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January 19, 1928 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-01-19

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. , 'liIA , JANVS1 Al Y 19,1 928 I-,



CIA Em-,

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A mI 71AV AM .79l !P Pk14 FT FT T

IV -

Oi'Ot*eu'l 'hi.s (hte Is About How Illinois Lost
C 'Lr n -S'C 'l i~ipj(::ilr eEause One
DTISKEG ON, .Jan. 18 -:-Just. because
MII GANS EA RL"1!-Y LEAD oane of Robert C. Zuppke's playersr-

BY He rbert X ddil

r ,
, %
a ; ;.: .
r ft
r ,

j Mouoc, eonad Trcticll1(111c


C'omipele At I. A. C. ~ e 15
Although the teaml which will par- Inti I'
t icip~ateC in the I. A. C. invit ational
t wa-mile relay event at ('lii*',(a o N S

Secfond l '1iilA - w'c
23l. Rlecejive, 1,oiw~i
OIl G~rid t 'oni nlit c

Ile M orriis Qiilnnto give Iii e M ich igan Iteam a 20-14
- -- mtargial, by slnpling' the halinutoii he
Led by l erman Nylandl and Joe . b o . Jus before t he gun W as fired
Ilalsama, who accounted tor no Iless cndiri leh~i
than a23 points bet01ween them, Alichi- j nma tiit(d esolgat i

gan ' ii o i)C:4'~flU l L eii k1i , gaIlect it
hardl earnedl victory over Michigan
St ate Normal college 01f Ypsilanti last
night in the field1 house by a 25-Zn
score. It was the first (contest (ever,
plyed.( by 1 eai representing the two
sell cols,
La<st nighti was the first. time" that
a Reserve basketball team has everj
performed on a local floor, althoughi
itmarked the secondl of the *13 outfit
this season. Western Sate Normal
dlefeatedl the GWolverines in thie open-
ing contest in Battle Creek a short
time ago.
Nylnd 1fhihPoinit Manu
Ny land, 1lichigan centeor, wa He
high point man (of the game with five

lies at the begintning W 111lcie c(ond(
half, when VanFleet tall ied1 from t he
floor. Voiir points were laddedl1to the
IWolverine toal on IBowermani's field
g ( a1 and free t ln'cws by Balsamo and
Cuish ing, nmaking the score 24-16.
Visit orTitre at en Lead
'1 'he visit ors' offense ;;uddenly came
to life and the Michigan icad was
gradually whittledl down again to six
pcint s, when Vein Fleet and Moran
each scored field goals, lint. Nyland~
ine'l'easedl the margin by three points
on a free thirow and a goal shortly
uftei ward(s.
T Ihis ended I le s"eering as far as

fused to (lie on the gridiron and con-
tinued to breathe after the game
endled, the University of Illinois lost
a football championship, Zuppke the
head coach of the Ilini told Mluske-
gon high school students in a talk
here recently.
It was the all-important andl de-
ciding game. Illinois had but 14 reg-
ular players that year and a victory
meant a title, Zuppke related.
T1he coach called his men together
for that important '"just b~efore the
battle"' conference, and among other
things he impressed on their ux'inds
the fact that he hadl only 14 regu-
Only rThle )cad!
"I do not, want any of you men
to leave the field today unless you
are carriedl off (lead," he told them,
by way of making himself' perfect -
l1' clear.
The gamde was nearing the end, and
Illinois had a. championship within
i each. The original eleven men were
still on the field,_ albeit badly hat -
tered, when Zuppke not icedl that one

Contrary- to I le usual custoam, thle
A W'olverine cageamen are not to be
'given their annual two week vacation
around examination timges.- Appar-
entlyrCoach \Veenker l e> s ,hla,
work will *"make'"uWe _clhi ;tin
No definip te edu sip nthe iki.
ter-senmester p~ractices will be an-
p~oulned(1for a. day or two t11130i1
e co c e l ha e Q 4 a1the schedule o f their p i,, ers

P,, 1 ('Iichance to 1)u1 I d (igs- 1
ICI) of01 ferc mity tonlighittfor'they have
th-' I usciois ')pport unlit vof ipicking1
Buc okeyenmeat.
Ph0 rat her hotl1)1ess Ohio State
fir e, hiowever', will A pllayinlg on It
its honn'e flootr against the /ee-
set ter's but what ever advantage
this ia y have the Bucks aren't
j(qiite certain. It, seems15that, a I
teamil f rain Badlgerdomn bettet'
iitiotvii as \isconsil, ('amne downx
! t'ime('ohlumbus -gymnasium a
v.ekg)last Saturday and left
wiha :,0-1 win home floor, or
no )homle floor.j
Still, by the law ctf averages, the
S:°t rlet and (ray teals should(1winl aa
gla'1e solletimle. When i th" Buckeyes
drouppedl bet 01''A Michigan, it was their1

Feb. 10 has not ibeen (lefinitely picked ,-
two men.ar'e praicticatlly assured of'j M v As~soci ate'd P!(-~)
berths. EW YORK, Jan. 128- K larvin St-
lilonroe, captain of the c'ross-'ouin- yn, ny24 years old and on e of
try team last fall, is showing u111)
especially well in t he half mile run1 the shi~'tiest ball c'arrie'rs whro Ewer
and his position on the tecam is lpla(' - "oae <a" bue jersey On il teg'ilia
tically seen r,, Leona rd, who ran the ;app~arent ly is slated to sc'e( i'T. .
quarter-mile last year, is rounding 1). .Jones, Yale's headl foot hal ('1l[
into shape in fine~ style andl will prop- I for tihe past eight years.
ably gain a berth onl the relay squad. 1 Stevens, an assistant back hel
Of the other tryouts, Hunt offers coach under .Jones f'or' the pasct foul
the most promise although he is a years an(d generally regarded as
trifle slow in getting into form. 'Withl Tad's right hand man, is "acceptable
three weeks more in which to plrat- t0 Yale's football rulers,'' accordling
tice, lie should develop in good shape to( Lewis E. Stoddard, chairman of t he
to earn a place on the team. 11927 grid committee.
Three letter men are providing the T 'his endloi'scr'ant , ('oupledl with ;1li,
competition for the remaining places fact that JTones is tiiiieistiid to Liavor
to complete the squad. Trhey are Lo- the selection oIf his young aidl, 1NFI
mont, leading halfmiler on last year's garded by c'lose observers as all 'lit
track team.; NMunger, a quartermiler the till Iword.
from last year's squad, and Hart who' Indications plointing to thc. solc


fiel(d goals ,and(1two free thtr'ws to wtI nya e ie o h o~
his credlit, while Balsamo, 'Wolverine testrem olya few the Nutoalteanib-
ori ad 1 orata, the Normal co n- 1tsrmiig h omltaiiTs
poi ts ach amia. belated leffort. to stave alff (l-
tershaed ecod hoorswiii 1 feat. With Moran 11(1 VailFleet lead-
i itpr aamchnxrn7 tiia i.nli I ing the ofrense. the visitao's managed


be~~~~~~ temdacnitncpsiga ooreep~ withtin two points o_' thei of the players was in a bad way.
tackMichiganlleadgbeforeWtleefinal gun Feaiig to take any chances of the,
tcadalhghteXovinscuolndedC~. dazed gridder dashing teward the op-
aydisplayed flashes of eedand aci'i- i arig tebiTonte lhesmay)onexts goal postsheodrdia
I *---- !substitute for tihe staggering one,
a -a itngr: nthy o e ad o. he n eforstII TE NO lA 4 who continued t o hit the line in a
a1atn3aeilt 81a'tefs F1' PF" TIPsomewhat haphazard manner.
brakngstleat paywhchwa I -Zan Fleet, f' ....... . . 2 1 6 ''Get cuti there," Zuppke told thle
I ('lptedl with a odegr'ee of effective-Brw f ...........1~ 0 2 Isub, ''and fight.''
ness b~y the visiting t eami. Morani c 42 1.Tesbttt a u.Zpk a
Michigan piled uip a six point lead Cuh 1 Teslsiueti u.Zpk a
in he irt hlf du lrgey trot , iCouhg (C) ....... 2 0 0) 14! mor'e than "mildly surprised i(o no:te
li te irt al',(tl lrglythat~ Mullick, g .......... 2 0 1 4I that, a" half a minute later thle satnk
thle accuracy of Nyland a11( Balsamo, -' -51)ttlt a rmtefed
thlat was never relinquished, although 'I- 5 - 4 27ubsite Still from th fie'!"
the Wolverines were out1scor'ed by the t(I(4 5Tejutgv on lok ittj
Michigan St ate Normal team 13 to
9 in the second period. IB F F~J iz ~ae' n ewsbc 1
liclgaia Scores Fir'st t Balsamo, f ..........4 1 0 11 ;the beiich," Zuppke related. "1 cold(
Th Mcigntemstredot nBowerman, f ........2 1 (t 5 not understand it.''
Whittle, f....,. 0 0) 1 0 " 'What's the matter! Whats thle
impressive style, when Nyland and 11 Mc~onald. f' ........ 0 0 0 01 matter with you? I Yelleod as tile
Ilalsamo scoredl field goals to gain1 Nyland, c......5 2 2 11 substitute come frain the field.''
a four paint lead, blut tis was soonlJiiz ...... TeSfsiit he .lo o
rtelinquislied whlen V'anFlee t, Moran Slag]e g ........ .. .,.... 0 0) 0 0 ward me, and yelled bac'k above thle
acid Brown eachl scored a ibasket . uLo~vell1, g............1 0 0 21 roar of the cheering:
l~wria kote hecun t~5XCushing, g ....... _..0 1 1 1 "14'He's not dead, coach! He's still
all far Michigan, btti the visitors '_ rahn!
went iinto the leadl on a goal by Mtil- 12 5 a 29 ' "We were penlalizedl and the' b« 1l
lick and a free throw by Moran). Free th~rows mnissed : (MSNC) : went to our five yard line where it
Nyland tallied twrice from tile floor Moran 1; (Michigan) Cushing 8,N-wspse vr'Zppemund
to ivethe'\Xlveine a inge p i lando 1. Officials: Bovill (W and J) "We last the game and the chamnpion-I
margin, but M~oran again put his1 referee; Bechtel (Wittenburg) umpire. ship."'
eam 'ahiead with a tree thirow amid a
field goal. I-here tihe Michigan of-
fense stai'ted to function, Bowerman,
ILovell and Balsamo accounting for'
eight poiints, and p 1iled tup a lead of
Captain Couich gainied black two of " T~ S ~
thlese poinits bly scorinlg a field goal,I mo t n ic
l't Nyland wipledl 0ut the advantageF

Alt hough some o' f ito iegll' 1]I
were studying for finals whi1le thle
''"B'' cagers were taking a, day offi
prior to their game last:tBight., Veer-
ker 11u1 his slogan atf "'or'k, work -
that's all thei'e is to doa,'' into1effec't
an eight, or ten menlvwho) were down
at the field house.
'Orwig, oneC of the star ineligi-
Wdes, -was beingig''orliedlinto a
(cninalit jolt i0iaia loam' offens~ive
drill witicha found II 11 in thle role
of rutitiing' g'uard,. dribblinrg th1e
b -ll dowNv the floor.
The rest at' the five wh ichi lined0( til
were Hai'rigan, Rose, R,,a her mid1(1 c
From tile looks 01' 1liiiigs. it
wouldl seem that. Orwig will see
service Ir!'xt semester, pr'ovidedl
lie gets eligible-wh ethel' at reg-
Miar 01' not1i15a (question1 Xwhicl
iinot even 1110'coac'hes8are' able' to
an 11swer.
'With thle V\olverines going into se-
clusion nu1t il their ganme with Ch'1icago
lFebl. 4 at: Bartlett gyaltlasiurn several
othei'qutinte'ts are(' takinig time off
far finals tao.
W\isconsini doesni't lplay agami
until Feb. 11 ; Illinois, afteor a
game Saturday, will not, beca so 'n
in action u11til Fe]). 8: Ohio ailso
takes a vacation af'ter' Saturday
with no other gamie tuntil Feb. ..
Mleanwhlile northwest ori't V,- ithI
thrlee gaines already in the bag81an1
1 none lost, c!)ntiillies an its mnerryi way'
tonight. Th1e Cats should have a

-'Fl 1185 i11) in! 01)118 (II i' elpinig
\\jse'u n and M1 ~lichigan. An Ohio
,vin wxould be a lot of Itil-to all
butiNothIIwesi el'l-lult it is hard
to 'onci.ei ve.

fi ftII consecu0tive los,(111the' (ollquel'- i was a.member of the championship
Dvi Lein- Plittsbulrgh, IPennisylvania, j team of 1926, bult who has not showxn
Prinucetoni, .111(1 Wisconlsin. !all his old form since he unid~erwellt
a11 operation about a year ego.
Alai y1c they weill spBring the up- A two) mile r'elay team is all that
:yet (loll I (Iii hlt but Nor'thwest- will be sent to the meet.

ST. LOUIS-Grover Cleveland Al-
exanoler, veteran pitcher, has sigleod
his 1928 contract with the Cardinals.
BALTIMORE.-St. Louis has traded
catcher Dixon and pitcher B~olen to
the Orioles in exchange for Jack
Ogden, a pitcher.

Lien oa Stoevens also cai ned cithe
imlpression that all effor'ts topor'-
suade Jones to keen th gridir'onli lloll
for 19)28 have failed.,1However ifb
-Iyeas is nanmed new head coach'I, it i
likely that JTon(es, whose home is int
New 1-Haven, will act in an aidvisory
[ Stevens, because' lie had had two
pr1e vious years of college conpi~' -
I ion, pllayedi only oine season on1 the
tVale teami, but his all-around back-
fieold work an "BIill" Mallory'sfa-
ails 1923<' made' an1inlibhlle illlttti

,leoadinga ill

-Detroit City coll ege IS
thle Michigan Collegiat e

c'onferenuce basketball race.

LI~~~~~ USF ~~~d

r f
[ er
I d

'7 --







UMP-MUMPLIBI-Ef 2P2P-MF2JZr2MFffRr2J2r2rarar2MR TEMMUERPURrer2f2f ErEf Rr2RFdrarErEr2RR


f y YTr" " Y7S9. " 'JJ T6% ... ,r!_. ... r..-"t-
._ .. __,


Displaying a smoother brand of
basketball than has characterized the
previous games, 38 quiintets playedl
thle fifth ganie inl the thlirdl roluidolrof
class A basketball Tuesday night at
Waterman gymnasium.
Phi Epsilon Kappa was high point1
screr o1 the evening, winning ovetr M
Theta Kappa Psi 32-7. The results of1
Tuesdlay's games follow:
Alpha Sigm'aJPhii 15, Kappa Phi it).
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 10, D~elta Sig-
ma Phi 7.
Delta UIpsilon 16, Pi Laimbda Phi 13.
Delta Kappa Epsilon 21, Zeta Psi.
Psi Onlega 8, Phi De)olt a Theta 7.
Chii P'si 13, Delta :Phi 18.
Delta Si gma Pi, 12, Alpha Tan
Omega 8.
Phi M1u Delta 12, Psi Upsilon 15.
Trigon 0, Delta Tau D)elta 2.
Lambda Clii Alpha 11, Phi Beta
Pi 7.
AlphlaiRhot Chi 0, Phi Epsilon Pi
Delta Alpha Epsilon 17, Alpha Phi
;Delta 9.
Zeta Beta Tan 9, Sigmla Pi 18.
Sigma Delta Sigma 2, Alpha Kappa
Kyappa 0.I
Alpha Omega 13, Acacia 5.
Gamma Eta Gamma 0, Taut Epsi-
lon Phi 2.
for all makes of
I?, pidi li at0 ea', fresh stock: insutres t
edqa hiaf t 1miode rate prie.I
17 N llds 1 Acad Plioaie 6615.
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