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November 27, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-11-27

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i U L' SDAYy

TTIESAY, ovErmI3Efl 27, 1928~




_ _ ___ __ _

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O[N PLAN NOYEL [ Chances For Success I
Are Great Fo
Prof. John L. Brumm of the
journalism department sat in his
office the other day and dis-
coursed to me on the subject of
DINING ROOM WILL RESEMBLE women in journalism. It seems
SHIP WITH GANGPLANK that he is all for it!
AND PORTHOLES He says that he believes that
women do just as well and even
1RCHESTRA W9LL PL.AY better than men on newspapers
along certain lines. He declared
that this is an era of specialization
Entertainment Will Be Furnished in the field of journalism as well
While Lunch And Dinner as in all other fields, and that
Is Served along sociological lines most wo-
men are superior to most men.
Plans for the tea room to be ope- "Women get what I call the
rated in connection with the Wo- 'house-keeper's angle' on things,"
men's League and Interchurch said Professor Brumm. "They get
bazaar on December 7 and 8 are the human interest side that men
aza on l Decme7ead 8 areyn overlook, and by that I don't mean
nw. practically completed, Carolyn Isob stuff."
Inglis, '29, chairman of the tea It is Professor Brumm's opinion
room committee, announces. In that women do their best work and
order to carry out the internation- are most valuable to a newspaper
al motif of the bazaar as a whole, along social lines. Women's club
the tea room is to be the dining
room of a ship, with waitresses RARE BOOK TELLS I
Swearing sailor harts, and the menu ERS OV'NO
cards decorated with vessels. A FIRST WOMEN ON
gangplank will lead into the tea-
'room, and the windows will be cov- Co-education nowadays is an ac-
ered with paper to represent port- cepted fact at the University of
* For entertainment, there will be Michigan as it is in all American
music at all meals, with dancing at State universities. But fifty years
tea time. At luncheon and dinner, ago it was a very much discussed
r there will be singing, piano solos, question whether co-education was
and orchestra music. The songs right and proper. After the resolu-
will include some from the last tion passed by the Board of Re-
Junior Girls' play, especially those gents January 5, 1870, the first 'co-
from the sailors chorus. eds' enrolled in the University with
Luncheon will be served from fear and trembling. The experi-
twelve to one, tea, from three ences of a group of women who
thirty to five; and dinner from six entered in 1871 are told in a rare
to seven o'clock. On Friday, a fifty volume, "An American Girl and
cent luncheon will be served, the Her Four Years in a Boys' College,"
menu offering cream soup, a published in 1878. The author was
choice of tuna fish salad or pine- given as 'Sola,' but the editor of
apple-cheese salad, hot buttered the Michigan Alumnus, to whom
muffins, and coffee. Desert will be The Daily is indebted for this se-
twenty-five cents extra and a lection from the book and others
choice of ice or ice cream with that will follow, has the authority
cake is offered. On Saturday, the of Mrs. Caroline Hubbard Klein-
fifty cent luncheon offers a choice stueck, '75, of Kalamazoo, that the
of meat croquettes or Spanish author was San Louie Anderson,
i rice, rolls and coffee. Desert is who was drowned in the Sacra-
again twenty-five cents extra. mento River in 1886.
Stuffed tomato salad and rolls may Much of the book is concerned
be had a la carte for thirty-five with the affairs of the heroine,
cents. Wilhelmine Elliott, called 'il
Dinner will be served for one throughout the book. Her first ex-
dollar and Friday's menu consists periences are told in the second
of creamed salmon or veal in pat- chapter: 'Toward the close of the
tie shells, sweet or Irish baked po- afternoon Will changed cars for
tatoes, green peas, hot rolls, head the last time, for they were draw-
lettuce salad with thousand island ing near the university: and many
dressing, ice or ice cream, cake, got in from villages by the way,
and coffee. The menu for Satur- whom she took to be students.
day offers baked ham or Swiss 'Two blustering sophomores sat
steak, saute potatoes, buttered not far from her, and presently
beets, hot rolls, tomato aspic salad, one of them said to his compa-
ice or ice cream, cake, and coffee. nion, as he pointed backward with
For tea on Friday and Saturday, his thumb at Will: "By Jove, Bark-
three menus are offered. A tea for er, what'll you bet that girl is not
twenty-five cents consists of hot going to enter college? You know
muffins, marmalade, tea or coffee. they have admitted women by a
A thirty-five cent menu offers recent act of the regents, and :lie
chocolate sundae, cake, and tea or just looks like it. All I have to say
coffee. Sandwiches and tea or cof- is, Women will ruin the institution.
fee may also be had for thirty-five That's all."
cents., 'Will was muchinestdnth
Assisting Carolyn Inglis, who is Wicovra mu, h interested in the
general chairman of the tea room conversation, and it brought a n.
committee are Lucille McClelland,
'31A, who is in charge of decora -Chian Tailors
tions, and Prelina Fletcher, '31,
who is in charge of properties. LADIES' COATS RELINED
___________OUR SPECIALTY
yer Ms E a r average 625 E. Liberty St., Upstairs
30 letters each .day to lonely mis- __________________


a Journalism!
Women, Says Brumm
news offers a wide field as do
charities and reforms. Many inter-
views, he thinks, can be covered
better by women than by men, and
women also do excellent publicity
Journalism is no longer a pro-
fession that can just be 'picked
up'," declared the professor. "It
requires thorough preparation.
Among the subjects which women
especially should know for their
type of work are sociology, political
science, and psychology."
"Many women do good straightt
reporting, too," said Professor
Brumm. He told of an editor in
Ludington, Michigan, who will
employ no men on his paper, .or
the reason that he thinks women
make better reporters along all
lines. "While this is as bad as em-
ploying all men," he continued,
"there is no doubt but that women
are forging ahead in journalism
and are the equals if not the su-
Iperiors of men in their own fields."
phase of the question which sh
had not thought of before.
'Drive me to the president's
house, please," said Will to the
hackman when she got off the
train at Ann Arbor, for she could
not think ofuanyhbetter place to
go to find out what she must do
first. The driver stopped before a
sombre stone house and handed
her out, saying, "This is the place,
miss." A broad faced Irish girl
came to the door, and, in answer
to the inquiry for the president,
said: "La, Miss, the president don't
live here; there's his house
t'other side the campus; this is the
hospital, and we have three cases
of small-pox."
'At her entrance to his office the
president shook hands with her
and smiled upon her in the most
kindly way as he said; "And you
came all the way from C-alone,
you tell me, and are not acquaint-
ed with any here, and you want to
enter the university? Why, you are
a brave girl, I must say!"
'"Have any other young ladies
applied for admission, and are
there very many boys here?"
'"I think you will not be entire-
ly alone, Miss Elliott, for I hear of
several young ladies who are in-
tending to be examined for admis-
sion; and as to your last question,
I believe there are more than thir-
teen hundred young gentlemen in
all the departments." This was
doubtful assurance to Will when
she remembered the conversation
on the train, left her in fear and
trembling as to her future.'
Such was the welcome of one of
the first women students who en-
tered the university.
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Winning Point Was Ma
Last Five Minut
Of Game
Martha Cook took pos
the intramural hockey cu
year by defeating Zeta7
in the finals of the t

My dear, weren't you positively show was a perfect riot-well, if
LIR thrilled to death over the game not perfect, almost. I was awfully
Saturday? I was, I mean I actual- relieved because it proves that
things aren't as bad as they mighi
de During ly was-almost that is. I haven't be. I do think, though, that the
tes seen such a gorgeous game in management shouldn't have been
simply ages, not this year in fact, quite so snooty about things, but
so it was just that much more of course, not being the theater
:EY CUP thrilling and surprising. Of coursemanagement, perhaps I fail to get
' their viewpoint.
session of I was hoping for the best, but ex- Anyway, it was a gorgeous game
up for this pecting the worst just in case we and we can all hold up our heads
Tau Alpha should lose or something. It really and point with pride to our foot-
ournament is too bad that the season has to ball team because as everyone al-

Saturday morning on Palmer feld. end just as we are really getting rea
The game was extremely close and started, but I guess our team lot
ended in a 1 to 0 score made in the showed everybody what's what
last five minutes of play. It came anyway.
after a free hit taken by Mar- You know, though, I think there
tha Cook just outside the Zeta Tau should have been a prominent no-
Alpha striking circle. The ball was tice in The Daily Saturday morn- P
oassed from the halfback to Ani ing announcing that our team was 7:15
Zauer who drove through the goal to wear those yellow jersies-or Bet
to score the only point of the are they maize? Anyway, if there Gre
game, had been such a notice it would mer
ntily' the athmiuhte itws have prevented a lot of people logi
m ntel s fve m n t si wa ha e p e e t d a lt o pe p eloanybody's game, although the ball from becoming hysterical when need
for most of the game was in pos- Iow made that touchdown. I
session of Zeta Tau Alpha in Mar- thought the people in back o m stru
tha Cook territory. The usual long would never get through cheeringo-
runs down the field of the fast and for Michigan afterdthat one, and
elusive Ann Zauer were often stop- ( when they discovered that both (.
ped beforeashe reached the fifty score board gave the points to
yard line as the Zeta Tau Alpha Iowa they thought that for once i
defense was very strong. Altogeth- the scorekeepers were of the same im
er it was an extremely well played mind, but only slightly mixed. h
as well as'a very close and interest- After they had wondered about it ti
ing game. during most of the first half, the n
Between 50 and 75 spectators big-hearted man next to- me turn-
witnessed kthe game which gave ed around and told them the
Martha Cook the first leg on thetruth. They were so crushed that o-
possession of the cup. they left at the end of the half.
Martha Cook Zeta Tau Alpha And actually, my dear, I thought
Kunkel....... RAWC...... Gustine there was absolutely no school
Saurborn .....RI...... Hamilton spirit left in the student body be-
Zauer ......... CF......... Raine cause even after such a thrilling
Berkowitz ..... LI........ Cassidy and inspiring victory, there was
LaCore ........LW....... Straub scarcely any excitement or tany-
Ferguson ..... R H ........ Ohlson thing at the show-that is at the
Neyer .........CH.. Litzenberger first show. I was so disappointed,
Heilman ...... L H .......Mottier because I didn't think the students
Becker ........ RF......... Erwin; were quite that crushed and sub-
Fenneburg . .. . LF.... Thompson dued by all this paternalism
Backus.......G..........Earl around here. Of course, the re-
ception committee in evidence at
the theater may have had some
Get Acquainted With thing to do with it, but I doubt it
because I heard that the second
Schaeberle & Son
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Instruments and Supplies
Radiola and Atwater-Kent the Heada
110 So. Main St. 227 S. State
OIw It's Easy to
Have Smoot

ay Knows, the team deserve a
of credit.
I Lambda Theta will meet at
Tuesday evening, Nov. 27, in
sy Barbour. Dr. Edward B.
ene of the psychology depart-
nt, will speak on the psycho-
cal principles underlying the
I for individualization of in-

The Junior Girls' play danc-
ng class will not meet to-
norrow, on account of the
oliday on Thursday. Prac--
ices will be held as usual
ext week.
Camilla Hubel,
Chairman of Dances.

-0 1


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