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September 27, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-09-27

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pOpinions Dee Rlto e W. A. A. SPONSORS Pr-ettv T01 cYi Ar'e Adorcn Successful
tw een 'Young Lady' And 'College Woman' SORS QI AL o i i e e Fa oHepTemUI
BOR R lA~ O Vat is the relation :bYtween the nowadays 'We hertat they do, il, tott irii'iit'i~. t ii.E1y C~en. xl, 1 IhO< ;A iftiS
your An ecn limgr Ii 'tladies of tt(-finishing school of the role of mother sand :gii thislmd>ate1 rooi11w01 Yd11t1uc 111.With'1111
Yet Beeni Appinted; Bowling old and women of the modern univer- 11100111ssed To Be MannihleWl i f isltik ei lelr dli~l
Will Begfin Later sity? A survey of the opinions ex- And the rooms! As one uropeaan theier patUe httrti I \ ,,': oti r ~e sc.ouncly PtPs ] ovn C('<'sand I ?,at at
pressed both by and about Young woman attending school here abort. 1 ;itchs n Pr iie are ad ied it) wear =r aS-.I
T O H O D H U E A N I ladies of earlier da s and of th eir 19 0,rm a ked th ir roo s w re iistor f e t: <c> ' A a r n b nd Ii or e v
granddaughters in our :schools today, o--.. o faias'
S e c a l C h n a l~ v e b e n m a d e in w o u ld se e m to in d ic a te th a t th e r e ( a n , W i h a.re ztr 0 ( n io tT hs a lton I rb.mt d , ~ r
Iw as very little. E xcep t for the fact a d l v l n s . T hors m niltC b ~ ii ~ 11. 1 0 ( 1
the mebes f h eectiebordthtperishable paper bearing draw- longing eyes in the doors of01 then(fland beneli aalpi" eon aril sko ia busonr.'i I'te01(4l\ait
of the Women's Athletic association 1inigs of feminine athletes in "action" os omnfla hy -;oxi fr i '1 t i e e i e a jiv ini: i Ithe world. rTherstemn of 'I w a Va ter
since their appointment last spring.!tr'romll, ste wraxct oe i iatt i tzcl ~ ,
Thynw . ad a olw: P es tone might think that the modern acumnulations Of peVIOuS earl' fhssU VTfei 1d by 111t'e 1 t'S iras ]bE' he Ir en 1 rle x11 hats ac hil ,'C br o f.01471Fr'a 14.11
Te no tn a folw. Pe-crop had grown up after the former 1 y fads1 ~ oi .iiXb tSr~ ac 7)£~Iit) 'i 1
iden, Glayds Appelt, '28; vice-pres-hdbc hly etoe y~m and gifts. As one helpful writer ir ~ au v nwarotddndtt') nslusioOne.oniit
det Bet Smt r,';sertrIdevastating force, leaving neither suggests to prospective college str- .::heol I' ' 111 ht iz:rih la every "year. Expert s, bleelb x5
Sara Boine '2; teasrer Aureytrace nor traditions. dents, the most necessary of the orna- lae ''iaa ~ I > ea f
Wrgt 2,Very rarely does one hear now of mentations are pohee, ndliint i "''. ':i+-nt .lltl11(11 11 11 I' I ii
Th ebr fteeeuiebada woman student having to leave col- fancy frames, flags of mn's colleges, . ~. the ste(t to o" a ~ ~ O (T o )1 rsiinwolxi:
'2; lta 't nge, M ro c~k I''eze O CI1 oare: Point recorder, Louise Cooley, lege because of having done too stren- field pennants, tennis rackets, riding 011 c2S xiy Iivi'1 ' - . ered has drolp tiout 1fischool ' ti ac ce
'29 idtiga iinge, Mro uous work. Much as it might seem whips, foils, orders of dance, college (f is. Xpl: uAA rt 0ie l'r iizct o3 W.. ug rly." ( sanzr ek shl areyrson c r't'11111)
R e a i n g t haFa n e s Stkt t 3 0nhc e yos l e i n t h w a , o g ner a te i l t h e m c u hboe s , c h, a pre t n i t a m pe a n d, t a o t a - p r a t p r i i t l s c m u a l n - j c - yp y i t f l i t l 1 1 ' 1
m a n a g e r , F J a n e s' 2 ;jas e t a l r c u a f h e n i e t e n h e n t r y s h w s i n)ds hnb ttev r y u n i a n ' p e - toard u r n gh isin o w e k w i a i a c oc tn g r)e cw iorror a.jx Ae tx
man gecrkeUt wt,0 hock'28; thatin s mehis , ~ ~ o e a- tr. " hee wl e tr aboes ath e~tic e vs te t was play ned tan 41ii a10" 0-'( i. l(tI'
ba e a l m a a e , 'V l a J h s i-teu dedof t resin t hn th e en , y hsp i l t e pr p i t r of X c l Q m a 's ie o r ah day. Aill 'th s Xmp u ts wsre I s- i i en hYI over sartw i t, eft+< c'l x i '
'2 ;iwi m ng m a a erMrvbec ta i ns w e e pevederor th et er th n th e t ri g i l . uw ateano"e b t e W o en s Atrei's lz(1 eG r'!!51 (0 55 au!nt ( it a
Houh,'2; rac mnaer Rhda"wakr" ex Hweersoe f he i nedd,"th atiletddd.AscatBui sn lieep wh cc ringte o ainti vv ~ o 'xu eLi
Tuthie,'2; tdoor sort managrtmen ino t beiev ;e wtismen to, tra that icb ture nhtearoom Prvost>hsyatnytoena sces11h' A'il n eu
Vida ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o ncti tni aaer n doatdta f oeweenasftepesn oa suet omn wohd earno l0 thlt h er a s lfg believesi oftit >r t IT
Faneba ll eacn manager, capabonon tnddlecofu de roi ng the n, scam e pstran e tortesito n, opi ng ll n , o in ac ac thwrei gilo eiesi nscos(iel b 00 lti,
Ro;simn mtaar' -rngr Maa ecqiaths e shoul d aineawayel sreytaeitno kndrareete enteringi lntacodngtote Th rdt ono bswhat11.1 11
manage F ;riflewmanaertrely.eIn oevaseswomeno we neredrofeillibarydcombnedsciaetiuon.hih.asreie wfrt.1aclie et11ltiOc' 01 tri ire\i l
MerhilRaineo'29;orcheorysanabol-,lloendd to tblenibutho reanhb-dollsCoseletphntsandwitthooym atsrTi i Ovpsil o n bgte ~XxlSi iilWl ioi
,V gid a -nageu r, L ui e nC d , '3 ; pbisl t ly um aa d a so b scnaahyg b u d, a d ev terin fP ri- o e o u s tl o i ya gon gy ot fo r r se (' IJI t o 11011 t l lo i'i 01'(' 0 . ,
li~ly maagrMaynhde,'2.digtoc tatdwhtihwaomet eot fthali epresented.ma Even t. Ar sli n whhad porne 2000paying c her duos ell- 'li lilev bhael( ofatotl
Thrn e goMl an dncing managerwill pthe len.fThe wrkoi n iersitie strmnencoetwelsupplied,adoknowin ts01were lirib ll-odelesu n(S esd unql'il gvist~ 1ore 0 i i I 1 T
gin ~~~q as s o a h n w fed h u e s f r the. h ul em iia a e - w antd . T ey me elem ve th nt- Nke iAtA --- for a kindergarfoteni tl(' X il ie e(Sl --i O h w 1
comlt ed. The ;abov e mb gero r SpiIt o e classsl o men Di ere s r n w ih t e a e s e t t he aasocawi bo 1n by c or stoe, tude T herae n (l o l'n. (ll, a tt l l
the~~ goenn oyo h oe' h h~ prto dct adfirst sseneniyear o bin eirw ,ai&fcr~o~t uly 11whrh as revgisedingforattracntie Srptxi11 ~~~ltii
Mthletic asiation.; Trheyass oatioetreyadffeent.'fua o rman wateDowith gsthemanhadasany monkey s 1-
ill hoana erhoup, misg C o me timepub to learnuithe n p o btisucofasocietyislnecessaryiafter theyPgetihere.ord--y- i; h m lr~ r ss ie1 iv
s-ym ngr ih t ftoa uiverws ty, with ase ddatlis reeall ve the t res hi fimenct ,,,,, 1' /
The olfandafelci mnagr wllouesenaTte tordko nrkIfsethte can wlslayteirhands nowncf o dla.Y iado vn:run, uot o ~~ ~1°
be apoited toyowing illbe-waneno earnthelittonsofo-har awllhotahs,-seost wtinfrmal..i~cl t asal tt~ri0 ,' Y
comletd. The Rusheemesr iitOandupcillys iffse ere sex n hishotend abe sme nore --" il bis-d y th1iudnt i- al\ 'vctmTh'te no rc>''
th goeraingsodyof tea omn'Sen'scThool prt feuctowsfrst seectnusieevr ~
Athletc assoiato.Womsocain nien, uponerentr Iawngollee were terfesmaevrs op horves, - acu~ ff hna ~ihb Mzyvor nsat nscamt.
F adada mn ok;a ist hel r Is -thalog omrushee.toseruslyenjosindtiofkecretyofseesryjunior's, eyand tever eni's-student114hou
Fnorntl,ieisd raresecimnsheirwetal, A phsic itanpef-dedromothae camltp.tures'1anouy aper
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to evyer hoseOduringth ees wantded thare newthe remiaioofe soe, ausedtowadphe, wome ms n f malg. ! ( $275 an4
chill, alaheimtenothdoe.SeI o e wsopmchl i he were sneapfishtswomenywereoreated or assciece cear
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where er atervalis ""_a lumer ing, tureouuptesaoflif"aai." en ofs pe"landtNowioeeverI AT lyo ata
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sheras eed gto looknovermall then1 wsmedthathensmadebetter t"dean-sidecadeouthetweieth centwery hpoped ,,.' It l lew'r.
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Sheterda -' cme. o heStto hangks 'witha oe n a roigands hopnes rtis "uht-ehpdfr n o innrsh'ecds pn ere 1rdc c
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teomehit capurrythinrshesbe.-he akeceen nsnrdiwsn oghr of a ntrstdinth duai: N.5.
"besi siintndgacosadoificulnths icaleausn an ie- ta s Ntm oTIesolbegvn-
son siplhatrmedwrth eeymeber. lsationmof n tatofice on sathleti Hoe Jd uicobsonrn,.
hshno leavt e er huse, A clgshe yamdefetwtinrmr dfi a r nivsity Gairls'oGld" SH'.____ '>Sacur-y
Inaye abotrth angeuyun- wishe uthepotonshansd inge oson a ________________ ' -"' -j-__75_______-___

hat ii 100 1 tm7e n attended the
Id by llOw\\oulic's League
r~leay night at Sarah Caswell
all W\hen i WyvI'n Senior s6-
E M-,;tr vb 4 c edlas host-
aH et:! I ii.'g11 lpr°i~10ass woar-
Oilgi JX'vitl04-tJ1ochief enter-
I 1oae a'-on, '2TS, played on her
,a Jo hnston, ' gltanced, an
MUiler, 29,. gave' a clog. Jo-
xlm,i , '',-',1ated as master of
es raldtIlhrough her, different
811,0 Xv it'1edl out so that the
riii -;wouIld mix anullMince with
pro)videl the dlecorations for
,> tarsi thme music as provid.:
tia Mower, r-, and1 three oth-
e's of ther Iol'elost.ra.
r fsOr'
.asol'' why any,
Id-because he
ectV aterran' s.
.n amount of.
.eep his icon-
)w-priced pen tat
oven high -priced
le, ask your supply
you a;'\Jaterraan's.
ne w ord or one
is- ,wih x rring

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