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May 12, 1929 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-05-12

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STfl~AY. MAY 12. 11~

el- CHcDA EY



II All makes of portatble and la .rge
A GAIN ST iHinrDlCinO2, sold, reted, exicl,
- ______ ______________ cleaned, repaired. Iargec asot
STUDENT to do odd jobs about mĀ±ent and best service. 0. D. Mor-
OF GAME GOLFERS.DEFEAT place, definite number of housj ri, 17 Nickels Arcade. C
a week next year in SANeadurAnL.Waforan
M4ED ILLINOIS WILDCAT SQUAD ;'oon and board. Faculty hom ADa
two aFd aC half xiles fromsC Kai dry, screened. ':Telephone 712,
I (Continued Front Page Six) pus, Call 6629. 6 iln Grve Cmpy_

Coach Fisher Will Take 12 Men To
Columbius For Game With
Scarlet and Gray1
Fighting to retain the Big Ten1
lead, Michigan's baseball team will1
invade the Ohio State strongholdi
at Columbus tomorrow for a gameE
with the 3luckeyes. Coach Ray1
Fisher is taking 12 men on the tripc
in an attempt to register his third1
Conference victory.,
The Wolverines who will go tot
Columbus include the regular 'line-
up of McCoy, Kubicek, Myronc
Weintraub, Captain Corriden,' Ne-c
belung and Straub. Three pitchers,I
McAfee, Asbeck and Montague, willc
be taken, while Truskowski and
Reichman will go to assume the
catching burden. Eastman will bet
the other man to go in the role ofc
utility man.
Asbeck to Pitchf
Fred Asbeck is due to start in the
box against the Buckeyes. Louis
Weintraub's return to the lineup has
strenghtened the team, both on of-r
felnse. and defense. The Wolverinesk
exhibited increased batting power
against Illinois that will stand themt
in good stead.
Ohio State was expected to have
a strong diamond crew this season
as many vetrerns returned. The
Buckeyes havefailed to live up to
o xpecttions, however. Only two
victories, both over Minnesota, havek
marked the early Ohio schedule.
Against these wins, they have sus-t
tained five defeats.
IKermode May Start
Kermode or Fountaine will likely2
oppose Michigan on the mpund
tomorrow. Neither has experien-1
ced any degree of success this sea-,
son. Widdifield and several other
experienced men are included on1
the Buckeye team that has failed
to deliver this year.
Last year Michigan's only Con-c
ference defeat was suffered at theE
hands of the Buckeyes in the last
game of the season. The teams
split even on the series.
All teams in the interfraternity
soft ball league that did not winE
their league title will engage in a
consolation tournament, beginning*
tomorrow afternoon. The games
will be played on south Ferry field.
League winners and teams that2
have forfeited games during theI
.regular tournament will be exclud-
ed from this consolation round.
Forty-three teams have been plac-
ed in this tournament.
Monday's Schedulet
3:15 o'clock-Trigon vs. Sigma
Phi. Tau Kappa Epsilon vs. Beta
Theta P1..
?4:15 o'clock-For league cham-
Sigma Alpha Epsilon vs. Alpha
Sigma Phi. Delta Tau Delta vs.
Phi Delta Theta.
Consolation series:.
Beta Sigma Psi vs. Delta Alpha'
Epsilon. Alpha Tau Omego vs. Del-
ta Phi. Business Ad Faculty vs.
Business Ad Seniors. Theta Xi
vs. Phi Beta Phi. Triangle vs. Phi
Kappa Tau.
5:15 o'clock-Omego Psi Phi. vs.f
Phi Beta Delta. Tau Delta Phi vs.
Acacia. Alpha Omego vs. Phi Sig-
ma Kappa. Chi Phi vs. Kappa Nu. I

Phi Delta Chi vs. Alpha Delta Phi.
Sigma, Phi Epsilon vs. Phi Chi.
Kappa Delta Rho vs. Lambda Chi
Alpha. Kappa Sigma vs. Phi Kap-


WANTED--Musicians wanted for
steady summer job. Hot dance
trumpet; also A-1 drummer. Pre-
fer men who double or sing. Call
22378 or 1350 Geddes after six 56
SAXOPHONE-Will trade good ato
}for tenor. 9853 at noon. tf
WANTED-Stenographer for June
and July. Someone who is fam-
iliar with X-ray or general ned-
ical terms. Write Box 55. 456


First Inning I Fifth Inning
ILLINOIS-Lymperopoulous struck ILLINOIS-Andrews fanned..Lym-
out. Witte took .two balls andtwoperopoulous also stood up for three
strikes and then whiffed at the strikes. Witte tried to bunt but
third one. Illinois' next batter, placed a slow grounder into Mc-
Walker, stood up for three strikes. Afee's hands and was put out at
-No runs, no hits, no errors. first.-No runs, no hits, no errors.
MICHIGAN.-Nebelung led off MICHIGAN.-Truskowski drove a,
the Michigan lineup by hitting a long fly to Walker who made a run-
grounder to Yule at short who ning catch. McAfee looked several!
threw to Williams for a putout. 'over and was given a walk. Nebe-
Corriden duplicated Nebelung's lung hit a fast one between short
performance and was put out by and third, advancing McAfee to
the rule of Williams combination. second. Corriden was put out on a
Straub hit a single over the pitch- high fly to Snyder. Straub drove
ers' head. Straub stole second by one to Lymperopoulous forcing Mc-
beating a bad throw from the Afee out at third.-No runs, one
catcher. Kubicek hit a slow one hit, no errors.
between first and second which Sixth Inning
was muffed by the second base- I ILLINOIS.-Walker hit a double
man, allowing Straub to go from down the left field line. O'Grady
second to home for the first score sacrificed on a bunt to McAfee, ad-
of the game. Weintraub hit a hot! vancing Walkr to third. Brown
one into the pitchers glove for the hit to Weintraub who threw to
third out.-One run, two hits, no Truskowski gettin'g Walker at the
errors, plate. Williams grounded outMy-
Second Inning ron to McCoy.-No runs, one hit, no
ILLINOIS.-O'Grady fMied out to errors.
Coririden, Brown singled over see-- MICHIGAN.-Kubicek popped aj
ond. Williams flyed out to Nebe- fiy, which was taken by Yule in*
short left field. Weintraub was put
ron McAfeewto McCoy -Non rpa out, Andrews to Williams. McCoy
fom.h Mcfee to McyNdrove a perfect hit over second for
one hit, noerrors. s a single. McCoy was caught off
MICHIGAN.--MCoy was put out first by Williams on a throw from.
on grounder. Yule to Williams. Andrews.-No runs, one hit, no
Myron fouled out to Williams. Trus-I
kowski was out at first when Brown errors.
fumbled the ball for a moment and Seventh Inning
then threw to, Williams a few fee -ILLINOIS-Yule was out, Wen-
ahead of the runner.-Na hts, no traub to McCoy. Snyder struck out.
ahead of terunAndrews drove, a long foul to the
TundoIeros.right field line but whiffed at the
Third Inning I next two for the third out.-No
ILLINOIS.-Snyder drew a walk, runs, no hits, no errors.
Andrews was put out on a ,sacrifice MICHIGAN.-Myron drove a beau-
bunt, McAfee to McCoy. Snyder tiful triple down the left field foul
advanced to second. Lymperopou- line. Truskowski hit a hard double
lous grounded to Weintraub whose into right field for two bases, scor-
throw beat him to first. Snyder ing Myron. McAfee sacrificed on a
went to third. Witte hit into Mc- bunt to Andrews, advancing Trus-
Afee's glove and was out at first.- kowski to third. Nebelung was
No runs, no hits, n errors. given a walk. Andrews committed
MICHIGAN.-McAfee popped a a balk, scoring Truskowski, and ad-
light one over the pitchers head vancing Nebelung to second. Straub
which was taken on the first bound reached second on Yule's low throw
by Yule who threw him out at first. to first and Nebelung scored. Kubi-
Nebelung struck out. Corriden was cek flied out to Walker.-Three
put out by the Yule to Williams runs, two hits, one error.
combination.-No runs, no hits, no I Eighth Inning
errors.-[ ILLINOIS.-Lymperopoulous singl-
Fourth innng ed to .center. Witte drove one to
, ILLINOIS.-Walker waited Mc- McAfee who threw to second ahead
Afee out for a walk. O'Grady hit of Lymperopoulous. Myron threw
to Kubicek who fumbled the ball, to first in an attempt at a double
allowing him to reach first while play but was late. However, Witte
Walker went to third. Brown turned the wrong way at first and
singled over second, scoring Walker was forced by McCoy to head for'
and putting O'Grady on second. second where Kubicek made an
Williams and Walker executed easy put out on McCoy's throw to
double steal placing them on sec- Witte.-No runs, one hit, no error.
ond and third. Snyder was put out MICHIGAN.-Weintraub drew a
at first by a pretty play, Weintraub walk. McCoy sacrificed on a bunt
to McCoy.-Ofne hit, one run, one to third, advancing Weintraub to
error. second. , Weintraub was caught off
MICHIGAN.-Straub was out at second on a fast peg from first but
first on Lymperopoulous' throw. the Yule dropped the ball. Myron
Kubicek hit a grounder into. An- also drew a walk. Truskowski
drew's hands and was out at first. struck out. Weintraub stole third.
Weintraub hit a clean one over 1 Weintraub was caught off third on
second for a single. McCoy fouled a fake throw by Snyder to Andrews
a couple, then drove one through who tagged him on the way home.
the short staps' hands for a single --No runs, no hits, no errors.
and advanced Weintraub to third.' Ninth Inning
A very bad throw to second by the ILLINOIS.--O'Grady flied out to
catcher, Snyder, whose throw was Weintraub. Brown was grounded
drawn by McCoy going to second,out, Weintraub to McCoy. Williams
allowed Weintraub to score. Myron grounded to McAfee who threw to
struck out.-One run, two hits, no McCoy for the out.- No runs, no
errors. hits, no errors.

Northwestern, each man getting --- - ~
1 1-2 points, Livingston turned in desirable summerposition with
another Wolverine victory by tak- large corporation. Salary $245.
ing all three points from Mckay. for 70 days work. Educators As-
Royston replaced Livingston in sociation, 717 Francis Palms
the afternoon foursomes. He pair- Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 6 I
ed with Lewis to garner two and ! SAFETY FIRST! Only a furrier

Tommie Mack, A.B., Director
310 S tate Phone 792'7 C

one-half points against one-half can clean,' repair and store Fursl
point for the Northwestern combi- Safely, Scientifically, Satisfac-
nation of Whittaker and McKay, tory. Play safe, call Zwerdling's1
The Wildcat golfers were somie FurShop. Phone 8507 and your
what fatigued from their 36 hole n furs wilv be called for. 456
match on Friday against the Illini ---------
In previous matches they had es- FACULTY member and wife would
tablished a reputation for being a'like moderate sized single or two,
strong aggregation to beat. The family house September first.
Michigan men were in good form, Add F(ss Box 54, Michigan Daily.
however, and annexed their third 461
Conference match of the season, p---_______
adding Northwestern to IllinoisTYPEWRITING and MIM
Purdue among their list of vicani TYPEWRITIGA nIdN MIM
College work a specialty since 1908.


During Summer Vacation
The change and recreation so necessary to ev-
eryone are here combined with superior oppor-.
tunity for educational advancement. Boating,
swimming, tennis, concerts, dramatic perform-
-ances, inspiring lectures, etc., are all available.
Organized excursions to industrial, financial
and art centers of Chicago. Courses covering
full year's work in General Chemistry, Physi-
ography and Geology or Zoology.
OpenaJune 24, 1929, and fncluden
Graduate School Law School
College of Liberal Arts School of Music
School of Commerce School of Speech
School of Education School of Journalism
Send for Booklet "Education Pus Rereation,"
which describes the courses of NORTHEteSTERN
tional and educational advantages-
Address WATE RD.L ScorrT. Tresent
University Hall EVANSTON, ILL.

O. D. Morrill, 17 Nickels Arcade


Good work takes time. Invitations,
Announcements, Caling Cards
should be ordered at once to avoid
the last minute rush. Social work
a specialty.
O. D. Morrill, 17 Nickels Arcade
NOTICE--Beautiful spring line o1
Axininister and Wilton rugs.
Koch & Henne. r
A choice asortment of cards and
I mottoes for mother and the rest of
tile family. O. D. Morrill, 17 Nic-
kels Arcade.C
TYPING-Theses a specialty. Fair
rates. M. V. Hartsuff, Dial 9387.

RENrT -Single or double rooms forI
men or women. In desirablel
location. 429 S. Division. 6
THREf -ROOM aI partment, one-half
block from Hi 6street. Phone 3671
FOUR-ROOM furnished apar
ment, four twin beds, near 1ll
street. Phone 3671. 6
FOR RENT -Apartment. Call 9800
or evenings, 6 58. C
FOR SALE--16-foot: Carlton canoe.
New paint job; A- conditio i.
Call Miller at- 8632. 61
LOST---Friday, Mhy ;a, at Sigma Nu
dance, grey suit coat. Finder callI
3573. Reward. _ 6
k LOST--OiState st., near Union
ladies' lorgnettes with studded
chain. Reward. Phone 3909. 6
LOST-A green rubber slicker, April
28, near camps. Call Sally Knox,
4318. 6
LOST-- Thursday. Ladies' Sapphire
and diamond ring. Probably on
campus, at Union Building or
downtown. Liberal reward. Phone
8980. 561
LOST--Pair glasses lost between
Thouiipson and engineering build-
ing. Phone 8632.. 456
WANTED---A Sousaphone BE. Price
must be right. Call 22390, be-
tween 6 and 9 p. m. 561

DIAL 21214

_ m._ --- ____


W. 'c. COOK,
Universit of
Peunsylv tiia, '25

J. J. MlELLOt ,
f'u..er kEnginer,
Colorado )Schol of






Across from The Majestic


Northwestern High Track Team Again
Captures First Honors In Meet 'Here{
(Continued From Page Six) Ito hold the turn. Going into the
in :09.9 while in the furlong he last straightaway and bucking a
galloped in an easy winner in the i head on wind, Butler of Toledo
fast time of :21.4. Scott, the favorite, who had been
Hershey Is 440 Winner ;boxed earlier in the race stepped
Perhaps the most brilliant race' out from the trailers to challenge I
of the day was the 440 in which Hershey and Dykas, who were run-
Hershey of Detroit Western proved ning even with 200 yards to go. In
a winner. The midget Detroiter the final. spurt H~ershe~y nipped the
stepped out to the front of the pack Itape to beat out Butler by a mar-
in the first 40 yards, was pressed j gin of inches. Dykas, close on the
closely for the inside track by Dyk~ heels of the two leaders, gained
as of Northeastern just before the the third position with Carr of Red-
turn, but maintained his advantage . ford in fourth place.
- -
Fraternity Badges
-3 1-0F
Surplus Stocks of Badges for many
fraternities on the Campus are being
offered at this liberal discount.
- Better drop in the store, you may be
among the fortunate ones.


The Largest Hot Strip Mill in the World

-I- - I ~r~- -- ---~----~-- -- -~---____ -

General Engineer
Iowa State College22
Aeaisgr nginee,
University ,of
li As ,, .49

Subs rbe to The Daily

Highest Cash Prices
Paid for Your
Discarded Clothing



Where doyoung collge mener in alarge
industrial organizaiion? Have they
opportunity to exercise creative talent?
Is individual work recognized?
SQUEEZED between giant
rolls, heated steel bars flatten
to form steel sheets for the bodies
of the aut ioIiles that our mod-
ern hurrying America demands;.
So rapidly has this demand

of Middletown, Ohio, recently
found it necessary to install a "hot
strip" mill larger than any before.
Such record-breaking capacity
brought with it a train of new
problems. Electric control had to
be devised to keep the big 3,000
and 4,000 hp. D. C. motors "in
step" and prevent irregularities
in thickness or quality of the fn-
ished sheets. HI uge generators and

transformers had to be designed
to handle the power require-
ments of this new mill - the
largest of its kind in all the world.
To Westinghouse came the assign-
ment of designing, manufacturing,and
installing this equipment. Opportuni-
ties of this caliber are not rare in an
organization with the resources which
Westinghouse commands. Westing-
house attracts young men of enterprise

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