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January 23, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-01-23

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Book By Young Woman Author Is Named Famous Prima Donna Displays Various
O Genteel Lady"; Is Story Of Boston Pronounced Peculiarities And Ideas
Tr~rll ~ fl(flIRI Th~"A ~ II IIINIliTe Chicago Civic Opera Cor- has -tny at all. Heri manner is
TO TEACHIN HOSPITAL 'Mre mention of the title, "0 on its release, 'AMirror FoTO IYE DUNIBII
Genteel Lady!" should be sufficient Witches." This, as far as advancr pany is appearing in Detroit for animated, and her voice rather
clue to the identity of a young wo- reports would seem to indicate several performances the week-end high. She is straightforward, even
SH11m u w h s o w b t c r"h t P e W R e n x a stto saman author who has as yet only will be a tragic story of Salend "The Little Princess" Will e after final examinations. At this blunt though she can be very dip-
I Il UUIUUL ~flUJLLJone novel to her credit. For those witchcraft, a sege.ion of wvhicP Presented Tonight At Itime the famouS prima donna, lomatic when she chooses.
who have not read this exception- has occurred in "0 Gente ' La ly Gathering Mary Garden, will appear. She has decided opinions and in-
CLASS OF TEN YODUNGS'ERS ally realistic story of Boston in the Mr. Overton tells that a forecat'--- Mary Garden's real name is,- dividual peculiarities. She is un-
RECEASVE TIDEN YUifNE 1850's we take the very great pleas- which is as liable to change as the DANCE CLASSES INVIT) Mary Garden. She was born in alterably opposed to woman's suf-
INSTRUCTIONA ure of introducing Esther Forbes. weather, has it that "Miss Forb Scotland, the daughter of very rage. She abstains from all stim-
_NTUC NAlthough born in Worcester may be expected to employ the n strict Presbyterians. As a small ulants except an occasional glass
tMassachusetts, Miss Forbes chosI too archaic style of Daniel Defo! An informal dance night will be j child she wanted to be a violinist. of champagne at dinner. She has
A A. U. W. IS RESPONSIBLE to go west to college and so gradu- and a good deal of her materia given tonight at 8 o'clock in the At fourteen she definitely decided a particular aversion to women in-
ated from the University of Wis- will be drawn from Samuc Women's Athletic building by the to be a singer, giving up all hopes terviewers. She only receives them
n's Di " members of Orchesis for the mem- of becoming a violinist. There was when she can't help it. Chicago
mente Pr Favorably Withal Thse erti. Uns, hr PiaelphA' This rar n bers of the academic dancing dissension in the Garden family is her favorite city. Philadelphia
.CampreFvrbyWhThs bert L. Hoskins, Jr., of Philadelphi This rather new novelist has la ise n hi rins tti bu ar' aerHrmte amuses, and New York appalls her.4
jclasses and their friends. At this about Marys career. Her motherIaueadNw okaplshr
Of Healthy Child after, Esther Forbes was employed plans for a number of novels ant time"The Little Princess, a prob- She never wears a air of g
in 1926, and even some months being a slow, careful worker witlrtm Th itePrnes" rb objected to her going on the opera- Senvrwasaparo gloves
--in 1t editoria epartmentnofths excellent beinni ikerylem upon which Orchesis has been tic stage. Her father encouraged more than once, and she wears two
Pre-school education is satisfac- Boston publishing house. Much te likely that she will rise to glorio working since the beginning of the her. strings of pearls which she says
torily btablished and inworking hishefthts hw ieightsherwchoseel isemester, will be presented. The diva is not as tall as the are the largest specimens iin the
ysnhdh ath s a g hr e fd'"The Little Princess Who Could 'gowns she wears in opera make world. She is remarkably lucky at
order at the University hospital the means of bringing Rafael Saba- Not Dance" is the story of a little her appear to be. She is beauti- roulette which is a constant
niow, according to a statement tini into American fame as a re-~~apa
adeby rs.in M. a gwhmont sul mo hismanuscript "asa* - ora Discourses On princess who was unable to learn ful off as well as on the stage. Her temptation.
d ouch "pa singmintohrphas. the stately steps of the court own hair is red though she wears She is noted for her generosity.
is in charge of the work. It was passing into her hands. othcs And dances, which dancing masters a different wig for each character A newspaper woman once asked
Estehr Forbes' inspiration for from all over the kingdom tried in she assumes. To keep her figure her the time. She removed her
Ad sbe thewriting " Genteel Lady!" came Realities Of Storm vain to reach her. Everyone was she diets strictly, eating some dried platinum and diamond wristwatch,
nd was begun- the first of Novem- from a fascination acquired very Ofunhappy about this, and the little figs and an apple for lunch if she saying, "Keep this."
ber this year. early from reading the Godey Lady princess most of all. She finally Mary Garden's favorite role is
The school work compares favor- Books. It was the pictures of th' Well, my dear, we are having, or ran away to the seashore whereNEW "Thais" which she has sung 1,000 1
ably to that of a kindergarden, but "long-ago mawkish ladies" that first have had rather, another one of she began to feel the rythm of the Ntines. She sings almost exclusive-
bf course must be carried on in a attracted Miss Forbes, and then a those glorious snow storms that sea and wind. On the shore she WITH NEGLECT OF YOUTH ly in French. Her ambition is to
Very different manner because of she grew older she became inter the poets rave about in such vivid danced with some little country sing Mephistopholes transposed to
the weakness. of the tiny students. ested in the stories, which wer language. You know how they go children who were there. With The committee of correction of mezzo-soprano. She would rather
The class contains ten children, I certainly among the worst writter on and on about the darling lit- them the little princess returned to the Woman's City club of New retire forever than appear on the
ranging in ages from two to four but which because of their "morbir tle snow flakes and the lovely ice the court, proud that she should York in "A Study of Child and dramatic stage.
years and of various nationalities. delicacy and pompous vulgarit crystals and everything, but they no longer have to disappoint the Youthful Marriages in New York She has promised to write her
rwere peculiarly amusing. utterly forget such incidentals as king. She arrived just as court County," published recently, based memoirs sometime in the future.
buM ten or fifteen minutes with All this was the pattern for " slippery sidewalks and broken dance was being given in attempt on the martial experiences of 75 Furthermore she says there will be
each(pupil, asfte morkths only Genteel Lady!", and the contr' bones resulting from contact there to cheer the king. The little princ- girls under 16 years of age who no equivocations.
each pupil, as the ork has only (between the emotions of the period with. Perhaps one of these ultra- ess surprised her father and the obtained marriage licenses, charges
Hee gt ed t o beusufd and the clothes gives rise tot Esther I modern poets will see fit some whole court because she could now New York State with negligenceHtop th' consetiringheesidriagh
ciently long fr is edom that Forbes' own comment of Lanice, the day to use that for a theme-all 1dance, and everyone rejoiced with concerning the welfare of its ts consent r e arriag
the whole class is well enough toa rine h a he layers of elllanywacontibut opeae noe. er yut.a judge of the Children's court.
se te eacher. personality, clothes on the outside Well, anway, if any poet under The music for the dance drama According to the report more
tthen body, and within even that took to paint a complete word pic- has been played for the academic than a third of these marriages
The instruction is almost entirely what Housman calls 'the man of ture of this campus in a snow classes, and the story explained were unsuccessful within two or Subscribe to The Michigan Daily,
conversation since the youngsters bone'. storm he would have to consider gthreeears. About 50 out of the
cannot move about. Mrs. Hoag At the time this chapter on Mis the slippery steps in front of the of the tclasses are acquainted with ee5 lived with their husbands less $
sngs little songs to them, shows Forbes was written by Grant Over library and Angell hall, down it. than a year or not at all. There
them picture books, and tells them Forbes "tten Ga kv which students come sliding with were 24 applications for annulment
stories. They enjoy most storiest,, great rapidity and much discom- which showed that in many cases
that she makes up about them- Our Novels," which has been loan- fiture both to dignity and person, ART FACULTY ADDS TWO the young couple had only known
selves, using their names and hav- eaas well as the more aesthetic as- each other a few hours or a few
1ig them go through the everyday tesy of Graham's Book store pect of the situation. Nor could Margaret Wycherly and Claude weeks.
routine, no matter how trivial it ser Fores was to on he he neglect the noble B and G boys B The matter of whether these
may be. second novel which is to be called B h pero h cn he rragden have been appointed tocide hl ar rnti l
myb who appear on the scene three or !children shall marry or not is al-
Many of the children have spent four days after the storm and the faculty of New York univer- most entirely left to the parents
the most of their lives in a hospital Frenchwoman Writes sprinkle sand on the sidewalk sity's art department. A course in who, with the best of intentions,
bed and are surprisingly ignorant which by this time have most of scenic design will be offered by Mr. are very unwise in allowing them
of the, names of common objects Story Of Lafayette the ice worn off of them any.way. Bragden, who is an architect and to do as they please. These young
with which normal children have ' Not that I don't appreciate the writer on art. Miss Wycherly, well- people are usually restless, chafing
been acquainted from the time they aesthetic side myself because I do, known as an actress, made her most under school work. To them "mar-
have been able to talk. Most ani-'Princess Lucien Murat, not' but every time I let -my gaze wan- recent stage appearance in Chan- ried life appears as a condition
nave bey ale "o talk.aMot ane- French authoress, has recentl der from the sidewalk immediately ning Pollock's "Mr. Moneypenny." where perfect freedom awaits
to be thenyanimalgs";thaeeknw pg
a be the only animal they know produced another book, one par beneath my feet I am in great She will conduct courses in stage them," says the report.
from personal experience. ticularly interesting- to American danger of making greater contact deportment and creative interpre- The committee ends the report
fManners and courtesy are given It is a brief record of Lafayette', with said sidewalk. Now who can tation. by recommending an amendment
a much stress as at Merrill-Pal- ife Thework, which deals only give his aesthetic tendencies free f -----
ner school, although in a different with the outstanding episodes irn reign under such conditions? I ~
day. Instead of being taught to the life of the great man, is writ- really think something should be
ake Isthead ow n t an hagh ten in a simple, yet witty anc done about it so that a most es-

them up properly, as at the Merrill-
Palmer school, they are taught to
be courteous to the nurses, to speak
quietly instead of screaming, and
to say "thankk you" and "please."
A teacher of pre-school education
at the hospital must be very versa-
tile, in order to instruct all the
types of children. While the hospi-
tal child has proved to be as com-
petent mentally as the healthy
'nhild,he has not the vitality and
his experience is very limited.
There is one deaf and dumb tot
In the class at the University hos-
pital, and that means a great deal
,f extra work for the teacher.
Plans are being made now for
three or four students from the
School of Education to do their
practice teaching work at the
hiospital among t'he children of pre-{
school age. This will enable a larger
class to have the opportunities of;
a healthy child.j
The newly elected proseculting at-
torney of Sanders county in Mon-
tana is Marshall "Buzz" Murray,
a student of the University of
Montana, who is completing a sea-
on of playing on the varsity foot-
ball team at this insitution. He
will graduate at the end of the
present term, although he was ad-
mitted to the bar last spring.
LEHIGH.-Sixteen Lehigh stu-
dents were arrested by police, fol-
lowing a parade when the students
tttempted to force their way into
a theatre. College authorities
claimed that many of those ar-'
tested were innocent of any part
i the riot, and stood firmly be-
ind the students. The Brown
and White, college newspaper, edi-
torially took exception to the at-
titude of the police and suggested
an investigation of the affair.
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graceful style, and shows much his-
torical knowledge.
At a tea party which she gave-
recently, Princess Murat autograph-f
ed copies of her book for whoeve
brought them. This productior
follows the engaging account o'
the amatory life of Catherine o'
Russia, written by the same autho
two years ago.
Princess Murat has visited Amer-
ica, and has always had many
friends here. She descends from
the great house of Rohan Chabot
and is a Parisian by birth.

s sential part of our education will
not be neglected.
Michigan State Normal College.
A student's essay describing th
publicity and check-up plan to en
ourage absentee voting, won first
place in a national contest con-
ducted to secure such a plan.
University of Oregon: A foursom
a portable radio about the course
of student golfers recently carried
and listened to the Southern-Cali-
fornia- Notre Dame football game.


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