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October 23, 1929 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-10-23

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A44 r p 4Pw I t

4 r1




To Form Paradea
March to
Pn Ma
Todd and His A
Lead Cheers for
Football T
Everybody but th
seems to be prepar
Michigan football te
est send-off it has
when the Wolverin
10:30 Thursday even
when they will me
eleven in the bigge
game of the season.
ing houses are maki
off other activities
o'clock Thursday e
down to the Union e
they will form a par
Michigan band, mar
Arbor station, and c
off as it leaves to
Council Comple
Of ficial plans for t
been completed, it w
last night by Ernes
president of the St
The pep-send-off is
sored jointly by th
The Daily.
Michigan's "fighti
assemble in front of
9:45 o'clock, and a
o'clock will lead the
dents down State str
and thence to the A
road station. Michi
songs will be sung1
group of students t
paniment of the ba
Send-Off With
Stanton Todd, '30,
leader will have his a
tion directing yells (
the station, and also
as the train pulls o
A plea that the st
their team with a "w
off, something they
do in the past, was m
by President Reif.
team is at a crucial
said, "and the figh
send-off will give th
a long way toward
the attack of th
when the Wolverine
next Saturday."
Premrier Clem
in Good Hea
(fly Assciated
PARIS, France, Oct
er is himself again.I
ier Clemenceau, who
seven hours on his N
after' fighting off a
yesterday "is alright
physicians tonight. D
ited his patient ton
well satisfied with h
No official bulletin w

I - ABy IHaIold Olir, A P Staff
Fresh from successes in importantI
contests over the administrative #
features, the opposition coalition
in the Senate tariff struggle began {
I[L _MEM faue, h poiio olto IN BnIILIIVU PLANE
weilding the ax on import rates to-
day with an alacrity that pointed f
at Union and Ito a possible rout of the adminis- Modern Sir Francis Drake Goes
Station tration group. to Repay Visit of His{
Taking up the first rate schedule
sse of the Hawley-Smoot bill, that em- Early Ancestor}
bracing chemicals, oil and paint,,
D PARADE the Senate accepted by a vote of NAMEDI "GOLDEN HIND"
45 to 33 a Democratic amendment -_
ssistants Will to cut to 18 cents a pound the ex-i Weather Bureau Reports Give
fisting duty of 20 cents on medicinal'
r Departing tannic acid. Daring Flyer Small
Team Then, without record vote, it ap- Margin of Safety
proved two amendments by Sena-
.e weatherman tor Lafollette of Wisconsin, who (fy Associated Press)
ed to give the was in charge of the opposition to A Golden Hind of the skies sailed
-am the great- the schedule for the Republican in- out over the north Atlantic Tues-I
had in years dependents, slicing the present day, in it a man of 40 who named
es entrain at levy of 8 cents a pound on gallic . if
ing for Urbana I acid to 6 cents, and the 12 cent rate his fragile craft after a staunch
et the Illinois on pyrogallic acid to 10 cents. galleon of Sir Francis Drake, whom , No
st out-of-town In all three instances, the Senate he regards as a forbear-by blood Hill
finance committee had recom- and apparently adventure. spea
ties and room- mended elimination of House in- This new Golden Hind was a for
ng plans to lay creases and restoration of present cr
from 10 to 11 duty. Eleven other reductions in small monoplane and the adven- rim
vening and go House chemical imposts were ap-i turer, who challenged sky as well title,
n masse where proved, but all were proposed by as sea, was Urban F. Diteman, Jr.,!
ade, led by the the finance committee majority. who took off without advance an-
ch to the Ann
heer the team nouncement from the airport at
combat the [VU L Harbor Grace, Newfoundland,
tes Plan. Disappears Quickly. TO
h Ten minutes after the takeoff atj
vas stated lateLL 12:45 p. in. this Montana livestock Frat
udent council. Nbuyer soared over Cape St. Fran-
udben conli cis, seventeen miles north of thej
Scouncilspond Hopes That Medical Knowledge 'airport and disappeared in the east


William G. Shepierd
ted writer, who will appear in
auditorium tonight as the first
ker on the new Oratorical as-
ation program. He. has chosen
his subject a discussion of
e and prohibition under the
"Crime Is Paying Too Well."

' C

- Announcement was made yester-
day by E. Mortimer Shuter, direc-
" f~~~~or of Mimes activities, that theWILC S 9 1 T
Michigan theatre had been secured
for the Ann Arbor showing of this
year's Union Opera. The Opera is AT MEETING TODAY
- scheduled to be given the week of
Noted Colliers Correspondant December 9 to 14 in the Michigan Entire Personnel of Student
Will Discuss Causes of This season's production is the Council Will Supervise
Majority of Crimes twenty-fourth annual show tradi- Today's Election
tionally, but by actual count it is__
thirteen of the productions was
omitted for fear of scaring awayI
Single Admissions Available a cast ofotalented. but superstiti- Three Other Class Elections
at Box Office in Hill ous actors. Consequently, a jump Are on Schedule
Auditorium from the twelfth to fourteenth an- ffor Tod
nual production was made.fay
William G. Shepherd, probably Heretofore, the production has Class elections will reach major
the most popular non-fiction writer played in the Whitney theatre dur-nmj
the ostf poular nonfictio writering its run in Ann Arbor. Prior to importance again today when the
on the staff of Collier's magazine, the engagements in the Whitney, junior Literary class will hold its
will open the Oratorical association the Opera showed in the Mimes vote from 4 to 5:45 o'clock this aft-
series of lectures at 8 o'clock to-; theatre. Approximately fourteen
night in Hill auditorium. year . penemte preen ernoon in Natural Science auditor-
After nearly fiveyer fnv- years ago it opened the present n udtr
;ating crime yconditions inducedby Mimes edifice with a two-act and ium. Three other class elections
prohibition, Mr. Shepherd is well three scene production with its own are scheduled for today. Four were
roiiinMrShpediwelorchestra. held ysedy
qualified to discuss the subject. The sdyesterday.
conclusion he reaches is that ~~~ George Bowers was elected pres-
'Crime is Paying Too Well," under ident of the junior Law class, John
which title he will present to his r i Gray, the sophomore Architects,
audience some astounding inci- Paul W. Pate, the junior Dental
ients that will bring home to them class, and Ralph M. Grout, the jun-
what are said to be amazing andL ior Forestry students, at the elec-
md accurate facts concerning pro- lutions yesterday. The senior Phar-
hibition and the associating evils. macy vote, scheduled for yesterday
To Talk From Experience. . afternoon was postponed until to-
For Collier's he has written Charge of Professionalism is day at the same hour and place.
countless articles dealing with al- Stoutly Denied by Both Eaborate System Installed.
nost every phase of the question in Committee Quiz The junior Literary balloting this
and from his experience as a staff atronwl eudrtespr
writr hehas ulle themateialafternoon will be under the super=-
writer he has culled the material I vision of the full personnel of the
that will comprise his lecture. NO DECISION REACHED Student council. An elaborate sys-
;om of is mre re~ntnrtila;

ernities W i 11 Entertain a
Faculty in Weeklyt

ng" band, will
the Union at
t exactly 101
parade of stu-.
eet to William,
nn Arbor rail-_
gan's football
by the entire
o the accom-j
Varsity cheer-#
ssistants in ac-
on the way -to
to givecheers
tit for Illinois.
udents support
'hoopee" send-
have failed to
ade last night
"The football
moment," he I
t that a real
iem, would go
turning back
e Zuppkemen
s meet them
ith Again:

Will Spread to Masses
in Near Future
(By Associated Press)
- A new social significance for!
Imedicine-to give everyone, regard-#
less of residence or economic con-
dition, the best the profession af-
fords-was urged today by Dr. Ray
Lyman Wilbur, secretary of the in-
terior, at the dedicatory exercises
of the new medical building at the
University of Virginia.
After outlining a steady preg-
ress of medicine which he attributed
to understanding Dr. Wilbur de-.
scribed the tradition of the man of
medicine as calling upon him to
make his discoveries available to
science and to every other doctor.
"Now he faces the necessity of


working out a program which wI
make his discoveries actually avail-
able to all," the secretary said.
"We have the facts, we have the
trained physicians and nurses, but
we have not as yet been able to
meet the ideal of seeing that each
member of civilized society obtains
that advantage which is possible1
to him if he can get his share from.

where Dr. James H. Kimball of the will be found in Collier's for Sep- I
New YorkaWeather Bureau and un- HOUSES RESPOND WELL tember 7 and 21. "Who Laughs
official starter for trans-Atlantis Last" is the inside story of the pass-
flights said "fairly favorable" wea- The first of a series of Fraterni- ing of the Eighteenth Amendment,
tTer awaiteda erislo Fin-i.-
Mrty-Faculty Forum meetings spon- and "What Can a Wet Town Do?"
Meanwhile back at the airport, ored by the Student Christn as- concerns the border patrol shoot-
one hundred spectators who re- sociation will begin this evening ings that have recently created in-
garded Diteman as a retiring per- ! tense ill-feeling in every section of
son using an airplane in junkets Plans call for a weekly dinner en- the country The latter articles
around the country to look up ree- gagement of a faculty man with a considers chiefly a Federal shoot-
ords of Sir Francis Drake for use aterity for the next eight weeks. ing that occurred in Interfalls
in settlement of an estate in which Although letters were sent out Minnesota last summer, which wa'
only a short time ago to the fra- Minstls;umr hc a
he was interested, learned of a ternities as well as o he faculty investigated by Shepherd especially
brief note in which the flyer an- merstres pnse recivy for Collier's.
none ha ews"bud rmembers, the response received M'Shope ,s,. n o, h
nounced that he was,"bound .ha be uusaly Mr.- hped soeo h
London," and apologized' "far so ' 1leading~f'gres thewodthf
many impromptu lies." good. The purpose of the forum journalism, has been the star cor-
is to promote good feeling between junlshsbe h trcr
Leaves Curt Note. the undergraduates and the facul- respondent who has been assigned
"Many, many thanks, ye New- ty. It is believed that this will be the greatest events in the world
foundlanders," he wrote. "Drake accomplished by having a faculty news. Before the war he was in and I
did not bring me here nor to Lon- man be the dinner guest of a dif- out of Mexico; during the war and
don, albeit I am a descendant. Sor- ferent fraternity each week over a afterward, Europe was his field.
ry if I hurt anyone's feelings, I certain period of time, who will, in heavals ofr Russia, his sound,karyk -
meant no harm." so doing, come into close social vso ricles wer sensdions.
The note was signed "Dite." contact with the boys. .avisioned articles were sensations.
There was nothing more Fraternities insofar as it is p0s- Has Varied Writings.
From other sources, however a sible will be given the man they Recently his writings for Col-
tale was pieced together and it fill- would prefer to entertain. Frater- Three weeks ago his article, "300
ed in the gaps the nonchalant fly- nities who wish to avail themselves Miles to the Gallon, dealt with the
er had left before he started in a of this service ,are urged to com- heretofore unreeaized possibilities
tiny plane and only 165 gallons of municate with or call the Frater- of gasoline and what we may ex-
gas on a flight of approximately nity-Faculty committee of the Stu- pect in the future through further
2,350 miles which had been dareddetCrsinascainaLaedvlp ntoth olidury
prvosyol ypae h' Hall" development of the oil industry. +
previously only by planes much Ha. Last week's issue of the magazine
more powerful and much heavier contained his "War, Perfect War,"4
fueled. Edison Tired After which considered the progress that)
Mrs. Diteman, in Billings, Mon- Strenuous First .Day has been made in war defense, es-'
tana, seemingly was the only per- pecially in connection with big
son beside the pilot who knew of (ly Associated Pre-ss) guns. All his articles are authorita-
the adventure. She knew the take- DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 22.-Thom- tive and well-written, and those
off was planned for yesterday, and as A. Edison spent today resting familiar with them will realize that
she shared the confidence of her quietly as the guest of Henry Ford tonight's lecture will provide un-
husband-airman for success. at Dearborn. The aged inventor was usual entertainment and informa-
"The ship was bought and al- much fatigued after his strenuous tion.
tered with the crossing in view," day Monday, during which he was According to Henry Moser of the
Mrs. Diteman said, adding that her the center of interest for the whole 1 speech department, business man-
husband has been flying two years nation in the celebration of the ager of this association, very fewz
and a half since becoming inter- Golden Jubilee of his perfection of season tickets for the lecture series
ested in aviation in Portland, Ore- the incandescant lamp. are' available, but those that re-
gon where his parents now live. ! After he spoke a tew words Mon- main will be placed on sale at the
day night over the radio, the in- box office in Hill auditorium at 2
sity Museum Shows venor retired and was attended by o'ck is afernoon ingle ad-
President Hoover's personalphys mission tickets at one dollar for to-
Prs n Liking for Potatoescian,Lt. Commander Boone, who (night's lecture will go on sale at
announced to the Associated Press htime.
that Mr. Edison was in as good
little known i Michigan, although condition as could be expected for ai Secretaries Recalled

Stouffer Claim
is Factort
Pointing out that
illness experienced by
present day is avoid
the use of the veget
Stouffer of this city 1
Natural Science au
Supporting his stat
amples from various
Stouffer showed that
tice of preventive m
struggle against the1
tagious and epidemic
is an important fact
added that many di
fore believed incura

22-The Tig- the great pool of scientifc med-
Former Prem- cine.
worked nearly "To make medicine fit in with
Memoirs today the other social forces so that its
heart attack distribution will be uniform," he
now," said his i continued, "is vital in this age of
fr. Laudry vis- science and democracy.
ight and was Leadership in the readjustment,
is condition. he said, should lie with the profes-
as issued. sion. He pointed out that people
know, through mediums of educa-
rs Diet tion, the newspaper and the radio,
H"that they are not getting full ad-
to Health I vantage of all of the forces that
are available" in the field of medi-
much of the . cine.
people of the
dable through Fussy Badger in Univer
arian diet, Dr.
ectured in the Aversion to Meat
iditorium last
eements by ex- I "Woof," the Museum badger, is


tem to allow only full-fledged jun-
liv Associated Press) I _____________________________
IOWA CITY, Ia., Oct. 22.-For The junior Literary class will
Oran Pape and John Fuhrman, hold its election from 4 to 5:45
the second time in three weeks, o'clock this afternoon in the
University of Iowa football yiayers, Natural Science auditorium. To
today found themselves the target NoterorSrun ce a tudet
of charges of professionalism, vote or run for office a student
must have from 56 to 87 hours
The new accusations were laid credit inclusive. Candidates must
before Hawkeye athletic officials by also present an eligibility slip.
John L. Griffith, Big Ten athletic There will be no . voting by
commissioner, and resulted in Pape proxy.
and Fuhrman being called before
the University eligibility committee The sehior and junior Phar-
this afternoon. Both players flat- macy students will elect their
ly denied the charges that they respective _uoers at 5 o'clock
played with the Dubuque, Ia., Bears in room 151 Chemistry building.
under assumed names in October. The junior Business Adminis-
1926. The committee took no ac-'' tration students will vote at 2
tion regarding their future status o'clock in room 206 Tappan hall,
as players. The senior Forestry class will
Pape, the springing halfback star{ ballot at 8:30 o'clock this eve-
of the Hawkeyes, only three weeks fning in room 2039 Natural Sci-
ago, was cleared of charges of play- ence building.
ing with the Dubuque team at So-~1 .The freshmen Dental class will
lena, Illinois, in 1927, when he was hold its election late Thursday
a freshman at the University. He Iafternoon.
now is included in a list of eligible The sophomore and freshmen
players. Coach Burt Ingwerson Pharmacy students will elect
plans to use him in the Western their officers at 5 o'clock Thurs-
Conference game with Wisconsin at
Madison Saturday. Fuhrman, o! day and Friday, respectively, in
the other hand, has been under airoam 151 Chemistry building
ban on charges of playing semi-pro
football with the Bears in 1925. iors to vote, and to prevent any
illegal methods to be practiced has
been arranged by the council under
President and Party the direction of its president, Er-
Sail for Louisville nest C. Reif, '30.
Ballots, printed especially for this
By Raymond G. Henle, A.P. Staff election, will be used. A list of the
S. S. GREENBRIER, EN ROUTE juniors of good standing has been
'compiled and only students whose
TO LOUISVILLE, KY., Oct. 22- name appears on this list will be
President Hoover was steaming issued ballots. A junior, not listed,
down the Ohio to Louisville on his but believing himself eligible can
trim little lighthouse tender to- vote by obtaining a slip showing his
Snight to signalize with a speech in qualifications from the Recorder's
that Kentucky city to improvement Announce Results after Meeting
of the river for all year round traf- Nominations for the class offi-
fic from Pittsburgh to the gulf. cers, and five representatives to the
He embarked at Cincinnati to the J-Hop committe will be made at 4
accompaniment of noisy saluta- o'clock, and the ballot boxes will
ioofhundredsof f actory whis-be held open until 5:45 o'clock. The
tles along the wharf, steamers on votes will be counted in the student
the river and horns of automobiles offices of the Union by the council
of the large crowd of citizens who after dinner. The results will be
had come down to bid him adieu. ! announced following their confirm-
ation by the council at its regular
As the President's flag of deep Wednesday evening meeting.
blue and its white eagle, was hoist- Voting by proxy will not be toler-
ed above the river craft, a stiff bit- ated according to President Reif.
ing wind swept over the valley and , Any student attempting to vote un-
dashed a foaming spray across the der another's name will be recom-
boat's prow. mended for probation.
Declaring his pleasure to share (Continued on Page 2, Col. 1)
in the dedication of the nine-foot
channel for the entire length of Goodyear Bi Wins
the Ohio, President Hoover said
the undertaking brought the en- Battle With Eletaents
gineering mind to the surface and
permittted it to "luxuriate in ap- (By Associated Press)
preciation of a great engineering job DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 22-After
well done." "This new instrument a fifteen hour battle with wind,
of commerce," the President added, ,rain and fog, over the Grosse Ile
"from which untold blessings will airport, the Goodyear blimp, May-
come year after year, is an endur- flower, finally was nosed into its
ing monument to those patient hangar by ground crews at 7:45 a.
men of my own profession whose m today. The blimp, which flew
lives are spent in devising means here from Akron, Ohio, to bring
to increase the comfort and con- greetings from the Mayor of Akron
venience of the world. Ito Thomas A. Edison became vir-
tually storm bound after it tonk nif

localities, Dr.
, in the prac-
tedicine in its
prevalent con-,
diseases, diet
or. He further
seases hereto-l
ble have suc-!

cumbed to treatment of this
Among the examples given
cancer tuberculosis.


Mme. Curie Escapes
Reception CommitteeI
(By Associated Press)
Madame Marie Curie, internation-!
ally known scientist, today eluded a
reception committee of noted scien-
tists gathered to greet her on her
arrival from Dearborn, Michigan,
according to a statement issued by
officials of the General Electric

ona rampage again. Firsthe1at one time they were very com- j man 82 years old who had been to Ital by M ssolini
learned to untie shoe-strings, then on this territory. Woof has through a long day of strenuous
drink milk out of a nursing bottle, been in captivity for nearlyseven activity. It was not considered ne- (B' Associated Press)
n I months and shows o ill effects cessary to have other physicians in BERLIN, Oct. 22-Premier Mus-
and now he shows a decided pref- whatsoever. In fact he weighs five attendance after Lt. Commander solini Monday night made a clean
erehee for sweet potatoes rather pounds more than the average full Boone left at midnight on President sweep of the staff of the Italian
than meat, although he is supposed grown badger is supposed to weigh. Hoover's special train for Cincin- embassy here, the result apparently
to be a very carnivorous animal. After his capture in May, he was natis of the mysterious disappearance of
Under the guiding hand of Miss fed with an eye dropper for some Runors were circulated today a secret diplomatic code from the
Crystal Thompson, his keeper, time, a bottle for three weeks that Edison was seriously ill but embassy archives.
I Woof" has grown from a very I thereafter, and then from a pan:these were discountananced today Earlier Monday he had recalled
small creature to a twenty-five which contained solid food mixed t to Rome two of the secretaries and
I pound monster in six short months. with milk and cream. Although he by spokesmen for Henry Ford who ordered the ambassador, Count Al-
He was found early in May in Shi- is not supposed to be closely re- said Mr. Edison was in the best of drovandi Marescotti, to conduct an
awassee county, Michigan, and has lated to the bear family, "Woof" health". It is understood he intends immediate investigation. Further
been in Miss Thompson's care ever shows sweet tendencies in his abil- to leave tomorrow for his home in orders recalled the ambassador and
since. Being very hungry and ex- ity to gobble up sugar, honey, and East Orange, N. J. also the councillor while M. Cicco-
ceedingly young when he was first i almost anything containing a car- nardi was hastily appointed coun-
found, a milk-cream diet was not bohydrate. He got his name from : ! cillor and placed in charge- of af-
hard to .introduce, and "Woof" Ihis lone mode of expression, "Woof" Oq W trweat. -her an I -fairs.
learned very quickly. He ate six or uttered only when angry. Most of /
seven meals a day during the first the time he is inquisitive and si- " .' - - by
three weeks of his convalescence. lent, and doesn't disturb anyone in I. '. / Rprimand from Italy
Upon his arrival in Ann Arbor, the particular. - /eceived by Neighbor
badger was put under observation ; There are three things that I
as no one knows much about bad- "Woof" won't eat, however, among I(B Associated Press)



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