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November 06, 1929 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-06

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T 'HE lMITC -H C -X , DA IY-

Defeat by Dartmouth Adds
Hope That Michigan can
Win T npartaint Game..
(Continued From Page Six)
forget this 20 to 20 battle to a dead-
lock. Buring the first half the
Crimson eleven, crytallizedl in to a
*relentles4s driving force, rushed the
' Cadets off their feet to amass a 13
to 0 lead. Aroused to a fighting
*pitch that was undeniable, the
'West Poiniters; completely 'turned
the table on the bewildered Hiar-
yard combination ini the third
quarer Cagde and Murrell dodged
'and pounded their way to score 20
points. Then in the (losing min-
utes Wood hurled a mighty pass to
."'Harding for a1 touchdown, drop-
kicked the extra point to knot the
*count.' Harvard's' line wa fun-
f tioning perfetly in the early pat
ofthe game, but could'do :nothhing in
the second half. It was Har-
v- ard's unexpected forward passing
Swhich came to its esct: -1
7 Loast To IDartmoith.
The following Saturday an tn-
Sdefeated Dartmouth teaih7, hailed
as the best Indian eleven since
S1925, came to Cambridge and hand-
Sed the Crimson a resounding 30 to
7 drubbing The score was 7 to 7
Suntil well into the third quarter
Sand the two elevens were battling
Sfiercely on even terms. Then came
Sthe debacle; the line wilted dis-
Smally before the steady pounding
of the Dartmouth rush lie.
(Continuied From, Page Six)
t a single Conference game to date,
Iowa; defeating Wisconsin. :How-
'ever, until recent years the Gophers
'""'Vere !hevere regarded as particularly
smart ball clubs. Also there is the
old Michigan tradition of annual-
ly winning the Little Brown =Jut:;
-so a fumble at an inopportune mo-
ment may cost Minnesota a title.
Piirdae is favored over the
Gophiers to winl its rei aiing;
gatrles, as thle oilerinakers
nist play only two snore rivals.
After 'an intersectional con-
tet with Mississippi this week,
Coach Phelan's eleven will inet
Iowa and Indiana. The Boios-
jers 1-ight throw a wrench in.
tile Boilermaker works in the
annual struggle fri the 014
Oaken Bucket

Alvin DuhiemnKnown ThouhBrut f ff5pgrpR[Carl Nordber Receiv es Injury:
' conference for Speed and Fight" --KI~ l'Dceso ~t? oRpaeSa
ame, thNee Mihhiganill(-ef coftast.ies[NfbCO M IN T ST S is x does not count on h m-oTth
_ei s ,f a t h im f orig M i h g n o t thehe M c i a n t t e - c n e s .( v i t d ' 1
l ball playe~rs,. Anoher will appetar in ant earl Afe rman gou ofte ni _-
Afeirminnsuto teUI- EAST LANSING. Nov. 5.--The Southern game. Crall and Capt.
41___ versity during the school year 1927' Past Showings Discarded inlMcia Saefobalta asDceo, h aealentda
Coring to the Varsity squad an 8 almrtre n a
frmte"" emi hemdl fplaced on the p squad. Here he! Hope to Annex Trianguar hooked for a light scri'nnage this' the reserve halfback posts, will be[
ifo.the eaonlateari Ae leahfem afternoon as Coach Crowley hilt-I groomed to take Nordberg's place.
(,esao atyaA almshowed to such good advantage; Win Saturday.i ed his efforts to determnine the The -Spartans went through
dthat for the Ohio game Coach Wie-, _._a
quickly developed into one of the probable successor to Carl Nrl-i light signldrl Monday and ook
fastest ball-carriers in the Confer- riy man decid Ved t usehim oixtn t I Steve Farrell's harriers are hard brg, at a halfback po.st for theI ed over Mississippi Agge plays for
ence and one of the most vicious last. Vniaig Wea at work in an endeavor to betteri Mississippi A. &r M. _Lyae Saur-I the first time. The team will leave
tacklers on the Wolverine squad. Judgment by adding greatly to the, eeWdnsa igtfrthfot
I " ~~~~~~remarkable comeback of last year's their past performances at the ex- cday.]erWdnsanghfrtesut
Despite his smaill size, Dahlem, team Dahlemn has ket his place in pense of Ohio State and Illinois Nordbnrghbled forth i )ca.e making a scrimmage this afternoon
weiL'hinf 1511 pounds, is known the Wolverine backfield' against all in the triangular meet nest, Sat: Monday on rt,01 s and Crow ley lmno:t a nzecessity.
thr oughout the Big Ten for hisc_-er-.
hard, sure tackling. This, added to IO oah!relstak.sudtrday. Neither (f tthse 'hOiloS rO~ ~~ ~
ihis >,,peed in get- O oc ire~ rrt qa have a very stronig >Iowlng for a ' i 1 n
the diminutive rid star performs ta.i ofrne op'iin>~ltl. fO
"ng away hv;ta.incne lej{Jilli~il m h s.
ae imah2inthe javlin and lbroadI Jumip. Ail thYovrnsmgtw.Te c1
t ;Wade hire avat-Injured back hiamrpers his efforts and there is a J. ight chanc'e that
l aable factor fn Mere, however. teWleies>igi ln hy Sp'. ia aeT.°i'atrneit for anruff
the Michigan of- will. have to shwtnro3 it {ve-! an tdwahealliy Hal
deI addfes This is Dahlenm's last year of ihwn h u1a~
1syehis n ense Varsity competition as he will ment over their showing ilA(IlASA1la-Oat.W TE SAM O
1 f % '~to the linle-up in raduiate from. the Literary school Sturdayls meet with Ste to tlo Fr(f ~tSA S rr WTRS CC
I - . . ;the Ohio .State in June.FtzibosAutnan Wof 'ete- Srve Ide ndClre
2ganme lat season. -_.....6lzibm utn nlWle utesSriet ahsr dChde
- jran fair races last week but thle
Althoug h Dahl- Va ityG rid t sowing of the rest was very mcdi.. 1 10tio SOTH1- IJIVFRsITX'
" emwsbr i -aiocre, The team was simply out-t i ooio« ~i e,
liIAnn Arbor, hie Prat ice Secretly lassed in all three mleets that they - _____
atended high1 ' l°iutr.
DAIE coli ako4___have had this season. -Arnett of --I I I1I
DA~i1EM schol i Jacson' -i Ypsilanti, Monroe of Detroit «""-7
*winning two letters in football and (Continued Prom Page Six) (and Brown and Willmnarthas of Statef
two in basketball. Here at Mich- Poormanan.Hyeatheac would make a very good r ace for - 0 p i r rj il ri"
ed his eff orts on football and track. les, Poe and Steinks at the guardstecofrncSileiUteFer l
igible 01 to run for it, so thatprhp
In his freshman year he won hist and Bovard at center. Daniels was p ihgnrneswl erhp in
numerals in football, but as aI following this combination as anc the running in the Confeence. If
:i)phomfore played in only oneI extra backfield man. they can learn to run together as A
I ________---. - ---- ,A. second string backfield con- a team, they will surprise their Big
is Thivs. htCahFn
URAAI_ hreac1 snsisted of Wheeler, Wilson, Hudson, Tnrvas eI i
i1.ors on the regular lineup o1' the and La Jaunesse. However, itis drilling them on this week. He is,_
all of wvhomn have played onl the nations did not remain unchanged as individuals. One of these wasI l dere o s
I niersty o Ilinoi' gid tamquie lielythatthee tw cobi-hldls inghcesashafairsustedo.
:1 championship teamis of the last two throughout the enttire practice ses- hedlsih ihfi eut A Marquardt suit looks expen-
QI. s ion with several backs ready to I.-.


NEW YORK, N. Y.-The New
York Giants and the Chicago
White Sox will play. a six-game ex-
hibition series in Mexico next
March, both teams training in San
R Antonio, Texas.
All tryouts for basketball
nanager will report at the In-
tramural Building every night
this week at 7 o'clock.
Tim Quinn, Varsity Manager

fill in at any position behind the
Steinke was. back in the lineup at
his guard. position and apparently
was suffering no bad effects from
his recent- injuries. His condition is
l sigch, however, 'that it is quite ques-
Captain Truskowski was still
calling signals for the Varsity
which would indicate that Coach,
j Kipke is still in need of a field gen-
eral who can play in the baickfield.
The old bug bear of finding a
brainy quarterback is still; follow-
ing' the Wolverine mentor.
The Harvard squad which will
make the trip for the Michigan
! game will consist of 34 men and
'will arrive. in Ann Arbor Friday.

If 'Rain wear
S 4f'S R~Frog Brand l ekers h4 esiab-.
S ished a In-ling repu.tatijononl t tc tan pt .w
wmoaug .cll~dresaed college .,e'uhd %; ,om, ia
.here' raint garmnlts of good appearance as
.llas long life are essential. '
'ai~yer tslieker. are all good -1oolkiitg. roomy,'
",1l-,ut garmsta guaranteed to keep .t
ab~olutreh drv and .~sttsan~d are tob~e Iad
indor unlinted. b,. t on' or elasp% a as ftou
prefer. to, a AidIe saietyof styeshore very
ppoe. tourdioice of colors.. Sho.aevery..
a here carry them.
tAM (A~Rl~u * (t.-MA<
I- r N'* CI l4 ;p. Ii O u..M. $a i.nI 0 1,

sire, but thiat's because it is tailor-
ed to measure. The fact is, Mar-
quardt will make you a suit to
your individual measurements for
as little as you would pay for one
ready wade.




I P-

Lire feat urea vy

Iii lit i lii 111 li i 111 I ii1111 it 1111111111111 l~hihltl i I I ~h~h tihii~hIIt.............Iil.~tT


1 I ViIIIIIIffiTl PI ifnTi'.JMi',4

Wi edeendb~g funts

for~ Men C- S nce 194x

* __ ' _


At Purdue Coach Jim Phelan has
a fast set of b~acks who a re respoln-
sible for an effective attack basedt
on flt, Notre Damep style of play.
Ratljer than- brute force, the Fail- 1
ermakers rely upon speed and de-
ceptioi. 'Pest" Welch is living up
to the reputation he establihed in
his asophomiore year, while Glen
Haripeson at the other half has
demonstrated his skill at passing
or dashing off tackle. Alex 'Yune-{
viteb, the sophomore fullback sen-
sation,, bids fair to become one of
the best line plungers in the Big
Ten. White, the fonurth, man, con-
fines his duties to calling signals.
Suich (* entest would bring
tog~ether two of thie best ,b.,i k-
fields III the Inatim-1. 1'or tslker
power and ofdiestrtengtl
few quarte r , e:aitequal the
Gopher comtbination that
crushed Northwestern, 1-diana I
and Vanderbilt. Br'onko Nagur-
ski is regrarded as a line line
plunger, 'while Art Pharmner,
leading scotrer in. the Big Teun,j
and Win Brockmeyer are a
pair of halfbacks that any team.
will have difficulty in stopping,
Brownell has been callin~g sig-
nals in the absence of. Barn-
hart, veteran quarter,.



A forging lammer kept idle,
waiting for the furnace, costs money; not only in Itself,

DiiiieI HaysGlo-ves


but hy stalling production, all along the line.


h -


heat keeps the workers busy . ..keeps the production

r J
a ,Y7 LF,. :: i
Th at"s l

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under-exposure in your negatives.
Latitude-that reduces the danger

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I" 1 d

t 11


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