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March 11, 1928 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-03-11

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SUNDAY, A.TARC3I 11, 1923

SUNDA MAR!! 11 192







1William Puckelwai tz, versatile
9 ¢ Michigan athlete, has been namecd di-
IS UANIOUSCHOCErector of phyica educationin the
Bi tlntVaew Wai e llsi OnVi ialso coach the football, basketball,-
~i' I hi~,AdWll inti track teams of Escanaba hg
l 'ltzjtt Iea~tbxtisch ol i nd its n i hiC r~t- r aThigh

Jerry Engel was the winner
in the all-campus flyweight
championship bout held rece'nt-
ly at Yot field house instead
of Martyr' 'ecker, wXi1()was er-
roneously reportedi as I do vic-
tor ill yesterday's Ma ly.


; :} :::

Bonn11ie Oosterhaan, Michigan's ver-
satile athlete,, was unanimously clo-
sen by blas ( A 11 coaches of the Big
rTeri r:hteol , for a forward position
on the alt-Western Con'erencc team.
This marks lie second time that the
Wolverine athilet ic s1a r has been
named oni the mythical Big Tfen quin-
tet. ,
Oosterbaan, icidentally, was tshe

VIhile attending the University, _______________
P~uckelwartz has made anl enviable
record in athletic,.lie playedloin the D I
baseball teeni t11 e yas, captning .uI reviULflIVW LL H L
the nine last spring. iurinug his car-t
er on the diamnond. whe re lie played r r
in the outticd ide was rank~d as a ' tLir.O>P> £W F
dangerous hitter and fast fielder. M'
Onl the football1 field P'uckclwart z
also distinguished himself, playing oil With thle removal c fr1t 5 ,t ail
the -1925, '26. and '27 teams. Hie won1
his let tar every year. Duuing the 1~926 court in Yost field ]iou'-,e loll, lIa sti
season lie was handicapped b~y in- night's~ wrestling mleet, Coac 1 Ray L.
uries. Last year "Puck'' was one of Fisher's baseball tossers will now hebc
the most consistent memibers of the ab~le to release thea long pant.-up en-
Wolverine backfield, showing ability in
huring forw\ard pa1sses. I le played ergy when they will bce nablledl to
quarterback andl ahhaek du rng Ihis, utilize the spacious (quar ters o(f1the
service oil tlb ( gridil ~n building for practice.
Cactli Fishier expects 11 sstart infliel d
diilill. g iledell a o] ill order to
1:Lf ("'' I"' C . TA I T. {Bt: t9 ;1W ia1ii11t1dthe nmen ml a s.hapeo lwfore th li'
'seasoin le'ss;tlihi23aweek fl-i'S~ lloay.
Thte (:al ta iii a. the \\ (ii (I'm jlfp It is expectead tliathoust ian w ill he
1 928-:<9 quintet will he ~ehst at first lase, Mor se at :,z'coid, ('apt.
' tonnarraw at 12 :1.5 o'cloc~k, tl\cIiai Loosat eli arft op, ndalWin tl'aub at

t Y .
a r { L )A
' ' :
C r .

Jack Sharkiey, B~oston heavyweight, Hn nn
and Johnny Risko, another conten-1HI SCHqOOL 11RfrGeeUiurys ron wl
ueet tomnorro n ight inl Madison Completely upsetting the dlope,
Square Garden at NewFork in thec Jacksonn ruinedl the titl!^ :1SIirmitionais
semi-lial., of ' o-Rickardl's oeliii-!oc'' the Ann Arbor lliii shotihas
atio~n bow~s. ketbll tea:m hy an tunexp'cted doc-
T i., will be Sharkey's firstsa-fa.2 to 13, Fridiayv1 flh t in the'
pea ranuce since his rather ponor show- regional basketball tournament at
ing against TorndI lecney, :t boxing Jackson.
critics are extremnely n>c>erot i On the basis of pastprfmacs
'he Monday night fracals. rn 1)'epa r- the Purple and White should have
1 uls for thlis boul.theCIO ,,on 12sailor Eb .et. IIaneasy winner. The Jacksoni
has shown froquent displa ye> of hiisj quint at bad suvffered a rather deci-
l'ormer spirit that) once carried hinim siv,' defeat (luring the regular sej-
to a trial agatinst: Jack Dempsey inl son at the hands of Coach Iloll'o-
a, now hisi o i Icbat tie. way's five.
R ik, always un itnm-essmx'e ill his Pont IHuiron, victor over Lansing in
j 4yintla sinin wcorkout~s, is oil thle shortI another upset on Thursday night, won
eud of the betting. Odds have risen easily from' Mt. Clemens, .32 to 19,
fromi 1 to 3 inl Sharkey's favor to and met Jackson last night in a.
5 tot 13. Judging from the demand battle which would determine the re-
101r tickets, it crest in the bout has ikional champion.
,increasedl (uring the last few days., Ann Arbor's other entry in the re-
;Mail order's and box office sa les halvf -ionla1 tournamnents, University high,
been swelling rapidly as the (late of qualified for te finals last night in

only player to be the universal choice I.
of the Big rTen coaches. "Stret~ch" nwuPeJewiz
Murphy, Purdule's elongated center,s
lacked one10 vote'to b1)a0 anfffiflolls



. I

Oost (r111: :ui, Mich iga n Forward
Fidher, Northwestern . Forward
Murphy, Purdue........ Center
Hot chkci s, Wisconsin . ..Guard
WNells, Indlialna.........Guard
Waltters, NoitIi west erniForwVarid
G'4ilco, ,Ici w......For'ward
It cCa eklofit .I2dia ni.. .Center
IFloi'g,, ,.Chicago........Guard
Correll, In diana.........(1Guardi
i+)F otads - Wheeler, Purdue;
I Ta rpieson, Purdue; Bohr, Wis-
coisii I [ow, ill in ois T wogood,
Centecis --- Post en, Wis cousin;
(Gist, C('lilec o; Chlapmlan, Michii-
go n.
Guards M tcCuy, Micigan;
Kemmier, Purdue; Johnson,.
Northwestern ; Marshall, North-
western ; S'chnait en. Purdue;
Doyle, \Wisconsin.

1I1IL~I ~ I II L..a~AuI I




rtihe sqlad inn eeto t(ie(S phiotoU
c)lcal ensll r; ido is F .1) 'RT', Ma icli 1to Trhe filia~l'bell jgrape a'-en <l:is t10tc
111bas soundedadfor UGorge -I l~lyvigne, Itie I
;Saginaw Kid," form~er Wor'ld's light.- I IPURPLE CAGE TEAM HAS
I, eig-lit boxinlg chamlpion. REST YEAR IN II STORV t
ELa vigne, whao ruled thue lig-ht«Wci ght
ranks from 1893 to 1899, died last EVANS'PxON,:ill., NMar-l 1C.--:71
nihtalhsio e hre,a tiabre west ern univei'sity's basketball teami
llness, a ahs w as (1110 _, ato a blief w hich il'st finished the season \with 1 2 i
disease,. victorie-s Out of 17 starts enjoyed the
The "Kid'' who was S8.years old11hest yeari in the hlistory of t1lie popular
j when lie died, was reputed to have winter sport at t his iist itll iioil. r'VltO
earined a small f'ort une in the rinag, t~ln wtOn mlll',Oeout of 12 cot'tnerana:e
b11ut of that there was nothling left.
Frtepast few years lie had beengaesIo 1(1pceithBg'ln
employedl a a night watchiman ait a. stamiding,
Faordl Moto~r company plant here. The sticcesslult season iiarkted tilei
Ascending tihe lightweight throne ad~venlt of Coachl Art hun "l)utch" Loul-$
on the retirement of Jack McAuliffe, blerg as hlead basketball mentor at
Lraigne dlefendedl his title against. Nothtwesterni. Coach Lonbei'g is a
what was perhaps the most formida-prdcofteUirsyofKna
Sble field of challengers the division wreuhesftaredUninvbsetbf allfoo-
has ever known. He fought and do- hllandsasreball.bskeFollwingohi
feate ruhbaoers aJoeAnW ootgraduation lie coached McPherson col-
the"abdeDeoAnyBw ge for two .years and then went to
en, Young Griffo, Charley MeKeevor, washblurn college at Topeka for four
iEddie Connelly, Dick Burge, the En-years
lish chamion myserius Blly His record at these two institutions
sSmith, Jack Everhardt and Jack together with his showing at North-
-Daly. western during tho past season marks
l The Kid's greatest fights were him as one of the outstanding of the
against Wolcott, whom he dlefeatedl younger basketball coaches. While at
twice. Wolcott prior to his m'eeting McPherson his, team won 23 and lost
with Lavigne had never been bested 4 games in two years while at Wash-
and had won from the top notchers burn lie won 49 gaines and lost nine.
-of three :divisions, including the' With his record at Northwestern add-
Iheavyweight Joe Choynski. He was ed to the above his teams have won 84
regarded as unbeatable, games and lost 18 in seven years.

sessions starit t his vek.1These a 'a'
alnmost assnre lo to <'oi l tlethe ill-
itid defense when At ichi 4'an a mk s thli
Hldlt aga-inst the tniversl',I:i.1oi' Cincin-
it iri the fir'stEnikame ofthe spinlg
trainiing til)
lafayette-. ;lt slelby
P1RI( ES. N Ii' A( Geto$
110 IIN 4ItPA#,J tIN Ii4 u(( 4t111A
BYG~~Y '&~1-TA~FI

_ IVS GA zE.)U4 = [iON CLUB the altic atP roabches. iitporlaieti. The Ilnivensliy cag'ez
wteiging 1894f, while Riskoz will Prob-; St. Theresa, thle 11101' finalist, wa
\\'Blam~ll fU. oi alto, ot the Aner- mubl v tipz the beam znear 198 roncngSt. Patrick, 27-14.
isa '11 1. 12u1 'gr undml Recica I ion ms-
so(!imiloi, Xwill is' the ' luIcitalispealk- I . ... ... ... ... . _.... __
en m.It the fifth 21u]itiiii'rat ll t, Aei's I
pltx~~~e~o slcl ihme:ioi (1111 te el X 4l ' t Ei ot N I G i'i. S
.e. l s ~ t l ci1 Seoml1}iileeli',$1
iigmiiSifi ONI)A, flS t lie>Mts..<>e,
SlIt1ir. and Sat.,
3 R IC adillac 870-1,_________________________________
it 0 t Z' #/t Wa S lirs. ({iri ig a 'Iife tlli v eyoel II4'1 alils. Airmig j
Didliii's. ('raig have a honme? Wlzt ic 'e 1lI'irriaige?
D'O aY.:I MAetRCH2.0 The Season's Dramatic Sensation
1,,i e "DI{'c t o M . Al I
i111~f Of Is71111'if(1' ,X IN," E
,w ly GIFO1I E L, ;autlor of "6TilE 8110W 0FF"
I~hi A N'I~ A ~I) 1I1~1LSIn "Craig's Wife," George Kelly has built up a drama of intense and
iii.. .! t': N ) . I~ II ;S Io~ interest. N obotlyy w ho ha s at through a perfor nm ance o f
1t tWI N CH E' ,1. ; 11Tl, 101111 I "V'rai's Wife" will torgpet the play. (ertninlyino onte will forget thzt
Do al;ose closing scene. Noy wore finis;hed anti technically perfect play has
* ( l F ser bensen nan IIeatr
.i i .. #l

choice for the pivot position on th,
first teatm
Two other Maize and Blue cager
were honioredl by the coaches in th+
selections. McCoy, guard, and Chap:
man, sophomore center, were give:
honorablec mention.
Indiana, leaders in this year';
championship race, secured the lang
est numubelr of places on the tw(
teams selected by the coaches, tho
Hoosiers placing one man on thf
first team and two on the second
Wells, guard, was honored on tho
first team, while McCracken and Cor
rell wore nmned center and guar(
respectively on the second quintet.




AM) '01 INA



have eaned ther rep catiz "
52 p




N N \\


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All Sizes
Tinker $& Company
So. State St.' at William St.

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