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February 18, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-02-18

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issian Women Are Active In Politics, A N YASARnS
Work Independently, Says Miss StronC IRIIUL
here are now over one hundred cils a membelrship of one0 1thirld wol1h NA M[ IN 1 07 NOIEI

D Tl z f Sots
Daily Bulletin of Sportswomen
- - - - - - ---- - - -- - -- -- - --- - -- - -----------

thousand women in Russia who hold en.' Yet such was the proud boast I

Women Will Be Notified By Circulars government positions," stated Miss read in the official newspaper of Kiev.
Of Increase In Life Membership. Anna L. Strong, who has 'spent the Kiev.
Pledges Beginning July 1 last s'x years in Russia and who 'There are women managers of
lectured Thursday in the Natural trusts and factories, women holding
CHICAGO HAS NEW PLAN Science auditorium. "Last year they important posts in the cooperatives.
held their first congress at Moscow. In the higher posts one has Kol-
An unusual amount of circulariza- Some of them were from villages far wex2 e peoq o} UemoAt s.qj gg ' lia},
n nsueig ountofhe uaresttimefrom railroads. Some of the offices government department anywhere in
by the Alumnae council office as a they ho d are mayor, president of the the world, and now the first woman
foylow Aofm te co mmendatincas avillage council, member of the village ambassador in history. All of these
passedpat fthe e metindaofthesrelief committee, family relief commit- women have histories of privation,
Alunas e ouc. Eeyn won whotee, eleate to township and couity struggle, and achievement.
Alumnae council. Every woman whomontcrences "The most striking fact aboat all
has not yet signed p for a life mei "Rlissian women to day, at least in (hese discissions is that nowhere is
bership in tet e notifiatisnthe cities, are very independent. Po- Ohe attitude taken: 'We iust prE-
oein ese t i antifiii) sitions outside the home are h eld by seve morality.' Away< the view is:
of the icr'ease of life memb~ersii.practically every woman I know there. 'W "Iustt c'E'ae iorality.' It is
pledge's, going into effect with rlie Tihat women should work outside the tacitly assumed that the morality of
other recommendations on July L home, as well as the men, is nothing the past is of no special interest. It
o new in Russia," lis Strong said in is needful now to create a morality
Circulars are alsan ibteringisenw,! Foma l ' im it ie r society of equalp. ( 'O)atiye
Chicago alumnae notifying them o1a1 timne', the woman hans worked in the \ orkers." liss St11ng '0meluded.
new plan inaugurated by the Chicago fisbeside her husband. What is
wiomnen for the sale of Ann 1iloina fldW s --i-e---t--1-----tii]ii -'i('f jrsie tsfrmunx Li
an playin g car\s. r r ot new is tht equality of opportuinity Ffeen 1 tdns(fo nvs-
an r playing cards. Mr.h roc a e ,which has been introduced for women. ties and colleges all over the United
Cietagr, 16 North Michigan anvenue, "Elsewhere in the world one may States are urging that a .dormitory
Chicago, has consented to handle t hese
articles rhear women boast of the number of for American students be included in
arilsfor Michigan women without-
charge, although le is not himself a posts in government that have been the Iuilding program of the Cite
Michigan man; the spirit of co-opera- acquired by women. Nowhere else U niversitaire, an iternational studen
tion exhibited by the Ann Arbor o er- does the government itself boast that city now being built on a 70 aer(
tans exhiited sb tohe nnsArbor v 'we have succeeded in drawing into tract at the far end of the atir quar
chnts Chussesagaour local municipal and county coun- ter inParis
to Chicago.
Next week a letter wtill go t to C A L S W R U O E L B U
every senior woman in theliver it CHARLESWARBURT OJVTELLS ABOUT
notifying her that if she completes HIS EXPERIENCES WITH PEOPLE HERE
the payment of her life membership
in the league by commencement she Charles Varburton sat before the of C1h'ist. Christ was an amazing
will receive the same for $40. w . .t
All faculty women who have nottmirror in his dressing room jabbing personality whose divinty was stres-
yet taken life memberships in the red stuff all over his face with the sed! through his humanity. To me he
is the first gentleman,.lie had a
league will also be notified of the in- chalk-like stick he held ill his hand. humility and understanding such as
crease in dues, giving her notice also "You know," lie said, "once. I was no' other man has ever had.
that she can have this for $50 if the strolling along the Strand near Nel- In the same way Lincoln is one
pledge is taken 'by July 1, 1928. son's column with an American of the world's gea,st. figures <)e
As soon as time will permit, it is friend of mine. le was an eminent cause of his understanding, Ile had
planned to send circulars to the personality, one with a great nai', a sweetness that offset, the anger of
wives of all Michigan alumni living in -many respect,,, which name I am friends and foes. An Englishman'
within a certain radius of Ann Arbor, sure you would recognize should I Lord Charnwood I believe his n
which will givednotie tt after July tell you it. He was discussing his is, has written a "Life Of Lincoln'
1, new pledge dues for' them will i~etravels and impressions of the coun- that t thet.
$150 rather than the present $100. tries he had visited. Ile turned to me The insight shown by an lngslinan
TY FSAR and said, '1 have gone the wvorldl over treating an American hero would
S YLES ARE SAME and I think I understand why the prove interesting to the peonle here."
COLORS DIFFER IN British Empire is 'the British Em- "People are usually so stupid in
pre' " their condemnation of their neigh-
FiArH 1 N S OW ''Now I," he continued, ."Have been bors," Wurburton complained. lit
At a fashion show held in Kansas in America for the past seven years, they would only make an effort to
City recently, it was shown that have travelled two hundred thousand bilities. I'm fond of America be-
styles haven't changed much, butsthat miles over your country, and I know recognize the other fellow's possi-
colors have. There are the same that I adore America." cause I've tried to understand her
straight dines, skirts are full and a "I trained several American bat- politics, her people and her cus-
trifle longer, concealing the kneecap. talions after I was wounded and all toms. I have noticed that all genuine
The colors used in costumes are more I can say is that the Americans are English actors in New York, and I
gorgeous than ever, the pastel shades damned fine. I didn't hear any non- think I know pretty neiarly all of
of last spring having darkened, as the sense about'inning the war until them, are remarkably attached to.$he
artists say. Colors are more fiery, I arrived in America and then it all Americans with whom they are
more positive, and, the combinations caine from those who had stayed at working and recognize the rrnintr


When in 1867 the present name
was formally applied to Vassar col-
lege, the following comment appear-
ed in Gody's Lady's Book for April
"We have before us a copy of the
Bill, passed bythe New York As-
sembly, ,Tan. 8, 1867, which changes
the name of the "Vassar Female Col-
lege to "Vassar College," by which
it shall hereafter be known.
"'e look upon this chanlge of name
tor hat great college as one of the
1(10 a irhable evets of the year. It is
S'trium di h of moral right over a1
WrOi- Clisto oi'ca'relessl introduced
iiito our language. This public re-
form will show this error in its true:
light-that it dcetrades womanhood
for manhood either) when the an i-
mal teirm implying sex is used for
plersonality. 'Vassar College' Has no-
bI retdiemed itself flrom the inferior
poition its animal Hanme woul have
mIade permanent. AVe conrgratilate
the nobler Founder and all connect-
'l E,:;f the Institution. A good name
is, as they will find; a perpetual
"We h 0owtlis examnle will be,
speedily followed by all the "female"
:'ollIe es 0chid''female' e"Ciinaies in
i lad. It si o"ld be (lone for the
solr, o Amleriean women if for no)
other reason. T'here is not, probably.
respec't able woman in our country
it (disIlies th t ei'm female thus
,?pliod and feels it to be-the wifel
of an eminent . clergyman in the
Methodist Episcopal church lately
wrote us--"obnoxious." Gody and
great men by promoting this reform
in our language, will find added to
their fame the tribute of a gratitude
from the hearts of women."

Bowling which started in the new
field house Wednesday is open to all
students and women members of the
faculty. Anyone who is interested is
urged to come out and play. It is
not necessary to be a good bowler
or even to know the game. There
will always be someone in charge to
teach beginner's.,
There are fonr bowling alleys all
of which will he open Monday, Wed-
nesday, and1 Friday from 4 to ( o'clock.
It has been found necessary to charge
10 cents a string to cover the cost of
pin boys and general upkeep.
No competition will be offered in
bowling until later in the season so
as to give beginners al iopportunity to
learn the game well enough to play
with teamns la 0r. Aitei' spring vaca-
tion. however. W.A.A. will take
charge of the sport and will prob-
ao! y organize both teams and tourn-
ment. W.A.A. points will be given for
bowling as they now ' are to all other
team sports
On Wednesday, 20 people bowled at
thr field house. Among them were
several very p~romhising players foi'
swho a bright bowling career is an-
ticipiated, Already rivalry between:
freshman, sophomore, junior, and
senior classes is making itself felt,
which speaks well for a lively tourna-
ment (later on.
Basketball for women was first
established at the University of Min-
nesota 26 years ago.
Gamne, were played under boys'
rules until it was decided that just
as ittere'stiuig a game was possible
under girls' rules. Since its intro-
duction women have been enthusias-
tic supporters of the game.
In its -early years,'games were
scheduled between classes and local
high school teams, but in 1904 the
first inter-collegiate game was played
with the University of Nebraska.
dress in a definite period of Ameri-
can history.
The students who are dressing the
(dolls must carve the features of the
dummy wooden dolls provided to
them, besides dressing the doll and
writing an account of the work and
the period the doll represents.
for all makes of
Rapid turnover, fresh stock insures
best quality at a moderate price.
0. D. M O R R ILL

In the intramural basketball tour-
nament, all the games in the first
half of the contest have been fin-
ished, and the teams are now well
started in 'the final or elimination
tournament. In the first tournan'ent
or league tournament which ended
last Friday, Feb. 10, the teams were
managed through leagues each of
which were made up o ' four teams.
Each team played three gaines with'-
in its own league, and the rosults
of these games are what decided the
present standiig of the teams in
either the A or B tournament in the
contest that is now taking place.
This elimination tournament which
is made up of the A and B tourna-
imsents began on Monday, and will
problably continue until March 2. The
gaines are expected to be played at
4 o'clock Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday, and evenings to be decided
later. T'he final games of the elimin-
ation tournament will be played on
JMarch 2, and there will necessarily
lbe two winners, one fiom the A and
one from the B tournament. Further
details as to when the teams play
and other details will appear later.
The spirit during the whole tour-
i'amnent so far has been encouraging
and shows the interest of the houseF
ir. supporting their teams. The play-
ing during the tournament has beer:
exceptionally high grade and some
v(ry close and exciting matches hav
already been played even though th
tournament is still young.

Kappa Delta advanced a step near-
er the intramural championship title
yesterday by downing the Phi Sigma
Sigmna team in a listless game by a
58 to '6 score. Jones, forward on the.
winning tear, marked herself as
high point scorer dn the tournament
so far by tallying 39 points.
After piling up a 29 to 3 lead in the
first half, the strong team rushedbin
to almost double their counters be-
fore making substitutions early in
the second period. At this juncture
a shift in the lineup of the Phi Sig-
ma Sigma team. kept their opponents
scoreless for a short time. Hoover
and Peters for the Kappa Delta team
with Jones were offensive stars. Mor-
rison was the most dependable phly-
_ ci for the losers.
One dollar a, year is plenty to live
on. according to E1arnest l.Price,
Aiierican consul from 'China, who
)spok. before a fraternity at the 'ni-
versity of Washington.
-I f

Here's a dandy ice cream
brick, as fine as can be!
Order it from your dealer.



se so Ce "tryo"tmanu-
scripts for CIi Delta Phi should be
in the box in Barbour gymnasium on
Monday, Feb. 20, at 5 o'clock. Work
put in later than this time will not
be considered.
If prose, at least three or four
sheets should be handed in; -r po+-
ry, two or three selections should be
submitted in torder that the com-
n~ittee may get a complete idea of
the persoiis work. Tryouts should
btar in mind that the work of the
organization has to do purely with
creative writing and criticism.
Dressing dolls is the major require-
ment for theses being done by 10
women at the University .of Wisconsin.
Each doll, however, must be dressed
to portray accurately the style of

The Secret
of the
Soft Water Soap Suds
19 Cutting Apts.



Dial 4101

are unusual.
Designs exhibited were simplesand
very definite. Young women's suits
were a bit mannish, some of them
having vests. 1ats for the most part
were small, although there were large
hats displayed also. The veil ap-
peared in the show and was applaud-
ed at every appearance. It drops
clear of the face to the tip of the
nose, and is presumably for fast
W.A.A. executive board wilt meet
Tuesday night at 6:15 oclock at the
Cozy Corner. All members must be
present unles's excused before Mon-
dlay night.k
Kappa Alpha Theta announces the
pledging of Francis Hall, '30, of
Charlestown, West Virginia-
Kappa Delta announces the plQdg-
ing of Josephine Siersma, '3I, of De-
O. L. Davis urges all students to
place the return address on their
packages and letters, as chocks and
money orders are often held 1l' for
three or four months at the dead
letter office in Washington. Incorrect
car vague addiresses are other :'aults
he has round apparent in student's
mail, both incoming and, outgoing.
He added that although valentine
mail seldom carries the return ad-
dress, 'it is not often addressed

home and had not even smelled the
Heturned, and waved the red
stick in an explanato'ry gesture. "It
is best for an Englishman not to say
anything about his own country to
an American because his listener
presupposes that they think England
superior. It isn't a matter of su-
periority: it is a matter of geogra-

as a great and free nation. She is
a gmand land, racially and geogra-
Warburton completed the make-up
job ant turned from the dressing ta-
ble. "Persons who do not understand
the country they are in 'pan' it un-
justifiably. It is not a racial de-
fect as much as it is a matter of
individual iznaP T xQno




17 NIckels Arcade. Phone 6615.


phica difference England is ideal horrified once to meet one of my own)j_
for very short railway trips. Here, fellow connti'ymen in a foreign land
I well, here an, extended freight jour- who did not 'do as the Romans do.'' SPECIAL RATES TO PRIVATE PARTIES
Iney is not at all tunusual. You might In uPrance you must act in Francs,
follow that out in other parallels." in America. in Dollars, in Germany i=
'"Quite sinceiely I am- a "ollower Marks."
- . -. The Collegian Restaurant
FetHats to .Accompany-
n T"The Fiest Dining Room in the City"
Sprig Tailleurs
American and Chinese Cuisine
Distinctively Styled Expert Pastry Cook
Popularly Prxaeday
50c Luncheons Served Every Day
Puyear and Huitz Phone 3268 DANCING 113S. Main .
Michigan Theatre Bldg.Q LS V
......... .. ..... ... . ... ............. .... . ,....,.,..... .............:.... .,....... ,- ___-_--- - e-.-.- ---- - 1{ { {I {{{ {l 11 !{ {{ i t 1{ 0{ {1 1{ {{ {fH { {U {i I{ {I {{{ {t {{ I{ {1 11 {{{ {1 11 {{ {I°.

Sring 'Enters with
New Suits
chilly days under your coat. Fashioned of new lightweiht
woolens, finely checked and tweed mixtures.
to match your suit of contrasting or matching colors.


. _ E




A Cozy Spot for
Lunch and Dinner

Meeting Spring Halfway With a
New $3.50 Hat Dept.
All Hats Absolutely Brand New
Our buyer just returned from New York with these
new and clever models for our $3.50 hat department.
~"j~J F::m eatherweight felts in all the close fitting, off-the-face
- r1'ects. Bristcil ornaments, feathers and pins adorn
° ' = - """ __ the greater prtion of these hats. Make a visit to this
. epartment-to appreciate their beauty you must see
ate, ~~thenm. Yums e
Poppy red, Lucerne Blue, Cafe Cream, Soft
,;'shades of Green, Black, Wood Violet and Rose








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