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March 02, 1928 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-03-02

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VOL. XXXVIII, No. 114.







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CamiipIell, Furstei berg, R1eeves, And:
Bates Of Faculty Will Gixe
Fcur Addresses
Included on the eleventh Michigan r
Night radio program of the current
series, to be broadcast over station
WWJ, the Detroit News, between 7
and 8 o'clockt tonight, will be four
faculty addresses, in addition to a
musical repertoire by the Varsity?
band, according to the complete pro- -
gram announcement made yesterday
by Waldo M. Abbot, of the rhetoric de-
partmient, who is program manager_
and announcer. , .ames Reed
The first speaker on tonight's radio- Democratic senator fro Missouria
cast wviii be Robert A. Campbgll who yesterday definitely entered the
treasurere of the University, who will California presidential primaries inp
give a short talk about the main nusi oppositi to Governor Al Smith ofd
cal organizations on the campusthe New York, who has also entered the
band .and the glee club. Mr. CapelCalifornia contest. ,
handles the finances of these organiza -____________________
tions and is constantly working ini
Bates Will Speak
their interests. R'FEnC flASTS HAlN 0 1
Tfaking as his subjet the recent in-
quiry held in Washington, D.C., Henry I
M. Bates, Dean of the Law School.
will be the second speaker On hr
prga.D: Bs, who was char CA I~R I RM R
md by theFedtelOil Conservation Missouri Seator Declares "We Willt
commission, will tell of the conclu- Fight It Out" As Campaign
sio 's reached by the committee as a Opens On Coast
resfit of the recent inquiry.
"The Discharging Ear" will be the jS CHALLEN6E
subject of Dr. Albert C. Furstenberg, T S T
professor of otolaryngology in the (y Associated Press.)
Medical school, who is the third speak- LOS ANGELES, March 1.-Senator
er on the program. Dr. Furstenberg Reed, of Missouri, today signed his
recently addressed the same audience declaration of candidacy in the presi-
othe subject of "Foreign Bodies in .
the Lungs," a talk which attracted dental primary to be held in Cali-
considerable comment at the time. Hej fornia on May 1 and announced, "We
will continue the 'series of medical will fight it out."
talks with a subject which also comes He entered into a race which is ex-
within the scope of his specialization I pected by his followers to bring a
in the University hospital. showdown among the forces in the
Reeves To Talk state of Governr Smith, of New York,I
Prof. Jesse S. Reeves, of the polit- the followers -of William J. McAdoo,(
ical science department, who was one and the Reed supprters.I
of the two delegates from the United Friends of Governor Smith are re-t
States appointed laat year by Presi- ported to be circulating petitions in t
dent Coolidge to the Internat'lonal his behalf, throughout the state.
Commission of Jurists for the purpose While McAdoo, who battled with
of codification of international law in Smith for 103 ballots in the 1924 con-(
America, will be the fourth speaker Ivention, has withdrawn as a candidate,
tonight. Professor Reeves, who also managers of Senator Reed's campaign
sat upon the Tacna-Arica commission, said they understood some .of the Mc-1
and is therefore familiar with South I Adoo followers would seek a delega-t
American politics, will talk about the tion from California either pledged to
recent Pan-American conference at "a straight-out dry or uninstructed.
Havana, Cuba. Senator Reed tossed his hat into the
The program, which is the eleventh presidential ring, after calling uponi
of the 1927-28 series, will be broad- Democrats in a speech last night to
cast from the campus studio on the forget their differences on the wet and
fourth floor, of University hall by (dry issue and to have tolerance on
means of direct wire connections with religios and racial questions. He did
the Detroit station, WWJ, with Mr. not mentien either McAdoo or Smith
Abbot acting as announcer. 1w0Ss efollowerA have divided on these
issue. He declared the campaign is-
J UNIOR STUDENT IS sue ws restriction of honesty to
STU ENT govern cawI,'' andl he arguedl thatI
PUT ON PROBATION JDeocat il"ner geanywhere
Benjamin A. Levy, '29, has been platform.
placed on probation and fined $15 by S
the University Discipline committtee SUSPEND STUDEN T
for defacing a periodical in the Li- AS BAN VIOLAT
brary, it, was announced yesterday. Frank E. Lindsley, '29, has been
Levy was also instructed to replace suspended from the tniversit y for
the magazine which was mutilated, the remainder of the semnester for
andi he is liable to prosecution under violation of his ,ito permit, accord-
tate laws for the potectioni of i-1ing to al announcement from the of-
ss hctin ci- flee of th1(e dea of students,
Oraries which prohibit the defacing Clare 11. Timberlake, '29, has at the
of books. sane tie been ilaced on proba'tion
The advisory committee of the Stu- for the remainder of the semesier
dent council, which handled the case's for iinor in ra et ion of th1e auitomo-
before the _discipline committee, had bile bal.
advised that Levy be placed on pro- A

IN 1924
Reason, He Explains, Was That Part,
Was To Be Returned To Noted
Oil Operator
(11y Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, March 1-Will 1.1
Hays, former postmaster-geniera, .
testified today before the Senate oil
committee that Harry F. Sinclair had
handed him a total of $260,000 ini
Liberty bonds for use by the Repub-
lican national committee after the oil
operator had leased Teapot Dome.
Of this anmunt $160,000 actually
was used to help extinguish the com-
mittee deficit resulting from the 1920!
presidential campaign, which Hays
directed as chairmaniof the national
committee, the remaining $100,000 be-j
ing returned to the wealthy oil op.
Transacted In 1923
The transaction occurred in 1923
after the Continental Trading com-
pany, of Canada, had made its $3,080,-
000 in profits and gone out of busi-
ness, but Hays said and Senator
Walsh, Democrat, Montana, agreed
with him, that he knew nothing of
the Continental at that time.
When testifying before the same
committee in 1924 the former cabinet
officer, now a major figure in the
moving picture industry, placed Sin-
clair's contribution at $75,000 and on
that point was sharply questioned by
Senators Walsh, Democrat, Montana,
and Bracken, Dem'ocrat, New MCexi-
co. He explained that the $75,000
was all lie asked about at that time
and lie did not volunteer information
about the other because the plan.had
been to return all of it to Sinclair.
Reading a prepared statement to
which he referred repeatedly later
during cross-examination, Hays ex-
plain(d that he took a hand in wiping
out the 1920 campaign deficit because
he felt a personal responsibility in
the matter. Although he had retired
as chairman of the party organiza-
tion, Hays said he personally solic-
ited funds from Sinclair, among

Wiliam T. Mc.wdrew
Ousted as superintendent of schools,
attacked Chicago Board of Education l
and decries plOlitics in public school
system in declaration made public
y -ster ay.
). -N. Rogers Supervisoir Of Natitul
Forest. To Remain Here
Several Days
D. N. Rogers, supervisor of the
Plumas National forest in the Sierra
Nevada mountains. California, arrived;
here yesterday to visit the School of
Forestry and Conservation. He is to I
remain throughout the week, giving l
a series of lectures on forest problems 1
and management to students of sil-.'
Mr. Rogers is at present making a
tour of the leading forest schools of
the East. He is to visit 11 of the 4
I schools in the interest of the federal
forest service in an attempt to inter-.l
est men in the forest service or toC
advise those who are to take civil4
service examinations in the near fu-
In speaking of the problems of a
I national forest supervisor Mr. Rogers
told of the extent and size of the
I Plumas forest in California of which
he is manager. One million and a
half acres of timber land or an area

Says Every History Textbook Listed
By Thompson Long Before
Coining To Chicago
(C A Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, March 1-The greatest
obstacle to education in Chicago is
the board of education, in the opin
!on of its former supemrintendenit, Wil-
liam McAndrew.
His protracted trial by the board
on charges of insubordination and
injecting pro-British propaganda in
the schools terminated yesterday with
only a gesture of defense, but to-
day Mr. McAndrew launched a broad-
side delineating the accusations as
"lies, half-truths, and balley-hoo, and
meeting every allegation with a de-
i t d statenient of his version of "the
Broadcasts Letter
The first public pronouncement of-
fered by the ex-superintendent since
his trial began five months ago was
made in a 29 page letter to a con-
mission formed by religious and civic
societies to. take the school system
out of politics. McAndrew himself
had walked out of the trial and his
aItornys iocii f nueld:

Connititees In Both Hoinses Work On
Mexican Imigratlon Plan
With Opposition
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, March 1.-With the
Senate tied up all day over the middle
Rio Graide conservancy project and
the Hlouse grinding along at debate on
t the department of agriculture appro-
priation bill, a visit by former Post-
master-general Hayes, now a director
of the movie industry, to testify before
i the Teapot Dome committee came
close to taking the congressional spot-
light for the day.
The Senate wrangle was largely a
knock-down-drag-out affair between
LaFollette, of Wisconsin, and Bratton,
of New Mexico, as to whether Pueblo
Indians in New Mexico were being
badly treated in the land reclamation
project under discussion.
Bill Is Passed
The bill finally was pa'ssed, but
not many other senators took more
than an occasional dose 'of the debate
" and it was seriusly interreupted only
once when McKellar, of Tennessee,
diverted attention with a speech on
I federal aid for state roads.


Robert 3f. LaFollette
Republican senator from Wisconsin
who yesterday engaged in a spirited'
controversy with Senator Bratton of
New Mexico over the question -of
whether the Pueblo Indians were
being badly treated in a land reclam-
ation project.

attorneys followed suit
after producing two witn
ing charges of insubord
protesting the eligibility
the judges.
"I was warned by perso
with the school system
that a superintendent who
tics out of the schooln
wouldulie ousted iisca fewI
McA ndrew declared today.
Observing that the list
meanors charged against
stopped short of bootlegg
and breaking up homes,"
drew took up each 'alleg
Calls (Charge "Si
To the charge that he
in a conspiracy to spread
propaganda in the school
countered: "This is so
have evoked the laughterc
There was a similar acc
- -^^^ - - ^a-^ ^^ li ct -

esses, deny- Work Of Compiling Program Results itsh ppopr actubill part otal e t e
ination and In Discovery Of Considerable The rest of the record was taken up
of four of N. ew Talenit with many other things including an
interesting announcement by Chair-
ons familiar I WILL BE hELD TUESDAY ilman Dempsey, Republican, New York,
in Chicago lof the rivers and harbors committee,
o kept poll- MIore extensive work in compiling that a new river and harbor bill, in-
nanagemeit eluding
weeks " Mr 1 the program for the fifth annual In- the Great Lakes waterway
i ternational Night, which will be held project, was to be expected. That
I Tuesday in Hill auditorium, has re- will give Congress three major river
him, "jst I. sulted in the unearthing of consider- and harbor bills to deal, with: the
hi, robbest more talent in the University regular $50,000,000 lump sum in the
Mr. Mery- I than in previous years. Past pro- army bill, the flood control measure,
Mr. McAn- grams r by the Cosmopolitan still to be whipped into shape, and
ation sepa- club have been drawn more from the the new bill forecast by Dempsey, size
professional element in and around and scope unknown.
payt..i....Detroit. This year effort on the part I Committee,, Work
paromitipatf of committees working under Syed Committees in both houses were
Spro-British F Husain, grad., who is general again at work on the Mexican immi-
sillymaseto chairman of the affair, have unearth gration restriction plan, with wide-
of tie entire ed acts representing several national- sp'ead Opposition evident. The House
ities and presented almost entirely by naval committee reported out a bill
students. to give submarine crews and divers
utext-books A special prologue written and di- a pay bonus due to the hazardous
rected by faculty nembers will open nature of their duties and also again
Swas listed !the program, while the conclusion refused to approve of reconditioning
klons befoe will be an original theme expressed next year more than two of the five
long beforeing in the dance "The Awakening of battleships the navy would like to
eadsofrth Peace" paresented by Nico Charissi overhaul. Even the two w-ill cost
eNew York and his pupils. The costumes used in more thai $14,000,000. Before the
nmerican his- the production will all be peculiar to House postoffice committee, post-
me issued ai the race represented, and every scene office department approval to go back
te asmember.will have appropriate stage settings. to the 1921 basis postal rates was
at N Yomr Anmong the countries that will be rep- voiced.
a ner Ybrn- resented will be Russia, the Philip- As side issues in the House, Rep-
schools n-pines, Hawaii, Japan, China, Poland, resentative Dickenson, Republican,
sos Bvrn'ia Palestine. and Greece. One Iowa, suggested it would be wise for

th ire o~~-f the state of(VRhod Island. ,-1I tie recommusensuea 1HistorIy

Operator Gives $75,000 are contained in the Plumas forest having a British bias.
The oil operator's personal contri-h le said. Eleven billion feet of timber "Every history text-boo
bution toward the deficit was $75,000.1 are cut per year in the forest by the by the Thompson board
the witness testified, but he advanced governmeint and 12 mills are kept I came here," he replied.
$185,000 in Liberty bonds to be used busy through this supply, Rogers said. testimony that he wasI
by the committee in mmaking a report Over 100 rangers and assistants are ,text-book division of the
to the country that the deficit had employed in the forest. I schools when Muzzey's Ai
been wined out in advance of the 1924 The gra'ing of cattle and sheep tory was banned here
camnpaigm. Ienter's intoi administrationi of a west- 1doubile (denial: "I was ti
Hays told the investigators that he ern forest, Mr. Rogers said, as does of the text-book divisiona
niet Sinclair in New York, either in also the problems of recreationists 1 and Muzzey's history was
his own or Sinclair's office. and hadI and campers. He described the high tned from the New York
received from his hand a package fire hazard of that section of the -------- -~
containing the $260,000 in bonds. country and said that 60 per cent of STUDENT SUE
There was no memorandum or other the fieso are caused by man, while only E IN
evidence o' the transaction. ' per cent ar due to lightning. Mr. ! SER" UO.S I
ltog'rs addessed a special meeting --
IS RE-ELECTED TO "of"he"lstr" club last mnight called John 0. Innis, '11, is
- : in-m his honor. versity hospital, in a se

CIICAGO, March 1- Col. RIobert B FO E H ENE
jW. Stewart, charged with constefmnpt - I - .\t~'it{'il
-~i rely s tticaiswr qustresss.)(
for refusal to -answer questions ask- IMAISON SQUAEIC GARtDEN, New
ed by memabers o the T'eapot Done York, Ma'chI 1.--Tbe heavyweight am-
senatorial investigating comm ittce,1 bitioi5 of Ja'k Delaney crumbled
wa eeetdciiimto bo cte aga in tonight, this time before
was re-elected chairman of the bhoard
then. . , ,,, the bull-like attack of the iron-jawed

t t

tion as a result of a rec
The horse on which in
i"g bolted and ran her
milk wagon, throwing
the ground. In addition
juries, the shaft of the w,
Innis' groin cutting in
inches in such a manne
der it diflicult to care .fo
Germiany now leads t
civil aviation, one con
having at least 140 air

~ TY~ I of the most spectacular features will
TA heIN the large Ukrainian orchestra from
JURIES Detroit. Mrs. Robert Winters is di-
intin- time whole program.
in the rani-I E O T A O H R
rious condi- REPORT ANOTHER
ent accident.I DIAMOND DEPOSIT
nis was rid-1_
(d-on unto a (Iy Asc dPss)
the riienr to CAPETOWN, Union of S. Africa,
to minor i- IMarch 1.---Another rich diamond field
agora pierced has been discovered to swell the
about seven wealth of South Africa. This revela-j
r as to ren tiol was made today in the assembly
)1 the wound.I by the minister of mines, F. W.
-_--- ;Beyers. Although some knowledge of1
he world in this field was made public a few
mipany alone I months ago, it was not until recently"
limes. that its richness was confirmed. I

members seeking flood control action
to support farm relief, while Repre-
sentative Celler, Republican, New
York, attacked pending bills for
equalization among broadcasting sta-
tions of power and wave-lengths as
designed to "wreck" the broadcasting
Visions of a unit class memorial
from the senior literary class in the
Burton Memorial campanile project
are gradually materializing with the
continuance of the campaign for the
collecting of dues from' the members
of that class. With the addition yes-
terday of $160 paid in by members of
the senior literary class, the total
amount of. dames collected in the first
'three days of the drive amounts to
$473, of which $57.75 will go to the
Women's league.
The campaign will continue today


The mutilitation of the imagazine
took place in the form of clippingl


out several advertisements which "The average total expense of a stu-
Levy needed for a journalism course dent here today is from $70 to $100
lie was taking. per year at the very highest." Yes,
the fore-going is true, but it is a
WTILD CATS DEFEAT quotation from 1847 when r oons and
'anitor service ini Ann Arbor cost
SLLINOIS CAGERS from $ to $7.50 for an entire year,
and at the same time when the jan-
EVANSTON, March 1-Northwest-' itor of Mason hall where 'studentsI
ern took revenge tonight on IllinoisIlived, used to ring a bell, borrowed
the team which knocked Northwest- from the Michigan Cemtral railroad.
ern out of the Big Ten basketball for the purpose of getting the stu-
race, defeating the downstaters 39 to dents up for their classes.aI
31. The Purple grabbed a 10 poit adThius have thinigs changod. InI-
lead at the start and held it, despite stead of thme $70 to $100 which, more-
the lost of Gleisehman, one of the pes coveed many incidental ox-
regular forwards who was injured in petises such as books and washing,
the Chicago game early in the week.I recent figure's place the -expense of
Bob Chilaglry h the 1927 and 1928 Michigan student atf
Bob Mills, the Illini dribbler who from $763; to more than $980, exclu-
was mainly tresponsible for North- sive of many of the usual expenses.
western's defeat in their previous 1mI addition, in those days, more
mnetinsr wa3 stonned by Cant. Waldo I 5 o r - c i.,..,...- 1,--vo _rt int

or the Standard oil compatiy of in-I
liana today; with the 1,330,820 shores e frm N, I
of stock controlled by Johtinl . , eore a crowd oh inore tha 18,000 I
Rockefeller, Jr., voted neither for northe hat y gid $175,000 tt see tie fight of
against hium. , hme leavywveighmt elimination semi-
finals, Heeney carried off the decision y
over the erstwhile French-Canadian
EASONABLE HEiRE trapshooter in 15 mauling, bruising
TALOGUE REVEALS t s not a one-sided victory for
jthe blocky, square-jawed boxer from
small group of 92, including a grad- I the Antipodes, but it was decisive
uating class of only 12. nevertheless, and gained as the result
Admission reuirements differed very of a determined rally in the last
radically from those of 1928, for such rounds.
Isubjects as "Orations Against Cata- In a struggle that was fast if not
line," "Jacob's Latin Reader." "Greek spectacular, punctuated by bruising
History to Alexander the Great," "Six clinch-es, Heeney emerged the victor
Books of Aeneid," and courses in because he was the aggressor all the
Latin and Greek grammar were re- way. Chunky Tom seldom gave
quired in examinations given before Handsome Jack a chance to get set
entrance to the freshman class. Be- for a knockout swing. Outboxed, out-
sides fulfilling these 'requiremnents;,i smarted and outspeeded by his rival,
ithe prospective freshman in 1847 had , Heeney nevertheless kept charging'
to present a certificate from his 'in, punishing Delaney severely about

It, s a dog's Ie in short, the pits herd, the condition of the ca-
tday of the campus dog is past, and nines has been going steadily down-
the tribe of canines wlich formerly grade. Last spring the Clippy Memor-
barked and frolicked before the Li- ial stadium was removed from the
'brary is shortly to be exterminated. campus, and since -then there has
Such seems to be the grim resolve been a steady and insidious agitation
o2 the Buildings and C-rounds depart- against the whole species. Powerless
ment, and who would ie (o rash as as they were to resist the impending
S - flint t n1 whih tore up i tide of public opinion, they only re-


with re)resentatives of the senior
literary class treasurer stationed in
the lobby of Angell hall from 1 to 4
o'clock this afternoon. According to
class officials it is possible that re-
presentatives of the treasurer will be
placed in Angell hall sometime next

{t0 say thaC UIC gluu;l >vill"I

fill 4. ll .l

a tic, l by hc r'nmin - coven mnva frian(7-


the old Diagonal, undermined Tappan '" e- ''"y"iUoii evni i'' 't"n week.
hall, and constructed Clippy stadium ly--a friendliness which was not en- Funds collected from the remit-
is incapable of the deed? tiely uderstood by the narrow co taice of senior class dues will be
The fact is, the campaign has al- used in the furtherance of the plan
the So the sporting score of dogs be- for the Burton Memorial campanile,
ready started, amid for two dlays tefr h irr a enrdcdt
Buildings aid Grounds pound has fore tie Liui'iy has bem edntet and must be paid before the pro-
been filled with sleek airdales, frow- a mere handful - a handful that curement of canes, programs, invita-
s colliesand distinguished looking bats a steadily losIg battle for its tions, or tickets for the Senior hail,
s olles, anydt rexistence against the impending it is stated by officials of the class.
m;ongrels - without any respect for 1i e of the B. and G. Owners w ho' _________
rank or social position - a most piti- I have had to bail their charges out m
able sighto Kind owners have bafled the houmd three or four times a reMOVIE MEN MEET
out some of the creatures by paying fToDthCrSurBIsL
for their board and room, while already planning to mortgage te1 TO DISCUSS BILL
family hom-estead if the practice con-i
others of the sad canines have look tinues; and the humanitarians are (By Associated Press.)
ed in vain for a friendly hand 1 to i'0(apparently satisfied that a "veterinar-j WASHINGTON. Marc, 1.-Repre-

parents and other people certifying the body with an attack that was as
to his good moral character. And persistent as it was damaging.
after all this trouble, he still was not ---
officially in the University, for he was In reciprocation of the visit of thef
inn only for a probationary period of American hotel keepers to Germany,
one term after which, if he was sat and to study Anerican methods, ho-
isfactory, ie might continue his stu- tel keepers of Germany plan to tour
t. dies ;here. nart of this country this year.

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