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February 15, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-02-15

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FRIDAY, 1EBRfi ARY 15, 1929

TIAE M 1(1 1-1 IGAN J'),AILY



Women's Athletic Associat
A P N r ~I P ''OMFavors Advisory
[V II II 11U[ "With a committee of advisers whi


System For Women

Organizations Begin
Semester Activities{

ch have given the women at

League Board Of Directors And
W. A. A. Board Will Assist
As Hostesses
Women of all schools and colleges
who have entered the University
for the first time this semester will
be informally received by the Ad-
visers of Women from 8 to 11.
o'clock tonight in the Women's Ath-
letic building. Invitations have
been sent out to all new women stu-
dents, but in case any entering wo-
man has not received an invitation
she is urged to consider herselfE
The reception has - been planned
by the advisers in order that they
i may have an opportunity to meet
the new women students, and also
in order to give new students an
opportunity to become acquainted
with those women identified with
the University who are especially
interesting to them. Besides the
entering students, a number of the
wives of the Deans and women on
the faculty of the University, will
be present at the 'reception.
Mary White, '29, president of the
Women's League, Dr. Margaret
Bell, head of the physical educa-
tion department for women, and
Betty Smither, '29, president of thej
Women's Athletic association, are
receiving with Miss Grace Richards,
Miss Alice Lloyd, and Miss Beatrice
Johnson. The advisers are also
being assisted by the members c

there is an opportunity for getter Michigan excelient opportunities to
efficiency," said Betty Smither, '29, develop their own personalities. For
President of the Women's Athletic the past three years, I believe there
association, in speaking of the has been an obviously increasing
present advisory system which has sense of student interest and re-
been heartily endorsed by the sponsibility in the handling of
Board of Representatives of they their own affairs.
Women's League, "the various in- "Cooperation with various other
terests of women can receive more departnents of women's activities,"
time and personal attention than Miss Smither went on, "is also a
under the other system of having notable feature in such a system

Wyvern members will be host-
esses to members of Senior So-
Installation of officers and the ciety and Mortarboard at a sleigh
appointment of new committees ride Saturday night. At 9 o'clock,
will take place at the next meet- after the ride, the girls will stopj
ing of the Pan-Hellenic associa- 'at the Women's Athletic *building
tion to be held Tuesday at the for refreshments. It has been the
home of Miss Lloyd, one of the custom with these three honor so-
advisers of women. cieties to entertain each other
Jean Wallace, '30, of Kappa during the year. Senior Society
will be the next to entertain the
Alpha Theta is the newly-elected other two.
a president. Aliene Yeo, '30, of Wyvern will meet Sunday morn-
Alpha Chi Omgea .is vice-presi-- ing also for a breakfast at 9:301
dent, and a member of Chi Omega o'clock at the Cosy Corner tea
will be treasurer. I room.
Second semester tryouts for

Members o1 the cast and chorus
for the Junior Girls' Play are ask-
ed to comply with the request for
$185 as soon as possible.
There will be a meeting of the
Make-up committee from 4 until
6 today at Barbour gymnasium.
Members should bring smocks and
Will all women who will take
thut ~rxrhnl- fr irhmrn

Tryouts for the women's staff
j of The Daily will be held at 4
o'clock Monday, February 18, in
the Press building on Maynard
street. All second semester
freshman women who have a
scholastic record of one grade
better than a C average Are I
eligible to try out. Upperclass
women with a scholastic aver-
age of C, who are at all inter-
ested in newspaper work, are



a single dean. Since there are three,
advisers instead of the single dean,
I believe that the student body re-
spects more deeply their opinion.
Decisions in student affairs have
a chance to be more fair and cer-
tainly less personal if several view-
points are molded into a decision.
There is an indefinable security in
the knowledge that a judiciously
minded group rather than an in-
dividual is treating various import-
ant questions.
"Although the mechanical effi-
ciency may be increased by such at
system as this, there must be a
further benefit to accompany it if
it is to be successful. The intangi-
ble, more personal side of the ad-j
visers themselves greatly influence
the success of the system, of course.
"As a member of the senior- class,"
Miss Smither continued, "I heartily
believe that for the three years
during which this system of ad-
visers has operated, there has been
a tone of cooperative, mutual har-!
mony between the student wornen!
and the adviseTs. The latter have
given untiring support to the un-
dergraduates both, in organizations
and as individuals. Understanding
and foresight, I believe, have been
those intangible contributions'

as ours. The Freshman Pageant,
for instance, is managed by student
chairmen under the advice of both
the Advisory Committee and the
physical education department.
Both contribute equally to the suc-
cess of this student activity.
"We have grown away from the1
old, protected atmosphere of laws
and rules that characterized the
girls' school into the wider, clearer
field of personal responsibility.
What few rules we do have are
made by the student body itself+
and, what is more I believe, these
regulations are heartily indorsed
by the advisers in their decisions.
"As a member of one of the large
dormitories here at Michigan,"
Miss Smither concluded, "I canj
say that where the oppression of
a restrictive agent may be readily
PfmiRnh i bpvr nii of t -.hn lna'n ci7,,

the candy Doomh oran nour orI- A& ,
more this semester call Dorothy urged to attend this meeting. '
Maple at 21616.10
walking contest to develop better A ruling made recently requires
athletes is being held. at Cornell. all freshman women to live in
It will lalst until March 23, and a
silver loving cup will be awarded dormitories hereafter, unless they
to the winner. 10 mies on week live at home. The dean of wom-
days and 20 miles on Saturday I en announced that she hopes to
and Sunday is the maximum
amount that can be covered, raise scholastic standards this
while one mile is the minimum. ! way.

The question of whether wom- Portia will be held Tuesday eve-
en students taking one year ning, Feb. 19, in the Portia room'
courses such as dental hygiene, l on the fourth floor of Angell Hall.
should be rushed, will be discuss- Any girl may tryout for the so-
ed. New rushing rules will be in-; ciety, and is permitted to choose.
stituted, though they will not her own material for her speech.
differ greatly from the old ones, The length of it must be limited
according to Florence Holmes, the to two minutes, however.
retiring president, because the Kappa Phi will have initiation
dormitory plan which would ceremonies Saturday, March 2.
change them greatly, will not go The examination must be taken
into effect yet for ;while. by all pledges, unless an adequate
excuse is offered, from 10 to 12
Well-Known Hoosier o'clock in Wesley Hall.
S -H seSome of the campus organiza-
I .hperarv v Fy rnirp f)es 'tions do not elect new members l


cJrrig - 'J3rzn {s ciiorn e4



. .

the Board of Directors and BoardI
of Representatives of the Women's DANCING CLASSES
League, and by the executive board B GN T ~ 1R
of the Women's Athletic association BEGIN TOMORROW
For entertainment, there will be
dancing, with Edna Mower's or- Saturday morning dancing class-
chestra furnishing the music, as es will begin tomorrow at 11 o'clock-
well as bowling and the other and will be held in the field house
forms of activity afforded by the instead of at Barbour gymnasium
building. izsedo tBrorgmaimI
_______________where hey were previously con-I
KIDDIES OBSERVE jducted. MissrIone Johnson will be
- the instructor for the class.
VALENTINE'S DAY Orchesis will hold tryouts for
new members in a few weeks. Any!
Valentine's Day was made a gala women who wish to apply for mem-
event at both branches of the bership in the dancing club at that I
University hospital with a party for time are advised to come out for
the youngsters. Children from the Saturday morning classes or to I
Garden City school in Ann Arbor see Miss Johnson.!
and children from Detroit madet
valentine boxes and filled them UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA.
with home-made valentines. Rep- 13 students were recently sus-
resentatives of the schools were pended for publishing "Hell's
sent to the'hospital to give the Bells," the college "razz" paper.
boxes to the children.,
Games were provided and the OHIO STATE UNIVERITY. Dur-
anticipated party ice cream and ing "Farmers' Week" old-timee
cake were served. Two of the dances were held in the univer-
children had never seen or heard sity gymnasium every night, andt
of valentines before and one attracted many students.
youngster had not been to a party
1= before this year. NORTHWESTERN-Dean Roscoe
The valentine wish expressed by Pound of the Harvard Law school
a little Mexican boy was fulfilled- addressed last week's convocation.
his mother sent him a box with
some real Mexican bread in it, the PHILADELPHIA-All buses and
kind he had been accustomed to at taxicabs here will be run by oil by
home. means of a new invention.
' :111!11111I I p11111111111 1111ll li l llilllllilIillli11111l11111111i 11111111111111111111411!! :illi
Two Feet
*n =
I w1
w ,
one straps; round toc, dark
ilurilack Oil U2h stral)-
Lido brandeige kidnhighrhe;l
onedstrmps;round oendarke
SHOE rzAAA ckonzthA strap
, . 1'-T
4m ..
Lidco sand calf one strap;j
"*- medium heel and round toe--
- a smart waling shoe-
Widths AAA-C Sizes 3/-

excuse Decause i Li arge sizeL -
of the house, there is instead a ;
complete feeling of student respon- INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Februaryt
sibility. Houses and activities are 12.-Miss Anna Nicholas, literary t
subject in case of violation of rules editor of the Indianapolis Star,
not to a faculty executive, but to died here a short while ago, fol-
the Judiciary Council composed lowing a recent operation. She
entirely of students. What could was 79 years old.
be more indicative of the success I Fr more: than half a century
of such a system than the presence Miss Nicholas was a prominent
of obvious sympathetic interest and figure in literary and newspaper
understanding?" circles of Indiana. She was cred-
ited with being the guiding genius
SOROR T Y HONORSwrite"rs whalcieved nation-wid
NATIONAL OFFICER fame. Among them was the late
#James Whitcomb Riley, to whom'
Members of Delta Omicron, na- Miss Nicholas gave the inspiration
tinalmuica srorty enerain ihe needed when, as a timid youth
tional musical sorority, entertan- from Greenfield, he came to her
ed at a formal dinner at the Lan desk with his earliest poems.
tern Shop and a formal musicale -- ---------- --- -_-
in honor of Mrs. L. Bruce Dannil 1 DETROIT.--Holly wood in the1
national president of the oigani Pacific Coast league will play a
z ation, Monday night. game with the Detroit Tigers dttr-
The musicale was held at the ing the spring training.
home of Mrs. Albert J. Rousseau! ------
on Vinewood. Decorations were DETROIT. - Seventy-five icc-
pink roses. yatchs areentered inrthe annual
__________ice boat races at Detroit on Sat-
7 students of the medical school; -
have decided to go on a starva- TULANE UNIVERSITY.-"Study
tion diet as part of their work in hard" is the warning here as the
physiological chemistry, since new fireproof vault in the base-
they wish actual experience. Ient of Gibson hall nears com-
pletion. "Make a good record
OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. In- while you are at school," says the
terviews with several of the class warning, "for fifty years from now,
officers reveal that they have few: your children and grandchildren
duties, their chief one being in may unearth that record with a

others will soon hold tryouts for
until the end of the semester;
the girls who are eligible and in-
terested in campus activities.
Is Now Open
Above Arcade Theater
Specials for February
Shampoo and Finger
Reduced Prices on Everything
Call 21379j

...new as tomorrow and
smart as Fifth Avenue, in
dove tone or beige, the two
popular spring shades. High
and low heels.
Creotarc fAr/rsficFoolweaw

SJL If'14D]

-..a smart T strap of tan
beige kid skin with a dark
brown trim, featured in the
extreme narrow widths as
well as .the.wider ones. Span-
ish junior heels.


Frederic's Permanent, $8.50
Next Monday and Tuesday
Marcel and Shampoo-$1.00

five eighty five

connection with the
the class dances.

holding of j failure in English or mathematics
stamped upon it."

t K

T \
l , '

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1110 S. University11




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