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April 23, 1927 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-04-23

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i 11L.a 1Y;l l.!8 l1 VCLlf 0.!i Yau n _ ,__ .. _.. ... .. ._.

OPERATONS cgod is sure to come from any such
0 PI h 1 S LlUI! methos of asfcribin, the causes of the
M isathe foremost of which is to
txmi: a fairmt who is so addicted,
SIMPSONJSANITARI ap(l put d;own a -.iythin~g that he is
____foui ; to h0ave wrong with him. Ex-
pci.;; tawill 1be, made lchere in hered-;
Insti9ite 1 ix i tOf Al. (daluPf :.e fty, 1)inging; about geucrations of as-
Ma~ial Ii5)I nhnr inals wh have been given the dis-
Ofh~ lsmdease, aim studying then minutely,.
_-- (Tb,,,p>oblm in1volved may be one
RESEARCH TO BE MADE 0c tt, whole.stufly of nutrition, and
______,_ we areveared to investigate that
r trn~alt~l i rri Fh aft ,.t ifpoint. Very littlY is really known

President Coolidge Is Offered A Home
on Mackinac Island For Summer Time

a few patientis, aogwaee lines'
ond in view, is te working objent, o
the 1 nwy opened Si iiiPsll Memorial 1
In3stitutCe fr Medical Research, ac-'
cordliixgto IDr. fRaphadl linas, ssisb!
atnt direct or of tI istiute. D~r.[

abouton]i nay foods, and their effects
oni thIhuman systema, andlsuch dis-j
t.v0 '; s " are jut; begining to be
'11:: T' aeaget3phsi_cian knows
little mi-ore wht to pres5cribe for his
patient's diet tranl does that patient
h im ;clf. Digestive trouble's have been
shown to be present in a large degree
in cases of pernicious anemia.

Isziacs, who was auointed sist ant "ltton and b)1o0( trouboles are
to jDr. Cyrus C. Sturgis, r-ecently ar- also d ignated ini certain css Lit--
rived to beg-in the w".ork 6ropening ti f e is Iknowni about the finer composi-
the building, ordIer:ing thte supplies jtion of ordinary blood. The corpuscles
and makirng ready; f or Dr. 'tur'gis, jof all anenne n ?atient have been shown
who wi,:ll ai ive in Ann rjir sme (to behave in a rather wild mannier,
time in July. Both men lihave been i- cli-cteris tic of certain other (11s-
nettedl with theo I larvard Medical eases-notal,ly cancer. Eventually our
school, Stiurgi; with thie Pete r Brent iwlole problem may prove to be bound
Brighamn hospital ini Bostoni, andJ up inextricably with that of cancer.
Isaacs with theicIluni tingdon Mem11orial! In that event the studies of both (s
hospital,-eases would benefit to some extent
The memorial, a gift of Mrs. Catli- ; and that would form the further basis
eritic McDonald Simpson, of D~etroit,,lof our work here.
in honor of her husband who was "One of the other divisions which,
stricken with pernicious anemia, 'was will receive attention will be the bac-
recently constructed at, a cost of more I teriological. With so much observa-
than $250,000, with anl additional ltLion of the patient necessary, and so
$250,000 endowment. It has been pro- jc T eful a stuidy required, )ve will be
nounced t6 be unique in the field o~f able to have only a few. There will
experimental medicine, especially 'be little of the hospital or the clinic
among institutions such as the U.ni- ~in our endeavors and more of the leis-
versity of Michigan. 'uirely research."
Dr. Isaacs is experiencing great I One line which will be folowed up'
difficulty in preparing the building first will be in connectiod' with the
and equipment for actual work, be-I recent discoveries about diet. Certain
c'ause of the indefinite character of organ~ic substances, -principally liver,
thre research. "He reiterated the opin-I when fed to a very sick person at
ion expressed by Dr~. Sturgis in heis i the rate of half a pound a day, will
dedication speech when he said thatl almost immediately cause a change in
the greater benefits of the institute , him, and in a short time hie will feel
~would probably be derived from the to be in the best of condition. -What
chance andI related discoveries. is resp-onside for this is as yet un-
"Pernicious anemia is extremely (known. Of course the obvious difficul-
rare in occurrence," he continued, and fty, according to Dr.I Isaacs, is that
this project mat3¢ be criticized by muany some cannot eat liver, others are to
onl that ground. But it heas never beenI sick to try to do so. If the curative
solved, nor: even a solution approach -fa~ctor can be segregated, it will be
edl, and it is so bound up with inum- possible to put it in different form.
erable fields of study in medicine that Dr. Isaacs stated that another point
Our foad is well seasoned by an experienced chef.f
..he -nearestt thing to home cooked food in "Ann
215 South Main St.

WILLr~MEET HERE ' d to be w.ity and with a moral hid-
w__ WLELL R.GIVI; THREE' Gen in it.
Tlta DRAMAS1 Roles in "-is A nV" r taken2
for~~~~~~7), tearnsad hidn'\or-yLeone Lee,'239_ y Whi tne y, grad,
en's of NVXasmI e;1aw _County, uner th1e '11'ree Spanish Iplays will he pre- MrhllLv,"2-,adF Klod
direct ion ofi'<',. '2.In "La sSorpesidcsao wl
of ScIT(le's htxI;mil(ti sente d byLa ociedlad 1-ispanica on 1be Charles T. Lee, '27, George2 V.
the Mihgancre o eiio ~ Aril 26, at Sarah Caswell Meader, '2o7. aeraldine 'I.'1Urlst, 7
and te cou Y hndoY ail.The plays include "a n eneMcad hre 1 tu
schlool council, wVil behldtO26 ~ nd
T(; lr 131Hl11 apa.'IeIil')~e, m aa16th century playlet b 1w h 2,NnaL itr,'8 n
of fi The Ins 'itutei0 to l il to t raint L,;)3 (I lueda; "sgrimla y Alnor",FrnsH.SchI'2,beroe
eachrs f i ili C iiit~~'i t \vl, So1)y5~ip~i ~ auqiuiAlvrez in "Esgrlma y mr
tEahl-iI o Sripnrzi!lil1~-lAvrz het o(eP'cets for the playi arcnow onl
t~~tthey 1may do - ergirt,ieiit w C~l( mo;olern Span'ish authiors who write of ;sale in the Spanlish la ISs: -.~t. hplays
efs thes uned ai ol, n(tid j :idil y Andalusian life; and "La Sor-'Fare Iunde~r the direction o ' d rc
t>ntsd asdo wellancsc ases.all Sond}'ay school dll, ai1
workers to understand 1the reliiu'ea(CIao"b rnic ans aceFueid (aO n
Lope (Ie Rueda is the inventor of the ;Gulstave Mic.. chau of tRomanc.e
needs and development of childhlood.,nwtp fpa ald"ao nLnug eatet
The princilpaladdlress of t liern-~ ___ ___________----------
" 1ag session, WhIch(4 beai m at i)-:30,-i
entitled ''A Mau'n o'adw
ale given by MI (' c oeutach' - ~ ----------. ----
of Lansing, Sae(kl o' Divisio n I
Superintendenlt. Miss j ''ebah ill A. n" r o P es
also talk on "Thle tUsa ci',cresIT e t].nV1 Ain
Religious Educationl:" a i i~.ron____________________________________
5 ,S~n u ~ ~~ ~rn(- aMPINTERS BINDERS ENGRAVV l
micaael, a notCinl . hhiran'.;woth r
of Indianapolis, Iian,'<ivil i\o a'MNaynard S-,. Phone 4i,& b
adress o Tc cigYiri I c
At the jeveni Lg c-:s , 5k' 1; :
'"The Soil, teSa.oK~
fhis seossidL willb i}~dI-)~EcI3NO VI -ADVERi TISING
!I jgeant. "20-T 14' nve<h('nI
Ann Arbor church ll :b1 rzirsn
col by one charac ter . I VC Wwant to tell U10e MF RC11Ax'S and l MAN1°'ACT
The meeting is int r~ltenoiatioi i'4Ri F 1 of An Arbor of ONE GOOD WAY t(}'
anld anyone interest dill rel ygi sR,ACI[ a great many people for BUT LI'II.
teaching or tea chi ng-"o: childre s-1'~iup ''F's etwt r~
cordially invited to at tend clany or , oo .F, r prSu-'ssn ihyour T1,,
of the sessionis. an11d :x1utiv 11, STATEMENTS, that tell of some U--
gay yg ( T !_'AI, 'r~VICi or of BARGAINS lin MrRCTA\NDiS,
+ U1~E T L.AFA'vE V," 4-J, XWILL I iil GLD TO IIE,I'.P lan i t SC'ls 0
. x'd7ROT ICNow 1c 1- zLiPF r, AiLING PI1 C~lS..
With Hazel "'hitmore and Ile btrt Clara.
Avery i-opwood's Cormedcy
Popryta Priers-\'evw p ;cv - -_-
Nig~hts. f5c to St. TFurs. and t ,a i. as,25
to ?5c. Sunday' Mat.,. a"c c r-j--i.
Bonstelle Playhouse I-ii n ro
in1 George' Kelly's Latlest Sume osIF. BUYTENDiORP. Manager
6t _______,______________________

President Coolidge is shown rcceiving a book containing ail paintingfs
of scenes of M'ackinac Island where a home has been offered for his su-m-
mer vacation. f
upon11 which the institute might b-~ and even tsteful dishes ar-A silver-
('riticized would be the luxtziisness ware form an effect all their' own.
of the appo ntinent s which is evident "It. was this considleration of the
everywhere in the building. The first! donor which was -responsible for the
floor is taken up. by reception'roomis completeness of everything," stated
and offices, tihe second by laboratories,! Dr. Isaacs. "We believe that in such
and the third by ixooIns. Animnal qluiu- stirrotindintgs a better study of. the
toes are in the basement. Th.e bril- ; azt lent will be possible, and thit Cachl
hian t white and strict fitting-- which; will be more satisfied with the re--
usually featuire a hospital or clinuic; stits. Surely anytinfg is p0553il)IC to
tre her'ie enirely missig. Upholster- ac('outpliih with what we llave to
3d furnittnre, pintings, thick carpets, wr.

A .{



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,,.. W . s,.... . t

12-Royal Entertainers- 12
e ~~IU

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