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March 01, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-03-01

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VIA =A'WA mm



mro~r un liminITravel C ommittee. Chairman Describes

' f

FRM U R W LL HUL L ICvlVl .il11t -41L11111Ykp l% r
Delights Of European Open Road Tour -VR S
Reliving i1 . n memory some or they Housethere, and two nmore Open DiyBlei fSotwmn
delighits of the nast summer when Road groups of girls. W'e a1 stayed
she torued various sections of Elurern a swhoa] a few streets rip from
HeeaTl Ch osren AF o n atteone with the intercollegiate student, the League of Nations building, and Complete P ans for SNO AO WN
Hed oB hsnFrPgatgroup of the Ope~n Road, Inc., Phyl- felt very jolly and cosmopolitan to- -7 r~y FROM NON-EFFICIENTS
ThIMS lAternooni lis Richards, '28, chairman of the g'ether. } 1Fencmg Tournamentl ---
PAGANTp AitsLeague tir avel commiittee, tells of thel "Only the guides and the ontstand-___, In a fast postseason basketball
AEATWILL BE REREAD program which the ten Michigan wo-ling people have been mentioned here, Plans for al interclass fencing game at 5 o'clock Tuesday, in Bar-
men, who will 'take ai similar trip but one must not forget the many tournament which is to takn place boa gymnasium, the Semior Majors
Iijection of general chairmen and this summer, may expect people whom we met in the deffer- aftei- springy vacation are already defeated the Non-Elicients, a team of
commitatee heads for the Freshman "In Belgium, as in Scotland, ourl ent cities that are student centers, being discussed and organized. c nmbin d alumnae andf faculty, by a
Pagan~wiI e eldat4:5 oclckguides were men, M. Pierre .Ansiaux Brussels, Paris, Tours, Luxembourg. "We had thought" said Miss Ella - scr-
Pagant.wil b hld t 415 clckand M. Jean Couturier, both from There were always many of them, all Rawlings, fenc ng instructor in physi- The Senior team Was the champion
thisaftrnon i Uniersty allthe University of Brussels. Their) pleasant, and all eager to make us cal education, "we would have this 1h th ne s rmhe
auditorium, according to the an- chie° characteristics were an inabil- welcome. Itournament as :soon after vacation as Nw nEhich ene staehur-asday. T de
nouncement made by Jane Howard, ity to understand our i'odess for Amlericas Should Cooperate Ipc ssible, bu we will haetowi n- att e ts ethe ch ps awighord -
viepresident of the _freshman class. postcards, and a penchant for mak-i The American student who goes til every clas'sis prepared fir it. Two br t theirnsisens oodtheamed rk-
ing witty remarks to each other in m iust of coarse play his part. He; groups of women have just been en- ie y the osi tergo team wrkuh-
-nagto t h eea li Frenchi, and taughigura ins ,ms represent the finest in his own rolled and, of course, they are not asuthegm.
man, there ill be ninemembers onAnother thing; they could not under-(country as thec host does in his. Thelfar ah ad 1, those who have been 1n Teca1egr1ftegmewste
the central committee of the pageant. stand was or enthlusiasm for climb Open Road Willts to feel that every thre class since flu' I)ginning of te o-fiietta.Fr h ean-
It was reported that candidates will ing tow(.s, lbut 'hey nianfully toiled. ,tudent whv~o goes is a guest wothy semlester. There are 20 womn en- e ftesaool hlegd
be run with a view to election to u 1 cev' one, and took care ghat no of the time and trouble that thej tered il fencing classes. now, and ga swilobrplyofb the eisuony cl ssged
the head of a specific committee. Fort one fell off. Otherwise, they were; hosts talc to ertertain them that!with [hs nmber the tourlna suas.
the benefit of those who were 1un-1well bred, intelligent, ice looking he will enter into the spirit. o: this sai ag nuht aecni elowc is the lineup four thu g ame: ;
able to attend the meeting last weekjyw ing men , and were erha s the kiln(] of travel n d app eci te ths r l al ry a2nll n to o ate tosn jL o adcens
Louise Auble, '31,author of the. pro-!nmost interest ing personalities We 'tillof it. ,'he st an dards of selc- emabke rf he co ntdi noct to ndle. Be Paumont . . . .. .TRF. .. . .. . . . . . Ha
logo(, and lyrics of the Pageant, wil camne in c<nttWith all sirmlzrr. ion cannot be put info a few wa~rds i ilb lmntintunmn hild .... ,.. . .. . . , L. . .. ... Campbell
read the book, and further plans for.Ni.Ansiaux war; ill('son of the roc bat mer'e ilty 10 pay the price i, tin t h E fivc^ lass g 'nrup, radurate,H olver . . . . . .. . .. C . ... Sa ppgton
costluming, dancing, an d pub licity f or of the University, an d the vice does not assu re membership. Th e Tardy. . .. . .. .. ..5. .. .. .. .. . . ig rr
.w s;Yn C10, i io.spln r,,adposters will be discuss(,(. ; )resident o" the strident union; and gr ohmst e cng........sel, m n. nd....h.. asthHod-sstotn
Eligibility for participation in lhe Mf. Couturier was the edit>'r of the and pmus,. also be congeial with re ilb nroe dw hrbs e c radwcll,............ ? nnebig
das, cmltte or t i the-w.ely unver sity ]aper, "L'U nivei.- sprect to its Euroren hoss. Teer iilnaroead las ru.Woe w Sustitutions for th Nonll-Iciens
pageant is dependent upon the. schol-j sitaire ." members oif such a group should feel have he^n chosen to he captains Of ere Raticc, Ogborn, and Poivinen.
arshrip record mrade by first yeair wo-' Friendships are 1'ormled that theyr are mlaking, a very real, hr asgrusr a fols:
men during the last semester. Tho These cntacts; with foreign stn-, even if small contrilmtion to inter MNarv Klen-lill t, gradiate, Janre Fol- EMPLOYEES REQUIRED 'T
minimum requirement is a total of dents we're One Of- the outstanlding national friendship alld understand -scm ',. Lily Schmidt, '39, Ona Flkcr, WEAR UNIFORM SKIRTS
honor point;, equal to those given by' features o' the visit, according to olf. arml that comrbined witl the ' 0, and 11011 Guckenb rge, 'H. ]ight
a "B" and three"C" . Miss Richards,' and constitute thl idcalnitic aim of the tnnr is thie new mils and , some new plastoons Wmn mlydith gve-
As a part of the traditional Lan- most attractive factor in the C) en oippotunity for 1'nn and intrsting h e en ridded fn this depart mnt of ti nt postal. plepholne and telegraph
tern Nighti program, the Freshman Road low's. The stndent hosts who; experionce quite outside the rang- physical education and this will n-i services most wear uniform skirts .ox-
Pageant has become al ottstaudiug eiverywherev meet and take care o' o ordinary ;ommiercial travel. or in-'0 obtely ald to the interest in the Gendi ng at least eight inches below the
feature of Michigan women's activi- the Axm(_ricanrl guests are selected by dividual traveling withot the ,ai-,ccming tnurnamennt lknee. Tlerder has recently hcen
itie is 'c.,sntti " f tetei nt ernatio l- Student Hlositali. i rtnity of meeting any of the peo- Every entrant will !w required to :s'd b r ate cazl i-
Work of the entering womn just ist association coopecrating; with file ple ill the countries visited." have rooorted to class l14 tines, but if istrof tener. Dr. Schaetzel
the Junior Girls' Ply so h u- National Student Federation of Ainer- T1:11 Michigan wvomen, accompanamed any. experio-ncd fencer. nt enrolled cmsfo Bavaria, whre th ,3cley
for class Lantern Night signifies ica, the ]latter organization sponsor I'fy Aliss 'Mary 1L. Lytle, director of at pre sn , wo ld care to enter, these ,c msp ri uary h stl to he re f
the passing down to the succeeding ing the Open Road tours. IBetsy Barbour dormitory, will sli class attendances can be made up try( the modern women.
class the :responsibilities of the sell- "Our French guide was mile, x'011 New York on July 7, landingi14 practices. The touirnamenit will The federation of women postal and
for won-.-en who hand their lighted Yvonnte Mary, whom we knew bettori in Plymouth. Ali itinerary covering' probably take place during the reular telegraph employes objects that the
lanterns to the junioirs who in turn than any of the rest because we Western Europe has been arranged class period, at 4 o'clock, Mondays and order is neither il accord with the
give their vai-colored hoops to the sitayed with us longer," -Miss Riih.. and they will depart prom Europe W'edrnesdays in harbour gymnasium. times nor is practical, for the women
sophomores. _ ards went on. "Her ta,;k was lop, from Cherbourg on August 17, on the yTi will have to pay for their uniforms
It is desired that all eligible wo- and ardnours, for the groan stayed . S. DrYesdenl. The total cost. ex-jON"E D;J*AY REM AINS out of their own money.
ment take part in the freshmen's con-jtogether more in acountry that pre-) rludint' such -1pe'rsona. ,(11 ite lluchas. aCl';)
., - -1- - ,.,,, _.AATO TRY OUT FOR team made ul of Croup. ir, Culve

League T'o Feature
Holidays With Partyi
"My dear, who woulhl ever imagine'
such a thing? llolidays are so trite,
but this, this is <trl new and I
unusual," and like commnts will be
heard )font those who attend "thed
party the Women's league is giving
tomorrow afternoon from 4 to 5:30


I -t

All properties needed for the
Penny Carnival should be list-
ed and in the hands or Margaret
Bush, '.0.If any or anization
has overlooked this niatter it
should 'gall Mliss Bush before
noon today, dial 7817.


o'clock in Sarah Caswell Angell hall.
You see, ,this is to he entirely dif-
ferent, and thoroughly delightful.
Who has ever heard of an All-


There will be a meeting of all the
nmembers of the proposed chapter of
Alpha Lambda Delta at 4 o'clock to-
day in the parlors of Barbour gymi-

Holiday party before? They are ,real-
ly wondgrful, entertaining and pep-
py. You may be prepared for any- t
thing, from Turkey to Easter Rab-
bits, and you are sure to be satis-j
fiel. C'an. you imagine dancing a St:
Paatrick's dance an([ receiving fal-
entine fiavors at. the same t-ime? No?
Theii come and see. Edna M~owe-}"'s
orcfic :tra is going to do its best to
i1ia( 3,y 11 stela lively. Featlre ('n-'
(s iranti azud.tefreshments iwill
com1114(,to the htrcgramt.
I You will not have t o be uirg ed now
i -o've ome bfore. N oni
I~1 canmins are cordiatlly invited rind
notnt omake the agrquaintance'
of their fellow students. You maust
come 'and see l halt ever'yone is talk-
ing ibont. All arrange~ments atre in,
ilhe Minds of ELllen Groff, '28.

QT SoM30

A H it!

vAprIkomedy ulU4


tribution to Lantern Night, and in sienrted language difficulties, and from
addition -to the large number who m1orning till night she stranslated our
will be needed for the dances of the wishes and comments. In spite od
pageant, there will be numerousI ouir humorous struggles with the
committee appointments. French language we made many
friends in France, particularly Mad-
Spor 'C othe 'A e ' emnoiselle's charming brother and
'Atlt s r sister, and the .students in the little
.tu, univmersiy town of esancon, in the?
Feat re F r S rinoI Jra hlls


Paris designers modestly aver that
sport clothes have attained perfe7-
tion, and ethey content them~s'elv'e,
with minor suggestions based on the l
Sever practical jurmper frock, -offering
them in their spring and summer
collections. S'ince these early offer-
ings show the trend of designs for
the coming seasons, they are of in-
terest to the stay-at-homes as well
as to thoewhor eslanning ward-
Jersey in beige or dark colors,
pleated into comfdrtable skirts with,
matching je'rsey iacket and iumner


Greneva is ICosmopiotan
"In Geneva, there were people
from everywhere, Swiss students, a
French boy who had come down
with us from Besancon, three Aus-
trians who had a handicraft work-
ship in a little village up in the
mountains, two mnore Austrians from'
Vienna, the directors of the Student
Again it was a woman who came
to the rescue--this time when Col.

tio rya m drinks, is 7 pl-0x 1 O I T
cations shoul~d be made to Miss Rtichz- CH S OC E Y
ards or Miss Lytle before April 20. 1 __.
-- University women will be given one
FORCAS S YLSwore chance to tryout or Orchesis on
Iaturday, March 3, but this is abso-
OF TENNIS STARSI lut:;'y the last opportunity that wil
be offered. Invitations to the new i
Bare knees and calves are the .edict members will be sent out as soon as
o ' spring and summer for the fashion- possible, probably by next :Monday.
able women who will playltennis along Everybody, old members as well as I
the Riviera in Paris, according to an new ones are required to tryout, and
Associated Pr. ss dispatch. the whole society is being reorganized.
For comfort tennis players wearj When this process is finished the new
short wool socks, with colored topsI and the old members togeth-r will
which match their head bands and start work on a Dance drama.
handkerchiefs, or the collar of- their Some members of Orchesis are now
sport dress. The socks are often! working on a dance for the Cosmo-
rolled down to the tops of their tennis politan night program which will be
shoos and frequently colored handker- given next Tuesday, March 6.
.chiefs, glorified bandanas, or brightly
colored scarfs are worn like belts, NO'TICES
Siety is whamig p of -the idea freshman basketball game be-
that a nice tan is smart. One way tween Team I, which has been eonm-
hat efforts to get it are being made biped from Groups 14 (Miler) and 2
is to wear as few clothes as possible (Clifford) and TeamVII1, or 'Group
for sport-very short uleeves and 15 (Koch), will be played 'at 4
skirts, no hat, and no stockings, or as o'clock today in Barbour gymnasium.
in playing tennis, very short or rolled At 5 o'clock if enough women come
i n" wil h a 'A bi j) tiP t

an(] t8 (Taylor) ind 'another team
, ., s f ai e
Indoor baseball iaractice for fresh-
mvan women will staxt next week.
Semi-finals of the iramural bas-
ketball tournament betwen Alpa
Omicron Pi and Group I will be rpiay-
ed today in Barbour gymnasium.
Also athe finals of the B tournament
will be played Monday between Kap-
pa Delta and Helen Newberry.
for all makes of
Rapid turnover, fresh stock Insures
best quality at a moderate price.
0. D. M OR R IL L
17 Nickels Arcade. Phone 661:.

Spring's Campus
Left : A Frocke-of a wispy
wool en fabric--belted--
and of turquoise.
Right: A Novelty Sborts
Sweater -~urte neck--
Honey beige in shade
wPith the shirt slightly
Rubley Shoppe
Nickels Arcade.


Philip Barry's

The Smart Comedy
2 0 a 1 19

Prize Play





The author, of "White
Wigs," "The Youngest,"
"Cock Robin," Paris

blouse, is suggested for golf devo- Charles A. Lindbergh's plane wIJ3
tees. Patou cuts the neck of the forced to the ground last Thursday
jumpear blouse into a deep V, expos.. on a suburban farm near Detroit.
ing 'a white crepe de chene under- The presenice of a heavy fog made it
blouse, btut most designers are Coll- necessary for Col. Lindbergh and
tent with the three piece style. Mod- IMjor Thomas C. Lamphier to land.
ernistic or floral inserts OnI the jam-; iiel-r plane was naturally Oh, ob-
hers and borders of contrasting colori ject of inaut> eay ,n
add variety to these .suits, and the4 hunters, and the danigor that f#
bright handketrchief searrs accent the, would' b strippmed caused \AZr7 T
color contrast still m'oreAl onir o.eo fre',t
For less serious sports than g olt stand guarl over it through a dr iz-
the skirt may be of creme de cehene 7l1'1 rain, 'm deop mud.
with a jumper sweater of striped ail-' gioup of Ei'ls, especially desir-
gora wool or fancy open-weave hou- ois o" "somethiin- of Lind's," mn-
clette. The tennlis frock of white in aIgedl to het by he statllorn ua
light weight silk, mlade witil a pleat-. a1nd Seized a pair of mm'krvat ;Ioves
ed skirt and simple attached sleeve. )fr1m i1Mide the t1lane. 13W they E
less blotisa is still good. LeLong adds t'oiight over them and in the midst of
an abbreviated cage back sometimes.; their quar reling, M1rs. Cornair
White or cream is phcnomenally snatchedl the gloves, with the state-
llopuilar just now for resort wean. menlt that she wvould return them to;
Coat ofh r e n aool l as ethvcave C l.fhe lh gi f h em want ed 1 13
more flesh able by h lving a N'orfolki and 'Major Lanphlier to the Ford air
Cut with soulder yokes; pleats, 141d, sor recie a $5 bill whiceb ,11e


down socks.

ouit, thler e ii b e a gameutwe al

Chinese, Egyptian, Indian
.Desirable as wvall hangings, pillow tops, table scarfs,
and ed spreads.
Mary Louise Shop
Nicker Arcade.
N eWNo velt y Hats
CompaCto Holds Its Own

Li\ y _..... 1:
) L
,i _ a
\ \C.
i\ Li .
Z . Q',J s7.
,. _
y - ,
t _ + A.
,,,, }
. ,
!, , ;
{ , . 1 , __
...._____----- r

Tom Dougall




Phyllis Loughton
Rchard urvink
Wade Carney
Mabel Baruch
Hoyt Sherrill

. +'
..,y. -s
. rp e
, .
\. '*+ +

Al te tye
No touch of Fashion now
high in favor but can be found
in these
h shades in georgettes,
and crepes.
ver $x.5.00

Original Fad
Quite the newest and most
original fad in the millinery
world today is the compacto hat.
It combines the novelty with the
practical and so is certain to be
a success with the girl of today
who insists upon comfort and
Somewhere in the hat
you will find a cigarette
lier tukedin asi

AChat Hat
TThe', ,, little hats pit the head
closely and are in many colors.
They come in soft crochets and
in felts, or combinations of both.
The lines are trim and neat,
with becoming brim lines, which
are mostly off the face. Even
without the additional conveni-
ence and novelty they are well
worth their price in chic.
Besides the cigarette
lighter. with its gay orna-
m e t a ex er o t h e r is a

$ 2 %_ 00 t $6 00
Tweeds--woolens-as you like them. This
season these fabrics are correct for coats. So
that you may choose a garment for daytime,
for sports or for semi:formal wear. Tailored or
fur-trimmed. For women or misses.

Aeader olco
wih have drifted into
New York, I have- en-
joyed most the bright
comed "ou and I.
Friday and

Printed and plain hig
chiffons, a
Nothing c









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