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May 12, 1928 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-05-12

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STCJRDAi', MAY 12,'. 124.


.10 BE AIS I
Pr ofessors, I*Kfia,,And
Proiiiifient Ahluin i
Tphelistoth 11ose rece'iving jinvita-
tions to the Architects 17th Annualj
May Py arty contaained the cnmes of
many people promninent, in loeal ind
state circles. While 1ot1ll iof those
receiving the invitat ions attIendled the
party ,tlie comiplete list, of iiivitat 10115
'wich 10o1lows is firlyrepresentative
o(' thle guests who Baest ]right were
present at the party.
The lbst f5is beadedlby IPresidentI
C. C. Little '1nd Mrs. Little, Dr. 11. L13
1=ltchirns, and Governor I+red NV.
Green and1 Mrs. Green. Then follow
Regent Walter IT. Sawyer. and1 Mrs.
Sawyer, Regent Junius E. Beal and
Mrs. Beal, Regent Benj amin S. Han-
chett and M~rs. ilanchet 1., Regent Wil-
liam L. Clements and Mi'ns. Clements,
Regent Lucius L. Hubbard, Regent
Jamnles 0. Murfin, Regent Ralph Stone
and Mrs. Stone, Regent Victor M.
Gore and Mrs. (Gore.
Dean M. I.. Cooley and Mrs. Cooley,
b~ean Henry M. Bates and Mrs. Bates,
Dean E. H. Kraus and Mr's. Kraus,
D)ean Hugh Cabot andl Mrs. Cabot,
Dean L. M. Ward and Mrs. Ward,
Dean W. R. Humphreys, Dean Ed-
mund E. Day and Mrs. Day, Dean .
A. Bursley andI Mrs. Bursley, Dean
Allan S. Whitney and Mrs. Whitney,
Dean G. Carl H-uber andl Mrs. 1-uber,
Dean Samuel T. Dana and Mrs. Dana.
Dean George W. Patterson and Mrs.
Patterson, Secretary Shirley W. Smith
andl Mrs. Smith, Professor Emil Lorch
,ind Mrs. Lorch.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ottoway, of Port.
Hluron; Mr. and 'Mrs. George G1.
bo~oth, andi Mr. and Mrs. Eliel Saar-
inen, of Cranbrook ; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles A. Sink, Mrs, E. E. Hartwick,
MVr. and Mrs. E. C. Van Leyen, of De-
troit; Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Medary,
Jr. of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. F.
C. Baldwin, of Washringtonn; Mr. and
Mirs. Warren Holmes, of Lansing; Mr.
and Mrs. W., E. Lentz, of Detroit; 'Mr.
and Mrs. Marotti, of Cranbrook; Mr.
and Mrs. A. Linn rout, of Detroit;;
'Mr. andl Mrs. Alexander G. Donaldson,
of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Lancelot.
Sukgxt, of Detroit; Mr. Kenneth C.
Welch, of Grand Rapids; and Mr. and
Mirs. George F. Green, of Kansas City.
Mr. Frank I+. Robbins, Miss Alice
)Ioyd, Prof. H. C. Sadler and( Mrs.
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Committee La le Plans For Annual M'av Part-r

(('ol I inn edi 1F10om1Page Tell)
ill "atlill this wax'1 lie desired sMapes
a111l fol-nis Nwere obt~iilld ill ihe exact.
l)i01oioa 03.
Th tl i,)~i.,11VV colors x vee he prin-
cipal colors used inl the det-oratioiis
as5 tl1nc arey so dominanlt. iiall i l te
l ,ylit ianl art ali~l arelitectllre. This
xx" ;s also the flMt year in whil) anl
al (mit was imadie to palidi the dec-
ot ;ft ils a111d Nwas> folund i o be Very
s-Iw es,(.5l1111. Ihijli ju paper was used
fol t he ba~se and aa <llielil~g (fflect
Wa s intr1odulced. Creope pa per vaS also
us:ed ill the extras and(1it was statedl
ot, thle time ofI lie parity that to (lillili-
(eat e the deeolrat ionls t iirouglzh son

professional organizat ion would cost
at least $150. Th rie Egyptian party
!Was itlso the sublject of0 uh11111(1li-
,( sclice ('( l iicity viin the lie xspalpers
and11(1 achitel ii a 1 jouriia s of the
>fI~rc .' On q4r 'cr :rt u. Pr
lPrev'ics 1to1the lt,-Iv of I',124 it.'was
thre tslli(.elistts 0oftopiiiiil tiialt ra gook
;c~stunic plar~ty oiil tiwle (:In lt5Wj'"irtt
;Ie((,5 ahi.' e ue iici g
of t' i party foirtat rar tea' Or
ilecidti to stirpjss1ly11iiiillg fit iilal'I
e'ver hieii (holle lie fore hini I he 5101i(1 -
)poi1t ofl ela hoi-at ion otdagii
'cooraiid lto 1 1n1:c Vt ;la'.i
;tinl'e ball which x'.()id ;tdd 11111(11 t(o
- tie (color of the a!'faira.1 114 -U'it
very ijitoriux~1.,t hlie ('11to whicli tley
lwere woliiig
tl!1111921!lie Lat ini(Illarto01'of1Paris
xv ;las cli )on for. I lie sett IirligwAvich is
l te Iliccal of thle moll11studh ingat !I!.,
J,l'le des 1Br1anx A Vt s ill';;:is. 1
' prize. xaws olleredUfor tle host' cos-

ltme, which brought forth much
originality in design and clever por-
I rayal of various form-is and creat uresi.
The small shiapes to be found in t1w
b'ywa:ys o1f Paris were used t)) for'm
I lie wals of t11e sceeeof decora-
:bions . hit erest ii lo 0tto" :111dsigns
0 tlth' milich i (the -o1)cl ~color ,and
liiill ::nie of the entire setting.
Ala iIY small1);l la s wich xvoear"-
lustilaIlv eoitst rout t'diront ta Irdho):ard
,an adc oe aper were v'(''cAisouedaln
the sides. \Winldo',w it citntlhti r
.'a i: .rta his vre p laIced abolve lhe
(tiol was. hIWe %V'0( ove1c-'d with
aver .v triisl'lrellt v('1111 on wvhich
figures5 were -Ipintiled to ]rIodie a
; il111ou0 It' xhen lights were placedt
iii back of h'lenm.
In 1925 ltepize winning lsin
xvhhhit Nw s sbmitted by L. :1or'n'
Atfieuid'lm:1 A a O(Iiii nely 110 tw
inilt 11 or1hit'sccessful sonlnen11ft of
t (oitimned on Pauge Twelve)

-mrrr rr t rv rr

'-'1."'...........- -'-,.'~.-'-.-.-

-,il11111111111TTli1(IIIiTfill[MMflT11TMIT{TiTI!TTTTTi fitlimTiif[HTIITlTiT1 1{iTTTIi(I((1( i1((((TITi tTTTITfI iTT(TTTTITTT(TITTTT[TTTTTTT(TTTT'TTTTiTMTIW[ 1


{"jujLLuj ii l '1 IIH1 1,111 ILll l iil !1 l;ll l la it , ;11tE1't.. ' ' ,' " ' Lt1 t ! t t iii is t 21 S1 t! l Is utr t 11 1 ,1Jly'ItI13 1 IJIM"IJil Est

T he Arci htecIs' dlance this year prom]ise s to be( is color ful as ever.
The design draws its inlspiration fro mthe art of the Incas who before
the coming of Pizarro made one of the impiortant artistic contributions
found in the Americas. Their architoctutre and fabrics are full of sug-'
gestion andI lend( thenmselxes happily to the free treatment needed to
convert a ''gym" into0 an IncanI terrace surroundled by sea, landi and( sky.
The Map Party of the Architects is the contribution of this student
group to 'the campus mosaic of plays, dlances, and other activities. It
is not only a social occasion but. presents ant unusual opportunity of,
,giving effect to a decorative scheme through the team play of practically
all the students.
The design is selected thrugh a tcomltetit ion' open to all students
in architecture andl decorative detsign, drawing, anld painting, by a joint
jury consisting of studlents and1( faculty. The winner of the competition
this year is Mr. Alexis Lapteff, '29A1, Ufa City, Russia., whose composition
was selected as presenting tihe best waill treatment. Associated with
Mr. Lapteff is Mr. John It. Kelly, '28 A, Wilhise ideta for the ceiling was
considered the most original.
Once tihe design was selected, it was dlevelopetd at a larger scale
and then through various squtads it was again. to full size in sections
which when assembledl mask all the walls of the gymnasium. Not only
1110 painting hut the carpenter andi other work is (lone by the students
and as a consequence there is a great saving in labor cost which allows
a more complete (decorative setting than if the work were done by out-
siders. It is a fine piece of cooperative wvork to provide a suitable
background for a costume dance. 'While costumes are not obligatory
they are very desir'able and prizes ale offered for the most original and
most beautiful creations. Here the younig omen who study drawing,
painting, and design often p~roduce very decorative gowns. Students
who have not time to do; this may wear colored smocks, some of which
will have appropriate pattern ,1. Tru,,l the wearing of color in some
form those participating senm a real part of the picture.
It need( harnly be pointed out that historical research has a place in
connelctionI with these (dances and t hat this combined with an exercise
in dIesign and a pleasant evening snlakes for an occasion that is cordially
wvelcomedl by the Architectural Facuity. The prepar'ations may interfere
to some extent with the regular work -butl ah't or all tihe ciassa lid1 draft-
hng rooms are but part of the opportiuity offered by the University to
students who upon graduation should have learned to live with others.

The eighteen memb~ers of tile Gen-
eral Committee for Architects' May
Party are: Ton Roxw (left to right)--
I-hdolmes, Kimball, Benhaff, Rouse. 2nd
Row (left to right)-JIackson, Podbeil1-
niak, Beyvl, Philpott, Outcalt. 3rd
Row (left to right)-Zack, Liebert;,E
Weiner, Cummings. Bottom iRow (left
to right)-Hanna, Sevald, Wenzler
(chlairman), Wetzel, and Coolidge.
Professor Emil Lorch of the College
of Architecture will be in St. Louis
to attend the annual meetings of the
American Institute of Architects, the
Association of Collegiate Schools of
Architecture, and the National Coun-
cil of Architectural Registration
Boards, during the week of May 14-.
The meeting of the Association of
Collegiate Schools is to open with a.
discussion of longer courses for arch-
itectural schools. In the meeting ofE
the Registration Council Professor
Lorch will speak on problems arising
in giving effect to registration laws
I for architects.

A t
q q
? . 7J .
' .
J .

* K


After that stroll drop in for an
Ice Cold Limeade, Orangeade,
or Lemonade
13-15 Nickels Arcade




mmmm=- q,


-~ '-~.------,---- -- -~


We are coidi~ent lii:f; thit' 0't'ntic ii
tile Egyptiain evening, t'e Lat in Quart or,
gone before.

xw'ill be a wiorthy successor to
-In 111Al those ot )iers which have
--Prof. Enil Lorch.


Fresh and Cool
C LOTHES laundered by
our modern equipment
and our e xp e rt operators
assure you of perfect satis-
faction-clean, well ironed
linens are essential for com-
fort during warm weather
and you always feel fresh
and cool in Trojan launder-
ed clothes.

'~ The country clubs open, excited golfers tee
up for their first eighteen,' motorists are off
on the open road, hike~rs and horseback'
'4. riders hie themselves out along streams and
~ country, paths-it's the first holiday of the
summer, and everyone's "rarin' to go."!
Whether your plans require smart sports-
wear for a day at the~ club followed by an
evening dance, or rough tweeds for. a
mountain climb, Mack's can costume you
inl the newest and most fitting fashion.
Motoring?' The ensemble illus-
trated at the left will be perfect!
aOf cashmtere, its bright printed
+ ~blouse and lining give it such 4
a gay holiday $50
ch c . . . .. . . . .



. . - . ,. - e


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