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March 05, 1929 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-03-05

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New Executives Assume Posi

(By soeittV(1 Precs.)
WASHINGTON, March 4.--The
American peoplc today with solemn
ceremony placed Herbert Hoover
in the highest office within their
gift--that oif President of the
United -States.
With a pelting, stinging rain
falling, he swore to uphold and
defend the constitution of the
United States. kissed a verse in
the Bible, and began the greatest
duty ever demanded of him in his
life of far-flung activity. And,
turning to his inaugural address.
hie juade a pledge to enforce all
laws, including the prohibition
amendment, to. the full extent of
his ability.
Su~i ,Tak.es Office
Into office with this California,
engineer and orphaned Quaker i
went Charles Curtis whom fate!l
had placed from an Indian reser- j
vation for elevation to the vice-,
presidency. The two then rode'
down the historic route from the Success
Capital to the White House, bare- auuae
headed, rain-beaten, but smiling agusatd
their happiness over one of the Dws 1
most remarkable and enduring
ovations given any president er MAURPI-
vice-president in recent years. s COR I
For nearly four hours the thou-
sands stood in the driving rain, wiigt ohnrt h oe
most two Americans. They filled A AE"
the long rows of water-soakedj Charles (Sta
stands lining the route;. they 22 points ay
perchedl upon perilous, slippery tonight to rf
ledges of buildings flanking ?;,he 143, a newI
street. Dripping windows were Iord as Purd
filled with peering faces, and roof; eyes, 45 to3
tap's werei heavy with humanity. bail gamec
Hofover Kisses Bible
Orti the capital plaza, shirring I
with- its watery film, the thouisands I
with water-dripping clothes, saw AJ V, LV A U1

. .f.... rs {
r ri:{.{:i.: v
t. vgtf 'tt v s f,
. s.: s .firJ
<" V iY 1
1 F



Bpi Morris Quinn
Outscoring Wisconsin 1 5-2 in the closing minutes of the final
gamrc of the season, an inspired Wolverine team repeated their early
season victory over the husky Badger outfit by a 3 7-22 count last night
in the field house to insure themselves of at least a tie for the 1929 Big
Ten title. More than 10,000 frenzied spectators, the largest home
crowd that ever witnessed a Michigan basketball tcam in action on the
- ~home court, jammed the big field
100 SAD house to see the Conference
I~i leaders battle for the lead.
Last ieight's overwhelming vic-
tory guaranteed the Wolverine
ER quintet its third dourt title in the
past four seasons; Maize and Blue
EAD CHEERLEA e caimstohavrsthonrsnin s927tan
H[A~m'CH1 R[[A 1 teaim t sh n orn 19u ndisue
shared the championship with four




Bible which sealed his fealty to
his countrymen. That verse said:
"Where there is no vision' the peo-I
ple perish; but he that, keepeth
the law, happy is hie."E
And when that solemn cere-,
mony was over, they remained de-
fiant of the weather to . see the
impressive tribute paid to the in-
comning head of the nation by rep-
resentatives of nearly every group-
ing of American life. The army,
the navy, the marine corps, the
coast guard, governors, staffs,
patriotic organizations, marching
clubs, and bands tramped the wet,
pool-studded pavements until late
in the day to salute the new com-
man der-in-chief. He stood in the
reviewing staned in front of the
White House glowing with pleas-
ure and by his side the new First
Lady of the Land, animated with
interest waved her hand in num-
erous salutes.
Coolidges Leave Early
When the parade ended and
President Hoover entered his newl
home, his occupant of yesterday
was speeding toward the quietness
of Nort'hampton, Mass., seeking1
the rest of a private citizen. Hel
had become former President Cool-
idge, but he took with him happy
memories of the expressions of
friendship showered upon him on
his last day in office. ;
Mr. and ;Mrs. Coolidge did not
remiain in Washington for the in-
au ul p arade. With Pre~sident

which was
Ellwood Cus
the basket 1
Service has
in the Univi
unless his
duents who
hands of th
have notifif
appear att
tined and
contact wits
fhouse, incl
baseball, tr
were vaccinru
hampered rr
ball team ii
consin lasti
ESome of t
ordered to
refused-to c
sioner of he
Health Ser,
these studej
classes for
The names
been given

*In accordance with Michigan's
I old tradition, the Varsity cheer-
_ ~leader. for the coming year, was in-
troduced to the crowd 'at, the- last
CHARES URTI HEBERTCLAK HOVERhome basketball game of the year.
,sful running mrate of President Hoover, who was also in- Who was inaugurated into the highest of-lce of the land yester-i hsn.toWuceedRap 30ws
in yesterday's ceremonies. Curtis succeeds Charles G. day amid solemn ceremonies, in Washington, D. C. A heavy down- chsn ptioftoh ealh aE. op
io was honored by the S nate on retiring a few days ago. pour fell through most of the event. '29,-asacraptn o with e rafofm
, before the crowds during the com-
° M S E C O D mnF AN LN RN 1Iigya in their effort to bring out
~1 EORDS ~~VII~IOIf~~l ALIUIDIES AT HOSPITAL th rar of Mcian spirlett
:'\ id PaFss)n an 1olStI e d by the four major sports cap-
'TFa Ind.,MarIch 4.--- Tfidied last week-end at the Ui - tains, the managers of the same
icetch) Murphy scoredi 11We IHsiy hospital, beink taiken there four teams and the outgoing yell-
ga~stOhi Satehu TT MPT iu OBT IN FRE S OW Wdnes~dayi aparetly uffe i master. Todd is well known on the
aise his season total to; - A I _.--__ R1- rioma only mild troubles. Is case cmubigpoieti e
Big Ten individual rec- _vvigte111)sii hc i oe fe h rwsht was diagnosed as spinal mcningi- tvte n ebro oo o
tue defeated theBuk;Rvvn th sobsiiwhc hihoeatrhe rwd hd tis, from which complications setI cieties.
34, in the final basket-'ha~s reigned so often after athletic, cleared away. !i, cauisinig death. Only .thae head cheerleader is
of the season. iIolsb ihgntama) Final act ion il the case of theI {elected, the other members of the
p~li thiIniatcly 5000 peouple s, of sl-ijdeli Is who were takens to Presi- -Isudt oein g efrom a hecep
detLittle's home ha-s not been) 61II3stad beim lgroup of tyotes. i
them students, staged a riot last- decided upon, but one student,liii1I- -------o
More than $1500 d~ama-ge was do01-0 been the leader of the mob, was li -I _ TH UM A Y
.',O [ 1-S to the MichIig-Iaii theater, la-st night: taken to the county jail late la-sh f -m [M fh0 1I[ T 0 - - - -----
- Explanations by Gerald loag, night where he will be held for a1 u ICIIIAN (37) B G TP
OW PIAK' amanager of the Michigan, and tear hearing. The only action to the 5 IIL ?LI f.2 (
O IW i g& 'as used by the poliedepartment. icrdtg ftepoie a !ltl ItlOrwigr ..... .
, ieer ftn oiewsaltl [ 11[ wr little availl quehlinig the uindu~ly rouigh~ tramet of two _ Kanitr, rf ............ 3 17
1)101) spirit which lead to the throw- student-prisoniers after they headci With the enro~(llmen~it of 63 new ruskowski, If....2 1 5
of a case of smlallpox ing of everythinag from eggs to! been arrested, and roughingr by i tdet at the begnnig o th Chapman, c..---------. ,2.10
recen thy cntraxct-ed byI bricks. , one man who was not a member( second sem~ester, the total nutmber !McCoy, rg (Capt.. 13. r
;hn,'9 v i- i hglsinlltedosfth of the department. of students actually residing iRoell 2 4
Thn,'9 h a ftheater was smashed lby studentsI In comementing -on the a-flair Lovello, Iuringthe pesid1t 0 2
ball squad, the Health throwing stonaes, the huge electric i Frederick M. Asbck, '29, peiJ'ldenit gAi i ens993 codn LvlI-------
ordered every student sign in front of the theater was5 of the Student Council said, "Jer- tofgre'eete'yte ie of--------------14 9 37I
,ersity to be vaccinated, practically ruined, and policemen ry Hoag offered to do anything intergsrr oloigtecm
former vaccination is 1were plastered with eggs and veg-, his power to cooperate with t e regr C p . .,.,.2 26 i st rar f e ollowingt helit cohoern- WIbes T e heteN e seN
A lstof hoe su-I eabes.Th thatr as hagedstdens n gvig afre howi rawal reports after the close of Mthue, l....2i
have not taken this several timges before and drastic Ithle event of a conference chamihnfrthlfo eya.- Kowalczyk, If..,.... ..,0 0 0f
emeasure is now in the, action was taken by the police de-I pionship. He allowed members of Thereodsfr hev rios ille, .........0 0 0
e respective deans whoC partment. Five students, Byron i the students council to make all -1rcrd -o -th arou Mle, If............0 0 0-
ed various stude-ts to Wells, '29E., John Kelsey, '29E.,1 arrangements for the show, and'schaools and colleges stand at 4,825 Climieiewski, rg.......... 0 4
he Health Serv him- George L. Morse, '29D., Royal B.! gave me a choice of what picture in the Literary school, 1,655 in the Ellerman, Ig........... 3 1 7
Herst, Bernard McCain, '29E., who Was to be shown. We chose the Colleges of Architecture and Engi-
was promptly r:- ,ran-1 were known to have done consider-'Deinny picture even after he had n eering, 682 in the Medical school, Totals......... 4 22 2
all those who were in alofted age, were appre- gone to the trouble of arranging , 3,iteLwshol 6i h '~u riosM5s
h~ him at the Field hendedl by the police The mob ; for a new picture and arranged for. Cdllege( of Phaarmnacy, ,160 ina the ;
luding - those out for then clamored for the freedom off IM auditorium in order to a-c-i Dental college, 488 in the Schoaol lclhigan---Mc Goy, Rose.
rack, and basketball the captive students and threaten- comodate more students. I deeplyi of Education, 82 ill the Business W i s c o n sin --- Mattheusen (2),
ated at once. This fact led more violence until President regret such an ill-man-nered dis- Administration school, and 30 are Chamielewski..
-embers of the basket- IClarene Cook Little arrived on play of mob spirit on the lart of studying fdrestry anad conservation. Referee, Freezlc, Butler; Umnpire,
in its game with Wis.- Ithescene to take the students to Michigan students."p There are 256 enrolled for the Young, Illinois Wesleyan.
--______ --- course in nursing and 1,088 grad-0
night. FIND
the students who were it AERONAUTICS HEADFI D HOBBY incate studlents are enrolled in vani- BG T N D T
appearL WIN for tamsous courses of the University. _____________
traten; N O.LOWING WORLD POLITICSiA comparison with the figures
Io so, and the commis- ___p_ TLAM<I- W. L . Pt
ealth of Ann Arbor in' _ for the year 1927-28 shows that the! MICHIGAN .0 2 833
"Eihth n versiyI LCy IY1or 111," says Prof. I sted in music, gird has pr obed present registration is a few hunl- ICHr 9 2 .833
vie a- uedthtFelix W., Pawlowsl i, of thle depart- d eep in~to the more intricate and dred short of the record establish- Purdue l 3 .81
from mnt of eron~uicai -;echanical aspects of' the art, hay- ccl during that period. SecondPude- ----9 3 .5
ants be excluded fo eto eojuia engineering,Notwsen7 5 58
iperiod of two weeks.,"I readt a-newspaper to see if the tae~oussinhron,-meter rgsOhtin oevr otwetern-------7.5 .58
of these students, has world is still right side up or if it vounterpoint, composition, and in- compares favorably with. a- normal OhoSae- ---6 0 .0
over o to eHthe t Healthad isialreadywhicupsideumenown"-wForai'tie Pro figue. SeeralreasosForv aeetinIowcY Pro- -, ~gure. Several reasonsv have been Iowa------------c,, FL A~ ., .... 7 7 .422

other Big Ten schools the year be-
fore. While the. Wolves are certain
of at least a tie for the crowdi, the
Badgers must down Chicago Sat-
urday night to share it with the
Close Guardling At Start

The opening minutes of the
game found both teams guarding
closely,. with Michigan controlling
the ball most of ti-i time by virtue
of Bob Chapmixan's ability to ftake
the tip-off and the accuracy of the
Wolverine short passing attack.
Both quintets appeared to be'
hampered considerably by over-
anxiousness which resulted in their
failure to register a single 'basket
in the first eight minutes of play.-
Michigan took nine. shots in this
int~erval and the Badgers six.
After five minutes of play Michi-
gan forged into the lead after suc-
cessive fouls by Chmielewski, Mat-
I-heusen; and Ellerman, which
Chapman, Rose and Truskowski
promptly converted into counters.
Wisconsin called time out and ap-
parently the rest settled the Bad-
gers considerably, for Mattheusen
promptly sank the first goal of the
game from beyond the foul line in
center court.
Chmnielewski sent 'the Cardinals
into a point lead with another
spectacular long shot, but Chap-
roan matched it from near the
center circle with a basket that
failed to touch the sides, of the
hoop. Wisconsin took the lead
again, however, when Matthecusen
broke away to drop in a "sleeper"
from under the Wolverine basket
to mnake the score 6-5; ti-i little
Bacdger forward followed with a.
free throw after Orwig fouled him
a moment later.
Michigan Wakes 'Up
zCoach Meanwell withdrew Mat-
th-eusen at this point and substi-
tuted Miller at forward. Orwig
shot a beautiful overhead pass into
Trruskowski's h a nds and, the
chunky jWolverine forward sent it
thr ough' the hoop. Captain Bud
Foster registered a tip-in shot and
followed with a pair of free throws
when Orwig fouled him to bring
hsteam within one point of the
Woleriesas the half ended with
the score, 12-11, Michigan.
. The Wolverines started the scor-
ing shortly after the half started,
T ruskowski passing 'to Orwig for a
short shot. A free throw and a
hr nkf-f,-nn hanri4 I-.thefnl imaI-,

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