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January 14, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-14

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I"T---TF NAT( 1-tM A NT n h TI V


1 i'-L Iv~il.A i'hHN 1.7f iLL T

x-.ea.u.u r s v asr

IN[IF[ICIENtYl MARKS Ofe P0olGiticians Are Doing Their
DA~kr1PA i ~t~v~rv Sare For Republicans In. Washington

VY WCr A MEMBFRS TO Says T'eaching And Medicine Are

Womensrfe emofteUovr


IfUInL i ufLL i Lfl inn UI10)I1.flLI I !UIUULU I IUIV "Education has made the greatest; however, taking a more important city have
I~la tha Coo , H len New ~ rv I ilie eac in the sta us f t e w m en part in politics, the president of the Wom en's
I econiiendatioii Of Cabinet WilliBp,,' in India," said Kumal Arlick an InNtoa onrs h Ida aia pionship
$11gina Kappa Basketball Teams 1isussed And Voted On By ," stdn.hoi er nascoa-government organization, being ia wo- adni
r Victors Wednesday I MStudent .Memnberso edcn. l cutyyarfrthe frt time in that
ms .__'__ ;__ ship for the study o eiie l onr' history. Ntoa
A N N O NCE FRI A Y ~ M E~.~....i. .......th(-n gh only a small percentage of [ There is a greater percentage og this year
SET MEETflIN6 FOR JAN9 20 women are ecuated. many of the so-1 Christian women in India who are ed-; ticipate
Need or o two si
Nedfrmore efcecvnbse-:~A:~;: ~... ial ideas of India especially that of ncted than of any other religion astago
eallwasevi enc sna rsult te'. All members of the niversity T. W.? early marriage are being changed by though the men of all religions have rcrf
balwa viece s esl o h C. A. are requested to attend the et-' the spread of education aong wor- kept apace educationally. The re- fieorh i
second groun of games on the intr~~~' I I ing of the entire membership which is; en."'in ewe e n wmni n on o
mrlshdlplydWdedv. .... ......apled for 4 o'clock Thursday, Jan. 2,l Miss Arlick discussed the rofs dia are more rsre hhi mr ops
0, p . .. ..*........**reserv omnae neig fe Iia heMhmed an min thr
afternoon at Barbour gymnasium. , . At.;...".:.::.:: .:: :.:..
"~;;r ;#<;;<;:>.; ;. ,at Newberry hal. The meeting has sdons xhic omnar ntrnThis mla TeMoamea
4~~~~~~< o'cockAlpa Esiln Pi oposng been called to consider thefotoiicompltn their academic work. country hv ohn od ihmn2.T
MataCo uligwent dow i-I.. recmmendationeechnga i merica claims the only interonamlswheteI
de 4 to 6 defeat. Mary Allshouse, .:heesmnyo:teaciite lres ume o.oleg rautewoe aog h Hnusad his edl
S>. : ,... ..... o the
'7danHee Beuot'2dI *:Iwihhvbenpeculiar to the Uini wile edicine is secodi popular- tas are not separated so sharply. il ~
weerageyrepnsllafrrhegeeleriyyfMihgarougspenoit.nhsttiutdthslhicef h Tenainarosumtshoneyal tid e
st ndng plyes. F ll wi g s he.$. ........~. I campu:.: v s ihgno ofu g the change Aelttrbu ed ths hoce ofoh
lie -up:t e do m to y t er s oi mj:..*. and :: Ga;r n h>ctyza d :o en pr fe t e tt nd ne u d o n te wion lch stumis worn n eh e J
;.A.hu eF . . . .I . L vm m e s o he U i e st f M c - V r e o e n e ; Dutohhiit odriodf r ane s
G. raz........... isnsogtWoen's hriesbinduals- mfiaed iapIndsiaortothe gaw prdofsoizdme ihsithge nfescolsn lmet
F. Pwers.....S.C N. Godma i Mchian Yung om e~s Cristan ae tobe ounthowin the san- tolar
H.ndn Wa ys olte. . . . . . . win .s te": .z .:.:. ....''..::.,:: OazT M L Ef b
Substituto: L.!ClomeH."Beumont.:j ers.thatthessciationd beer.(1efertheVatendCLUBo othher o eritshsanemeriangil.ths
Pi'Beta Phi defaulte to Zone 0 as soon s the best interest f the SCENE OFtDANC
and>the.teamsplayingeat 5a'clockn aMrs.eaidily srLooworn beleut, ifeeofrtheotpakerdofothediansewoand wordwill permit.
d eeetngint etnxtep fthldnet hus-h e mbers ofteGilmlenclubwill bot
AlhM amaDt n Alpa i h I am morau u+.i.te.ong.o.teReubicnpatyinWshngontisda s o e Ualiwoenstyo Mhe a-!actyaswhostessetrthe nvesiyesu-ern
t.at ...igma .F Kappa . nthe f'orn iwinerpusad espelly t all ofte "asso- Ifidi nts ae thcampusrthesMasoniche -t
£ o n d b f rgec m e , 1 2 , u il e T m l r m 9 o 1 o c o k o igh . la k e l s o
ants thegameendig ina 19to 9vie-~ ~ T C£ S uestonabteMuiinwllhb
the:rank :s:s. " > oal intrestnmsnic schetraand efrehmets wll
tor frth rmtory . The.. line-uStne e ofatffievarheationsgofnlthewEtonenwomeners-
was aslows:s .......S.,.d..N GomnWteired by the caiesty a nlorvedduinglatheareveg witou
EI. Wa~lter.............. PWharGdannzroMthcligkandeneahuastareaskdmtemetsa 4 'clck o-ian -THEtoXVATCHun
ence fo more han 80years lthougipnyinghe ensmeofnte tnnullacon
. Sths........ClC.... . TI b ack locksasocatinretom ndliehe, pm-rfectlysasm fo flatal, eovenan
hih head f riianiusoth ir irs payae qusedt ig.pers that thisassocaioenepris.oFve othspring.Tickets may eAobtainedgiErl. A. CLAR
mPsshastrouhthot soefoaultthe$2tfe tothefirs reearsloofther the ~bes ners f i'tefromEt E bF CtheDACluEo
Lan thoe.t.ams..G.a ....a . o ftsk M s.pxcclsLyearstlet wfeo taspakrgoe oue ad v 11 il e i."- ecame 1111tIIiIIIeiI11iIe911mom ers 01111SIt
M.r Hrtwig......G.......d.ncPratt mral erings Loiihel Neothe ebell- nat. from tI e llniesplwibnaTionally.tinanciale,he~ld et hs- Memer's bokstore frs$le1c. b il
AluhastmmtueltaRobnsonpaXi Dl, nions'pock re: r.ort dnthr ougiaigs thdedubctd. rfunsingtman teis evyi en taleroyenoastwea-athe otse othnvriysu
tovSigma Kappa.n ve lh ifolrnugmohldi imytIteplay.slacko neesilto whichfisebringI ngZta tthanpaonceswhthldl
nume argfuls erofonsblpesharesan ogmversmustbe laionmmes nl ebr Wo eld i, '29,ar oem Butentnga'snd
citha in the peding bothe nie- Itune iy oclcktda a teij________-JEelnBari'9 nIin isrm
up consitedeof:ecZoner1,and2ThetWPhi AlhaTwilllomen'smlagueoo1fo'clSockihtonigTht.MClarkn Thlly. '29
ains thapae ndngina oX ie l ll. Idplay;oalsonChieOmegasandnMasonMusoawillubegymnasiumdwilltbe op-n
Cory. Cute.......F.. Armetonuthe facte thak thehoursnoof 9llninterstandsoatc11r'clockandoreanyhmintrawural
M.s Mri,.......Gaamfllos: ir e opf oripatice.sbskebalttamswhEdeirean ox-isdsrdb tecbntadhesre uigth vnn ihu
M.r Zahm........S.Cs to.haoodaloek ot Meper oforpthJn ice. pay e dvisoryjboard
0'. Wlkwer....G ....aa...l Yes Popuaw r odles mak itdhrathdscasaeskeallogmeae as ollows to- ixr hre h ac si h a (L (
E. Ston1e.......G.......L. PSheranhe tinanisatbetweenslbten iister and theTday:fAt 4o'clockfAdetia Cueeosr vs
Coninin te ntr mual cote t e g rown-up s n tsoietyn thiss.daZon Sa14 h and elAlpha C h O eal vs
At.. 4. Piarkehuervs' ( -ii !ofce ofor hempaev.tDeta DetayDetasdall u !Pa~ygepers S heale I on
the Scihdule forC Frid,.Ay s non p as fs ollows:rfetlfit;, Zet .AllTamn Atpa.ig at i'clckJua- 'clockeaer aAtof hiC'ineit as c''t ripwhop girlle DeltakeaIl
M.onesh .and.A.pha.Chi.Omg v. mers iorktleaidofheritoiantainn fo r e Kappa Kapils'paammae vqus.tKappao-i]enmeyalcletrrs.I'v!aesrn.Tcesmyh bandI
Ta lh;a 'lcKpaDlasmoistansObra.hton smeoWe- te220eetothdiscountrsl 1926r EW.ACLR
Ill PlaetolaDlt.... .....A . nd fKappa ears ag-oIHphaerTheta.ae ing ate onte e beoh cu o
Kappa Gamma . .will .opposeD. atAl Kearrings tbo he. Noitoe . be ward Fof thieewarlmooritophywalllapbep iernaSpledidlpporunit
M.HarThta.wokig~ pretdct o tht o- fr mriorius erfrmace sbaee(bu fo.r's uturefo $.
Sabtu-dmoinsan.0o'coniozati pasdon.uh ir.detoahevemefns oftb e afevsex. i atory , wllpa eusatoget
small___enough___to__hold__iareditimn-y, dolaravedhut ofeve.
igm Kap wnoerApfiv lc fneedollar pu rhase TheetTaurler younaes h ld
Det CORh scn aeiW witeLL Co osal to oe nIofth DsinsW affnir ils lypst yu. hs ousielction, thed sore- ygo he frlomwich aguet -111II~~II11II~lI111EI11[i11111
har er nd'prga cvrsms b'ii o hose

-again entered this year the
Intercollegiate Team chain-
which represents all colleges
,ersities affiliated with the
Rifle association. The match
in which the team will par-
consists of three stages, each
nsisting of two strings each
ighted shots and ten shots for
ired in a prone position. The
zscores of each stage will
rrecord and ten women will
the team.
Latch must be fired before Jan.
the winning team five silver
will be given, each bearing the
an, "Women's Intercollegiate
ampions, 19327." Second and
ins will receive bronze icled-
ercentage medals'will be giv-
I contestants.
imen's rifle classes will tdrin-
n. 25, having completed the
ary practice for the semester:
nester ther'e will be another
:r rifle class for women.
on the down grade according
Butt, opera star.
,ie for the Milchigan ])ally.

Scranton, Pocahontas
Kentucky and West Virginia Goal'
SolvTy and Gas Coke
This business has been growing ever
since it was established. The secret--'
"giving absolute satisfaction to our !
customers." We believe it pays to do
business in a friendly wvay. If you
thinky so too, lc ;'s get together.
Phones, Office : 4;i51-4355 Yard Office : 5152
ow onU0 M0u'
.'1IIl1If~ltO#####I########li#I####I#######B#1#b## ##l##1I#I#I! I#f#1 am:
Arc Always,

212 S'outh Main

We have in stock wall paper, paint, varnish,
shades, brushes, polish, lacquer, enamels, etc.,
of only high-grade merchandise.

C. I. AAJdeCO.

Phone 931 3

203 East Washington St.

? ' !

p w a,


Advanced Springtimie Modes
Display Four Prominent Hat Fabrics

Grace the Mode
M.ore essential than ever in the finishing,
detail of one's costume is the flower on
the shoulder. Our flowers for every
$ type of frock form a particularly fine
assortment. The Pompadour for even-
ing has the edges of its fluffy petals

Shlot Silk


l i

You can easily make them last the
rest of the winter by having them Dry
Cleaned now. You may leave them
at our Press Building Station or have
them called for.
Our service is indispensable to every
well dressed man.



Hand Blockeed Fell
Fedaline Braid
Sneof the zvery newest hats have modified
their "high ha tting" tendencies and are quite
small as to brim. So, to be smart, one's cha-
peau is as small as may be becoming. You
will recognize how very new they are front
their fresh and novel designs and their glori-
ous colorings-rose blush, French blue, sun
hisses, cameo pink, gooseberry green, tiger
lily an1d bright red'? $5, $7.50 and up.
for Mid-Season Parties
Fasiaion has transferred her favor from
rh hinestone headband to glistening
L, :1r_ + leaves. For girls who want a
Uhmi ornament lbnt not a headband, there
are fancy little ornaments that fasten
with a lain. Dainty rosebuds and deli-

Our Press Building station
evenings until 8:00 o'clock.

is opcfl

Dial 21816

'XIM014-r,. Q"vrrrN"v%

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