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April 04, 1928 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-04-04

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---1 -777

P t , tt I t ments, 'which Senator Willis used
P '"t to whip the local politicians into line,I
has not lost its efficacy, for Senator
Published every morning except Monday
during the University year by the Board in Fess has entered the breach in the
Control of Student Publications. same manner. Lowden, Dawes, and
Member of Western Conference Editorial possibly Curtis will gain the strength
Association. that was previously Willis' (princi-
The Associated Press is exclusively en- pally Lowden), and though it is doubt-
ctled to the use for republication of all newsi
dispatches credited to it oi not otherwise ful whether the popular strength be-
credited in this paper and the local news pub- hind these men wit be extremely im-
tithed herein. idteemn i~ eeteeyi
posing, one thing appears as certain-
Entered at the postoffice at Ann ,Arbor, thte btl
yichigan, as second class matter. Special ratthat battle against Hoover in
Af posta,4e granted by Third' Assistant Post- Ohio will go on to the finish.
mnaser General.
Subscription by carrier, $4.00; by mail,
4ffices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May. STILL MUIL TO DO
nd StreEditorial, 4925; Business 1214 Upon assuming the mayorship of
- Chicago, William Hale Thompson,
EDITORIAL STAFF among other- things outlined a policy
Telephone 4925 of strict opposition to raids resulting 1
JO H. CHAMBERIN from minor violations of the liquor 1
laws and declared with startling em-
Editor...... ...........Ellis B. Merry hasta e'ol ans]srv
EditorMichigan Weekly.. Charles E. Behymer phasis that he would earnestly strive
Staff Editor......... Philip C. Brooks to rid the Windy City of dangerous
City Editor.- .. Cortland C. Smith
Women's Editor.........Marian L. Welles crooks and criminals. So far he has
Sports Editor .......Herbert I,. Vedder
Theater, Books and 'Music.Vincent C. Wall, Jr. one neither.
Assistant Pity Editor... . Richard C. Kurvink The latest example of the small
Night Editors
Robert E. Finch G. Thomas McKean amount of success he has achieved in
J. Stewart Hooker Kenneth G. Patrick
Paul J. Kern t Nelson J. Smith, Jr. this way was told grimly in the burial
Reporters the other day of "Diamond Jo" Es-
,-Esther Anderson Sally Knox pst hcryn agtrsbi
Margaret Arthur John H. Maloney posito who, carrying gangster's bul-
Alex A. Bochnowski Marion McDonald lets in his back, was laid to rest under
cean Campbell Charles S. Monroe
essie Church - Catherine Price a floral avalanche in a $5,000 cas-
Blanchard W. Cleland Harold L. Passman ket. Significant, too, are the deplora-
Clarence N. Edeson Morris W. Quinn
Margaret Gross Rita Rosenthal ble bombing episodes which have
Valborg Egeland Pierce Rosenberg.
Marjo e Fllmer Eleanor Scribner shocked the outside world, in which
)James B. reeman Corinne Schwarz
Robert J. Gessner Robert G. Silbar the residences of Senator Deneen and
Elaine E. Gruber Howard F. Simon Judge John A. Swanson candidate for
Alice Hagelshaw George E. Simons ,
Joseph . Howell Rowena Stillman state's attorney, were shattered. In
3- Wallace 'Hushen Sylvia Stone
Charles R. Kaufman George Tilley addition, numerous threats against
'William F. Kerby Bert. K. Tritscheller ohr rmnn npltc
Lawrence R. Klein Edward L. Warner, Jr. others prominent in Chicago politics
Donald J. Kline Benjamin S. Washer have been made. Added to that are
ack L. L.ait, Jr. Joseph Zwerdling
BUSINESS STAFF the outrageous murders of two ap-
Telephone 21214 parently innocent Chicago workmen,
BUSINESS MANAGER not believed to be identified in any
WILLIAM C. PUSCH . way with political rings or bootleg
Assistant Manager... George H. Annable, Jr. gangs.
-- It is hardly necessary to point out
Advertising..... .....Richard A. MeyAi. ILthat Mayor Thompson still has much
Advertising...........John W. Ruswinckel unfinished business before him.
Accounts........ Raymond Wachter 1
Circulation.......George B. Aan Jr.
Publication................Harvey Takott THE "CONSCIENCE FUND"
George Bradlei Ray Hofelich The "conscience fund" started by
Marie Brummese hat A. Jaen Senator William Borah to repay
l ames Carpenter Jawes Jordan
,aara Cromell Tarion err Harry F. Sinclair his $160,000 dona-
Mary Divelyn atherine McKinven tion to the Republican cause, which
Bessie V. Egeand Doroth Lyonslaatte'siofhenir"Tpt
Dyna Felker Alex K. Scherer la3 ttebsso teetr Tao
a therine Frohne George Spater Dome" candal, s not proseringto
IDouglass Fuller Ruth Thompson D
Beatiice Greenberg Herbert E. Varnum any sensational degree, according to
Helen Gross Lawrence Walkly rprts from Washington.
I. J. ]Jammer Hannah Wallen rep sgton. Though
Carl W. Hainer the campaign has been under, way
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1928 more than two weeks, the total col-
N E PKlection amounts to scarcely $6,000,
Night; Editor-PAUI, J. KERN Y 600
which is a long ways from the sum
required to repay Sinclair.
Doubtless the idea of Senator Bo-
CAMPUS DRAMATICS rah was a noble one, and perhaps it
Dramatic productions on the Mich- would be well to repay the entire
igan campus have unquestionably in- $160,000. But from a larger view-
point-a viewpoint of expediency -
creased in materal and perhaps ar- the whole scheme does not seem par-
tistic extent of late. Of rather mush- ticularly attractive. In the first place,
room character, the growth has been Mr. Sinclair is possessed of adequate
evident in Mimes activities and in means, and the repayment of $160,000
Play Production work, as well as in to him would mean little or noth-
other organizations, ing, and quite probably he would sly-
Quite certainly, the increase will ly laugh up his sleeve that the Re-
continue; interest in good produc- publicans should repay the sum after
tions will grow; more people will the purposes for which he do-
desire to ente dramatic work; bet- nated it have been accomplished. In
ter work will be done; and material the second place, moreover, the dam-
conditions surrounding dramatic pro- age to the reputation of the Repub-
ductions will be increased. As re- lican party is done far beyond the
presented now by Play Production power of recall by a "conscience
and Mimes; the development will both fund," for the Teapot Dome tempest
allow more individuals to obtain has been raging for more than fours
soipe kind of dramatic experience and years, and no amount of restitution
give better productions with the best can make the matter entirely straight
talent available. Using the sports at this stage of the game i
wonl as n anlog, th twoend If the conscience of the Republican
world as an analogy, the two ends pryralpistemmeso
to be served might be compared to the party really pains the members of
School of Physical Education and the that organization, they could do far
Varsity teams. . better by contributing the $160,000
Inasmuch as these two aims will to establish a chair of politics and

allo it capusdraatis soul begovernment at some leading universi-
allow it, campus dramatics should be ty, where the condition could be made
unified to prevent duplication of that special onstriuction would be
equipment and division of support. If t o al prspective Reulican
the development Js .sound, the -major- given to all prospective Republican
thedeelomet i sund te ~ajr-cabinet officers in the methods of
ity interest, at some future date will cabingoienmThe
. adig lmn h proposal to,
probably be in the hands of the Uni-readling o men .Th proposalgt
. . repay the money to Sinclair, though
versity. Something in the nature of it come from the venerable Senator
Professor Baker's class at Yale would
Borah himself, seems not nearly as .
be very desirable. sound or as logical on the whole as
In the meantime and even then, it might be.
howeve%, auxiliary organizations fea-
turing better talent should be encour- AT LAST
aged. Unless they fail to develop, After ten years of incessant con-
their superior production will con- troversy, during which time relations
tinue, at least during the meantime, betweeen the two nations have ap-
to furnish a motive power for all proached bitterness -on more than one
campus dramatic; they will sustain occasion, the difficulties between the
the interest leading others into dra- United States and Mexico regarding
matic work. the Mexican oil laws are apparentlyl
At present, improvement in facili- at an end. By the agreement 'signed
ties of the Play Production courses Tuesday by President Calles of Mexi-t
would seem to be most essential to co, the retroactive clauses of the oil
the general situation. A University law are completely wiped out, and allc
theater, the location of which is now American interests which had invest-c
planned north of the campus, is the ed capital in Mexico previous to 1917
cdying need. If it is to take the lead will have their rights completelyt
in dramatic affairs, the University safeguarded-a policy which has been
must show itself deserving. the desired end of American diplo-
macy since the laws were first en-1
When all of the conjectures as to The final conclusion, moreover,t
the Ohio political situation have been seems essentially fair to both nationsI
made, and issues and candidates be- and their subjects; for while it re-
gin, to show themselves clearly again cognizes the right of nationalization of
through the cloud of Senator Willis' mineral lands which Mexico has ex-

TONIGHT IS THE night when the
famous Oil Can will be awarded to
someone. In the past the holders of
the trophy have been worthy of it
in every way and tihe next winner
will be just as worthy.
* * * .
THE CHAIRMAN OF the committee
stated that almost any member of
the faculty has most of the qualifica-
tions for winning the trophy, but a
few, such as the past holders, have
outstanding characteristics.
' * * *
have Bill Thompson to razz and per-
haps tihe cracks will be limited to the
local candidates for the Oil Can.
* * *
ONE OF THE outstanding men for
the Can is assistant to the dean Em-
ery, but it is feared that certain
factions in the student party, backed
by the money of General Motors, will
oppose him.
THERE IS JUST one more story
we have to tell about that cowboy,
who makes everyone laugh. The other
day when we went to interview him
in tihe company of half The Daily
staff we went r to his room in the
Union and listened to him talk.
* * *
ABOUT A HALF hour after we
were there Dr. Tom Lovell, holder
of more degrees meaning nothing than
any college president, burst into the
doom and gave Will an autographed
copy of his latest book.
* * *
WHEN WE LEFT Will asked us
who he was. When the situation was
explained, Wifs explained, "I guess
he is locally, what I am nationally!"
"Yes," one of the staff said, "he's
a little cracked."
* * *
IT SEEMS THAT the Democrats
won an election recently in the great
city of Ann Arbor. Here it is, right
in the heart of Michigan, and the
Democrats won. Someone must have
stuffed the ballot boxes.
* * *
ONLY A FEW miles from here, in
Jackson, to be exact, the Republican
party was founded and Michigan has
voted for them ever since. These
Republicans must be getting careless
to let the Democrats win an elec-
* * *
THE HOOVER FOR president club
had better be careful or the demo-
crats will secure control of the or-
ganization and swing the sentiment
to Smith.
* * *
OLD ELI, KING of the conquered
East sank the Michigan swimmers the
other night when they attempted to
show that they were the best in the
United States.
AND THAT REMINDS us that the
track team lost to Harvard a couple
of weeks ago. Don't worry, boys, just
wait until that old football team of
ours bumps into the dear old East.
By the time the Easterners have dis-

covered where the ball is the game
will be all over.
WE LEARN FROM Poison Ivy that
a certain law student stayed up all
night and walked around the town
to win a bet of $1.50. We'd hate to
bet him a dollar that he couldn't
fight the engineers alone. He probably
would try it to win the bet.
* * *
NOW IF A student would only
spend that much time on his studies

Moore's classes In Choral Litera-
ture will give Dubois' "The Seven
Last Words of Christ" in Hill aud-
itorium at 415 o'clock.'
TONIGHT: The Rockford Play-
ers will present Bernard Shaw's
"Candida" in the Whitney theater
at 8 o'clock.
* * *
As usual, with the first twittering
of spring, poetry surges through th
literary breast, and appropriatel
enough ,was given expression yestel
day by the appearance of a new In
lander-devoted to the latest inte
pretation of the cosmic urge by thi
campus cognoscent. The history o
the Inlander has been chequered any
scarlet; it has ranged from a publ
cation of campus opinion to a hum
magazine, but like a phoenix risin
from its own ashes is now again pure
ly literary. Although occasionally i

All Expenses In
trip steamship
Directed by Homer
Arranged by M-
Grand Rapids
s {
rr; AI
i- Still time to elite
ness Training yo
prepare y ou for
e Enter
id '
e- Yt YU

:cldhiing round
fare for Two
r A. DesMarais
-Travel Club,
, 3ichiga.


mi need. LU4;ius
.L good i Oilil.




Michigan Seal Vanity Cases and Jewelry, Pennants
and Banners
1111 South University

...... ........

I ""'

Fraternities and Sororitie s
Now is the time to be thinking of your
year books or annuals.
Let Us Ce You an Estimate
7kf jC
uru or6e ear iropressions
PHONE 8805

T . --

t- -M ^ ~ CRLA
6D ip
-r- . E
": " i
,, .

f .

711 N. Univ. Ave.

(Over Geo. Moe's.)


efforts are a little sophomoric, there -.- -l- -Ill l lti1tIIIIHII ltii t IIIaIIIiIIlIIlllltl11111!l It tIIIIIIIII1gII1t111{tIl i{IIi_
are moments when its contents are -.
excellent. Of late it has graduated = "
from the Brightest-Girl-In-The-Class ervice RCCOU
Reciting-On-Friday-Afternoon and theac
enterprise is becoming both adult and For the accommodation of University- of Michigan students, re-
interesting. There are three poems turning home Friday, April 6th, account Easter vacation, the Ann
by Alce Frost; another by Valerie Arbor Railroad will provide the following train service from Ann
Gates-an impression of a PalmerA
Christian organ recital of last year;or toToledo, protecting al edo connecti ons
and two short stories by Jean A. Gil- Lv. Ann Arbor........1.....0:30 A. M. (C'. T.) Lv. Ann Arbor.... ....4:05 P. M. (C. T.)
man and Vivian La Jeunesse which Ar. Toledo ................1:10 P. M. (E. T.) Ar. Toledo.....C...........:30 P. N. (E. T.)
are exceptional.
The Inlander has also enlarged its NORTHBOUND TRAIN SERVICE
scope to include the bringing of var-Northbound Tains
ious authors for addresses, and have P.rM.b(C. T.)ms Nos. 51 and 53 leave Ann Arbor, 8:5 , A M. (C. T.) and 3:52
realized this to the extent of an--yconneting with Grand Trunk, Michigan Central and Pere
nouncing Zona Gale for a lecture in Marquette for all principal destinations in Lower and Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Hill auditorium on April 26 at'4:15 All trains will be provided with additional first-class coaches.
o'clock. Would suggest purchase tickets 'and check baggage in advance so as to avoid unnecessary
delay and confusion at train time.
A review, by Harold May ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
However often the glowing critical-
adjective has been applied, and how-
has beeraed, d hwH.-A. MILLS, Commercial Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich.
evnotnundeservedly, it must be _
applied to ten the playing of Dalies Frantzi l A N N .tllllll l t RAll MIIIIIIIlRO AD1It11tN1111111{MillIIIIIIII1if111111111111111[111,
who not only proved his right to
every compliment that it can con-
vey, but also has proved his right
to wear it in his buttonhole, if he so
desires. His playing is powerful yet
delicate; it shows a marked and ac-PYk
curate feeling for rythm yet this feel- Coca C J - t
ing is hot allowed to intrude upon a bc
interpretation, and it is remarkably
easy yet .never careless, or lacking
in force. Dalies Frantz .is the pos- - Delicious and
sessor of a technique that is well
nigh perfect, and a real feeling for J
the poetry of the music that he is
playing. -E e
The program of the concert was "E
enough to test all the powers of any -rse
pianist; it began with the intrica-prQ a sekeepig
cies and interpretive difficulties of The point of Lucio's remark is
Bach, Handel, and Beethoven, after ,rte --:----"not what he said it about, but
which came the plaintive simplicity of what he said. It surely describes
Schubert, and ended with the bra- Coca-Cola, for consider these
vura of Liszt. It was exhaustive andr- facts:
anyone who stood its rigourous test Pure as Sunligt
as well as did Dalies Frantz deserves
.. < An th goo ofitspurity is in
to be regarded as well on the way to the test of - scity c
becoming a great pianist. Last night's - .th.tests, covrng eveye sesientsc
concerts may almost be said to be ohs^ , }preparation, safeguar s
the outstanding musical event of the r- '-.-'drink of natural flavors.
year, the only drawback is that there YL y v-. MEASURE FOR MEASURE
are so few people who can actually 7-CN Act I, scene T
know it, only the one hundred and 8millionaday I T H AD T O B E'G.O O D 'TO G ET W H E R E I T IS
fifty or thereabouts that were at the
-Harold May
As a gesture in the celebration of
Holy Week Mr. Moore's class in Cho-
ral Literature will present Dubois'
"Seven Last Words of Christ" in Hill T HE -

during the course of a
could pass examinations
trouble or worry.

ther is.

* * *
here (hold your
don't like to sit

semester he
without any
spring wea-
thumbs) we
around this

office all afternoon and write
column. Most of the time it is
but now and then we would


auditorium this afternoon at 4:15
Mr. Moore's class will be assisted in
the presentation of this oratorio by
students of the voice deparitment in
the School of Music, and by a 54
piece orchestra, the whole being
coached and directed by Roy Lang-
ham. Words to the music are writ-
ten in Latin, in accord with the tra-
ditional use of that language for sa-
crel purposes.
-* * *
The most outstanding event in De-
troit's theitrical events this week is
the arrival of George Tyler's revival
of Oliver Goldsmith's "She Stoops
To Conquer," at the New Detroit for
four penformancas, Thursday, Fri-
day, and Saturday of this week. The
cast includes a round dozen of well-
knowns including Mrs. Leslie Carter,
Fay Bainter, O. P. Heggie, Patricia

to go out and do something else.
** *
been rather low for the last week
or two and we ask you as a personal
favor, to send more contributions so
we can write the column faster.
* I'..

THIS APPLIES TO everyone in
erailana nvol e in nmfin.inr


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