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January 14, 1930 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-14

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VOL. XL. NO. 77.












W HFotne COTTON ATTENDS Search for Eielson rci'SENATE AND HOUSEUlLowlands;MnnayFesLOBE~ N
UNION AMENDMENT ,#aviators, who vanished on a flight EN OR EME TA a tib taie for id o-PE IO; CO E
BurseY sks or odifcatons ibeia, oveber , lst, aind jhas inundated lowlands in half a IP
Busc ssfrMdfctos~momentum today withth arrival HovrAssTanfrofDydozen states and driven hundreds _____
of Hell Week Activitiesa; here of the first cabin plane of the Unit to Department of families to higher ground.
to AdShlrhi.I$ e cexpedition fjstc.jMenhlrains over the uper+ lose Gurig b 1n
Aid e scon lae; w~ hich had been waeshdbakd ppreditione G arin b It
DISCUSS DANCE PROBLEM y:msng for a week is at Unakeet , SUGGESTS MORE~ JUDGES that the end is not yet in sight. Ouit of Shooting Ra
Fand its pilot, Pat Reed, and two River levees throughout the Val-
passen3gers William Hughes and i I ley were holding, but in the bt- lue Net Four I
Farrell Appoints Committee to . ilutinoaesf.Asor Would Fix Heavy Penalty for tr ad h ae a pedn
Formiulate Workablc Plan ~~* forced them to land at the mouth 'Casulal and Slight' steadily over widening areas. As a
foCefre'Rsig.a. of the Ungulik river and thc ship, Offenders. whole, however, damage has been flyt!EdEai d L.
Iwas damaged slightly. Temporary;____ comparatively small, lowland dwell- { itle aspir ations~ of 1\1 ichig n s o
Going on record as unanimously repairs were made but weather on- ers ming ohge ron na-lst omt ivlhen the close guladingIIlliu(
In favor of the merit system to the!I f kditions delayed a take off for the WAS IGTO~N, C,a n. 13.-vn to higherouiad- tolakeahr ogt ct rmLl
Uno mnmnteZtrr- fight to Unakiet. President Hoover called upon Co- In thre Memphis ditit hc of ,Scoo spectators. U[he cotst woa
unitoncmen dent,teintarpra- Dvc espatch from Moscow said thatj gress today to reconstruct the pro- i ncudes the Mississippi from New ]Minii rutnnili up their six point margin
that' represcntatives from. every: all the resources of the Soviet Re- hibition enforcement machinery Madrid, Missouri, to HelenaArkan- lbTgan are h scn olfrn
pubicwileertrontnt the as a means of coping with difficul-i sas, and adjacent titaieal egam lmreltescn ;~fPV
frtriyget the members of their t vulirilaetronit
ognzto oufoth voeo sphP. Cotton search for Eilson 'as soon as the ;ties encountered by the Eighteenth thellriver dikesa were repoitedottn
January 23, and Joseph A. Brsley, U erectay of state, whos sun returns to the Arctic tomor-, Amendment, which was, put into: od hpewthte xepin f iallinourii heed sa ges of C Lire ui
den f tuensasedtht ra iwthEres Le ahek, ndr-ro.effest just ten years ago ths month. a stretch of embankment along Bigiall Y (uig h;aer 'aeso h
deano t ud c-oentaskedthatiraw iterestLe te nahncy, undhae--row.- He sent to the Senate and House ILake, xest of Blytheville, Arkan- { caitalizing on their scorin opportuni ties
benefit in toning down the activi- 1seats in the regular cabinet meet- theI firstTcoTclusirns__retu-nOd TICKETaSALE.in 1
ties during hell week. inlogs during the absence of SeeIUvi his Enforcement commission oil. -3 - A_ rJaleO TICKET orteb93a- s
"Frteniies eal tregtentaries Stirnson and Adams, whn i IlLS O 1 this controversial subject and' Sleof icet fo teI93NJ-eN
th e rnties can stenelin the latter are attending the naval N TC na backed these up with similar re- oii1111te111nread oC GAN1ii Hop, to be held on Feb. 14, is th4E
thmevsadrietesle nlimitations conference in London.I i li 'll ports from Attorney General Mitch- iVI 1 V~IV continuing from 2 to 5 o'clock got
hell wekby confining ll ctviNO-T-ICUEI el and- Secretary Mellon, the two; r r~IeeyatrooicuigSt h
bhypnino ohr, al nyrear (toNabFine officers mostdietycn; PRN E O urday, at the sidc desk in the 1
ties to the house, by abolishing any f i /' P I g aie ietycn H II ~ IIII iba
practices of physical mstreatmient G I I ~ ['ilcrned with enforcement.ur IU Union lobby fro
or vulgar and indecent practicesIILIIIIUMKS, IU~ Wahr Declares Students Must' Would Unify Border Patrol. saa od
and by making no assignments I Give LandladiesWnns Most drastic of the changes po - b IT
that would Interfere with classesnrOf plosedfhwere:Warninsbioi iit fero the hGrappers Win 21-15 Victor)y b [IFET TO A P R
D ea n B rsley said. I the Inter-r 0ITUOTo W e k ii A va c ,po e w r : Tr n f r r as r w o F l s, D fa l , anIn
taknTywoswnacordekASS i AdOF nROOMS tianuitfd eromtmentrearto ToFlsDeal'adfaentconitouh tps(heJtceeatm t.Cation of Two Time Decisons. N C nS1
--coulISdFRO M : nfidbodrpatrol tooperate -0 NISE IE
.tknhv=b hs t rlswisrcl cod bevdcudStudents Should File Description-1 as part of the Coast Guard. Prohi- ISSCNDESER \..-i,
it would be accomplishing miore of Cars Held in Order to Warnings that students who in-i bition against the entry of all per- -- bor
than,,adoer rvos oni tend to change their rooms at the( sons into the United States except -" u'r~ ~~ NtdVoins oGvcSvnhh
thi n te rvoscucl Obtain J-Hop License. close of the current semester mustiat poi~ts of entry designated by the (Scingal21-1rictory o te C olinion oniertevin Ith i
Oppose Deferred Rushing. - notify their landlords of ther in- hPesident. Enlargement of powers
The report of the National Inter- MUST USE 1930 NUMBER tentions in the near future wee of the United States commissioners Princeton in their second scheduled Hill Auditorium. pia
fraternity council, presented by'-.~ isssued yesterday by F. B. Wah, as-I so that they might try "casual andI match of the 1930 season, Coach ( vis
William Fartrell t '30, presidenut of Studeints who have automobies1 sistant dean of students, and slight offenders" against the pro- Clif Keen's Varsity grappers end- PROGRAM IS ANNOUNCED wh
the Michigan council. showed that i in storage hsere must register their1 Grace Richards, chairman of the hibition laws. ed their eastern invasion in a blaze Wo___
oth53uiestererenecratteoicofteenofIadvisers of women. Provision for additional judges JacaHiftvoliist, will re-
14 had def 'uerdrushingsready senin- , astnsbr the endic of the e o Dean Wahr's notice was 'Men and for enlarging the forces in the of glory with the scalps of two of 4 e p Kiea.
stleYf z s~ ee o p s uetsstudentse intending eekto c an et ei ,ofce o te Unte taeAt I -the strongest teams in that section sent the seventh of the season's, pro
stalld. 01wh= ~six ere opose studnts ntendng chnge friceof te UnChoralte Union hoco UnirtsonThursdaysdylwe
to the system. ray a vote of the enl- or be denied the privilege of a spe- rooms at the end of thie present rte, the "United States marshal and; of the country hanging at their n~ti ilAdtru.'i
tire group it was shown that 33 I cial permit to operate them over semester are hereby renided that, the clerks of the Federal courts. belts. Franklin and Marshall fellj Heifetz returned to America the Y
were opposed to deferred rushing, the J--lop week-end, W. B. Rea. according to the University agree-I Amendment of the padlock inun-I first before the Wolverine attack latter art of December after an'I Mu
15 favored it, and. five were indif- assistant to th~e dean, said yster- ments they are to inform the tion provision of, the Volstead Act and last night the famed Tiger mat' extensive European tour during the i tw
ferent to the question. Delegates da householders of suc r hetio at so as to prevent the concealing ofI team. was humbled in its own lair l. He~ II is giving a series of fifty ion
were of the opinion that deferredda , least two weeks priortthcls ownership of property used for thxe in winning this meet Michiganr recitals during the present concert Ipr
rushing was much more efficient in Uiiversity regulations require of the semester, that is, no later; manufacture and sale of illicit liq- scored three falls, one of them on tour. aI
small colleges than inlag ones.f{ta studentsWh have die than Jan. 21. It Ivise that no- or the technical variety when Prince- In the twelve yars which have th
Dean Bursiey said that the coon-( their cars from their homes and tice of such intention to move be Define Csua Vilations. ton baled to )send a mxan to the itervened since the young' violin- Ball
oi has taken no steps toward Iintend to keep the vehicles in stor- inmade at once." To define as casual and slight mat in the 175 pound class, giving lst made his debut in this country, 6-5
adopting deferred rushing and Miss Richards said:."All women violations" unlawful possession ,' I Al Steinke the match. Captain He- jutferhewheasmdcxti
that t ha talkrC aound the I~ hlrc irit~ ~ x .caii, students who intend to change' single sales in small quantities, un- rttand Ott Kelly accounted for tne or nFacGetBi-IIv
problem. When tis syst em. is in- bringsr with it a relaxation of the houses at thle end of this semester lawful making of small quantities, the other Wolverine falls when IaGray utiRsia
stalled at. the University, it will automobile ban, should register at I shiould advise the house head d and asitigin mkigSme.ll1 Hrtz proved no miatchi for Michxi-' Sandinavian, Austria, Rsand cat
conmc by fraternity action, hie said, the office of the dean of student:,, I thes office of advisrs of this inter- qu anities. gar's leader, anl Olympic finalist, I co. fi4
Inodr th Ie council should iLaeadmdloftecr o ion before Monday, .hanl. 0, 01r TO fix a penalty for casual and and the Princeton 158 pound re- For his Ann Arbor concert, Mr.! an
haIodtsat otighueapa four weeks before the beginninig of slight violations at a fine of no presentative was unable to stop Heifetz has selected the following bas
fo haeitsparteinworesidnotFarrplngoewt hisicsenm rad the second semester. - more than $500 and imprisonment Kelly. program:C
appointed a committee of officers th place of storage. I Hoseolders who will have rooms 1 of not inre than six monthis il Woodard and Benz, while unable Soaai KinrTeas..13)po
and a judicial commtnittee to confer This regulation applies to all stu- Ito rent to nien students for second jail or both, with authority to Dis- ,to pin their men to the lmt wee{ AAagio--Allegro, ma non presto. ;pla
with Dealt Burslec? and to draft dents who registered their cars lasti semiester occupancy are requtested' tict Attorneys to try accused il able to gain lose time advantages9 I Aria (Grazioso, un poco Allegro; prTgr eias owr
plans which would be acceptable atm uIr129lcnebyts Iocd Dean Wahr to list the rooms in such cases by complaint or info-;from two tierdventaeanswherem Tempo I. fW
to the fraternities and to the qacs- autumno under, 1929faledtorgice sterItheoffice of the dealt of students, Iaconceed atheavntg v r -encet ...... Thlosy t
iisrto.Tico itewil1room 2, University hall, as soon as arndnua t 38gs Wo Allegro moderato. lov
un tio mned iately. Itheir cars sauce tihe issuance of {psil.ada 3 pounds stappedm iKentCnuitaFnae(ler ia
fuciossatiihed Wi mip rl.Lices.193 plates, Mr. Rtea decla red ;yes- po be Technicians to Tryout with etz in the next match stay- oznt-ine(Algova-iaW
t_ - - - ___ -n uk~ i o i u o i cisim o ). a
Dean Burley sai that te ad- iteidayfor ComedyClub Son mg bhniLkeslogenuhto Song Without Words...........I lea
Doedtn te ntube yfsaisto b'haacethel ad-ien
sunsrhni oa.' atin- o . , tinm ro as ob aneVil eGvnget the dcisioni. ....... Mendessohn-Kreisler ti
tiednithatincs t t al registered indicates that a nunmber yFrescIfoCmeyluhnr Captain Bill Barfield in the uni-..............Egr,1
fld it dncs axgeneral at ofstuentrwh ac kepig cm'Societies ;Tryouts fr _ c~ rb hio-ICapricieuse ..... ...la li
present. "I now of no real so a su d er have kfaid crsg!rycmusdaatcgai tiuIlimited class counted a fall for Ai r-soaehr iv aldt u-AhnAnphEinsadm r Queipuse.....StraussSta
trfor both the alternatives sug- istnr the MrRorsaganiAlhaNaandon Princeton by defeating Auer, while HraStaceatto u(Rumanian).....nan
Betd r atsa tor Idono Adephi will hold their annual re- ~i iebsso ehia okdn Bob Colmore at 115 pounds was ableIHeetas
getdGlsaifcoy.d o aredthtiisineearfotee
favor restricted parties altogether, an earseisdat isnceyfrthe ception and informal dance in the ion a production will be held when jto down Texeir a of Michigan. The l Presto..................Hegfert asg
and the hands off policy with the suet rgieed a neif ,the Iallrooin of tihe Womien's Athletic; the organization presenits its next other Princeton points came wheniPet.........oegr'n
studntsare to aivoi Universitycnsd aCara ..Hbyco
admlinilstratioin assunming 110 re-I builing onl January 18, from 9 tin- ;pay January 31 aiid Feruary 1. Coach Keen set i~f intothI Single adissio tickets for the Ka
sponsibihtv eya would never work, dicilie.1ti 12 o'lock, it was announced plcainsf168ebrsi o Paround marth t Wn ePlace o iegcnest de hansaea....hubaScooW
cause we are resp~onsible thirough I yesterday. For this occasion, which I aW ~ ~ Wle~e of Music. They aepidat$ .50t
the Reents to the state. TIhe best ,ShueRean!La is under the joint auspices of the! this basis should report the class of by arfall.ice2.00, anx$150 to
solution must be found by the frnt- 1i four' forensic societies and the Ora-i technical work that they arc inter-( For the mst part the matches ___________the
terities themselves, and they; in Golf Tournament1 torical association, .200 inVitatiolis ested inl to Richard S. Cole, '30, were hard fought and the contest- -
shvldnot ncesarly el oi ;hav_: been mailed to guests and president of the orgMization1, with-jants had to work hard for their Man Die as Storm rai
shaone n o drtosagre - I faculty c haperones. i it1ee) oits.
caeprtes,"in d rnlsaey cron- ;(By Ruissel J. 'Newlanids, AP. Sports 1Rages_--Over -.Europe- --th-e
ese;a1 committees were ap- IANO S UDE TSAP LIATI NSAsON oN, cgia.1- rate rs)tow
pointed to carry out tile work of AGELES, Cal., Jon. 13-While the SCHOLARSHIPS P O I NG Y A OF OREIGN STUDY LONyON Associ aed.3.APreas) wio
tile council. One with its object to 1 gallery- followed - i the footsteps of I P O I IGY AFF raging gale over England last night str

IT HALF, li-Il1
iois Keeps Michigan
Inge; Maize and
Field Goals.
T I"Uie
in five were con sideraly)ldi(inned
ois team invaded Yost field house
olveriecs, 24-1i8, e fore a crowdcl
close fromt start to finish, the
in the last few minutes of play.
e dlefeat of the season for 'Mic -
rise that was fairly effective.ce,-
second( half. While they were
s, the l udians were also successfl
keeping Michigani away from the
sleet. The Ma1ize and Blue play-
sexperienced difficulty in findg
e meshes, sinking only fou" field
als. Three of these came during
e first half, while Truskowski's
sleet was the only one tallied.
m the floor in the second pelr-.
Score in First Hlal Coe.
During the first half neither team
joyed more than a four point ad-
sitage at any time, thie score bc
Sknotted at 11 apiece at the in,
*mission. The same held true un-
near the chose of tile game, when
P Illini drew away with some well
tced shots. Babe Kamp led thle
Utors in scorng with Seven points
lie Captain Chlapman topped th c
ilverines with a ike number.Vd
wal, also noted for his g~idrop
weISS, and the elusive harper
re .imprtant cos n the llinis
'en se.
lay was slow to start the game,
chigan opening tne scorig wilhr
o free throws and TIruskowski'S
g basket. May dropped' n,.
salty shot, but Chapn agedi
long onue to make It 0-. Three
ows from tile penalty stripe and
be Kamp's short 0-ne made it
i.Orwig madec good ol two gra-
attempts to give Coach Veenker'i
e a two-point lead. Michiign led
8-7 and( 11-9, but aptauin Mils,
to entered the game near ths
ddle of the half, gave his team'i
11-11 tie when hie sank a log'
kat as the gun sounded.
.oath Craig Ruby's invadrs em-
lyed their same cautious style of
ty at the beginning of the .second
iod. Free throws by Lovel and
iss made it 13-11,a but Harper
d it up on a short shot. ''r.*s-
°sk's field goal, Michigan's score
Lthat route during thc'secnd..
[f, gave his teams a short-lived
A. The Kamp cousins overcame
s, each with a dlog shot;, to give
lnois the advantage._
Contest Rough.
The contest took on* some rough
ects during this half, the guard-
of both teams being especially,
use, and frequent fouls resulting.;
wal dropped in a free throw, but.
iss sank one of two gift shots
make it .18-16. The Indians be-
n to employ stalling tactics as
e close of the game neared. %
Michigan attempting a closing
ly, but seemingly could not get
e ball through the hoop. Kawal '
ged a dog shot to give the Mhini
four point lead with five minutes
go. Chapman- came through
h two points. from the penalty
ipe. The latter of these, a foul

reduce or do away with the bar- I ti-i golfing elite today, Denay De-iaind has been shtown by Uni- rect~or of ile(,Ixstitutce.i a $.000 and a $300 sholarship; and early today and then sweepingI by
barons practices of hell week was Ieute, young and little kovx pro i versity students for apiaio The $300 scolaships have ben! but may file app.insakn on to Northern Europe caused the th
appointed with Donald Kline, '30,1 from Columbus, Ohio, strokedhis blanks for scholarships offering ofrdbybsns ietad i that lhe be considered for a $300 death o 2people in England, o nwn-cara, on 'onbr,11,1wyoerRveaspcueqeoprtnte o erssuyj nwolhv uiesbcimrse it wr fnn o h agrsbl h otietada e.Ti at
and Robert hfolmnes, '30. The comx- I course to 'retain an important if abroad, and awarded each year lthe merits of tie idea by which ,,.I arships are available for him, ini of known dead is suppalemented byI
mittee to draft rules for cances not impressive lead at the end of by tile Institute of Internatioinal i selected group of college student:; the judgment of the committee, Ia lon-ger one of those sufferiig from mi
will be constituted as follows: Fred- tile third round of the 72-hole $10,- Education, it was announced byI are permitted Ito spend their jun-; Full credit will be given by thel injury. ' Ka
cric Bauchad, '0, hairan,000 Los Angeles Open champion-' Dean John IR. Effinger, of the liter- ;ior year in studiy abroad. The $3001 University for courses pursued f wnytreIO in tresioswn ow a am,'0adysi.;ar olg.Da fige a r-gatdi ntne orvr'Or Fac ne i coashpi ihtenvl u t en hc r
Ray, Hofelich, '30. The committee After two years in the profession- ,cured an additional number of ap- I of transportation to and from is announced, onl the condition that I foundered last night while hove t o to ilhv ~xr~ ftea hns ht n i oa f22lctvxbaks n ilgv hm;Erp.apoe ore b eetd nmutioscanlsa,31C
bridge tournament to be sponlsor- showed the way to the greatest fig- to all qualified appicants who ap-~ No single person may hldl both General outlines of -the contest m-iles off lUshant. Only five su-1e
ed by the council will be made up tare in the gamze; possessing neithe r at his office. - r xlie napmhe issued _ osfo tece er ikdiLa
ofJre hyr 3, htrax l lshi nor dash, the slender Ohiioan peAr':number of scholarships aire !Wbyther~u1t Institute: A candidate for upvv Lorm h re ee ikd
bert Palmer, '32. and Josep~h Wit- ((went aroud the par 71 layout in 715. i available, some~ carrying a stipeid blr ItCV t oeo the scholarships must b not P
ter, '31. -I His previous rounds were 73-74. He of $1,000 cacti, others of $300. Those _ esta ihenyaso g; Fot''en-dah curdiln
was ot in 7, ad in n 38 eachwiththe lrgerremunratin are s mut hae ine in esi-ecd frMistngofd.them owere I wer
overapar.theintendeders olsscthanleighteen years of aIFutee yfangtreoccunred inln-
nxot be able to have the committee nine being two oe a. neddfor students who wish to eaue hercode so°-e il#Iwstutin37 ndinin38dacemwihthclrgryeunraiosae, atus avtbeninrsiene aue b flln -res ndmso- li
list of freshenx marks immediate-'I Three strokes behind Shute fol- spend their jnior year abroad, siy, and must itend to .return ito ry. andi similar accidents, though a E.
ly after the- beginning of the se-f lowed two of the tournaments fav-; and are offered by ti-i committee II the University to take his degree. 11youth was actually blow into the 1 Ha
of foegn tav l n su y f h -1 During his college c r e lie ater and drowned while stand n glK
mester, Dean Bursey suggested oites, Horton Smith of Joplin, Mis- I-f oregntraelan stdyof-heai caee

Harper, caused the ejection of
e Illinois forward from the game
lhigan (18) FG FT P TP
mnitz rf ...........0 0 1 0
'Wigif ............0 3 3
,uskowski c.......2 1 3 5
)cning rg........0 0 1' 0
.apman lg ......2 3 0 7
iss rf ............0 2 2 2
,niels c ...........0 0 V00
welrg ........... , 1 0 1
Iotals............4 10 0 13
inois (24)
Kamp rf .........3 1 1 7
rperif ..........2 1 4 5
iwal c, ........... 2 2 4
n -A VI "fv-. I A 11 9


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