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April 19, 1928 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-04-19

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IThursday, and Friday of this week in the lobby of Tniv}rsity Hall. This will
Tbe the last opportunity to purchase them. J br osh
members of 1A Mr. Coleman of the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company will interview

\eNwemers' Seefioil, Faculty Women's Clb:
The New vcomers' Sction of the Faculty \Women l's Club1 wll ha1ve ia card
party- at 2:30 o'clock; this afte-rnoon at Betsy Barbhour hojise. All llowcOIIWVI
are cordially invited. Those who dec not (lsroplaly bridg~e 1mayv bring thir
1lccagaet "t*Kii lDuren, S:ecre ta.i'

W .:_... u W..

llication in the Bunll-tin is construictive notice to all
U'niversity. Copy received by the Assistant'to, the Pr(
i0 p.m. (11:20 a~m., Saturday.)

esident until
fiutler 147.

lure S.

'Il VISlAY, AP~RIL 1$).

ice to All Seniors:
The iploma fee (A' $10 and the certilficate fee of $2 are payable -now and
y settlement thereof, by al procti uve graduates at the coming corn-
icemen will be helpfiul. Over 2,000j diplomas mnust be lettered, signed, and
Shirley W. Sin it Ii, Secretary.
the Presidents of Sororities and Fraternitfies:
All1 fr aternrities which; have not already filed a list of members and
ages for the :;econdl semes'ter with the office of the Dean of Students, Roam
riversity Hall, are requested to (10so' before April 21, on a printed form
e secuired from that offlice.
J. A. Bursley, Dean.
ul1ty, Colleges of Wngineering andi Architecture:
There will be ,a meeting of the Faculty of these Clleges on Thursday,
i1 19, at 4:15 p.m., in Room 343, West Engineering Building.
Louis A. Hopkins, Secretary.
All Tlelihoiie lIsrs:
Will you ple a se c'ser ve the foillwing simple requirements when .apply-
fo ra telephone or cha.ng:e in the present installation c"' the telephone}
are now using:
1. Submnit w-ritten rentuest to the Assitant Secreary of the University.
2. In the event that as a new installation is needed specify-(a) The
aber of the .room in which it is to be installed and (b) the person under
se name the phone will be listed in the directory.
'. If 1tehe eent installation is to be changed specify-
(a) Present number of telephone.
(h) Room in which phone is now loca ted.
(c) Change desired.
4. The standard cord length is six fe t. Special lengths are eight feet,
feet, and 15 feet. Permission to use a" cord longer than 15 feet must come
n the general offices of the telephone company-in Detroit.
Everyone concerned will be saved much time if tbe'se simple directions
fllrrteii . Watkins, Assistant Secretary.
lversity Lecture:
Count Carlo Sforza, former Minister of Foreign Relations of Italy,' will,
ver a lecture April 1P at 4:15 p.m., in Natural Science Auditorium upon
subject, "Whither Goes Europe?, Towards Union or War?" The public
-ordially invited.
;on of the Adjulnistr&ative iBoard:
By action of the Administrative Board of the College of Literature,
once, and the Arts, Mr. Walter J. Stenernageol has been suspended for the
winder ofl the present semester and recorded E in Geography 33 because
dishone'sty in a written examination in that course.
W. . IL uniplreyxs, Assistant Dean.
iless Adninistraiteu Lecture:
Mr. William L. Davis, President of the William L. Davis & 'Company, In-,
tmnent Banikers, Detroit, willi deliver a lecture Thursday, April 19, at 4:15
ock, in Room 20t Tappan Hall, on the subject--"Problems of the In-
tmenit Banker." The public is invited.
(lare E. Griffin.

seniors interested in work leading to chain store management; positions, o1nn orA rt As iton
Thursday, April 19. See Mr. Parker, Room 201 Mason hall for appointment. The Exhibition of Tibetan Sacred Banner 11aintings coPcs Sundlay, April
IV. F. Pa~rer. "122 and closes Monday, April 30. The Sacred ArtTibe ''Ft is the workofLaa
-t Artists living in the several monasteries and 'is ra~rely seen (outside of thet
Seniors:! religious centers of the country.
Mr. R. CG. Forshee, of the S. S. Kresge Company, will be in Room 304, Byrueeiz t. lDon"1ldson.
Michigan Union for the entire (lay, Wednesday and Thursday, April, 18 and-
19 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, to interview students desiring permanent ABBOT ENDORSES EVENTS CONTEST
FJ.tA.Sp iiisli l cture:Em phatic endo sem ent of the New cevcuts w~ill then 1,e a girc t liic
The ift lecureof he Scieadlispanica Series will b' given iby Pro-1 York Times current events contest as Thus it is important that students
I esrArthur S. Aiton on Tuesday, April 24, at 4:15 o'clock. The subject an adjunct to a liberal education w as e ,cad the news of the dlay."
of Prof essor Aiton's lecture will be "La SublevaeiQn dhe Tupac Amaru, el I given by Prof. Waldo M. Abbot, of the Thtiranulclrs 'h:e
ultimo de los Incas."I rhetoric department and a member of Tetidana ots ilhv
Ijulio tiel Totro. the local committee for the contest, in its local .examination from 2 to 5
____________ an interview yesterday. o'cleck tomorrow after noon in Room"
1Spanish PMays: "Every real student should be in-iAgelhl. neouwllba-
Rehearsal for all members of the cast of "L Plancha de la Marquiesa" terestedl in. the contest," he stated,lwelfrteaculpit0thcx
today to 4 p.m., in Room 202 S. W. All taking part must be present. "andl it is a shame that more stu-
Charles N. Staunhiacl. dents don't enter. For the past tw'o amination and two hours will be de-_
________________years, less than 30 have enteredl. The voted to the ess;ay pl-t. Althiough ail
Phiu Beta K1appat:l benefits would be greatly increased if I students who are exipecting to enter
A special meeting will be held in, the office of the English Department,! a greater number of students were3thcoeswrenkdosihu ¬ętl
Room 2209 AngelI-Nall, today at 2 p.m., sharp, U., cosider the election of participating. the conmtetebre skedtonupithl
one person whcsce name, by a clerical error, was omittedl from the list votedl I "Most: students excxuse their lack still be pcssible to enter.
on last Tuesday.1 of knowledge of current events on the
P.F e~urlSecretary. groundl that most of their time is U I E S T E
spent on their text-books, and what'T
I~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ vi ~ okTne uretEet ats ewspaper reading they do is practi- NTE R AIR ]iEE
Th NvvYrkTie CrrntEens ,tctcllvy all confined to that of local news. I____

A Comedy of

-N. Y.Times.

Comedy Club,

The examination which will constitute the local contest at the University
of Michigan will be .held Friday, April 20, from 2 to 5 p.m., in Room 18 Angell
Hall. Each contestant is requested to bring a sealed envelope with a nom
deC guerre written on the outside andl c2,ntaining a slip upon which his real
name, -cass and address are written. All papers rerquired for the examina-
tion will be furnished by the committee.
E1verctt S. B1row ii.

'Students, as a rule, pay far too little The University of Michigan will be
attention to what is going on in in- represented in the first intercolleg-
ternational affairs. Reading of Only1iaeirmttobhldtMtcl,
local news carries little value to= a Field, Junk 30, when ten colleges- of
student seeking a thorough education ti onr ilcmoefrato
for it has little significance oeutside cti onrywl optefrato
that community. phy andI cash prizes offered by G rov-
"The newspaper is esentially a culr- em' C. Leoning.,
rent history text and the news of to- Each flying chlub of the competing
day will be history in years to come. colleges will enter three flyers, all
I Ten or 15 years from now, such local of' whom must hold the F. A. I. pilots
news and scandal which is at the license. Among .the ,unlgcsA at the
focus of most students' attention will contest will be Col. Chiarles A. Lind-
all have been forgotten. The con- Bergh and Cornelius Vanderbilt Whit-
stant readting of worldly news and ney.


will p'resent


Virginia Tice, piano, or the seniorc
'Music will present her gradunation recital;
Thursdlay evening, April 19, at 8 o'clock,
Bach: Prelude and Fugue C sharpi
No., 2-Allegro, Adagio, Allegretto; Gluck
danslea ;' Liszt: ;Etude-Faux Fol Ic te;

class of the University School of
at the School of MusicAuditorium
as follows:
minior;. Beethoven: Sonata Op. 31
Brahm: Gavatte; Debussy: Reflets
Chopin: Ballade Op. 23; Raff:

Diarles A. Sink.

C lloquiuintitinApplied ieebafidiiiC:
At the next meeting on Thursday, April 19, at 7 :30 p.m., in Room 248,
West Engineering Buildling, Professor F. W. Pawlowski will 'speak on "The
Torsional Strength and Rigidity of Mlulti-Spar Cantilever Wings o:f Airplanes."
All interested are cordial-'y invitedl to attendl.
NY. . (Coates.
W",,,hamen's Educmational CIO):
There will be a meeting of the 'Women's Educational Club at 4 o'clock
Thursday, April 19, 1928, at the Faculty Women's Club, 226 South Ingalls
Street. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss p~lan. fIcr the tea to be
given -for school superintendents at the time of the Schoolmoasters' Clubl. All
meifibers are r'equested~ to .attenil.
fargaret (Clarke, President.
Sigma Vaiii~tEpsilon:
Sigma Gamma Epsilon will hold their monthly luncmheon Thursday noon,
April 19, at 12: 15 p).m., at the Union. All member ::, shoulId be present.
Rlph 4% .Taylor, Secretary.

"ersity Lecture:
Under the joint auspices of the UnvErsity, the Gardening Section of
Faculty Women's Club, .and the Botanical Garden of the University,
Liberty Hyde Bailey, formerly Dean of the New York State Colleg~e of
iculture and forme<r ]'resident of the American Association for the
ancement of Science,. will give an address on, the subject, "Botanical
-den's and Arboretums," at 4:15 p.m., Monday, April 30, in the Natural
ence Auditorium. The public is co>rdially invited.
F. E. JRobbins.
Advanced Students int Educnat ion:
The preliminary 'exmjnatis* for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. in
uation will be hield on Thursday, Friday, andl Saturday, May 10, 11, and 12,
m 2 to , p.m. All iniiuasplanning to take these examinations shouldI
imunicate with me at once.

2 Graduate Fellowships-5 Scholarship
Rejailing is an attractive field for college gr iduates.
== Experience in departmient stores is linked vvith Instruiction.
1= iMaster, of Seience in Retailing degree granted upon complet ion
of oneI year of graduate work.
- Illustrated booklet on request:. For further infornmation write-
Dr. Norris A. Brisco, Director, New York Uniixersily School of Rtetaii-
ig, Waishington Square East, i. Y. t11
8 A. Mdo 11 P.M
- On the Huron River at Foot of Cedar Street


Lynn Starl.ingk s
Gay Farce
Phyllis Loughton
Robert Wetzel
Lorinda McAndrew
TomDou gall
Harland Cristy
Richard Kurvinak
Lilflian Setchell
Thurston Them


('hristlaji Science Soiety:
Christian Science Society of time University of Michigan meets tonight
7:30 o'clock in the Upper Room of Lane Hall.
f, Alice Louise Fouich, Secretary.


Alpha Kappa l, eflta:
The spring initiationi banquet has b~een postponed until Friday, May 4.
The Secretary will communicate with members and initiates as to further

ori WVooly, Chirmn,,iComittee on Graduate Work, 4,000 U.H.Q.


Richard V. Futller, Presid ent.

The last date uponwhc application to the Ccmbined Curricula for
-1929 may be mdeis April 20. The blanks may be obtained in time
order's Office, Room .4, hUiversity Hall.
Florence Mohr i, Reco rder.
omlity Exlierimen3t-Id y l)choigy 1:
There will be a -grctip test rThursdlay, April 19, at 5 o'clock and Alon-_
April 23, at 4 ocok All ratings,;must be in Monday the 23rd,
l.P. .swianum.

Iota Sigma Pie:
Business meeting from 7:30 p.m.., to 8 p.m., i Room 303 Chemistry,
Thursday, April 19. At 3 o'clock, Prof. Sumeation will give an illustrated lec-
ture concerning the historical development of chemistry. A nunmber of
rare books on chemistry will be shown.
31label Miller.
IClii Delta P111:
3 There will be a meetig tonight at 7:30 o'clock in Roonm 204 South Wing.
He~len ' t.nmvi-ltubPresident.1



Engneering Students:I
Mr. Frank W. Steer, ice-President of Semet Solvay Engineering Coin- IScabbard' and Blade:
any, will talk on "The lusns of Gas and Its Future Development," under There will be a meeting of a1l Scabbard and Bl1ade pledges at 7:30
the auspices of Aneri(-an Inst itute of Chemical Engineers, in Room 316, , o'clock tonight in the'R.O.T.C. Drill .Hall.
4ichigan Union,, Thursday., April 19, at 7:30. p.m., E 'in ~ut. I .3.Sciulder Grifing.
ienio1. Lids:' The meeting scheduled for ton ight has b~een postponed until further
Senior Programs, Invitations, an(I Announcements will be on sale notice. II. P. Scett.
This car has just, been. YOUR GAME-YOU HEALTH
broken in nicely. 6400 Our Stock Is Complete
miles. See it and save the3
V '1I7 .&AWSHuron Valley
Chevrolet SalesBO K TR

Scranton, Pocahonitas
Kentucky and West Virginia Coal
Solvay arnd Gas Coke

This business has been growing ever
since it was established. The secret-
"giving absolute satisfaction to our
customers." We believe it pays to do
business in a friendly way. If you
think so too, let's get together.

Seats by Mail
Now, 75c
Box Office Sale



Phones, Office : 4351-4552 Yard Office : 5152















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