Salcs MNan.agerj
of Eon-Moeanid Company, Wholesale dray-good's :dealcrs in Detroit,
will spealk on the subject "The Wholesale-Retail Relationship" in room)
110, Tapan Ball, at 3 o'clock. This lecture is intended primarily for
Business Administration students but others interested are invited to
lhstu Wiilaaird G. Sperr~y of the Theological School in Ria-rvar(1 Uni-j
vcrsi~y. inos giving Ra series of lectures under. the auspice: of the'
Michigan chool of Religion, will speak this m4ftrnoon, at 4:15, in the
N atural Sr~ciece-auditorium, upon the subjeot: Religion andwlJiiotory.
r Michiganx Union Executive Council will mneet at 4:15 o'clock today
in the Student offices.
Kenne-th At.Lloyd, "president
f-are you ever noticed thamt your gusslav-hi
Swater -lasses full at the enod of the meals' Do you suppose
Ethey do not like water or is it the taste of the particular
E drink you are serving. Play safe--obtain complete admin. #
Sistration from your friends~ by serving pure Arbor Springs
S416 W. Huron Phone 8270

AN1GEL14 SPEAKS ON YOUTH. extent merely to gain social pres-j
NEW YORK, Jan. 15:-American He said the hunt for social pres-
,youthi, in the opinion of Dr. James tige had drawn hundreds into col-
Roland Angell, president of Yale lege who would have done better
university, goes to college to a large I outside.

.auoptea y %,oIIII5iuce IMebr
(Cc iiiiuucd From Page 'tte) New York Stock Exchanj
pledging and rushing. Allttmp Chicago Stock Exchange
to have the Interfraternity council ;
take the initiative in the matter'i Cleveland Stock Exchange
produced no results. I' Detroit Stock Exchange+
Members of a committee of the New York Curb Market
~Fraternit vity Alumni association of i Acut are nCnevtv
I h nvriywent on record fourteut are nCnevtv
years ago as being in favor of such 201, First Nat'l Bank
a system.


& coo

Phone 4294



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