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December 18, 1928 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-12-18

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Crowds Pay Tribute To Wrights
At Scene Of First
Air Flights
* ( fl As s e<~c Pre.- .
KITTY HAWK, N. C., Dec. 17.-
Kill Devil hills, windswept sand
dunes on the North Carolina coast,
became an international shrine to-
day as an "air-minded" world paid
tribute to the men it called "flying
fools" 25 years ago.
Orville Wright, the first man to
fly, was the center of an interna-
tional celebration in observance of
the twenty-fifty anniversary of
man's first flight. Scores of hardy
seafaring folk who live along these
sandy shores anxousy awaited the
return of the man "")in they re-
garded as "foolhardy but harm-
less" ,a quarter of a century ago.
The four living witnesses of the
Wright brothers' first flights here,
25 years ago today, related inci-
dents from their memory of the
first flight.
Life Guards Helped
Three of the men, John T. Dan-
iels, W. S. Dough and A. D. Ether-
idge, are now past 50 years of age,
and their graying hair and ruddy
faces tell the story of hardy early
lives as members of the Kill Devil
Hills life-saving crew.



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Round Table Group


Governor And Mayor

Stage Verbal Fight

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Paul Porter, recently appointed
fieldsertary Demofay, te Leag e rcrests bees use of the annual ap- elty, but they exhibit no ,tirm m'r
Industrial Democracy, will be the ----- pearanc ocf C hristmlas trees,." de- the t housands of t, ev>end younI
speaker at the meeting of the National Student Federation Favor ared Prom. L. J. Young. of sta nds of timber that are w ied
Round Table club at 8 o'clock to- Optional Military Education School of Fore"tr and Conse:'va- out in a singie fire in a wes trn
morrow night in room 306 of the. In Universities tion in an interview yesterday. He forest,'
Union, it has been announced. said that the estimated three mil- According to professor Yonge
Porter,' who has taken over the DISCUSSES -ONOR SYSTEM lion trees that are used every the Conservation department ot
position held by Paul Blanchard, .t Yuletide in the United States con- the state has instil uted a campairn
Michigan graduate, will speak on Optional rather than compulsory prise only one third of what the to cheek up on all respassers and
the "Status, of Labor." Allthose military education was recom- State of Michigon alone plants in see to it that the state prccrty is;
interested in'labor are cordially in- mended at the fourth annual con- one yet. nrcpcriy protected in every a"y: t
vited to attend. gress of the National Student Fed- "The ndency now is to plant against unrestricted eutth of,
eration of America held recently regular plantations to take care of trees. Individuals who have been r
PAPER CONDUCTS in Columbus, Mo. It was also the Christmas needs, so that the cutting Christmas trees. partic-
stated that war, as a means of forests may be saved for lumber ularly those who engage in the*
A THLETIC SURVEY settling international disputes is and other practical purposes," said. business on a commercial basis,e
no longer practicable. Professor Young in stating the will have their activities curbed1
The Pennsylvania Gazette, stu- It was not advocated to do away present status of the situation. this year. under threat of arrest.
dent publication at the University with the army, navy, and reserve "People are much alarmed over the Trees legitimately cut will be so
of Pennsylvania, has discovered ofcers' training corps, but such o emarked by a tag. This is a reg-!
through a'reden-t survey that a lit- training should be optional and Austrabian uchlar procedure in Colorado where
tle ntore than a sixth of the total not compulsory. The use of pub- the Forest service cuts trees for
numnborof stuidents in: the institu- lct n sut opopularize PasdBy fl iA i
nbep esici an stuntsnto p Prised pe um tags them, and sells
tion. rpored or artciptio onmilitary training in colleges andthm
the athletic squads there, last year. .niversities are dangerous it was --- In discussing the greed of people
Of the'six thousand students in the poin'ted out, because young peoplei "a P for Christmas trees, Professor
institution, 1582.:reported for ac- accept customs of the commu-, ROME. Dec. 17.-Pope Pius, at Young stated that it is common at
tion. with the various squads and ities in which they are born the opening of a secret consistory Christmas for people to cut down
919 actively .engaged in the sports. in a discussion on the establish- today, extolled the Eucharistic trees in the arboretum. Around
The 919 are divided thus: foot- rent of honor systers in colleges congress at Sydney, New South the Hudson river estates of New
ball, 86; baseball, 67; crew, 148; and universities, it was concluded Wales. as one of the most striking York owners are forced to pour
track, 104; basketball, 58; soccer, that the success of such a system manifestations of Catholicism any- a lquid mixture over the trees to
74'-; boxing 59'; fencing, 40; golf, 10; upon the character of where in the world in recent years. make them undesirable over the
gymnastics, 26; lacrosse, 75; swim- the students. It was brought out The congress formed the sole Christmas season. At the present
ming, 64; squash, 6; rifle, 19; ten- thetudents. y 4a brut o The o es foe thensancQ time the forestry school is main-
nis, 7; wrestling, 74.E that approximately 40 percent of subject-of the Pope's allocutiona andi taining an armed guard at their,
The 7 slnmber o4 methe colleges in the United States he concluded by saying that the plantation in Saginaw forest out
cipating may be excused on the use the honor system. success of the gathering was such 1lnon treet.
grounds that other activities take On the impracticability of war, that it merited devoting an entire doubt there is valuable tim-
it was stated that war as a tool allocution to it.
up much 'of the undergraduate's topooebsns nterets wil TePnifvcd ber in the trees that are so cut,
time, but the Gazette asserts that npromote busines ineressmbll The Pontiff voiceddparticular but the amount is not sufficient for
the sh fo t no longer pay. We must gamble pleasure at the attitude of non- general alarm," he concluded.
nnathletic fes an tht th everything," said Tucker P. Smith, Catholic Austr'alians who contribu-
averge undegrduatefinds na texecutive secretary of the Commit- ted to the success of the gather-
interaetndUersityuativitiesnotee on Militarism in that showeithe,
terest inUniegratactivities.Eutcation, ing, saying they showed them1 CHRISTMAS GIFTS
"either on the perpetuation of,
-entiment in which war- finds itsP selves not only hospitable and re-
MEMBERS OF ORCESIS xcuse, or upon the formation of stf lut also animated:-by a urr, Patterson
WGRK ON DANCE the biggest club in the world. e p & Auld Co.
There is no middle ground." set h apostolic enedictin Church, at South U
to all who took, part in the conl-
Members of Orchesis are working E C Wgress.__
hard on "The Little. Princess" the MMVIVE~.- SCH1vIAAEL The Pope's allocution was the 1
daice drama whichrthey'have PUBLISHES BOOK feature of this morning's secret Detroit Theaters
selected for production before the zonsistory, since no new cardinals
members of the academic natural A new book, "Tisza Tales," just were created and proclaimed. The
dancing classes and other people received by local book stores, is the Pontiff, however, announced the
who are particularly interested in work of Mme. Rosika Schwimmer, formal appointment of several CASS THEATRE
seeing the drama. The date set noted pacifist who appeared be- arehbishopos and bishops, most of Beginning Sun. Eve., Dec. 16th
for its presentation is January 31, fore several Ann Arbor audiences whom had already been nominated Nights $1.U to $2.50
three weeks after classes have been this month. The volume, while in- by "brief" during the course of the HAL SKELLY
resumed after Christmas vacation. tended primarily for children, is past year. AND BARBARA STANWYCK
The drama itself is extremely sim- said to possess such charm as to --In the Comedy Success Entitled
ple, but it presents some very in- make it highly appealing to adults. TYPEWRITING ' M "BURLESQUE"
teresting and fundamental prob- In the words of Freda. Kirchwey, and <__ _ _
lems which Orchesis members are writing for The Nation, "Tisza IIIME0GRIAPHING SHUBERT
enjoying working on.. Tales," are intended for children, A specialty for LAFAYETTE
Yesterday noon the entire foot- neither could an adul t who pre- Prompt sevice.. Experienced op- WM. HODGE
ball squad and the coaching staff served any sense of kinship with erators.. M1,oderate rates. In His Greatest Success

BOSTON, Dec. 17.-Gov Alvan T.
Fuller and Mayor Malcolm E. -
Nichols, both Republicans, were at v
odds today after an exchange of JACKSONVILLE. Fla., Dec. 17--
charges that for acerbity were al- Forced back by bad weather, Lieut.
most without parallel in recent his- Leonard S. Flo of Ann Arbor, Mich.,
tory in the state. returned to Municipal Airport
The governor, by inference, at- Sunday after hopping off on a
tacked the mayor in an address at proposed non-stop flight to Tulsa,
Malden Saturday night in connec- Okla. He planned to make the
tion with the failure of the city flight today if weather conditions
to solve its transportation problems. improve.
Mayor Nichols replied to the' Lieutenant Flo, who recently was
Malden attack by describing the forced down by illness at Key West
executive as "a successful specu- { v- nIe attempting a non-stop flight
lator" rather than a "studious ad- from Walkerville, Ont., to Havana,
ministrator," who "substituted per- annrounced Saturday he had can-
sonal invective for for a dispassion- cc Hed his plan for a flight to Ann
ate discussion." Arbor via Langley Field, Va.

Such a perfect gift!



The fourth living spectator of the,
first flight, John Moore, was only
18 years old on that cold December
morning 25 years ago today when
the Wrights asked the life saving!-
crew to aid in launching their fly-,
ing machine.
Moore trudged up though the
heavy sand against a biting wind
to watch what the little 'group ex-
pected to be' another flying ma--
chine that would not fly. The men
helped the Wrights place their lia-;
chine on its tracks and waited. with
mixed sentiments of hopefulness
and pessimism as Orville Wright,
climbed into the kite-like machine.
Engine Was Warmed Up
The engine was warmed up; the
propeller churned in the 'stiff wind.
a wire holding the machine was re-

"Makes it Safe to be Hungry"
Any gift that lightens the every-day tasks of house-
keeping always gets a warm welcome. And a
General Electric Refrigerator which, in addition,
provides new comforts and economies, gets a
double share. This unusually quiet, "years ahead"
refrigerator is entirely different from all others.
Come in today and study its many superiorities.

leased, and it started down the were guests at the Kiwanis club of his own past or that of the race:
track. Wilbur Wright ran 'along- Ann Arbor at a special football and for jaded minds, Oppressed by
side the right wing, ready' to ba- luncheon. intellectual complexities.
ance it on the track. The machine,
dashed' down its rails and lifted
into the air, flying 120 feet in 12
seconds before settling onto the
sand without damage.
It was a short flight compared
to the present world record of
more than 4,400 miles.- between
Rome 'and Brazil, but it proved for
the first time in the history of civi C
lization that man could fly in o
nachines of his own design. Three
other flights were made by the
Wrights 25 years ago today, Wil-
bur staying aloft for 59 seconds and
flying 852 feet against a 20-mile
wind on the fourth attempt.'
The stiff winds, which still blow
in from the Atlantic with terrific Now Showing
velocity, not only aided the Wrights
in their first flights, but proved dis- The love romance of a little
astrous to the machine they 'had spitfire who would rather
devised. A few minutes after Wil- *starve than be love starved!
bur had completed his flight, a
strong gust of wind upset the frail
plane and wrecked it.
The pictur
b h u n dr e ds to
Fisher Theater
The Cosmopolitan club will hold in Detroit.
its annual Christmas party at 8:30
o'clock tonight in the Women's
Athletic house . The committee in
charge has planned a special pro-
gram. Guest tickets may be secured
by applying to Kalr A. Anderson,
'29Ed, at 602 Monroe Avenue.
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