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February 18, 1928 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-02-18

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VOL. XXXVIII, No. 103.






hIouse Of II reeuiiat ii e's Takes Timeli
To A ppr ye 1)eb1 Set il14meI'I1
WWIt ii iio-slafla
WASHTINGTON, Feb. 17.=Prosaic
matters like thle aien property W11 11
and1 the District of Colunmbia appro-
priations1 heldI the floor in senate an1d(
Ii olUe Itoday, built not to tli C (xci-
si on cf ati ack (Ian the federal trad
comimssionl anid 5(113lfl embers of the
in I {'stale coll IIIQV('( comissio.
Trhe trade commission also figured
charges against Coihmssioner Abram
F. Myers, Were aired and inch words
as '"lying'' and "forgry'' were used1 by
Senator IBorah.!
MVeanwhile, the Association of ail-
Way Executives through its general
counsel, Alfred P. Thom, disputel be-
f'are the Senate -,udiciary committee
the constitutionality of the Shipstead
ant i-inunctionl ill, and opened up a
wide field of legal argument. It was
the first innings of the opponents of
the bill.
Tratde Cmijnnisl on Struck r
The llouse gt into the grind of
(I abate on the $13,759,000 District of
Colunmia bill $i,f0,000to come0110frou
the, treasury and the rest from local
taxpayers, after it put through the
general claims by a vote of 280 to 64.
It is imortant because of legislative
chantfges easing the way for (damge
claimants against; th , government.
Representative Connally, Democrat,
Texas, however, took occasion to bom-
hard the federal trade commission
during the discussion, describing it as
tho "haven of refuge" for anti-trust
law violators.
arner, Democrat, Texas, told the
ways and means committee the rapidt
liquidation of the $18,000,000 national
debt would serve only to invite war
debt cancellation moves froh debtor
countries and incidentally, the House
took time to approve the debt settle-
ment with Jugo-Slavia.
The Senate irrigation committee
took favorable action on the Columbiaj
basin irrigation project affecting a
huge tract of iland in Washington.
The Senate, contrary to expecta-
tions, worked all day on the alien
property bill. An amendment by
King, of Utah, providing payment of1
interest on the $2,000,000 of accumu-
lated "interest on Lerman-owned secur-
ities still held, cauried most of the{
debae. King and llowe~l. Nebraska,
(ont 'iiIi' it was necessary to hpre-j
vent 'confiiscaion" 1o'f01some C$1 7,00.-1
000 so that the (Orrnll owners' will
not get this nony anyhow tafr a
quarter century. The Sentes beat
the afl11dmeont ad prepared for a
vote Monday on thle bill.
Reed Ataks Comnmissin
lied. 'It ;Misori, iWho leaves for
a t alsofi iit a I pre-onvetion tour
I cniorrow. delivered the atack on in-
1 erst at~e'commrTcc(ommflission e-
iers whlo lamed thie ir vot es in the
roliaearing of the litc atenr c coal rate
t war;a seatc.C'iY iprepay iiaraid
mii t iofat leghed Pnn sylvanhinrand ad-
iinisti-at ion pl it ical domii t in of
the ' omnlTissioll, and strred lp aniin-
t erst ae (Iiseisiol.
WASIIN() N, Feb. 17. -Approval
of the administ rato's warship con-
struction program was urnged 1113011
the ouse naval comniil ee today by
representatives of the Daghters ofI
the American revolution and the
American legion.
Mrs. Wihlam Sherman Waker,
vicepresident-general of the D.A.R.,
declaredl at a hearing that as "wives
andl mothers and sisters of the men
who must go to the sea in ships, we
want a navy in keeping with the up-1
to date pinciples as manifested in all
the busines enterprises of our coun-
t ry."

Three years ago today, February 18, 1925 Dr. Marion LeRoy Burton,
fifth president of the University, was taken by death, concluding an admuin-
istration b~rief in time but great in progress and achievement.
Born in Brooklyn, Iowa, in 1874, President Burton rose bly his oven efforts
from modlerate circulmstances to meritedl pronnce alnd in flulence ini the educaX-
tioalcl world. Dr. Burton gained natijonal recognii mnuider d iscourag ing
handicaps. At the enl of his first year in high school lhe found it necessary
to go to work to help support his family. Taking a position with a (1mtg
company. his ability soon mani fested itself and he became practical manager
of the firm. Previous to this work he had raised and sold pigeon~s andl dis-
ributed newspapers on the streets of M innieapolis.
Il i896 lhe enteredi Carltonl college. Graduated with honors in 1n00, lhe
took up gradluate studyv at Vale ini 1003, where Ie renininecl until 1907, receiv-
ing; the (degrees of bachelor of divinity and doctor- (ofph iiiosophyv. .An assistant
professor at Y~ale(luring thie following year, lhe then became inlister of Pil-
(grnn' church in B rooklyni, New Y'ork, until called to Ithle presidlency oIf Smith
college in ilo ( . Iin 1917 1 )r. Burtlon went to the Uliivcrsitv (of NI ilnesota ani
three yours later accepted the presidency of the University of M\Iiciligall.
Comm-ll to Ann Arbor in the dIif ficult }-ears iollov lg tile Worldi war,
1 . llrioll xvo ri~etl uinceasinigly'for the Jpogress :31d1 aivancirt (I f the
L Im'ci vst v. The iiunied jate prle 1m teas thlit (If hin,;. gthii rapidl11y expand(1-
jg ldepart ments of the lliversit e. A colnliri.esivc (7' i>t rtilt ion pr t '9m
xvas 1 lgilil by D r. 1Bur1t (IIi ien (de'athiihalted lhis ef ilrts. Although the
Saccoiiiilishnicat> ofI lr. Burtonii weie lartculirly apareni~lt inithis (directionl,
Ill lsabor)sim for the Uniiiversity iin the regular adl iiiiist rat iv(' and~ academnic dlities'
of his posit ion were part iculIarly sig iihalt. D)ist inguished foIr h1is plersonlI
niag ct isiiu. sound met I oils, tact, and leade rsh ip, the U ivi\ers ityv imade g reat
adv anlces ndler his brief administration-of four yea rs.
It is appropriate that on the third aiiiiversary of tile death (If ID)r. BturP o
that hiis accomlishmlents and~ ideals be recalled by the stu(1e111s, fanulty, 01nd
friends of this University.

K) Arrangements for the Griirnon ban-
NEED OF R PID /OR for the carousal of past, present and
S future "B.M.O.C.'s," have already be-
^N " W [ 4VATO"Sgun with the announcement of the
U M N date made yesterday. The affair will
WOOD) SPEAKS ON "IMPORTANCE The Gridiron banquet, sponsored by
OF STEEL INMOTOR CR Sigma Delta Chi, professional journial-
C. NSTR CAROV istic fraternity, is the one big stag
event of the year on the Michigan
DQTORN IIRC TLKScampus, and famous for the llresenta-
TALKZ tion of the traditional 'Oil Can," last
year won biy Prof. William A. Prayer,
ItalleyCites Things Which People, of the history department.
Should D~emand Of Their Home Although committees for the event
Hecaltig Systems have not yet been completely drawn
- - tup, Herbert E. Veddei-, '28, is chair-
"A t the presen01t: day excavations areI man, with Courtland C. Smith, '28,
the sole means of increasing our know- president (If the Student council, as-
1d e (If ancient time's and attaining 5i5tsistant1chairman. W ldo 1M. Abbot, oIf
the tonalnl t 3 r of ravile rhetoric (departmnent, last year's



in nnminnr m mA Alnor


Filial SessionI s 1)eloted To I'tibdrj
j Of '1ecliuical Speeches .Anid
i Discussions
The fourteenth annual Michigan
conference on highway engineering
came to a close yesterday after one
session in the niorning which was
taken up entirely with technical
discussions and speeches. Over 600


jWol vernues

Have Aditaiitage _1 uriit
Period, Sore Being
17.7 At HKali

(By Bert TIrip chlfer)
After being held to a lone field
goal in the first half by an impreg-
nable Michigan defense, Alma's bas-
ketball team staged a sensational
comeback to overtakse the "B" Varsi-
ty five and eke out a 26-24 victory
last night in Yost field house.
Kanitz of Michigan and Tidering-
ton of Alma were high scorers, each
accounting for 14 points. Kanitz
dropped four baskets and six free
throws while Tiderington snagged five
goals and four gratis shots.
Michigan opened the scoring when

U 11501 VCII piroblems3 connelcted with the
rise, bloom anldd (e(ay Of ancient civi-
I ization," Prmof.. Arthur Boak, of 'the
hlistory (department, declared in sek
spa-ingg0o1 the Michigan Night. radio pro-
granl broadcast over station WWJ,
the D~etroit News, last night. "It is
ti ecessary," lhe said, "to press this
work as rapidly as possible to fore-
stall the (lestructive agencies which
ae accompanying the revival of civil-
ization in its ancient seats."
Tracing the work of American uni-
vers ities and museums in this field,
Professor Boak went on to point outj
that no less than four archaeological
expeditions are at work in Egypt in
addlitioni to the Egyptian, English,
Fr-enchi, Germnan, and Italian parties at
i' o"k there. "Other American
r '.'ups,' hle 'said, "are vying with rep-1
resentatives of European countries in
u nearthin~g the secrets of the soil in
Palestine, others in Babylonia, and'
it has just 1)een1annlouncedl that Yale
Iniversity will undertake the work of
clearing the site of an ancient Mace-
(onia, colony in Ylesopontamia on the
baniks of tile upper Esuphrates."
1 is-vley Discusses Illeating'
"Heating the Home," was the sub-
ject of an address by Prof. Ransom
S- liHawley, of the engineering de-}
p~artment, who cited four points, com-
fort, convenience and cleanliness and
economy, as the four factors which
people should come to expect of their
home heating systems. Professor
Hawley emphasized the fact that the
first principle of correct heating be-
gins with the design and construction
of the house itself. Precaution in
l building, he said, will! make possible
a more uniform temperature, prevent
drafts and cold floors, will reduce
fuel cost and eliminate possibility of
"The Importance of Steel in Auto-
mobile Construction," was the sub-
jest of an address by Prof. William
P. Wood, of the engineering depart-
ment011. Professor Wood stressed the
recessity of steel in certainl meclian-
ic'8d parts oIf the alutomob~ile, and
traced its his;tory as a metal. Steel,
Professor Wood concluded, is pecu-
liarly adapted to withlstand the twist-
ing andl turning forces which are re-I
(lulled to drive an automobile.

I arrangements for the annual banquet.
ichiigaii Graduate lRelIacesPottery
As Prosecutor For State <: : ...:.:::.
Of Michigan
Wilbui M. Brucker, ex'17L, of
Saginaw, was Thursday night ap-
pointed attorney-general of Michigan
by Gov. Fred Green, to succeed WSil-tI
liam W. Potter, '95L, who was re-I
Gcently advanced to the bench of the llcyrbert Iloover
state supreme court., Potter's eleva- Sena. F'ank 13. Willis
tion followed the death of Judge '\W. With the announcement of. secre-
L. Bird recently deceased. L ary of ( anm cehoover thlat lhe
Brucker was edutcatedl in Saginaw, wiwl d la'e'lit his mine to be -ente'reld
gradluated ' ,om the high school0 i t ho Ohio I teptthiican presidential
there, and enter-ed the University prim tries, ibt<tle lines (areC heing
law departm'ent in 1913. He never drawn for a struggle. He will be0 op-
graduated because 110 enlisted and posedl by a "favorite son," U. S. Sen.
joined his regiment' in 1916 during IFrtanik B. Willis. Hoover is at the top
I the trouble with Mexico. After this and 'Willis below.
I he was admitted to the state bar dur-" A E TE W L
igafrogadaa.ecnliutd'tenant served overseas with the Riainr- PRESENTED BY
bow division, twice being cited fo'r +ROCKE +ORDditnuse srvc.H paiia- GROUP'
ein the battles of ChateauThierry, Following the new policy of full
Champagne, and the Meuse Argonne wveek runs for each production the
offensive. One of his citations was Rockford Players will open tomor-
maeby -General Pershing himself. row night with a~presentation of the
Atrthe war he served, as assistant Booth Tarkington comedy, "Clar-
prosecuting attorney andI then as once," at tile Whlitney theater. Final
prosecuting attorney in Saginaw. performances of' Shaw's "Great Cath-
The field of candidates for the o- erine" with Am'y Loomis, and of
flee of attorney genelal had included B3arrio 's 'The Old Lady, Shows Her'
Brucker from the first, since he had Medals," were given last night, due
been serving as Potter's assistant to the engagement for tonight, of
since early in 1927. Tile final deci- "The Constant Wi:e," by Somerset
sioti was made Thtursday night,.by y Maugilanr. Despite the fact 'that the
the governor. Brucker is the young- S'haw playlet had enjoyed the long-
est attorney general that tihestate est run of any other dramatic work
has ever flad. He has more recently in Ann Arbor, this week's double bill
been representing the state before the i received more support than any other
the United States Supr-eme coulrt in ' of th-~ six productions given so far
the Great Lakes litig;ation. ' by tile-organization. Maurice Lich-
tenstein, '28, of the Gargoyle staff,j
DEA!13 'I'S RCALL it1C0ti1executed the special settings for
OF NFW A 1''OR.'NEY GE'NER-AL "Great Catherine."
The cast for "Clarence" will in-
"Brucker was a student of ~)- elude Charles Warburton in the title
sideralble ability andl madle a very role (of the ex-(iough-boy andl handy

Argentine Anmbassador Asserts That
is Fight Was Not Directed
Against Any Nation
(By Associated Press.)
'HAVANA, Feb. 17.-Withi the en-
dorsement of the United States, com-
pulsory arbitration was proclaimed
today by a mapor committee of the
Panl-American conferenice to be the
key to the maintenance of peace in
the Western hemisphere, arid as pro-
viding a logical means for the settle-
nment of international disputes.
After a three hour session today the
sub-committee of the committee on
ptublic lawv agreed unanimously on the
report which calls for an "arbitration
conciliation conference," in Washing-
ton within the next year to draw u ip
a collective Pan-American arbitration
According to the report, the specific
duty of the Washington conference
would be to discuss the minimum ex-
ceptions to compulsory arbitration to
which all countries would be expected
eventually to agree for the purpose
of excltuding from such procedure
questions involving their inedpend-
ence, sovereignty, domes tic affairs
and problems affecting third parties
not signatories to the convention.
Action in this matter served to a
large extent to distract attention from
Dr. Honorio Pueyrredlon, who yester-.
day resigned as head of the Argentine
delegation. He was reoprted to be
enjoying a much needed rest at the
suburban hotel, Almendares, and com-
pleting his arrangements to leave
Havana for Washington Wednesday.
Successor Is Not Nainmed
Whl he refused to discuss his im-
mediate plans with interviewers, it
was understood he intends leaving
Washington for Buenos Aires with the
least possible delay. He would make
no comment as to the probable action
of the Buenos Aires government on
his resignation beyond pointing out
that he had insisted his resignation
be accepted. Just who the Argentine
might place In his stead as ambassa-
dor at Washington or what course he
planned to follow when once back at
Buenos Aires, were subjects he
There was from him, however, a
reiteration of his stand. on the Pan-
American convention, a further state-
ment that his fight was directed
against n10 nation but against princi-
ples and for other principles upon
which, he said, the issue of Pan-Amer-
icanism has its very foundation.
The sub-committee today ordered
specifically that delegates to the
forthcoming Washington conference.
shall be jurists with plenipotentiary
powers, authorized to sign whatever

were registered for the entire confer-
ence, and according to officials of the
highway department, it was the most
successful conference ever held here.
The feature of, the dinner at the
Union Thursday night was the address
given by Prof. John L. Brumm, of the
journalism department, who took the
place of Gov. Fred W. Green who was

unable to attend. His speech was en- Blalsamo sank a basket which was
thusiastically received by conference followed by a foul shot by Lovell and
members at the dinner, a long shot by Kanitz before Almaj
IProf. Roger L. Morrison, of the broke into the scoring column on a
highway engineering department, pre- free t0row by Tiderington. After
sided at the final session yesterday which 'Nyland and~ Myron sank has-
I loining. William G. Eliot III, of the kets and Kanitz miade a free shot
tUnited States bureau of public roads, while Alma was collecting two gift
Washington, D. C., spoke on the shots. Tiderington filially broke
"Causes of Highway Accidents." Tilej through after 12 minutes of play had
n(l1Xt oil the program was a. paper o1) elapsed, to score Aim-a's first basket,
''Rural Tr-affic Control'' by Lieut.. bringing the count to 10 to 5. Kanitz
La11wrCe A. Lyons, from the tinaffic lthemm sank a long shot andl followed
d (ivisionf of the department iof public j it with two foul shots. Balsamo then
safety, Laminsn. This paper was givenli got a biasket andh Nylanid a f'ro.e throw
a lengthy discuissionli hl the c:onfler- while Alma obtained two free siotsj

once. The final papier 'of the comnter-
en1ce xas given by Leslie J. Sorenson,j
1-ny traffic enginoeer of Chiicago, oIl
".EixpeditinigTiraiet; 'irol-ot Cities."
A conference between thle gr-avolj
prollucers of the state 'and time en-;j
gi neers olf the state highway dlepart-1
13(11 i aso tlok place this 1mor1ninig.
The plirTEISO of till' confereei it', asto
cre-(atIe a spirit of co~op elrtioll between
the1 l)l'odtmcers anfl the(depar1tmienit.;
D3 Jn ai!;; of state in spection of gravel
plits anId11ohthe requmirenient s in eon-
; wect loas witli fn 1'liisling concrete0 ag-I
gr'egaFtes ivere disctussed.
Annual call 101 tryouts for the
business side of the Gargoyle, cam-
pus humor magazine, will be issued
imn the next few days by Raynmond
Read, '28, business manager, and an-
I other opportunity will be opened to
~all those who wish to get valuable ox-
perience in the field of magazine ad-
vertisinlg atnd management.+
TVecGar'goyle offers work in ix 1i
deptaltnlltls, namely-accounts, cir-1

as the hali' ended(1with1 Michi
the long end of' a 17-7 c-ount.
Alma camne baeR with a ve
aftoer the res't1peri(1 anil oil
by Hol d ship ai1(]1 T'i(Ielingt on a,
twio gift shots by thme tori'mem-
by thle latter brou:mghttile,10 5(l
11 at -which point Captainl Ny
Michigan (calledl tine out.-The
itz, the only maliwo 5'sieeme
solive lmna's defense iln the
half, g;airnced a. pa ir o(f bask,
a liken umber of free'l'thriow:
Alma A as makin but. 1onie of
loldsbip t hen lstairted an Aln
which netted nine points and
a 26-23 lead which Kan its ci
two point margin with a free
just before the gamie enidedl.
Approbation of the annoum
that Miss Florence E. Alien,
justice of the Ohio State 5
coturt, wouldl appear' here next
night in Bill auditorium
seventh ntuiibeir on the curre
torical association lecture coup
expressed on the campus ye
Several members of the law
assertedl that they were part
pleased with the arrangenier
will br1ing the famous Ohlio
justice to Ann Arbor, Prof.
F. Goodrich in particular, sayi
from first hand experience ile
Miss Allen to be an excel)
capable speaker.
Prof. Richard D. T. Hollistea
speech department, who ha
heard Miss Allen speak, feels1
is especially well fitted to oi
place on the Oratorical serie
G. Brandt, of the speech (lop,
also approved the choice

gan onl,' l('utal sluggishness, inidigestioni,
i iabetes. Bright's disease, hiardeniing
en:, anlf of' theIlnarter-ies. e a1,'rt (diif'lsease nd

baskets apoplexy, wer'e so~me of the diseases ifine record in our Law school prior miian, Robert lende abut in the Glenncovnontlcnfrcemyvve
(1(10( to i1110111iomcicImyDr.Lous H. Newburgh, t i evn oetrtl ry,'' 11ti ' rol' !1 Y'ianees IDade. The 6
and1 0110 pi 'ofessor oif clinical investigations in declared Dean Henry W. Hate., f thme T<,l'kin a cim iccnvy was first pro- , HfOMJE OW ER
;'t 7 h eia col s~tmiue oILaw sc'hool, sneaking (If thic' appoint:- eiduced in NevY orik several seasons TOet17th meiascolastrbudtoi-O E ?' SD V
'la13( of '"Oeity'' Itle subject of his address. ;ilent of Wyilbr M. JBruckerI, 'ex' 17,. ago, xviilli Alflred Luna, Mary Boland, 1 tO OPEA TUESDAY1
cn Ilan-: The program was in c-har-ge of WaldloI as attorniey general to suicceed W il- li.NaH~nlaye,, and Glenn !'iunter -- Seats are now obtainable at tile box.
abe lo l. Aibbot; of the rhetoric dlel)artmient.tf' lam I. Potter, '95L. %who recently iall of wlolil have since Ilcen foa-ofienMmstharfrteMms
seelul - --'----wxas alppo~inited Justice of. tile >Suprefie 1tiured ini separate pla ys. It was giv- I i-oduction of "The Home Towvners,'°
:08s anid :TL ONT U ED court. Dlucker did not gralillate ill (711(Itnd prodluctioni on tihe canipusI a comnedy rm yGog V.Chn
whileJA: l a regular way from the Law icl0l - l, y Cohi('ly Clb Sil til 1111 :tter- 'Te1-oeTonr<<ilbei
each. J AMYi UNt~IT bI lt withidrew in 191(1 to join is",regi- \va;<<id. we' u r usa iltised
pat 1L1!lip ---minent amid proceed tol the lexica ii 'C(laren ce' w ill be followed byI eek'snuon Tusay nrihtuistad
gaiillci 1 litit' siguiec statement givenl out border. j t ttlln. Vane's mlystery rnlldramla iouced, dlue to thle illness of E.
it to a$ imiieiiately befor'e lie left for New "Brucker was always a 'ta'ct work-! "Otutward bound," presenting Mrs. Mortimer Shiuter, director.
- thrtow !York, Piresident Claren~ce Cook Lit- I or," Dean Bates continued, "And Rihard Manstield ill her final roleI This is the last of the long line of
ilteieartily endlorsedl the presenit what wvas especially aduii'alile inj withi lie companl~y. She will be stuc- C'ohan farces, with the exception of
camupaign for funlds no0w being con- !him was his attitude towvardi his work Icedeid a:; 1011dinmg[aldy by Elsie "Whisprn red,"Wicioe
JUDGE ducted by the Salvation Army. The sat all tinies. He was sincere and a i'l'llnd01 Kearns, who was Walter Monday night in New York, and of
i conmplete statement follows: man of good character. Since he left Hanlpdcn's leading lady for five sea-f the song and dance show, "The
'JU E ;"At the request of those in charge Michigan he has successively been sonis preceding this, and w'ho ap- Merry Malones," which is now enjoy-,
of the cam'paign to wipe out the debts1 an officer in the world war, prose- geared here last summer with the ing a long run. It is laid around the
icementt which for some Yeats has over-hung icuting attorney of Saginaw county company. Among the roles planned fortunes of a home-town product who
woman and hianmpered the work of the local f or two tel-ms, and assistant attorney for Miss Kearns is that of Ibsen's comes to New York to make his fortune,
Supreme unit of the Salvation Army, I am general of Michigan." "Hiedda (Gabler."j and upon succeeding, looks about him
Moda gadtoemdoseth t S AT S H T i itaites calling in supporters from the
a the call the attention ofmthe varidou PROFES OR SON frSTatimnalvetreSTi ncAs
.lt Ora- i m -bers of the faculties the need I!BAKER IS NE O WILSON IS IP ES1 iid-W xrn50Lflcityr, and complications
rswst{ltheir assistance in this matter. vresult.nsinldig Dvi'
sterday. ' T t !s not necessary to advance a Editor's Note: The folhowng is th e sixtSh it' nfor ie') in'n in c -ir as Sn""c . ic ad Owei n ilDavis'"e-'
'faculty biff h alainAm.Oe i ser1C ieofintern e~w ith prominent.facnlt. e d e avs'"Ie
breffr h SlvtonAmy ni eniers d(esignedl to gi.ve an iiwiight into ti~e ;arty of WA~rl even though an adm'rit-bon, vihwscedldfrp-
icularly either believes in it strongly or doesbonwhcwasheudfrr-
past records and pres'nut poxssibilities of the Ited placillist and whlere the prepare~l- Idcinori xmlainwe u
its thit t not. 1I(10 not desire to try to Bake various fWien Ahowill 1h'e c idate;forU tile1Idutodrigeantonwkbt
woaEn cnet, u eey el posoIresidlential n11ilnatilcl in fite t,,o leadijig'IE'55 '.fll-e(U5 may'attack hint for re- was postponed, Were considered for
woma an conert, ])it.merey t tel thse arties next June. The fact, exprrssed arecfusingy for armrmtheonationrpuntil warddothetfirst workoarof)theh newi'semestera
Hlerbert wvho are interested that tlocal 'unit chieflytforfirstniworonaf the) new semdoter,
thtwhoul aprciteteichlpansa r ly ndicate the tpersol tpreferences was imminenut.an"TeHm To er"wspcd
eknows hoping that it will be able to over- "Newton D. Baker is one of the IHswrieod eetees sJfo mn hs.I spoa~eta
itionaly I coarme the handicap which it hias felt 'few disciples of Woodrowr 'i\Tson still unimpeachable, in the opinion of 1those mentioned previously will be
roftefryer. prom'rinenit in the Deinocratic party,'. Professor Slosson, and after the con-" given in later weeks.- x
5 alo(indf.C ITE Pof rso lso tehsory as.> 1flrthe was lauded by General The cast for the Cohan. farce in-.
r, f th (Sined C. . LIT dEPrtm Pentstated issn afrecethitoer- Pershing, commander of the Amer!- eludes Thomas J. Dougal '28,in the
thatshevie dicusing he ossblen Ican Expeditionary Forces,' as one of= leading role, and Frances K. Kleut-
i SCOR DROW om FRa- Ithe most offilcient war secretaries the gon, '28, C. Lyman Crane, '29, and
zcupy a SCRIRO NA FRY tion of Baker for thie presidency. Of FlrneBiennt 3~.Drc
).Carl SUDDENLY SINKS IN BAYI all the men now politically active 13lie nryeerhd
rtment, ; is the" clearest heir to the Wilson The speech at the Democratic Na- tirn of the entire production is in
If the hands of E. Mortimer Shuter, and
of Miss (By Associated Press.) tradition, and lie is the most pro- tional convention in 1924 received a i
SA ACISCO, e.1.Psil one doaeo h Wilson for- great ovation and a com'plimentary Robert Manss, '30, is acting as stage
SAN A? , Fb. 7.-Pssily ouned dvocte f te V ( manager. Special bets are being con-
.;Allnh'12_- n r oA..rn, ~rr rr-a,,.,.r -nr moviLn liernr Bt iin reaaord to d-(~amount ot support from the conven-i . . . .___-_,

repesn Thoative, (ich eioi t lation. publication, local and for-
reprsenativ oftheLegin, n ai eign advertising, and service. The
letter to members of the naval coi- i first will give the tryout experience
mittee, also urged thle Ibuildimng of ad- ; l handlingbokepnadinfic
ditioal sips, eclainintatit e womrkwhile the publlication depart-
ganiatio of men who fought i he mot deals with the formation and
World war wanted Congress to pro- mk-po h aaieo h eh
vide a program "which will give us naempo h aaie01tl eh
abolt prtyonte e."iical aide. The local advertising de-
partment offers experience in selling
dvertising contracts and in making
CHICAGtip copy for local business men, while
ILLINOIS, 52 TO 26 that of the foreign type is especially,
_____good training in advertising and
(lay Associated Pre s) salesmanship. The service depart-
CHICAGO, Feb. 17.-The addition ment gathers statistics and form-
of Charles Cooper, former Chicago ulates data for operating practice and
high school star, to the lineup of the, policy, and consists in work in gen-
University of Chicago's basketball I oral practical research in the maga-
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