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January 22, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-01-22

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SUNDA7.1), JANUA RY 22, 1!928


.T IW C- IT.A PAI' A AAA A%,x xxvr'AS A, v ax'S ,,..4 x


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Irish Women Occupy WOMEN'S WORK IN
Goxy~ornrn& ift P HOM MAKING IS



TO L AGU["W~omne constitute at present over din knowing that the head W.'the e ;t
TO [Al ( [ ~i [.DINI15 per ce'nt of the library workers,'' adn3 iiiist ('red library ini the U'nited
stated Dr. W\illiam rW. Bishop, librar- Stal , ~ac( i iito theW ol)iflioil 0f
D)onation Is To l1e' Useel┬░ Especially'; ian of the University and head of the all lil~ra riants, is a- woman, Linda
For Auiditorim W1'lg Of New J Department. of Library Science, in East man, ('levelaandl librarian.
'Women's Bufilding r an interview yesterday.
uu "The field is far from crowded,"'lie "IIf 11(01' ais 1morc that you) would
flfINATUIN continued, "In talking recently with scare to know,"' le concluded, I shoti ''I
MAIJ OTHR ~the New York Director of Pl'bic Lii- be glad to tell youi. At. ;;resent we
As the first gift toward the conl- braries, he made t he statement tha; has 60 smtudents hiere, and lmast of th~e
tract for completion of th~e interior' >,e could find positions with no tron- libarar schools are full to) capacity.
ofteauioiu ig.o h e ble for twice as many people as will You nItigiit 5stress thle importance of
Women's league b~uilding the con- graduate this June from all of the lIanguages ill the work, and h:e fact
struction of which has just been library schools. I think," he smiled, that professzional1 training is needed.''
startedl, a pledge of $8,000 was justt "that I would not be willing 1o make-- T_
receivedi from D. M. Ferry, Jr., of De- such a strong statement without in- ~{ J( lA--il' written in
trait, president of the D. M. Ferry vsiain u 'en lutta o Spanish. Germian,. Greek, Latin,
Seed company and also peieto a number of years the field will b enhad erwaebigme
the Standard Accident Bonding corn- far from overcrowded." -Tiviai)l(' to tlhe students at the Uni-
pany. This money which is ape- 4Not all students, naturally, a ┬░ er~ fOlhmNraOi.
sonal gift from Ferry will be turned successful, and just as naturally, all1,
over to the league fund to be used students will not be recom~ymended, m tr(n~ztbt idr anug eat
especially in the auditorium wing of he resumed after a p~ause, "We are
the new b~uilding. making the requirements more andFerisagdutofheUvr-me
Feryisagr~lat f heUnvr-moestrict. Prerequisites for en-' "To Win a Peg" is the name of the
sity of Michigan, being a mem'ber of trance in the school include a work- newoperetta kxalincl will ibe produced
theclas o'15 ad i alo te si~ing knowledge of b)th French and 1by the sItideit 0f the Univ:rsity of
t'I) M.Fery Sr, hedonr f G erman, 90 hours, and 120 honorI ('olorado. It was written by Prof.
Ferry field. points of college work. The time is Irni ol h settesme
i~uingtheeary (aysof he am-coming when elementary work alonej studl'inlg shows ini the East-especiallyI
paign for the Women's league, Fer- will not suffice for the obtaining of a Broad~way and Burlesque.
ry gave a gift of $1.,000 and last 1 position anywhere. Languages cannot - -
spring, in order to hell) the womenj be stressed too much. Few people A ruling has been put into effect
over the top in their dIrive for thel realize just what the close intercom-!at Georgetown college that the men_
first $1,000,040, he turned in stadium' municatioxi of nations today is mean<- use one side atf the library and the
bonds amounting to $1,400 to be plac- jig to the world and its work. And women the other. This c'hange wasj
ed in the league fund. This addition- t us in the labrary work it is ini- +I cmn~ended because it was fell thai
al gift of $8,000, places Ferry' in the1 possible to be efficient without them, the segregation woould create a quiet-
i10.00 cass f snscriera forh books today, that previously pub- er atmosphere in the library.

i i

A~t pi''reent 1he genel atus1 of the111
Irish woman is much the same ass that
of the Canadian, was the ,judgment
of both iMtiss JIane Skil len and Carl
1Kerr, natives at Ireland. Thero are
.two or three women in the northern
parliamenit and two or t hree in the
"Dail" of the Free Slat~e. While every
Iwoman as well as every man over the
age of 21, is peormittedl to vote. Re-
cently there, has been a law p~assed in
the Free State. that unniaried women
andI unnmarriedl men be cl assedl equal-

At Y .& A Af Al n.. . . A ,f. 1.. 1 t1,-.

L. AU...DED BY D1"" E~S Annolinmit'i I x'a 5 1 'CuEIt ly 11
at the Clh(i0111mega sorority at'
In a latter sent to Mrs. John D. the Ctemu f(lns Fagan, '2S~
Sherman, president of the General IEd, 0ire('11 a cnga v, New York, to
Federation uof'Women's clubs Vice- ah(si nAla ineinl''of'F el a ci ),ia-
President Dawe's made an appeal to ternity.

Violets, Waiting to
Be Picked!
itt le bunchlesi,,uand fluff;yit()pp2
S )rganfdy flowers awaitillg lhei
lebut at a FoGrmral Danwa.

ly in any civil servi(ce positiofs-s'i(hI
Sas teaching, the p~ost al service or
customs. Salaries are the same and
there is no preference given in thec
making of appointments.
"The separation of Ireland into the
'two, entirely different gov~ernments,
was originally due to political ques-
tions," stated Kerr, bu:4 two facts
stand in the way' of any reconcilia-
ti01n, religion andl ra(cial differences.
tThe Northe~rn state, still governed by
England is Scottish and protestant,
while the Southern cer Free State is
';chiefly Irish catholic.
''A number of p~eculliar condcitious
havve arisen due to this new division
of the country," continued l, err.
"Passports are needed to travel from
ithe one section into the other. Ther e
are a number cf small rivers forming
the boundary lines, which no automo-
bile can cross without having either
made previous arrangenients or pay-
ing down, one third of the value of
the car. Eventually I believe the two
sections will reunite, lbut I am afraid
that because of the intenae feelingf
that it will be nearly a century. There
is a large republican opposition in the
Free State, as it is, that desires a
complete independence. Perhaps you
have heard of Die Valera, the headj
of it."
",Many Irish women enter the pro-I
fessions," said Miss Skillen, "and Ij
believe that many more women _en-
ter medlicine there than they (10 here.

in our nation, state, county. and city
Mlr. Dawes believes that the Fed-
eration in' the year just passed has
been committed to two policies (4
autstandiiig service' to' the coun'rj,
that: of raising the standard of I lie
American home and of bringing orltI
the vote.
Of these two policies Mr. Dawes be-
lieves the former to be the more val-
J uable. Tie says the following aboutI
'raising the standard of the home: "I
would( not detract from the valued
contribution of women in their new
spheres of activity but the fact re-
mains that women alone can make a
homne. There her' greatest is exerted;
there, her greatest contributions to
society, are made, andy therd, 'her
greatest' success-if success be mea-
sured in terms of service, is achieved."
The Cosmopolitan Club of the Uni-
versity of Colorado will 'put on a Rus-
sian pr'ogram with'which native Rus-j
Sian' artists will be obtained from
UTAI.--Undergraduate publications
are forbidd~en by the university board
of regents to run advertisements in
their columns.
fI don't know why. And the supply
is very much greater than the de-
mandI. As many as two thirds of the
dloctors that leave the *colleges there,
take up their practice in England or
in the colonies. Perhaps it is the
same here, but no doctor who takes
his (degree in any country outside the
j unit ed Kingdom can practice in Ire-
land without retaking the examina-

n~ i Ihe ~d~' h lss advaages (of tile bealutifll
I"~i' 1c ~S;"'I'1trormlal(es iin three gal, a. hys, iii dttictl,
het u'eah' artist s in thme greatest opetras.
Ru ka~ n r haitloriiiI, N icolicli, Sandrin i, Tain (Gurdlvim, lsi,
Balhl~Itli ih~ea'am ceof CHASE 11ARO3IE0, Iroit aii'iu
FEB. 17, at 8:00
; ason,1 Ri min i, M1aio, I )efrere, :Hackett, d'lleruimaoy, 11lojicen
anid ot hers.
Garidenu, h~i'g'all frr~ rio, A aISOn, Rhuin bi, 3Moiien,
N icolich, i'llernm aoy.

SvrT . : vY1,


Tea gue. During the entire campaign
af the league there were only three
persons who have given gifts of $10,000
each and with the exception of the
pledges taken by undergraduate wo-!
men and a. few of the alumnae groups
there have beein only two gifts larg-
er' than that at' Ferry and his two
Undergo Operationi
Amy Loomis, '23, until recently the
leading lady with the Rockford Play-
ers who are opening their ;popular
stock season at the Whitney theater
tonight is in the University Hospital
under the care of Dr. Frederick A."
Collar, pending a serious thyroid op-
eration on her throat.
Miss Loom'is was plrominent in col-
lege (dramatics during her undergrad-
uate days, and for two years was the
director of the Junior Girls' play. For
the past three seasons she has been
leaing lady with the Rockford Play-
ers and one of its most popular mem-
Her operation will occur sometime
next week and it is hoped that her
recovery will be swift enough to al-
low her to return with the company
at the Whitney theater; especially c0
plermit her appearing in her old role
of Catherine II in Bernard Shaw's
"Great Catherine" which has always
leen the company's greatest success.1
"Great Catherine" will be coupled
with James M'T. Barrie's "The 01(1
Lady Shows Her Medals," featuring
Airs. Richard Mansfield in a, double
bill to be presented at the Whitney
theater the week of Feb. 22.

lished in English only, are publishedI
in any number of languages."
"There is another fact that it mayf
be well to mention," he said thought-
fully. "That is, that pleople trained n ftepoesosaemc
needed by this work. Just this month
we have had calls for librarians whio

Announcement was made Wednesday)
night. at the Alpha (Chi Omega sorority
of the engragement of Cletus Fagen,
'28EI., of Chateaugay, Nevw York, toj
John "M'athes, '28E, oif Toledo,O0.
l Maihes is a m..ember of Theta Xi fra-
tern itv.

_l li C, L'mu' idyLuY. ~azari,!i 'i'rlnjay, (Curtis, Bonllfl, .Moplea,;1
31of-lijuto, Ballot.
At V'ahrs Door Ml ore. Bviietiit ii~cmg~ur~etieLa'e

have specialized
history and for
tricity, and in
happens, we had
able, and were
those already
I"Perhaps you


in chemistr'y, ill

specialists in ee- -
engineering. As itj SYRACUSE.-Scholarship ratingsj
fno such ones avail- !of the University of Syracuse showI
forced to refer to that sorority women have a higher
established in theI average than non-sorority women and
that women have a higher average
would be interested than men.

-- ,i

' r{

i 'i

Sil~k Hosier~y of
Surpassing Loveliness


pr i
~ , ;
j 4
. { ..
. r H (" c ,..
u ,' f
{ 1t ''X^.

Is tbi's -felt model in varied tones
of the same color-Another proof
of the ensemble idea for spring.

Is this felt and s1traw combination.
Fashioned so intricately to give the chid',
simple effect-Ini shades of leigec.

K, k ........

r ~
a, t'15s
r ' b r ll O ('X
l ,

Thlese niew silk hose! M1ow exquisite in
timi e. hone lovely in sheen, full fash-
(z11 and silk: from top to toe.
You'll love themn(lie minute you see
zii adl weai' them 1happily and
ii ioiiahy en the street, at lurncheonm,
id(, (huler and the dance. They are
ti~itcI Hsel intedl in all the alluring;

{ bra'
,a FV K. ik-

0matter how
vish the fash.
ions, how lux.
4arious the fabrics, nor
how new the creations,
they may aitways b~e
found here at prices
well within: the limits
of moderatce incomes.

Slpecial Suiiday Dinner
:~IMsic .and D, iming every
- Corona, Underwood,
Remington, iRoyal.
We have all makes.
Some in colored duco finishes.
17 Nickels Arcade. Phone 6615.

Th~e Most Complimented
Stocking in America

To the Nth' degree is thin creation.
It might be felt and velvet, or silk
and straw. But in either' case its
charm lies in it's "tip in the center


222 S. 11a in





} %IA' l



Personal Service"

Main at Liberty






......:..... .......


ryi'J:".Z-'1$Ff'C :'.. ,. ..-::13. J'ii:;._*,T._9r-L :SL J
w,7 _.... . a..._. _ .: ti8y'





F, : :




- - L AS






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