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March 03, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-03-03

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.iTI11 l2DA1 Y, MTlC .T T .Z .!~2


__ _"'__ __ _ __ .._ __ __ _ _ ., yn.r . + ! n - ,p". . _ r. a+.. a ainna ...aaa irn m nnf awal


4A_ ,;

....... ........................
. . ........ -5 . \-A
An -vA, UM OMM& mm



nrrriT flflfliTfllr

wvood. Ill the ogre onl the right is a
cheriry t ree, inl the ont on the left is
ii ,licuies or orange. Th'lese t rees are uno
in nmli ttlnf 1two hi-torie Itrues oil day are
it her side of the palte at Kyoto. ('hors

vtrr UUiMMU U _ t
,,I tarFo rrityitInd .'
IUdoubtedly the nost bitterly on-!-z
tested basketball game in the ifra-j
meural basketball tournm tent was!
played yesterday afternoon whean e-
sy Barbour house met Kapp-c Delta.
Tfhe game ended inl a score of 40-290
in favor of Kappa Delta. Playing was:
very fast from the beginning of the4
game and it continued throughout to
the endl. Nellie Hoover, '28, playing
ide center for the Kappa Delta teaml
was oneO of the outstanding lplayersi
of the game, ,as was Mildred Hardy,l
'28 for the Betsy Barbour team.;k
The lineup for this game is as fol- s
lows: x
Betsy Iirbor Rappa IDelta i
M. Hardy........F.......(0. OgurnI
A., Wright ....... F...... M. McNally
L. Cody .........C........ .J. JTones
Ht. Grabowsky .: .'~ ...... N. Hoover;
M. Follmer G.......F. Townsend
L. Kahn ........ G...... M. TDavidson Zn lyn ee ebry
was not such a fast or as hard ar
game.. It endled with a score of 26-22
in favor of Zone 3. While the playing
wvas not. as fast or as spectacular asj
the former game was much stead-
ier and more even. June Davis, '29,i
and Esther Middlewood, '29, were the>F
stars of this game. The lineup for
this game is as follows:
Zone a Meer ewerry
Er. Middlewood ,.F.F........ M. Smith]
J. Davis ..............KIi. AbbottI
J. Fulson ...... .C.......... M. Buck Ni",Ma1ry Xihiavd4on (above)
II. Crawford . . ..S. C..... R. Lambert Lady Florence Barrett It. A.
M. DeLion .. ..G....... M. Robinson j England may have another woman
G. Lightfoot . .. . G....... M. Il atwig Mv. Y. for Miss Mary Richardson is to
gyyj AN O SLER EMOReAL t acanddate at the comingean-
PLN OSSE MM RIL tit. At presen, Lady As or, an
-~American, i the only wmnmen-
In honor of the late Mrs. Carl oes- 3jer
tiler, '02, one of the first women who lady Florene Barrett, M. D., who
gave $1,000 to the League, and design- pi pipresiet of the London Assoca-
er' of the monumental meap of Ann tion of Medical Women, has com for-
Arbor which she presented to the WvaHI with another thought for the
League, Michigan alumni are making;{ reiainring feiine.
a great effort to sell all the mar .s in l- ---- - ---_- -____ __ ._--
order to create a memorial for her in
the new Women's league building. As'
this may be the last issue of the mapsiSE H
anyone who wishes to purchase oneN W
.hould do so at a very early date. Royal Port-able
Mine. Mary Philpot of Waterloo I At Riders Pen Shop
has declined exemption froml juryl It's a Wonder
(uty. Even though she is 77 years
Value-our only saesman.
All at the one pice--$ 14.95.
Lovely afternoon and parrty frocks.
Unusual black and white combinatons.j
Everything that Spring demands.
Styles of appeal that fill a really importanit need as it has
never been filled before.
ati $14.95 no upas
The Petite Frockc Shoppe

The dToll festival of Ja pan, or I linal'have e front (';iii n.. A i; f' 2. ax -
Mat suni, as it is called, which is being$ pla nat ion is 111t )on1!his d ay, tD irk"s',
(elebrated today in Japan, has be'en at tent ion is fh~'jsied ups a ta sl :>cfi
recognizedl as a(chanice for Anei ica to$ womnhlood, it is one of 01o t ytear'M1
show Japan her .friendship and thisswhen :Japan pays lionuig:',to t he gi rl-
year a shipload of (1011s from all parts. hood of its land.
of the 'United States has ween. sent : m1larich is t he ni~ of (eher
to Japan. Most of the dolls will be blossom festiva l,, her: lossomns are
dlistribuited to the Japanese girls, but used as decora! ion.. n t he third day
48 f'or the 4S8 states, especially dress- of that monthI, % : y g il gets out
ed, will be kept by the government. !her yet1 of dholls. C'i a.ici(iily ever
These (lolls have been dressedl bys family has a set, of then l dolls. somle
little girls of the U'nit ed States for of which ai%'y very old. l'vcry house
Japanese girls ot' their owni age and! in whic'hithe re.11re little girls, sets
wvere sent last fall. Each doll had a aside It i't tar 'r he t'( sti i vlwich is
ticket which cost' 99 (cents, andl a pass- usually the , nincloalI room. On one
port, which cost one cent, which was ide is artranged a set of fitve st eps
signedl by the Japanese consul, and ,;whichl is (:overe5d with a red cloth. On
paid for the cost of stoirage, packing these steps the (dolls are arrantged.
and sending. On the top) step are the two most Blabl-
heretofore. American d~olls have o rately dressed dolls, the master and
been especially prizedl and at the an-' mistress in ancient imperial costume.
nual doll festival, they have been? Behind them stands a folding screen,
shown with peculiar pride. often the mast erpiece of some r'are
The origin of the Japanese doll fes- i d artist.
tival is not known, but there are rec-1 On the secondl step is a iaddeor-like
ordis of it going back, as far as 97 stairway. On either side of this is a
B. C. One possibility is that it may saiare flowver pot of tunpazintedI white-

G Ii'ls' idplhar ,:-ssfor to-
as follows : at 4 o',toa',,
inl Sarah Cas well 1AIuge lI
5 O'clock. chous 2 in t'a
Angell1 hall. cli orus "rin 1;,i c
7o'clock, a rehealrsah «f the

he onV:11 nt ilmnaiui evlNery
{ 1 'i c 111 1on to,111Ma,11eh 11 to March 10.
i"r 01,s 1 w <y, ' a rel 15.1)] 1'''C(ll
Thee x il h aMumlmers etn
(hult k .yen i houst e'.

On the third seep art'ehlree ladies-
in ang serving thilolrd aind mis-
Itress above1. Ott the fouth I step are
five mnus icuans, and il the r'eimiaiinmg
st ep are the (different household ar~-
ticles, which the little miist ness herself
has leanied to care for.
The dolls remain fot' three (lays,
and ar'e treated as the most honored
of guests of the most honored period of
life--the wedding day, as the whole
set is rep~resentative of a new home
and 'its gifts. 'PIny fish, cakes and
vegetables are served
Mrs. H. W. Cake is going
abroad again this coming sum-
mer, and will be glad to meet
any young woman interested inl a
personally conducted, educational
tour. FIRST CLASS. If you
prefer to travel in Europe inde-
pendently, let her help you plan
itinerary. Phone 3597.

hiall; at
Ca s xvelI
loo; at


entire second ac't. ' ~c'et~Ryfi le ('lasses will biegin
Tomorrovfs interclass baske tball net-ndy hey wxill be given only
games are as follows: 4 o'lcoedyaweek from 4 to G o'clock,
freshman majors vs. setiiocadem-tThbiKeixac li% on which these classes>
ics, sophomore imajors vs. fmeshmaii wvill begvnafter the first meeting
academics., 5 o'clock. junior majors' will beannc( at a later dlate. All
vs. sophomore acadeics, senior ma-;those ilcste are asked to sign at
fors vs. junior academics. aborg:nsii or call Stella
T'ickets for the Senior sutpper w~il St a ro, 711.1.

! Vx 1




Wthere do you want to go.:
:e Paris-London-Rome-Venice?
To the Italian Hill Towns or Lakes?a~
SDown the Rhine? To Switzerland? {
'To Scandinavia? To Holland? ~
:at Motoring in England and Scotland?
GtsTours a
visits all teepae
Moderate in cost. Operated by
rjcompany of established reputation ,
(Founded 1892) .
:r Gates Student 'T'-urs are ideal for +
' young people who want to travel
2' agreeably yet very economically.
1 For boolets& rates ($485 to $1265) aw..
write 4i
:'TOURS-225 Fifth Ave.,N.Y.
2f1 (tMi(P Dy Pholle 8782 ~
Aw p".
~fAAA~*~ t ~1Aa

H.ats so Tiny and Light
-You'll hardly know you'rec wearing a hat
at all. Adorable models of ribbon, die lightest
of straw and the softest of felt. In the pretty
Spring shades with gay little ornaments and
dashes of color that sparkle of youth' and chic.
$5.00 up
Socond Flloor
.~7~~47-65 l6p

,.- ,
, ,z.;
, l
Y '

Whose lines pl))'aimtui he;rt
inl the mode.


Crowns that s re :i41N and smartly creasedI
} ils that are simple andl distinctive, colors
;the new hatshc.and thehnse, icple Wit'
te newat hise Anethehnsichpldawi
their extremely reasonable prices, proclaim
IAUNTEE play-time hats of soft, satin-finish
felt the outstanding millinery of the season,
You will find one to match every costume an&
you will find th"em nli irrcsi til ¢


( It

. y_



k .::d:J('.:R;fw: k'WC:fio6tDi 6

9 ,

a ~ ~hItd,~OThZflw~At,,ISkwULL K
.w'.rnmm,.r.,.sar.s flNWa,'lflNnK

Another Sn-azrt Spring
Accessory Arrives-
C loves, of (course --ja the popular
Slip-cn Style .az..1in deiiglvt tat
color coinlii-117 _ vs. 1,;(11tiietl are
Blue and Grey, Bk ('liii an~d Ivory,
etc. They ar, of "'m finest Ki d.
W announce also u he err ival of
niew .Iers(YY and Wool Crepe
Frocks, all inl the prevailing
Sport's Mode.
"In the Arcade"
The Rubley Soppe


SttilP rise.e--d



______________________________ '

'B eut
is its. own reward
International Beauty Scientist

308 Maynard Sit.

Near the "Mai."

F ROM a background of science ... of thirty years in-
tensive study of dermatology and its allied branches
... I have this to say to the American college girl:
Invest wisely now in the scientific care of the complexion,
and you will be repaid lavishly... through later life .. .
in terms of charm .., romance ... highest success in
whatever path of life you elect to tread!
1. Clean'se and Mold 2. Clear and Bleach
Valaze Pasteurized Face Valaze Beautifying Skinfood
Cream -the basis of beauty - -the skin-clearing masterpiece-



' . ...,..",aeenirr em rs M u _ ,. i , .: -~ s ' X... ;my::, 11..a I i '..:. "t3. '}La'ffct: y""

rnoro..ugm~y cleanses - ±IouicU
out "tired look"-unsurpassed
for all normal skins and the only
cream that benefits an oily, pim-
pled or acne-blemished skin.
Keeps complexion smooth, pro-
tected, healthy - an excellent
make-up base. 4 oz. (1.00), %/ lb.

animates, bleaches-purifmes and
refines, creating an exquisite
skin texture. (1.00)
3. Tone and Brace
Valaze Skin-Toning Lotion-
firms - tones - braces tissues;
imparts alluring finish. (1.25)

A new delight is waiting for you-a..-a surprise.
Arctic Banquet Vanilla Ice Cream .-with. all the
,satisfying, frill flavor that you used to find only in
old-fashioned, home-made creacm.
No secret about how this wonderful treat is brought back to you
-.-more of the butter fat of pure cream-plus a smoothness which
only the most scientific freezing can achieve.
The richness-the utter smoothness--of Arctic Banquet Vanilla
Ice Cream will give you a new appreciation for ice cream.
Remember : You can get this super-rich ice
cream only where Arctic Ice Cream is sold


'3435--Muddy Water; Ain't She .Sweet. Ham)y Richm'an
3454--Deed I Do ; I Love You But I Don't Know
Why. Park Lane Orchestra
342E-Here or There; MY ' Little Bunch of Hap-
piness. The Radio Franks
3458-Who Do You, Love?; Moon Beam Kiss
For Me.
Ernde Golden and his ,Hotel McAlpine Orch.

Valaze Cleansing and Massage Cream-particularly
recommended for dry sensitive skins, alternating
with the Pasteurized Cream every other night-ideal
for quick removal of dust and make-up. (75c, 1.25)


Valaze Powders-Complexion, for
average or oily skins-Novena for
dry skins-exquisitely fine-most
subtly shaded. (1.00 to 5.00)
Valaze Red Raspberry Rouge
-the original and only authentic
*raspberry rouge -becoming to
every type. Compact or en-
Creme. (1.00)

for all types! Compact or en-
Creme. (1.00)
Valaze Lipsticks-Made on the
protective base of Pasteurized
Face Cream-in shades to har-
mtonize with rouges. (50c to 1.50)
Valaze Vanities-Filled with the
superb Rubinstein Cosmetics-



* - - - u - a

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