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February 15, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-02-15

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PAtGE Fr 'rk


TTTc).)A . r, $.TT~K!,ARV 19- 14

- - ... *Va%..*1L 1 11 1 1 VLFA..V L1 S.L.1.1 l C-AK)

)11_I 1 , 11 R tjI k :k 1L T t:), 10.

~I~g I it~i~xn aiI~ Ipaner ts ofthe bill in the Hlouse to
amend the me'sure, event if it cannot
Published every morning except Monday bRNOLd I hohnono eea
dtuiiig the -university year by the Board in Washirgf on observers , however, it is
Vnont-)l of Student Publications. ut.p::il'hatebllapas(
Mlembci s of Western Conference Editorial by the senate will be accepted by the W A
The Associated Press is exclusively en- President Coolidge however, still Insieoffr lood famn JH
titled to the use for republication of all news Spt ffro, ain, Hp
dispatches credlited to it or not otherwise inancsrnl opsdtotemas- and examinations, here we are again.!
credited in this paper and the local news pub-l
5'i<:ed therein. ure because of its paternalistic and It was doubtful for a while, but the
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,prc fixing features. There is little profess'ors were generous and thel
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate doubt among observers that he will Fates kined.

Music and Drama
anid "The Na ~n o l)(astl y," in th;e

of t~wtagre granted by Third. Assistant Post-1
master Gneral.
Sl °ciptivon by carrier, $3.75; by mail,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
nard Street.
Ph' nes : Iditorial, 4925; Business 21214.

Telephone 4926
Editor.................W. Calvin Patterson
City Editor............... .Irwin A. Olian
NewsEdiors.........Frederick Shiillito
NewsEditrs.......... Philip C. Brooks
Women's Editor........... .Marion Kubik
Sports Editor.............Wilton A. Simnp son
'Tleeranh Fdi4or............ Mor ris Z werdilinig
Music and Drama........ Vincent C. Wall, Jr.
Night Editors
Charles Behymnet Ellis Merry
Carlton Champe Stanford N. Phelps
Jo Chamberlin Courtland C. Smith
awes Hlerald Cassam A. Wilson
Assistant City Editors
Caul Burger Ilenry Thiurnau
Joseph Brunswick
Marion Anderson M11iles Kimball
S Alex Bochnowski M'.ilton Kirshbaum
Jean Campbell Richard Kurvink.
Chester E. Clark G. Thomas McKean
Clarence k delson Kenneth Patrick!
Earl W. De La Vergne Morris Quinn1
William Emner y J ai ,es She ehan
Alfred Lea Foster Nelson J. Smnith, Jr.
Robert E. Finch Sylvia Stone
Rober t (;essncr William Thnrnau
Elaine Grtier Milford Vanik
Coleman J. Glencer Ilerbert F;. Vedder
Harvey 3. (h:derson Iviariani Welles
StewartI looker Thaddeus Wasielewski
Morton B. Icove Shlerwood Winslow
Paul Kern

veto the measure if it should come to 4 *s imes taieiCte~r Ilt :30 Io'cloelt.
him for consideration. With the Sen- MUTSE'h AL
ate vote of 47 to 39 indicating that the '
executive veto cannot be overridden, I l( , Ei)AOAI h l.hue laX:1'The~i o , We
then, there appears little possibilityEl~v llrd~.~JdFia i lt
that the bill will be enacted even if it;I "'The only reminder," said the III lt' M~ir?",; tMeafer lat S :1 hudb ucsfli hehue yia eirystra,"fte ;)COk
_____________I-Hop, nw is the great number "The Mi~an of Degstiny," by GeorgeI
ADVACINGJOURA3IS of men taking the Poverty course Bernard( Shaw, preceded by a short
ThIrwho rinn njunl in sociology." one act play "Annajanska, the i3olshe-
The rowh oftt inin injoural- Ivik Empress" by the same author, will
ism and increased Facilities in all cecu-- be pres.ented for four schedculed per-
ters shown by the annual report ofj formances this week in the Mimes
the American Association of Schools rh eniesdd'tegtrutl theater. Shaw can always be depend-
andI~eartens o Jornlis isanSaturday and yesterday, because they. ed upon for an evening's enctc:ltinl-E
indication of Elie health and vigor of usually flunk so many courses that m nen t, and these plays form an inter-
the profession in America. Not that Ithley have to wait until the marks; esting contrast in their hunior.
journalism in America .needs any great come in. I 'Annoj.anska. the Bolshevik Emipress-"
bolstering; but one of the biggest de- **i a barlesque, broadly slapstick, andI
mandis made of a professional man is i FIRE! wholly madl. It is a "revolutionary
that he shall have been trained not That hospital fire was nearly thej romarncelet" by the author's a(1ns-I
only to the physical and mental de- end of us, scholastically speaking. \Xejsonanliastre n caltc
j ioand i aie nscaitc ats of his clan, but also that he be had an cxam the morning after, and tendencies in the Ili;ssionl manner with
learnedI in the creed and the ethics as were all set to learn the course that! an English themce dominant in the
set by practice. night, when the fire whistle blew. Of backgroundl. "The Mans of Destiny"'
For this reason it is significant of: course, we debated about it,---all of is more subtle---a less obvious exafli)lO'
the advancing status of the profession three seconds---and then were oft for' of Shia an wit. rlle subject of his
that so many of the youth of America the fire, a la Marathon. satiriVeal thrusts is, in this instance,i
are evincing an interest and are * * * tihe xgreat man of il si ry. Napoleon
taking steps to become "journalisti- With tile help of students, B. and C. is; picturedl in the eon (~it and legoni i
cally~minded." It marks the en- boys, citizens, taxi-drivers, and Ypsi, that is onle of the faru , ite objects of
trance of a new factor and promises the local department handled the sit- }Shay.,s vitrolic jests. This picturing
the realization of new goal, achieved cation admirably. Hlollywood is miss- of Napoleon as a poseur andI actor in
through the application of vision and ing a lot of talent. ;~ the grand manner is an interesting !
endavr.*1 travesty of the romantic misconcep-I
______________There w&as some mistake in the in- tionl of the hero. The play in the!
IA1VNSINLG THE REPORTER formation given over the telephone hand, of a smaillcitwelhons
Jn<' hw fip iepginm o r1w~n.-about the location of the fire, and so! considered one of the most successfulj

For Your Convenience--Two Stores Completely Stocked
_ At Both Ends of the Diagonal
Yt.ai ou ilNo iW that the Hop 1 pir
, rait was a great weekend, but thank goodness

a.) .'L LA 'U.1 Tl
A Fiiffed Artis:t,
B~obby Vrnm('

32i'.('6 ' I

there isn't a Hop every week. ¢
just to reassure you, we wish to say that Granger's
is all primed for 'a big semester and we are going
to start things out right tomorrow night, Wednes-
day. Dancing from eight to ten.






Dancing 'Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Telephone 21214
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A. M. Hin ty Beatrice Greenberg
E. L. f Iise Selmna M. Janson
R. A. Meyer Marion Kerr
Harvey RosenlIum i\Iarion L. Reading
William F. Spencer Harriet C. Smith
H-arvey Talcott Nance Solomon
Harold Utley Florence Wi-druaier




Night Editor---CARLTON G. CHAMPE
Although Secretary Keilogg's sug-'
gestion that the Cantonese and Pelk-
iwg fot-e1i ,in China agree to neutra-
lization of Shanghai has been gener-
ally approved by the world powers
concerned, it has apparently received
little favor from the Chinese. Cabled
dispatches from China indicate that
the plan is regarded there as an old
scheme, proposed in time of formerI
troubles, but never put in use.
Both Tso-lin of the Northern forces
and Eugene Chen, foreign minister of
the Canton government, have agreed
to protect all farmg lives 'and prop-
erty located in the territory under
their control. The principal fear in
the foreign colony at Shanghai, how-
ever, does not concern any attack by
the organized forces of either faction,
but rather rises from the possibility!
of native violence such as that at
Ilankow. With more than a million
native Chinese in the Shanghai area
susceptible to the nationa listic propa-
ganda, there are very evidently sound
grounds for such fear.
If the Chinese are willing to settle
their differences out side of Shanghai,
there is little reason why they should
not comply with the Washington pro-
posal. Any fear that foreigners will
gain a new foothold in China is rathce'
foolish since the world powers are
generally favorable toward surrender-
igtheir special privileges. Moreover,
it would seem quite desirable to China
that mob riots be prevented. Certain-
ly, their reoccurrence will be more
proof that the Chinese are not capable
of maintaining a stable government.
With British and American troops sta-
tioned in greater numbers in that lo-
cality, there should also be little doubt
among the Chinese that the world
powers are determined to urotect
their nationals. For either faction,
thle safe and sane course would seem
to, be one which would obviate any
interference by foreigners.
Making a remarkable comeback
from the Congressional boneyard
where it seemed destined to remain a
mnth ago, the McNary-llIaugen farm
relief bill has now been passed by tile
Senate, which defeated it last spring,
and will probably come to a vote in
the House this week.
In the latter chamber. it is report ed

per rep~orters, as advocated by a for-
mer' editor of "The Century" for the
improvement of the newspapers, will
make them "dignified public servants"
and eradicate the weaknesses of pres-
ent day journalism is difficult if not
altogether impossible to comprehend.
We don't know. Perhaps Mr. John-
son never worked ten hours a day in
a musty, dusty police station, never
spent half the night running down a
story only to have it rejected by a
hardboiled city editor, never stepped
up to flC cashier's window on Satur-
day night to receive his twelve, fifteen,
or eighteen dollars. If he has it is
hard to see why he wants to add one
more handicap and burden to those of
of a class of men who receive less pay
for more work than any other group
in thelbusiness world.
Licensing reporters won't improve
journalismn. To put the reporter in the
same class with taxi drivers and
cigarette dealers will simply reduce
the ranks of the capable. It's queerI
that editors have so seldom tried pay-I
ing their reporters salaries commen-
surate with ability as a means of im--
proving their newspapers.

the department was a little late in get- dramatic ventures of a little theater
ting to the excitement. If we ever group.t
have a fire at our place, we are gluing-* *
ot wal c down and personally escort Tinnc e ThWdeI'In Vi ke will present
the boys to the fire. jilmilr~k IMen's '"Glios" :'Al the Whait-I
* * *ney theater on Wednesday nightt of
WEEIKLY M\rs. Fiske's p! o auction of "Ghosts"
comes to the Wiitney after a run of
The "Alumnus," official organ (with-1 three weeks in New York. The comn-
out a single soft pedal in the works) { pany is the same that opened wNith
of the alumni, got all excited about it, Mrs. Fiske, andl for tile secondl time in
claiming that if someone had only! a week Mr. 'McIntyre is presenting anj
read their paper and taken it serious- original New York cast.
ly the entire loss could have been!**
avoided. It seems the paper recenltly (xlenn 1151inter hItsJohn Yn lPrayten's
"deplored" tile lack of originality in, "yoiimi 11,oodley,, w Ill ly illthme
nlaming -Unilversity buildin s, cut Of ii: hI,(j tlteflfir oil Friday n iht, Fb
which arose th3e alibi of the fire de- 2% for oe iperiormamwo only.
parntmnert. This play is a production which has'


VW. :"a

put you 1' n
position in

a commanding
the business

..:terse:ear:rrux ctm ;s:aa :r....w..,-. .r .i: :ra...urMSU

All Commercial
W E. give you a solid
fountdation in all corn-
raercal branches, that will

Z'e., air 1
long tine,
i's S/cl.
Jlub, ].Stet:
tk(q'f t
t~ t.. t

* * *


W hoever called up thje department;
reported the "Old Medical Ward" as
the location and the engines w(-lt to
tile wrong address. Now, accordinlg
to the "Alumnus," if thlat had only;
been named Tillotson Amphititeater,
or somethling like that, the boys could]
have found it right away, after theyj1
looked through thee (ictionary, the city,

been successfully played in New York,
having coml'eted a ruan - of eight,
In'Onths. "Young 11oodley" is the
story of Eng lish public school life-
shattered ideals andl the dlsilliuioned,
trag edy of a first love. Glenn Hnnter,I
after the success of "Merton of the
Movies," seem~s to b , a favorite choice
for such parts.

.Iod ariy .a4
III) . ;Sn Arbor

Any Volla


directory and thenmap.
Ii7n iA te~n* ef * * 'tnA o s

CAAIPUS~TheI'Altinllillus i itsef wouUI ptiie
CAM USOPI~o Ipoor one tohIclliithme cpartint to-
Anonymous communications will be that fire, f'or it. calI, the pilai(c theI
disregarde d. Tfhe namles of comm uni-
Caits will, ho0wever, lie regarded as "West Plavilloli," and wve, w4)uldllt
confidlential upon request. J bla ne the fire-figlitlimg ig llail if ti eg'
TO THE F'ACULTY had ended up over fil the Island at
To Tphe editor: the pavilion thecre.
Although I realize that the faculty Onlitetmilthsorofha
opinion en every political question is n iteitmi iestr fta
divided, still thle weight of their in- paper regarding thle fire never was re-
dividual opinion is amazingly* similar leased in tile big papers, in spite of
in r'egard to the capital punishiment its se'nsational news. Tlke article
bills before the legislature. Let them states that only 61 plus 278 patients
act now for now is tile time. were carried out of tihe threatened
If e Y i' f roponent of the death bills hospital, and then mentions very cas-
wot'ld? think over the meaning of the ually that there were "over 1,100 pa-
following sentences and phrases he tienits registered in1 tile Hospital 0il
would either chlange his mind or ad- the day of the fire."
111: his bloodthirstiness. Consider tile
trtuth in the se:, aside from calling the National
"Only the humlble die,," the poor guardsmen, "17. 0. T. C." men, the
coloredl man in the South, the for- alunmni magazine hlit tile facts pretty
eigner in the North. near right. Except thlat it talks about
"Barbaric retribution even, when teegnsgigt h l ono
applied fairly to all men in a state, pti optl.ntefleaam
hasnevr bougt oderandpeace." when they went to the Old Medical
"If we bring back the death puinish- ,bidnadta tmnin h
men wh shuldnotallthekiling {"Star Theater" as a local attraction.,
be made in public and why should not
the U. S. Constitution be amended to Sadr ~imn on all fire
permit all those gorgeous tortures trucks from now on:i stones to throw
such as that of stretching the con- a idw hi h rsuei o
victed one on the rack until he is'stogeuhtobakhelsswh
unconscious?" the hose.
To come back to the faculty, I im
plore them to get busy while there is And~ a Qc{py of 1 he Alunnw, to re-
yet time-to ask the governor to veto iLte everything Yt'liI gee before your

Tomnorrowv afternoon at 4 o'clocl
the Uatintt-a Musicale will present
Lewis Richards, hlarpsichordist, in a
eprogram in the Mimes theater. Mr.
-Richards is a. native of the state who
Y!has studled abroad at the Royal Coil-
t! servatory o? Music in Brussels. For It e l s w e r i a e n i

irlJiteresting Booklet j
SON litAr xiITFRAI'Ukr'
itsa2u CcFnpj~iy f-'ail. delu



. ._.,..___._ . .,....,.......,.,,..._._,_..,.._...,._.,,...........,...ti..n_..._.,..- -- - --,-a..m- . - -. -_

baL remains a,
sr71. - mtc

concert work ill America.

TEKESE f! A review, by Robiert ('arson
a "Beethoven is not on trial, but hlis
critics." Regardless of Tolstoy andl
Ihis cr~iticisml of I1eethioven's "Kretzr
-Sonata" that selection shall endure as
-(a classic example of pure music. The
choice of that, for the opening n-umber
however, was unfortunate--there were
the usual tardy concert-goers to mar
1jits continuity andI the audienrce didn't
seem to be sensitive to its beauty so
rearly in the evening. Thle first the
tmanagement can remsedy. Kreisier'
- played this in an artistic fashion which
his accompanist, Carl Lanmson, see-
1:on ded.
3(The second group of the evenling be-I
.,gan with Bach's "!Adagio and Fugue,
G minor" for violin alone. Some crit-
ics have named this a test pie-ce for
violinists' lbecause of tile difficulties
encountere(l. Throughout this selec-
tion and (luring the entire concert
E-reisler's technique wras impeccaible
andu 1hi-: U trine u.Jsi u H 11.11 vn CLZlu l! au

1 !

n, ,
t +
Flt i n,
fry , -
' I _ ..
-., ._
..Y _ r _ ..i 1 ' i ry i
,e ... ,
-'?' a r, , H y
, 4 _ r . ' h
/ l
r y 1

We have a complete stock of all the standard
makes, both large and portables. Renting and repairing a specialty,
Our Service Department is one of the best equipped in. the State.
We have been serving Michigan and its students for a period of
nineteen years.

0.SDX ORRILL, 17 Nickels Arcade.: Phone 661,
Tihe Typewiriter and Stationery Store

D~ee-ler: L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, inc.

C 2 F y: .
i1 GU N f v:'. .Ifs

ana nzs tone pu.isea wiLil «armLn ana

j feeling.
In the last group of the evenng
I Kroislcr (descended to tile more popu-


Nineteen rooD
accomnmodate 25]
beamed ceiling inI
stuident furniture gc
for organization us
brner. Finishedr

this inonsterous medieval thing when
it comes to him. The legislature isj
panic stricken. Legislators feel that
they nmust do something about tile de-
plorable crime situation so they are
going to enact a law that may appease
the demand that something be done
even if they know that tis something-
has never and could not possibly a-
feet the crime rate. If only our brainy.
legislators were endeavoring to better
the conditions of living anmong those
who become our zii'nnothev xxrldi

ery eye. I ar vein whichl delighted tile audience.
This included the beautiful "Andantej
BE'T'AI Cantabile" by Tschaikowsky, arranged
THE 'DAILY EXTRA, published in-,for violin and piano, an arrangement
side of two hours, came out that night ! of C'vril Scott's "Lotusland" and
with a full story of the big fire, and' "Frasquita Serenade" by Lehar- Kreis-
we had the pleasure of helping sell iclr. The latter IKreisier played twice;
the papers on the streets. We neverj because of the insistent app~lause.

,n house on State Street, large lot, 87 foot frontage. Will
people. Large living rooms on the first floor, -fireplace,
library, and other attractive features. Three bath rooms,
oes with house, also large ice box and equipment suitable
se. Has completely equipped laundry. Steam heat, oil
rooms in basement for help. .
>well in the Fraternity Zone established by the
I is priced right, only $30,000.00 with all student
ndry anjd kitchen equipment. Financing easy. For
uilars, call

This house is
universiy land
ivniture, !lut
further partict

linew we could yFell so loud. We are
now conlfideiAthtiat we could out-yell
a School of Music vocal r'ecital.

"En Bateau" by Debussy, in the same
group, was particularly good. He
played several encores during the
evening, Debussy's "instrels" wvhich
was originally for thle piano, "Tan-o"-

} .ff F N



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