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May 18, 1929 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-05-18

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vacation Curriculum Of University
Nigh Includes VarietyL Of




LOSS TOTALS $750,000
Death Toll Mounts To 125; Expect
Rescue Workers To Succumb
To Noxious Fumes

. j

Here are pictured the members of throughou

utthe committee which is at the pres- tograph
Unit ustoalyd njoed byhtu-are' s . Jd hesent time engaged in investigating commissio
dentshnrolled in the winter coursesL nEELAN,,pOM aynt .tlenp
of nstucton t te uivesit CLVELND.0..Mayl7.Clee~*national Paper and Power company Left to
ofintructionatnhesuniversitys H , hnland Clinic hospital, where 125 of various stocks in newspapers Humphre
highschool, are being offered as a srersons lost their lives in two ex! -eEuropannceptn,_therepertryIndi m
part of the summer session of that d nposions of poisonous gpses Wedsym
instituiating h Lesdaygm-ell wgm-ebeyrebuiltggma-under-.-mi pans Two Pro fessional Entertainers
Cero rde n rnglsh th e arts, el oenrgerlo h hi-sne12 a engvro e Gigfosrcenoy an o mm-b en it- Mu ssicalnth Accompanim t For eds
dh 'n agrtL -tietee' of 35 prominent citizens. hhd M sicalyAn rhestr he m
d'enc, ginustrial attsin Lratin, cetyaponeyhrietGneaenrdW__nhtp-__eunmhesren wool fw e, oehWimrad uin
matlematics, scirence, socal stu- President Hoover, with retiring The new secretary graduated Dr. Gore W Crile, one of the presenting an inovation which gestion c
dies ad stypewriting will be in Secretary of SttFk B from the Harvard Law school in fondrs of the istitution and itsh pree in s e
als redhpwt h ecesSine ey ran .e KeLin .af~uteicldsoeis laid' pln ihs oved vneryinentranigini seprlag.
cluded though no credit will be f s i 1889 and is now years old. Dur- direcor, will be a the head of the European inception, the repertory Indian m,
given for the Work. This feature ( l sg gH y ingthe administration of President nfew . lfiC. group which opens Monday in the in melo
of eliminating L. Stimson. Mr. Stimson was for- Taft he was secretary of war and "We must go on " he said, new Lydia Mendelsson theatre, itself to h
bear of radesfrom'the e-sos tsmerly governor geenral of the Phil- since 1927 has been governor gen- Grief-stricken and over-burden- w
".oli h ac htn lsestr oidnei h rdc ion caes I wnllsfrmcm-OhrsAe ibe e assstdnte h baetweten ct!chges
Mrinds has been-inaugurate r ippine Island'sp but has been re- er of the Philippines, succeeding he dth tragedy which had bnterssisen thyade tweroenaT ames
der to give those attexiding greater cently appointed by the president General Leonard Wood in that p - come upon him, n nhe d swtion by ancestra ofay h msi
ntellctual fredo tande o'en-to theg postaoftecreary of stat, sitin gnd trad ayie inter hata ,l rhon only twomenJosephWismer and audience
cothus akspit ofe iomality and'- thro loa osneaybofnsadeohe gitern eiseal nd ohe Stewart Churchill. Both men are tenseness,
cosfrinshirithinforai the teabhers'ndaprthroxitfeshadnothberiexperienced in the field of profes- gestion of
clhe ienshipithetenteacrsp SieeqyIodine mInProdukction ma medical discoveries, laid pans withsional entertainment.sSpring
--thing that is often greatly ham- j fSeieAikF rN tiieC reto the committee for re-establishmentI Wismer was with Parings Penn- Shoaw," bo
pered under the usual methods of oLyg Seri eories For-NmanyvpCrrcemn f the institution. The loss fromgaNrkfhen
prtiond and gradng. r d gtsylvanians, during which time he Yrk, s
instuctiorkanera mpding, .E .tyhe explosions and fire was set to- made a Victor record of Irving Ber- with a se
Another commendablees charasctees EAST LANSING, Mich., May 17.- the quantity present or whether any day at $750,000 principally in med- fn's "Roses of Yesterday," a best eiving pr
dsignof' the unverity shumhmderiP-osgibt thatee sccesu may cist rsnt," Prof.n Depreduxe-n ionCalcalJ.Ga +md recordselrHehs playe Matrthe Casino
the schoact ta t l s urn torie in production of dares. "Iodine in this form com- OthersAsAreeld re, n Ion de Paris, accompanied the Dlly Charges
ahre hedis p nte afterno oa strie melk orh cuivepupoesi bIn redl ih fther miknpow- The dth to inrvthe texoinsx Slisersrhenl the mdetheir lsen- ample
courses convening in the morning seen in the results of experiments at teins and unsaturated fatty acids. mounted Thirsday, and eventfr Sstina hiing rne. nd slns Cmlt
and lasting until twelve o'clock. ,MichiganState college in whichWithin 20 to 30 seconds after ad- day it wa- feared that all those a te famousPairquet Cfe HG
By thus making the time of in-I colloidal iodine has been added di- ding sufficient iodine to the milk, wiose eventually will succumb to the boulevard Cliche. Last winter-ing that
struction shorter but more intense, rectly to mik for nutritive correc- the brown discolration disappears i the noxious fumes had not been he was in Madrid at the Maipu Pi- uniforms,
the interest of the student is kept tion. and the milk is again normal in counted. Three .sremen and as rand for te m nd ri
ai snvra mdwihteps n usidne andredious h mres fcolr." ikfr atroogclad Ths esnm iiannnn- othr andMrthre" mlofthihe wi rflel
at a high pitch during class Laying siodle eitoumskdi theoriesor. t ma poi mentor edfi- be ree as.nJn 22he
periods and a great deal more ef- iodizing milk by feeding- iodine sub- Taste of the milk is unaltered tocueo ent to hospitals T urs o ais nnlan
amy nahg uiyofwr-S dR d asW plagvn u n re ta h yed an v akdevfilletengemetunractby
fective work can be accomplishedFstancesto cattle, Prof. E. D. rrdDever- concentrationst themsere i uat Insaed a v he egal atram-
Thepupoe bhid-hepncuhigh y as 9 t 10 yg rng.Othr eexa ill anten wictheiralyem
gNt oly isth summer session nthe London Hippodrome, and soon . T. C.
ieux ,oMlichigansSteeionlle I arts per million of iodine,the spe- homes, aong them Fire Battal- after his return to this country he
iteed ealin to the child teriologd hasen successful in cilist says. Souring produces no ion Chief MichaelJ . Graham, made records with Maurice Chev-
wth( oescaly nterests by his laboratories in adding iodine bomaltaste. dI Physicins declared, however, aier.
theretis opportunity offered to the directly to the milk. "In the light of further know- that thoses whosurvive ti neat wChurchill is a student of classical
pupilrwho has passed work with The results Professor Devereuxledgeaboytscolloidaliodineted - 24 hours probably wil not suffer
low marks and who wishes to re- ims, ar oesaisfactoy in ably therapeutic doses of it can be ermanent effects of their exposure with a new rythm which is very'
peat a special subject in order to trelimination of tedious methods administered in milk under a phy-X to the daly gas. Put rave con like Rudy Vallee's quiet style. He
strengthen his background for and the necessity of frequent hem- cians dnce i m o cern was felt for those who were plays nearly every orchestral in-
poery hi school s He ical tests for desired quantity ofs rde o its ea - reported injured Thursday i t strument. He has just made three
. mHmotsisn oe tre- under th supervssinfoitProfreatlding i-h nages
the great advantage of no grad- iode ad. ida epower, offers some interesting and "i vocal records, To Be in Love,"
I a tionale end tofedo mea prolem i te production of a patients was started. "Orange Blossom Time" and "Your
pl is nve alarmedulnsrcin s, with theulrepassb-tinetmesr hpsntos- ae n canLns
e amete n eon eanti n I sterile milk for bacteriological and These persons, offiials announe- Mother and Mine," all of which will
sibility of failure and sees the of getting iodine into milk and to therapeutic purposes." ed, had appointments for exami- be released soon. On June 22 he
emphasis placed where it belongs, 'a chemical analysis to ascertaing pesn,'_r__ros__ e," nations at the clinic. Their names wi o n e arns
1 m er se swilll b gi jd-oimps ttheuen s er g ve a re dil s e ha s me re pp rton n-n
namely , on a high quality ofe work-I e were given out in order that they iansto make five talking pictures.
Manship. Forestryd uaents thd pprovesW ork may report themselves uninjuredsp Instead of the orchestral
The purpose behind the encour-i V t m fXa i Done By Vandenburg orundergoexamination.animent which is usually em-
igsch of . swu r se sio rn inr an h t eLemd lth eMayHrenas.eftueoyed, the entertainm ent of the
hchool wok is to e e T __uent mkgI am heartilytinhsympathywith Soefh mightaudhaveetwillhcoght
that "long forgetful period" of ee d athe work Senator Vdb-thebuilding'withotnohef i augehwillmcontin thrnou
rrteenweeks,,duringtwhichsthe ''licfeciaoerFdooppeingpro-
ThrtenwksinganwFrhisc Wpeecrb, cousn logging ,and jpngton reapportionment," Professoli
studentloses ll conact wih sys-prescried . curse i ! Thoas feared. o Ife theircalungsedwere tfilledgs ChurchilldChhasharrangedran ad repertoryy
te aii m ftensr an hlThfmareE.rwitd is.eBanTnh- ns pd tial
thmaed t $nde al ratandhiandconservation, arrived yester-I science department said in an in- which will include a theme ug-
thprwh pt uner agrea Nani- dy frm a ix dy trp tonortern ervew ysteray.possibilitydpostodayy tthattatthey mgmight-
cap when he returns in the fall.dyfo asxdytrptwothr h rieeterdicalycPrfessrteedh ucub
Although American tradition isMichigan where they visited one o oofffiallon eed withSccumb. l ea ie te D nt. s1th tt
agisuchofok natetate forests at nand several Cdlaman - 1the matter,hs og bengreatly aantsho oki Stfe neetdi t n a etu -ate ficitoaexraom i n dthe Daon t
n'ahny teachers feel, that when[Iuatrn lnt nCdla. ineetdiItan a etu ~basement, where the fire burned
properly supervised, school in thel The trip, an annual event, was ar originisbeaf the cellulose material and filled the
whmrmnh sn oetr-under the supervision of Prof. Ir okn n t eaf The Partner for iremotssno oetr-gwthae.
some' to the puis t a;hn i Robert Craig. While in northern In a letter he wrote to Senator bui _ __ldi__ __ -yornof e
is conducted in the winter, while Mihian the students went ov er in V dnugntln gPoesr TICKETS 3& RESERVATIONS dti h prto fasaefr-Re xrse i nieare
clat added' advantage of small wertonoiasathor tRehepessed prhisnie agpr- ;For Alimportant at Breakfast
classes and idividual instruction est, with particular emphasis be- ment wihtecmroieaprTake and docan Lges.
aksiatieounsaine-Iing laced on treeplnig nurs- tionment measure the senator was Tou', Crsis
Iing, and fireprtcinI advocating, and complimented him ;Idependen Trw,. Or irarkrndRie
Je~tua acievmen. i-- -.on his stand in the matter. "Any,' E. G. Kuebler Dnt taltesoe
Class work for pupils in thei Visiting one of th lggngI - e.Sehip ncyn retauant
te lgigperson," wrote Professor Reed, cant i G01E..HSteamsh 64ad12tarat
summer session will begin Wed- camps, the students were given a ;re adily see that some reapportion- i " '" AN N AiHBCE
nesd.ay, June 26, and will ,close chance to observe the way in ment on a reasonably fair basis is;---
Wednesday, August 14. No fee will which trees were cut and hauled tecyn+ne ftehuad
be charged and application blanks to the camp. In Cadillac the classI that, for all practical purposes, the
May be obtained at the high inspected the manufacturingl differences in methods advocated'
school office. The courses offered plants, where the logs are made in-arofncnsqee"
wilb iie ojunior high tolbrfr h osmr Professor Reed went on to state
school, that is, to grades seven,; The students, making. the trip that he thought Senator Vanden-
ight and nine, were: Howard Snyder, W. L. Shet-,burg had done the right' thing in'I
ter, !Rois Stevens, P'hillip R. providing that. the' method of ap-
There is now,in a San Francisco Wheeler, Rowland G. Burgie, portionment fo ",vcd after the last
stbrb a pair of shoes encrusted with Thomas E. Gill, and R. A. Bonning- I(census shoUld b: continued until)
gemrrs valued at $1,000. housen. 1 changed by positive legislation. (;

ut the country. The pho- Jr., Edgar A. McCulloch (chair-
shows the federal trade man), C. W. Hunt, and Charles i.
on as it is now consti- March. These men control trade
relations throughout the country,
3right are: William E. and hold in their hands consider-.
y, Garland S. Ferguson, able power.

To Furnish -I
Repertory Group1
arrying out the motif of

Alley Will Address
Prize Award Group

The Hindu setting, and Alden 6. Alley, of the New Jer-
ystery, which is developed sey Law school, Newark, who is
ramatic fashion, lends
is style. Each of the four completing a week's speaking tour
on a note of suspense. of the state, will be the principal
c is intended to carry the speaker at a luncheon at the Union
away from the nervous itoday in honor of Jean Anderson,
and to bring back a sug- At this time Miss Anderson will be
the situation.
Is Here'' and "The Little ! presented with $100, the second
th very successful in New ,prize awarded in the National high
d in part the same idea, Ischool Examination on the League
nsational effect, and re- of Nations.
aise from critics. A Harvard graduate, Mr. Alley,
, taught in private schools in the
have been issued in a East until the war, when he served
by the Committee on with the United States infantry.
a in Education of which Folowing the war, he traveled in
e A. Coe is Chairman say- I practically every country of Europe,
pretty girl officers, snappy studying reconstruction policies
prizes an'd honors, co- and international organizations,
ams and horses are some such as the League of Nations and
ducements offered to at- the World Court.
to the military of the R. Tickets for the luncheon may be
obtained by telephoning 8133.
Scranton, Pocahontas
Kentucky and West Virginia Coal
Solvay and Gas Coke
This business has been growing ever
since it was established. The secret
tgiving absolute satisfaction to our
customers." We believe it pays to do
business in a friendly way. If you
think so too, let's gets together,
Phones, Office: 4551-4552 Yard Office: 6152

Seniors, you no doubt know that your financial
problems will not end June seventeenth, but
will be altered by new requirements that you
have not experienced before. That is a time
when you'll want banking service that you are
familiar with and know that you can depend on.
Those of you that have done business with us
know that this bank answers both these require-
You can continue to bank with us very con-j
veniently by mail where ever you are in the
United States or abroad.







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