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May 29, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-05-29

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A, A.i U. W

Give Financial Ai
League, Inlander,
The Ann Arbor br
tional Association
Women will hold al
members at 12:45 '
K June 1, at the Michig
annual meeting of t
will follow the lunc
are to make reserv
day, May 31, by no
C. May at 2430 Gedd
In commenting o
and annual meetin
states: "This is the
the year, an arrant
Annual Alumnae lu
people, to which all
hers who were prese
vention are cordiall
The nominating c
Mrs. E. R. Sunderlan
will present the foll
that time: For pres
Karpinski; for vice
Maude Hagle; for
John Bradshaw; and
Lon a Pinkham. F(
S the,advisory board,
cominittee suggests
Mrs Earle W. Dow,)
1by, Mrs. Albert Rous
ter Stabler, and Miss
With a total mem
the Ann Arbor bran
UW.,is the larg
* Michigan, and also a
oly internationalc
women. The Intern
ation of University N
tablished in 1920 in
&and, was an out
sir.to continue the f
among women dur
War. From the thi
represented at the f
the membership ha
national organization
It is through the ex
essors and students
theistablishing of f
sholarships, that t
better able to un
Distinguished Alum
* "We have as memb
most distinguished
lave graduated fro
sity," states Mrs.
presidenta ofthe Ann
"The Association wa
the purpose of unpitn
of different institu
maintain high stand
tion. Unider the 1
Comes the $1200 sc
which is distributed
o>ice of the Adviser
the form of loans not
each. Funds have a
for contributions to
tional Fellowships a
Michigan League.
University Building,
"The hospitality of
University buildingst
has been featured in
Went of the 240 m
local chapter," Mrs.
"And hereafter t
League will be at ou
the various activitie
Thse buildings have
tent suggested our pr
"in addition to
specialized group
have been prepared
County and national
,g a sum of $300a
to the hospital schoo
project of a public s
sending $28 worth of
Vienna for an En
group of women who
to enter the Interna
tion; giving financial

Inlander ..,Magazine
Carl Sandburg here
pledgjng: $500 to the
Tellowship Fund. Th
recopimending a gif
Robe .College in Japa
benefit card party r
proceds for the Leagv
Graduates from ovf
nd universities, nat
ternational, are eligibl
ship in the A.,A. U. W

i c,
Plan For Next Year Puts Students No member of the staff of the of- Portia Holds Annual Banquet After
i',PLIIN N 1 On University Payroll For , fice of Advisers for Women will IU CUS00J UIR ILfl Elections In League Dining
First Time serve next fall as faculty advisers Room Last Night
-T--- of freshman groups. That office, it ___
SA fr mngusTh, "One of the finest services which is ' felt; should serve the larger Adviser To Play Explains Aims With examinations just around
students have rendered the univer- group of all college women, es- And Ideals To Aspiring the corner the social activities on
sity has been the faithful con- pecially the increasingly large Authors Of 1930. s
OF PROGRAM scientious work of the student as- number of entering upperclassmen camlpus have experienced quite a
LUNCHEON sistants to the faculty advisers of who are often just as much at a PLAYS DUE O'TfBER 7 shut-down this week. Especially
MNAE freshman group during Freshman loss as the freshmen. .ihave the sororities put aside their
Week," says Miss Alice Lloyd, ad- All the branches of the ad- The aims and ideals of the junior festivities in preparation for the
CTIVITIES viser to women. viser's office are especially active girls' pay were explained to a coming bluebooks, limiting their
Two women students are select- during registration week. No one group of sophomore women who are events mainly to senior dinners and
d To Hospital, ed for each group of twenty fresh- may register who has not chosen interested in writing the play for eete
College And men. These students who have her residence and it is with this of- next year by Miss Alice Lloyd, ad- Gefarewell parties.
Fund been leaders in some activity on fice that entering women may con- viser to the play, in the Board of amma Phi Beta will honor its
the campus, who have shown prom- sult to find help in housing prob- Representatives roo at the League graduates at'a farewell dinner next
anch of the Na- ise of tact and trustworthiness, lems. Miss Grace Richards is in building yesterday. Helen Jones, Sunday.
of University have been chosen with the results charge of student loans, and' general chairman of the play Alpha Epsiln Phi e b k
uncheon for its that the upperclass assistants have through her many women may ge introduced Miss Lloyd and also ex- I fast for their seniors last Sunday
clock Saturday, been a very important part of financial aid which will make pos- plained some of the technicalities r ac o h dutes
,an League. The. Freshman Week as it is organiz- sible their education. Miss Beatrica of playwriting. pmo ning E woth e grauaes
he organization ed for the entering women. Johnson in finding employment for "The junior girls' play is one of was presen w t a nove r .
heon. Members Honor Societies Assist women students has done a service the biggest contributions to cam-
ations by Fri-, Members of Wyvern, a society of which is invaluable to many wo- pus dramatics," says Miss Lloyd, seniors at a dinner 'tonight. The
)tifying, Mrs. D. junior women formed originally to men. Sbe is also in close touch "and the ideal would be to have a tables will be decorated with red
es. assist freshmen, and Mortar Board, with all the foreign women of the junior girl write a good book. Thisand
n the luncheon the senior women's honorary so- university. All these services areyr Will Hold Breakfast Dance
g, Mrs. Keeler ciety, are invited to be assistants, available to all women students year with the d iney the- A Hreakfast ancm
and. te rstof he umer s flld ad i isured hatthy mke seplay moved from the. Whitney the- A breakfast dance at 9:30 tomor-
last feature of and the rest of the number is filled and it is urged that they make use ater to a University building seems row morning will be the Kappa
gement for the out with women who are known of this privilege. to be the fitting time to have the Delta farewell to their graduates.
ncheon for 1250 to be worthy of the responsibility As well as these purely adminis- theme of the play related to the Thirty-seven couples will attend the
Michigan mem- placed upon them. Several of the trative services for the freshmen campus. The most succesful plays breakfast, which will be chaperoned
nt at the Con- faculty advisers have chosen their women there are several social and operas have been on collegiate by the house matron, Mrs. Anna
y invited." own assistants from women whom functions planned. In addition to themes Miss Lloyd states and she Dillingham. The small tables
ommittee, with they already know. Representa- the garden .arty given by Dean urges that the junior girl's play of throughout the rooms off the house
ad as chairman, tives of the Freshman Week com- Joseph A. B rsley and Mrs. Burs- this year avoid the professional mu- will be decorated with spring
owing report at mittee are glad to hear from any ley to which all entering students sical comedy type. flowers.
ident, Mrs. L. C. volunteers who are interested in are invited, the women will be en- The plays are due Monday, Oc- The alumnae of Phi Gamma Mu
president, Miss rendering this service. tertained at a field day given by tober 7, during the second week of will entertain the 'chapter seniors
secretary, Mrs. This year the university is the physical education depart- school, and the place will be an- and graduates at a breakfast at the
treasurer, Miss recognizing this invaluable contri- ment and the Women's Athletic As- nounced in the Daily the first week. League Sunday morning.
or members of bution by proposing to pay the stu- sociation, and a formal reception Plays should be about seventeen Sigma Kappa seniors are having
the nominating dent assistants. Next fall for the in the Women's League building by thousand words in length, that is, double honors paid to them. Last
the following: first time they will be on the uni- the advisers of women and the Wo- about seventy typed pages double Saturday the juniors entertained
Mrs. 'Otto Hais- versity pay roll. men's League. spaced. The cast and setting should them at the house. Tomorrow they
seau, Mrs. Wal- appear in the front. are to be the guests of the patron-
Sara Whedon. Origin Of Children's Theater Is Told __essess at a picnic.
bership of. 240, OfATheateGR ESS Theta Phi Alpha had as its guests
ch of the A. A. By Newspaper Correspondent To Russia PLANS PROGRESS last week-end Mrs. M. DuBois and
_shpr.__PFOR BREAKFAST Mrs. J. Sheelinger of Grand Rap-
ichapter of the ids, and Miss 'Ruth Brady of De-
organization of "Moscow is a city of surprises. can come in; and there are occas-;iy
'ational Feder- One of the pleasant ones is the ianal open nights. . Plans for the Senior Breakfast t r.
ZbtinalFedr- Mrs. Ellen Sherzer is entertain-
Women was es- Children's Theater, run by the De- "The director, Philippov, is a are culminating as the ticket sale ing the Theta Phi Alpha seniors at
London, Eng- partment of Education," states Miss jovial man, heavy but vivacious, a progresses. Tickets may still be ob- gt her home Sunday evening.
growth of a de.. Jessie Lloyd, who' is Traveling Cor- former actor and producer for tamed this afternoon from 1 to 5 her home Gunma evening.
friedships made respondent of the New York Times adults," continues Miss Lloyd. "He o'clock at the desk in the League
ing the World in Russia. said to me, 'Our object is to edu- lobby, but any senior woman who _
r c ntries "It is an institution about cate in a general social and ar- i wishes to attend and has not yet o All women who have playedo


taining Miss Grace Richards at din-uI
Children To Be Entertained -ZFOR
Alphi Phi will entertain children
of the alumnae and faculty ata! An exceptional opportunity for
party at the sorority house Thurs- teaching in India has been opened
day afternoon. Twenty-five guests 1 by the vacancy of the chair of
will be present. chemistry and physics of the Isa-
Alpha Epsilon Iota will initiate bella Thoburn college at Lucknow.
four new patronesses at a formal A graduate student who has taken
banquet at the League tonight. The her degree in chemistry or both
patronesses are to be Mrs. F. G. chemistry and physics is eligible
Novy, Mrs. Robert Gefell. Dr. Eliza- for the position which carries with
beth Crosby, and Dr. Elizabeth it a five year contract.
Thompson. The Isabella Thoburn college is
Chi Omega announces the initia- 'maintained by the mission boards
tion of Catherine Considine, '31, of ( of the Methodist Episcopal and
Geneva, Ill. Presbyterian churches. It is the
Zeta Tau Alpha announces the . women's department of the govern-
pledging of Elizabeth Valentine, '31, ment university of Lucknow. In-
of Buffalo, N. Y. formation on the position may be
Helen Newberry held a formal obtained from the bulletin board
dinner last evening in honor of Miss in Barbour gymnasium.


rueen IoUU1Lt
irst conference,
s grown to 23
cchange of pro-
s, and through
ellowships, and
he women are
derstand each
nae Members
ers some of the
women who
rn thisUniver-
Hugh Keeler,
iArbor chapter.
s organized for
ng the alumnae
ations and to
ands of educa-
latter: heading
holarship fund
I through the
s of Women in
to exceed $200
Iso been raised
the Interna-
nd to the new
s Feature In
the new, largel
on the campus
the entertain-
embers of the
Keeler stated.
he Michigan
ir disposal for
s of the club.
to a great ex-
regular and
meetings we
to enter into
projects, giv-
and 150 books
1, assisting the.
chool museum,'
magazines to'
are preparing
tional Federa-
support to the
in bringing
and finally,
e Board is also
ft of $100 to
n. An unnual
raised $453 in
er 250 colleges
ional and in-
le for member-


which 'little is known; it is unique tistic way, and more specifically, to purchased her ticket should do so '
in theatrical history," says Miss inspire children to want to act or at once, for they are being sold out
Lloyd. "Starting years ago, during 'produce plays. We also make a rapidly, according to Ellen Grinnell,
the famine, it played a heroic part !special effort to stir children to ac- chairman of the ticket committee.I
among Moscow children who were tivity on the spot, encouraging, If there are tickets left after the
fretting as they - came for their them to draw,., or write, or make close of the sale today, they may
daily hand-out of bread, sausage, up songs. Many of them have be reserved by calling Ellen Grinnell:
and barley coffee. Actors, hun- taken up the idea' of paying for at 2-1198 before June '13.
grier than the children were, on their good . time with drawings. According to custom the break-:
lean adult rations, 'provided these ;Fearful and wonderful they are, fast will be immediately followed byI
children with laughter and diver-'; but always entertaining.'" the presentation of the Senior Play,
sion through a hard'time. After- "We play for different ages,'I which will be "Aria da Capo" by
wards, the work continued as a cul- M. Philippov told Miss Lloyd. "For Edna St. Vincent Millay this year.
tural institution, and three years the youngest, from seven to eight The play will be given in the Lydia
ago, the theater was taken over years of age, we give mostly mar- Mendelssohn theater of the League,
directly under controliand super- ionette shows, lasting onl'v an hour. and is being produced by Edna f
vision of the Commisariat of Edu- We do not, believe in feeding chil-'Mwr
cation as the "First State Peda-3 dren chaff; ideas may be present- All senior women who attend the
gogical Theater,"-to be used ed in simple language, but a show breakfast are requested to wear
teaching and experiment." must have genuine artistic value, caps and gowns.
Perfrmaces n tis teatr Ihumor, and interest." -
:Performances in this theater are For the two oldger groups, 9-14 have one piece with four animal
free. They are generally arranged I and above, plays about two and characters. Once a year we have
far ahead by various schools, { one-half hours are given, taken a big show in the Circus Building,
clubs, Pioneer groups (Communist from the classics, fables, contem- with a menagerie and lots of
Scouts), and other organizations.-f porary life, and village life, clowns, and the audience takes
When there is a place, any child ." 'Children love animals, and we part!"
I -
wt3 l !ilfIlillliilllliiilllilliilllll!lI l111l! lti ll! lII! lIIlIlItIl lIl I I I!!I!!tI lI I 11tl IL
Permanent WavesI
.00,$7.50,$10.00MATE ON YOUR NEXT
Promptness$and Satisfaction Guaranteed
M1 rones
Beaute Shoppe ..eter wpesson
Mich. Theater Bldg. a r b e gr (m ress s
305 Maynard
Phone 8805 Across from Majestic
itiufllllllll 1l1tl!Illillll!!!lllillll !il 111 1tl lllll lll lll i!!!lll t il!!llI l111

on interclass 'hockey teams or
are interested in playing the
game are urged to report at
Palmer field ready to play at 7
o'clock this evening.
After the game, which will last
about an hour, lemonade and
wafers will be served on the ter-
race of the Women's Athletic

" (

, r


Brief Girdles
Of Unusual Charm
and comfort is fully ex-
pressed in 'the lovely Bien
Jolie girdles for summer wear,
of lustrous satins and soft
elastics, as well as many other
fabrics. Cool, comfortable,
gently restraining.
Our Corsetiere will hldp you
"el ec amodel
Lingerie Section
Second Floor






", r
. ; ,


With An
Ice Cold Drink
From Our Fountain



Ofell's Market
You will find us busy, but never too
busy to give your especial wants our special

Save Time
Call 9616








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