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December 04, 1927 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-12-04

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THE MICH~aY AiGAN fflJ-A s1 -

time is t
ARE CARDEDFOR 19 9peive the
Ten pla
tied i
Faculty Representatives of Conference brillian
Schools Make Rules Regarding In dete
Eligibility Of Players
serving o
(By Associated Press) of each '
CHICAGO, Dec. 3- The western several
critics. H
conference football schedule for 1928 News chi
was rounded out today as the coaches,
athletic directors, faculty representa- Red G
tives and others identified with Big en the
Ten athletics finished a two day meet- ter, wo
ing. year B
There was no hitch over games be- ( leader,
tween Big Ten teams, as all Confer-
ence games were arranged last May, Selecti
a compai
but the coaches sought competition Lowry, a
outside the conference that would doubt the
prove attractive in filling the open of the las
Three of the leading eastern teams But 1
will come west next year, Princeton, task. N
Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. Ohio Confere.
State will play Princeton at Colum- player.
bus, Nov. 3, with Pennsylvania ap-
pearing on Stagg Field against Chi- Leading
cago on the same day. Dartmouth the hono
will furnishf the attraction figu'ed to general.
fill Dyche stadium with 60,000 Perhap
against Northwestern on the closing the Illini
day of the conference season, Nov. such aces
24. Wisconsin will play Alabama, Nov dahl, Ba
Chicago -Schedule Completed and Nagu
Chicago's schedule was completed mate of
with the addition of South Carolina
and Wyoming on Sept. 29 and Oct. Herb J
6, respectively. The Maroons will open of cons
their season a week ahead of the with re
other teams, and close one week earl- on defe
ier, although starting their practice ing and
season on Sept. 15, the usual date.
Chicago will be without a game on It must
Nov. 24, the date the other nine teams a pass of
finish the championship race. Gophers'1
There 'will be a heavy conflict of was a pa
dates in Chicago on Oct. 13, with Iowa gan to d
meeting the Maroons on Stagg Field, gotten.
and Northwestern and Ohio playing
at Evanston, and the Navy and Notre Some
Dame battling on Soldiers Field be- includin
fore what promises to be a world's are dese
record of 165,000. The stadium which tan Joe
held a capacity crowd of 117,000 for the ingGop
Southern California-Notre Dame
game will be equipped to seat 165,000 Speakin
by the time the next football season of value b
rolls around. ing and s
Eligibility Rule 'Reaffirmed Minnesota
The faculty representatives ruled Hoosier e
that a student who has twice with-
drawn from school with delinquen- McCra
cies may not regain eligibility for himselfa
athletic competition. The rule to stop that day
proselyeing was affirmed as fol- dahl's m
lows: ran for
"No scholarships, loans, or remis- iana M
sion of tuition shall be awarded on
the basis of athletic skill, and no Later, w
financial aid shall be given to stu- second to
dents by individuals, alumni, or oth- for the att
ers for the purpose of subsidizing touchdown
them as athletes, or promoting the Indiana'sf
athletic success of the particlar uni- spotlight a
versity. This t







--- ---------

for interest among Confer-
ball followers at the present
[he selection of a man to re-
"most valuable player" tro-
the past three years the
) Tribune has awarded a
silver football to the Big
yer deemed to be of great-
ue to his team and is de-
irrespective of individual
rmining the man most de-
f the honor a canvos is mad
of the Conference coaches,
officials and several sports
arvey Woodruff, Wake of the
eftan, is in charge.
Grange of Illinois was giv-
trophy in 1924 while Tim
great Northwestern cen-
n the football in 1925. Last
enny Friedman, Woherine
was the recipient.
n of these three men was
ratively simple as Grange,
nd Friedman were without
outstanding Conference men
t three years.
927 presents no such easy
early every eleven in the
nce boasts a valuable
all other candidates for
r is the Minnesota team in
s the same might be said of
but we prefer to think of
as Joesting, Almquist, Ny-
rnhart, Gary, Hanson, Mc-
Haycraft, Tanner, Gibson,
rski as constituting the ulti-
nesting is certainly worthy
ideration. He could pass
al accuracy and was good
nse in addition to crash-
crushing a line.
be remembered that it was
his that made possible the
tie with Notre Dame. It
ss of his that started Michi-
efeat. These cannot be for-
of the other Minnesotans,
g the rat-like Almquist,
rving of honors, but Cap-
stin is probably the lead-
g of Minnesota and players
rings to mind the astound-
till much talked of Indiana-
tie game, and McCracken,
cken made and unmade
as a great valuable man
. First he picked up Ny-
inch disputed fumble and
a touchdown to place Ind-
the lead.
hen Minnesota scored her
uchdown and was lined up
empted kick for point after
i with the score 14-13 in
favor, McCracken took the
gain but in a different way.
ime he played goat being

offside and converting Minnesota's
failure to kick the goal into a
Gopher poiut and thus lost the
Ken Rouse, Chicago center extra-
ordinary, is the Maroon candidate for
the trophy and it would not be sur-
prising if he should win it.
The Chicago pivot man had the
facility for making tackles ev-
erywhere on the field axd in addi-
tion would open up great holes in
the line.
Capt. Bob Reitsch of Illinois is a
great favorite of the Illini suppoiVrs
for the honor and deserving. He was
much Ae same type as Rouse and a
wonderful leader. To him must be at-
tributed much of the Illinois success.
Wisconsin had her Crofoot -
and a wonderful quarterback and
captain he - was. He could run,
pass, or punt, and use his head
as well.
From Purdue came the Welch-Wil-
cox duo-and others. While Welch
was only a sophomore, he was rather
a sensation and it will be ard to
convince the sons of John Harvard
that there are more valuable play-
While all this may be true Capt.
Cotton Wilcox was undoubtedly
more valuable. He was the bal-
ance wheel and brain of the Boil-
ermaker machine and, with the
Harvard exception, his loss was
irreparable and his presence
might be called the "making" of
For Northwestern, Lewis and Gus-
tafson were valuable-but their value
I showed itself in a negative way -
when they were out of the game. Fish-
er, end, was also a fine player.
Buckeye valuable players were
climaxed by Raskowski, wonder
tackle. Of course there were
Grim and Eby.

Our rabid football enthusiast of this tor in thesuccessful season, for as-
Smodern age, whose all-consuming suredly, though Whitney objected to
. . selecting westerners on his all-Amer-
Four Dual Meets, Kansas and Illinois passion to cast his private contrimu- leng wese r h s all-Ae-
Relays And Conference Title tion in the form of an "all-star" con- en honor roll upon which five Wol-
Meets Conprss List stellation into the general mess of venes were placed
- such selections reflects the whole-veiswrepad
W'ESTLERS TO FACESIX some interest in the grand collegiate { Caley Stars Against Illinois
WR sEortFAEinds it'"ifficult of comrel There was Caley at one of the half-
sion that in the dim age of "way back acks, whose long runs against "il-
Dual meets wth Cornell universitywhen" the grid fan felt satisfied to inois took rank with O'Dea's 62 yard
Ohio State Illinois, and Minnesota, in accept the, choice of one Casper Whit- drop kick for Wisconsin as the fea-
addition to the annual indoor Con- ney, commentator of matters athletic tures of football in the West that
ference championship meet at Iowa, in Harper's Weekly. year.
tle outdoor title event at Northwest_ Unlike the representative Grantland Then, too, besides Cunnigham,
ern, and the Kansas relays .- IlliRice team named recently, Whitney's there were Snow and Captain Ben-
e nominations were wnt to recognize nett at the ends and Steckle at tackle,
nois relays constitute the V,(.;!rifounominationswereewontitotrecogniz
track schedule for 1928, while the the Allegheny range as the western four Michigan linemen in the first
Michigan matmen will meet four Big confines of a good football player- team squad of all-Western players.
Teiciga mamene i s diour at least until Michigan produced that Only Cunningham was rewarded by
Ten opponents, besides holding pre giant pivot player, "Big" Cunning- a place on the all-American eleven,
liminary meets with West Virginia !gatpvtpaeCnig truly an aggregation of stars which
and Michigan State college. ham, in 1898.
Coach Stephen J. Farrell's charges Cunningham, the Gibraltar in the could crush any modern mythical
will journey to Iowa City for the Big rock-ribbed Wolverine line which re- squad in a ypothetical contest of the'
Ten indoor meet on Mar. 9 and 10 in buffed opposing forwards to allow same style of play.
the new $600,000 Hawkeye field house. the Michigan backs to conquer all op- tHarvards quartet of superlative
On Marc 10 th Wolvernes wil cstarsseDiosbteynaandwDalywhinp the ebrck-
On March 10 the Wolverines will com position, was a peerless center in field, and Boal and Hallowell in the
pete in the indoor Illinois relays at those days when the center led the raedfirst a o
which all of the Big Ten schools ex- tandem, flying wedge, and mass plays *s
cept Minnesota will be represented by recklessly crashing his bulk at Yale Gains Two Places
his Mineotawi-a-vrereentd.Chamberlin and McBride, tackle
Michigan's team will engage in it his vis-a-vis.
single indoor dual meet with Cornell That Whitney recognized him, th7 and halfback respectively, were Yale's
on March 24 at Ithaca. first in the West to receive such rec- favored sons; Palmer and Hillebrand,
Will Compete in Kansas Relays ognition, is sufficient attest to his tackle and end, were the Princeton
The Michigan team will open its ability: "Cunningham well deserves jchoices; while Hare, of Pennsylvania,
outdoor schedule April 21 by compet- the center place, both for his wow in and Romeyn, of West Point, complet-
outoorschdul Apil 1 b copet Ithe lposition and for his sportsman- ed the list.
ing in the annual Kansas relays. with hipp Hare, Penn ace, was named for four
Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, annd I1- it.s consecutive years by Whitney and lat-
linois as the other Big Ten represent- But moreover, when it is remember- sc y b. y-

Phelan Of Purdue Chosen President
Of New Organization; Wisconsin
Mentor Is Secretary
(By Associated Press)
CHICAGO, Dec. 3-Relieved of the
hectic annual struggle for choice foot-
ball dates, the football coaches of the

Western conference devoted the open-
ing session of their annual meeting
to organization of an association
through which they speak as a unit
on gridiron problems. Jimmy Phelan
of Purdue was chosen president and
Glen Thistlethwaite of Wisconsin, se-
cretary, the offices rotating among the
conference representatives hereafter
in alphabetical order.
Through their new organization, the
Western conference football coaches
association, the gridiron mentors sent
word to the national rules committee
that they were not in favor of any
more tinkering with the football rul-
es. And, it was added, if any changes
are decided upon at the New York
meeting later this month, they ought
to be held up for one year so the
coaches, and especially the officials,
will have a chance to find out what
they are all about, before they are
confronted with new plays and new
The nearest the coaches came to
agreeing upon a recommendation for
a change was the 5 to 4 vote which
turned down the suggestion of Coach
Robert Zuppke of Illinois, that the
goal posts be moved back to the goal
line. Zuppke made a strong speech in
favor of his motion, and won the sup-
port of three other coaches, who
agreed with him on the necessity of
preserving the foot part of football
in developing kickers. The majority,
however, decided to try out the goal
posts as they were for one more
The try for point after touchdown
also came in for heavy debate, but
did not get so far as a formal motion
favoring ts elimination.


-atives. The Wolverines will meet Ohio led that Cunningham was chosen in'
Staes May 5 atCol umbus in te irst preference to such grid immortals as
S t ate M a y 5a m t o w hm b u i n th e f rs O v erfield , o f P e n n sy lv a n ia , a n d th e
outdoor dual meet, while Minnesota representatives of the Big Three, Jaf-
anwdualmetononent for Onh1rpeenaieCfte i heJf

Armil meant more1
Iowa. He was a great
fine kicker as well

than much to
plunger and a
as all-around

Consideration of Michigan's can-
didate(s) to succeed Benny Fried-
man has been left until last.
Gilbert and Oosterbaan were not
only stars but valuable stars. -
The thrice-all-American leader of
the Wolverines would have been a hard
man to do without. He was indispen-
sible on defense, his work there being
phenomenal. On offense he was half
of the main Michigan scoring com-
bination. Also he was still the great
threat as pass receiver, and further,
could plunge.
Gilbert, who earned the title
"Elusive Louie" because of his
shiftiness, was a terror in broken
field and at running back punts
as well as figuring as big scorer.
He was a great defensive man,
a sure tackler and without equal
against passes.
He blocked perfectly and his punt-
(Continued on Page Seven.)


a~~~~~ LI UU 1U PJiN1U11 oacn
Farrell's men, will invade Ferry fieldI
May 12 for the single home engage-
ment on the schedule.
The trackmen will journey to Ur-
bana for their final dual meet on May
19 with Coach Gill's Illini outfit. The
Conference championship event will
be held May 25 and 26 at Northwest-
Wrestlers Meet Six Opponnts
Four Conference opponents, in ad-
dition to two preliminary engage-
ments constituterthe 1928 Michigan
wrestling card.tThe Wolverine mat-
men will open the season Jan. 14 -it
home with West Virginia, one of the
stronger Eastern wrestling teams
furnishing the opposition. Coach
Keen's charges will face Michigan
State college Feb. 4 in the field house
in the second meet of the year.
The wrestlers will open their Con-
ference schedule Feb. 11 with Ohio!
State at Columbus, and Northwestern!
will invade Ann Arbor the following j
week end, Feb. 18, for the opening
home contest. Purdue will oppose theI
Wolverines Feb. 25 in the second
home meet, and the team will close its
dual meet schedule Mar. 3 at Bloom-;
ington against Indiana.
The Conference championship
wrestling meet between the variousj
teams of the two sections of the BigI
Ten will be held Mar. 24 at North-
western. The team will also engageI
in the individual championships meet
which will probably be held the fol
lowing week.
NEW HAVEN-14 lettermen from
this year's Blue team will graduate
next spring.
NEW YORK-Paavo Nurmi has
abandoned his plans for a tour of this

fray, Cutten, and Booth, his value to
the Michigan team cannot be over-
198 Michigan Team Strong
Fielding H. Yost was not at Mich-
igan in 1898, but the habit of winning
had been formed nevertheless. In that
year the Wolverines romped through
Illinois 12-5, Northwestern 6-5, Notre
Dame 23-0, Beloit 22-0, and Chicago
12-11, earning the title "champions
of the West."
Nor was Cunningham the only fac-
been intimated by Commander Jonas
H. Ingram, director of athletics at
the United States Naval Academy, that
the 1928 Army-Navy game may be
held at Franklin field, although no
definite action has been taken regard-
ing this matter.
Following a talk with Ernest E.
Cozens, graduate manager of the Uni-
versity of Pepnsylvania, Ingram ex-
pressed satisfaction with the terms
and accomodations which were offer-
ed by the Penn representative.
Cozens informed him that Franklin
field will accommodate 80,000 specti"
tors, and that 35,000 of the tickets
would go to Army and a similar num-
ber -to Navy. The remaining 10,000
will be reserved for the use of the
general public.

er by Walter Camp. Incidentally, he
was named on Coach Yost's all-time
all-American eleven last year.
Since those ,early days Michigan has
fared well in the matter of winningI
places upon the all-American teams,
no less than 15 others having been
produced by Michigan's "Grand Old
Heston, "Wonderful Willie," was the
first of the Walter Camp selections
which superseded Casper Whitney's.
Others followed in rapid succession.E
Benbrook, Schultz, Craig, Maulbetsch,'
Wells, Allmendinger, Smith, Vick,
Blott, Steketee, Kipke, Oosterbaan,;
Friedman and Slaughter complete the'
Of this group, two, Heston and
(Continued on Page Seven.)

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