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November 09, 1929 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-09

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and Wisconsin the "B" team pla- '_____
ers were, awarded minor letters for ; /, I! Mui A dDr" KDN C N
their services in this capacity. This l b utB o s uicA dDrm
manner of adding prestige to the___________________
reserve squad seems to have borne PROB.LEM OF. TONIGHT: Flaw Production pre- atb
fruit to a marked degree as was F ,O A'1Ysjtsls pronaic f"City, attC.a
ably illustrated by the spirit and FCIN- Ilt#H cnslast peWrforTmancet ofA m r'bNOV
fire of the Illini and the Badgersi One of the most adroit problems aul"by illam T iIIau, i eI Ar or O-
intei aess frtisyarilLydia Alendelssohn thatre at 8:15. OCT.
ithrga s oartiyer which~ confronts the literature en- i very Oi
It has been suggested that -sove t uias oayi*ht ffcto-I77SP
such action be taken here to bobtl- at oayI ha!f itif "CITY HA~U Saturday Nitc AU&T
ster the morale of the "B" squad by; led biography. Much biography is A Reiew by William J. Gorman.,
the awarding of a mnore appropriate wrte every mnth, and Itis~ Surtout, pas trop de zcle-o - -- rL
insignia. By taking a step inl a d-I more than the avera ge critic can mdrto naltins hr s+JN
rection different from the other read. Many of the new books are oeaini lltig!Teci Park Plan
universities, the authorities at labeled "psychological biographiy"."a problem here! The better cart of 4_____
this critical conscience which1
Michigan may avoid the evils of giv- sone have the intricing sub-title of I wants to be critically accrate Ev yb y
I Ing minor letters, and still accoml-j "intimate revelation" (a catch could probably use this space wick-
pish the same end. j phrase that book-chub buyers re- dly. Another part is enthralled byWec m
One of the foremost compromises iPeatedly seem to stumble it), the importance of the event last
along this line would be to give a adohr aeilsoaytte night-there is a tide in the affairs,
block "M" somewhat smaller than! which set readers to wondering forI of men when etc. Part HI apologisM
the Varsity leter and having in its weeks if the suggestion is from to part I, prays or absolution, aw
center a small, blue B. An award Shakespeare of Swinburne. Iproceeds. Lt' oY u
of this sort would accomplish the( It is not the purpose of this; William Thaurnaau as peddled am' LtU oY u
double purpose of increasing its sig-j article to generally discuss con-' interesing play out of the, m(,S.e eparin
nificance,,at the same time leavingI temporary biographical writing, butI can Watr of the Boozs. The i h- So earn
no doubt as to the sport and team l to point out the serious incumber-j teetth amendment is pleasingly
on which its wearer competed. j ance that fctionized biography subjected in the first part of the 110
} oT places before the student and the scn act to the machine-gun fir ightest Quality 0
A DEBTOr GRAITUDE general rae.Ihveoebo no opn okwt eiea fW r
Inodr1htthrIayb mind, particularly, and the ra- blood-bath at the close of the act~~ yu
"opeeraiain o teo-son I am taking this one to or-: And all of that act is thrilling till raise
"cpetrea ath iugn0he ou-{ ment upon is because it is an olds lating stuff. The old lusty blood-1 .A m "-'whe
jetle o heGggnhi fui-7grudge. You will remember "Aril" wad-hndrdspaeinn
dation in its promotion of aero-, (it had a sub-title, "The Life of to divertingly plausible entertain- ; & SON adve
nautics, Daniel Guggenheim has Shelley," which I have always be- mt, the blood having an accpta- ' a justt
lieved the pre-reviewer inserted as ble rao o lwntetu-l
anucdthe additional gift of snfrfoig h hn 1109 South University
The orkdoneby hisa kind of biting irony) ; it was pub-'der for rattling. This second act is 1y
$50,00. Te wrk oneby hislised' by Andre Mauros several good melodrama, holding you to\ Half Block From Campus
foundation during the past fouri years ago and was an immensely your seat like smelly glue. There I
years for the advancement of aia- popular seller in America and Eng- is no reason either why the first OPrf -2'1't
tion, both by experiment and prac-i land and third acts, flat and bad as they_________________________
tical flying, is tremendous, and the! We who oppose this idea of fic- are now, couldn't be written better
debt of gratitude owed the Guggen- tionlizing biography are calledi now. There are many ways of stat-
helms is correspondingly great. ; "stiff necks," perhaps it is from ing the problem, an d Turnau
I ~our Inclination to bend to the fact could certainly rewrite the tihird
When Professor Hobbs was evrtrtrieeqiedi act with less emphasis on the ""On-
1 oe fee rt srqie nparing to senad an expedition to gauaif.od.Teplyi
writing,if ever a writer is deniedgrtaoymodThplyia
Greenland last year, in order 10thergtooesnlatnmi good student play and undoubtedly
make a study of weather conditions is the ritn of ioraphnoy,Ont it was worth the production needed
(of vast importance to transatlan- IIt on u t fas
tic fliers), the foundation gave him shudnvrwiebgrhrU-1topntutt fa.
conideabl moetry ssitane.less he is well trained in or lniz- Little need be said of the pro-
Other universities have likewise izng the mnaterial for his book scen- uto.M. intaswre
benaddwt qimn o e-Itifically and exactly. Under no con- hard and wvell with an un- -
ditions should he write merely be- tutored cast. The setting wrea1tII1 ^ lI!! 'I
onautical laboratories and by the fhstyeoicuea little displeasing but there's a fi-'
encouragement o f experiment ' autof"hr shold.accoplsheboth nancial bogey there. There was no _________________ ______
wherever possible. an author__shouldaccomplish__both
of these features, exactness and predicting just what bits of act-' IS MEHDS
Most people misintrpreted thein would be good. Oaths, the se-grcofsyehwvrecafr-
first announcement of the foun da-'I gaeo tl;hwvr ecnfr cret of strong mecn's mat, are ;CHURCHI P lSB~I~i
tion that it woauld suspend this ' give him if the later is absent, but 1
fudt enta t okhdntIthe for men--never! 1wantonly scattered throughout thne Cor. S. State and E. Washington Sis Iurla
fundto ean hatitsworkhadnotplay to give a generous tanag of Mn., Rv. Arthur W. Stalker, D. D.
I enscesu n h ti a i-I Credit should be given Lo Mau- eI smltd; j t ab u hlf o Associate Minister, Rev. Samuel' j. Merle 11.
ing the project up as a bad job. rois for inventing just the kind of I them caie out writh the desired A-larrisota Student Director, M. s.Nli0
Exactly the converse is true, how- Ibiography that the club-women virilty.n. was hat wyethrughou
ever. The Guggenheims felt that reading public wants. I haved a hint tepouto;aou l h is10:30 A. M.-Morning Wrhp
by~~~~~h theeodoutiteaitoinwrk habeeruwoanhahradthehebis "RILIGION AND BEAUTY," 104 A.f
by he nd f tis ea thir ork! tat vey wmanhasrea th lof bravura were 'successful. The 12-:09 M.-T H R E El B I13 L_ 045A
}would heave given aviation anl im- jbook, or at least has heard a syn- I whole cast had an ease and assur- CLASSES 'at Wesley H-all.Po- cmo:
petus suffleet to carry it forward, ;OPSis of it at afternoon Intellectual ane in the ungilded palace of Sin, (cfssor George E. Carrothers, Po 1:0tM-S
an d th at fu rth er en cou ra e en t ' gath erin gs. If th e y h ave n ot read w i h h r l d t a c n , t e b s e s r S l m n F i g r c , M .P ofM ,- oSa
would not be necessary. When. the it, there is a shame, for it is really one, along vividly. 1 l6:0 P.M:JoH CO LOnIN,
SGuggenheims started to aid aero- I tearful in its simplicity at time).s. The whole circle of dramatic 6:0 Ma-IgiveyCOeWlR lNy". 53Pe.M-
Inuisfour years ago, the industry Fr there is a "Dull and Hell" em- achievement has at last been ac 7:30s. M-ELYNGID 63 .M
was young and undeveloped, while tionalism often present in an of- co6ihdsoeyb:tuetefr,0 PR.Ho.Rbr U on n. LM.-
today it is fimy established. 'fort to make Shelley an Olympian with the help of an enthusiasm va- 1 son, Poet, Director of Hal 1 of elgo
fThis additional half-million dol- o.; Aanteei retda frosy located in the Division of Fa, and formr ambassador to
lar gift will be the last, but because 1 J. M. Barrie's "be-litting" In order English. All of which, Part II re- _Itay ilra i w om ____
no inure are forthcoming does not to arouse the sympathy of the club peats, constitutes an event.
I mean that thne achievement ofj woman that she may condescend to t _________________
1making the United States a leader stoop over and pat (poor Percy on A NEW THEATItE ART FIS API CIRI
In aviation will be forgotten. The hi ufe itl ed THEATRE ARTS FINTlV1S: Fuba-
Icountry owes the Guggenheims a Everybody who has read Shelley fised bJ .ohni Day Co., N. Y. C.' On East IHuron, west of State
huge debt of gratitude which and who has loved poetry places Price $2.50. Rev. R. dward Saye, Minister
should not be forgotten. him on a spire at the heights of As John Mason Brown points out Howard R. Chapman, Minister for Rai
--- their heart. No poet ever wrote who 'in the introduction to this seriesI Students.
-,reached the sublime he did He is of reproductions, its appearance not 1030 A. M.-"A Fallen Idealist," '.EVERY Si
i1J us-Opno reached the sublime hie didIlie is so long ago would have been baf- is the subject of Mr. Sayles' ar
/1IP -® t10 the poet of love and youth-especi-j fling. There was always plenty of 11101. The Detre
Coniutoemseareske to e brief, ally of youth that is grapling for glamour about the theatre proper :45 A. M.-The Student Group V. P. RAN]
confpin,^int pesebles tonosess n- 3fl0 and standards. Because btgaorhad i1'fl iala- icesat Guild House. Mr. Ca-"The
Itunicatirns will e disregarded. Th hllywe , ramr h o aogtions; so tile study of the -seeficl- mIan v4Il be in charge.''~i aso
names of tomninunicaists will, however. hllywsW remr h ataog his gi sar s
! be regarndd as confidential, uipon re.* badly irt a practical way, says Man- ly theatricalarts was Rceve' allow- 11:00 N.-Church School. out edinby-
quest 4tttes p'lisled should nut h odce y
1 construed as expresing the editort' 1 rohs. His illusions led him astray. ed. Here and there t ilir'sesinth 1:3:0 P. M.-Student Friendship The DTRCI
opnon of the Dairy. At the game of lfe he was inrel history of the drama cr pt into Hour, Informal social time. Re. 4108 W'
mialdroit than most. Let us5 pity the Fligli;1. delrtnmenV but tlhte fresnets are seved uing the
TOO DI~~~AST1C hint, smile at his funmblings, showing drmstuidwestpedoWJR.f
To the editor: our superiority. Precisely here Itir gamorous robiugs and stud- 6:30 P. Nt.- -The Devotional Hour rD

IAlthough the incidetit at F~letcher; the reason for Maurois's success. He ied as literature. This stress in agetsuet.I J_______
Hall and the ensmuing notoriety} is pondering to the inferiority corn- education on the inportancc of the _______
which has sprrad over the counztr~y plex of all us smiall people; hie has I drama never allowed a sane view _________________
is to be deplored, and must not be I bwrought the poet down to our level, of the proportion of the element,-
repeated, it seemis altogether too1 "Ariel" is really the denigration of { that make up a thieatre-going ex- EILHM
drastic a measure to miake the 150 the poet for the edification of the acprie. e owet ato hete-iETiLlU1.

he yu trat uso er og ffetv
sals21214can d aro ep a wildprue, ).
Sokag ifiethei§gUts---&eenin o


andl Div~isionSs
Anderson, Minister


I. acdweld, Secretary for


G.od's Yes."


Laura Cod ling
Bernice Glaser
Hortense Goodit~g
Anna Goldber g

Alice ,Atci 'oly
Skis -a Miller
Helen E. AMusselwbite
Eleanmor \Walkinushaw
Dornothea Waterman

tudent Class. Teacher:
ird Y. McClusky.
-Social H-our for Youngb
--Young People's me-et-
r:- Lesie Parr'. Topic:
andi Progress."

Night Editor-R~OBERT L. SLOSS
Senator Charle~s A. Sink, director
of the School of Music and for morej

than sixteen ,yoars a state legisla-
tor, is be ng-mentioned prominently
for the ofliec of Lieutenant Gov-
ernor. Senator SInk !gas served for
six years in, the IHou,3e of Repre-
sentatives and ten years ill the Sen-
ate, during which. time he has made
a multitude of frilends because he
is an eager. ,conscientious worker.
No iman hIt the state with equal
legislative 'experience understanuds
conditions tat 'the University as they
really exist better than Senator
Sink. The distorted vision of num-
eroums individuals who see Ann Ar-
bor as a huge brothel, bar, and
gambling hell can be corrected
more easily, by the words of a man
known and respected by Michigan's
legislators than by anyone else.
In his position as present of 'the
Senate, Senator Sink could pres'ent
the University's. case in the accu-
rate and sym pathetiQ way which
citizens, of the state would be will-
ing to .understand and believe. His
knowledge and experience make
him the logical contender for the
lieutenant governorship.
Senator Sink is our candidate for
that office.

:it Civic '!"heat e
[BALL, Will Speak on
eSecond Birth"
,fthe rogular Uniity Servics
st 1t."i A. M. and which is
Vfoodward Ave.
'oadcait by
letroit M.:30 a. a
errt Standard Time


deeds of a few. Whiy should they
be forced to ,pend valuvable timej
aiid incur needless expenditures of
Money hunting rooms, moving their
possessions, and getting settled
down in other dormitories under
new conditions? It is bad enough
to do this at times when no les-
sons are goaiding one clown with


"B" T EAM AWARDt1 Would it not be niore advisable to
Nearing the conclusion of its :sets- Iplace the dorinitory under proba-
ond year as an important cog in tionaa .s has rc(:ently been donec for
the Michigan football systemn., the other insatitutions inl cases of 11is-
'l.3" teami appears to have estab- conduct?
fished "itself 'as a. permnanenat insti- Moreover, conditions at Fletchcr
t~tion both at Michigan and!' a I'Iall are nothing like as bad as they
number of other Big Ten universi-; have been pictured and only a
ties. The question now arises small percentage of the fellows who
whether the present award for the; actually live there really knew whatk
members of the Wolverine "B" team was going on. It is also true that
is sufficiently significant of their the condtuct of fellows at Fletcher
sacrifice and loyalty to. Michigan. Hall is, on the whole, orderly and
Last year while the Junior var- I no more conducive toward a spirit
sity idea was still in the experi- of rowdyism than in other dormli-
mental stage here, the members of tories. It is doubtful whether mnany
the squad were given AMA's chiefly institutions with the corresponding

Ire-read "Ariel" with a friend ofj
Imine last holiday and even our
poor scholarship led us to findC
many inaccuracies of time, place,
transposition and omission. This is
irritating after -reading Dowden,
who is over-enthusiastic in conclu-
sions but always accurate in fact,
and after plunging into Peck, who is
rigid at the very expense of style.
iAfter reading Arnold and Thoinp-
son, one must admit there is a
greenish odour arising from. the
work of this writer. M1aurois does not
"know enough,", he is a link in tho~
chain of writers who regard liter-
ature} as a' branch of commerce,
and who are merely interested in
affording the greatest possible out-
put. This is corruption which must
be discciragcd if we arc to
have equilibrium ~n letters. F or
any person whlo attempts to write
biographiynmust enter time field of
criticism whiether he desires to or

SThe publication of a collection of
prints---indicating the h'zory of
the theatre in its visual lflanfet-a -
tions, costume, scenery, production,
and backstage-is significant as an
indication of the mnodern approach i
to the theatre. Modern aesthetic-
lans have postulated the cohering
of an audience to a vision as the
art of the theatre; and literature is
conceived along with acting, direc- I
tion, design as one of the elements
necessary to the attainnment of thiS
miracle in the theatre. HeTre then~
is offered a means of ,tudvin~g the!
history of some of the other elje-
ments. In this first snaB collection
there is -a working nucleus of -hith-
erto inaccessible photographs that
make clear and vivid to the eye I
what lectures could not possib~le
make tangible.
The collection is intended pri-
marily for the student but should
have a wider circulation, for thec
last half contains an interesting
survey of the manifold contenip- 1
orarv cxtV (Yl'i'in1 ,s ." in (ipaiinfil l 1I

(E~vanogelical Synod of N. A.)
Fourth Ave. between Packard and
Rev. Theodore It. Schinale
9:0,) A. M.-Bible School.
10:00 A. M.-Morning Worship.
Sermon topic: "Permanent Peace."
11:00 A. M.-Cierman Service.
5:30 P1.# M.--Studenit Fellowship
Supper. Address by Father Idem.
7:00 1'. M.-Young People's League.





wV.aiiitgto aSt. at Fifh Ave.,
U,. C. stellillor"i, PamLor
9:00 XAP L~-Bite School=
10:30 A. .-'-,fie!rmo topic: "D.o We

409 S. D-i'win St.
10:30? " .--Regu~lar' Ilo!inui'i
sinvice,:: Sc:ot" o topic: 'Adam
,.id Fallen cMan."'


nt. it is rem-aritabietehatlLMaurois !
ha d th~e audacity to ignore Shelley


II 11 . .. . s



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