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November 12, 1926 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-11-12

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a. ve NIai':n \Xiie
Thaddeus \Vaaic'ewski
e Sherwo od WVinslow

p st o le by i s o n m n bu ,i isl, e, certainly poor ethics, and C aribaldi
was as much a traittor to the anti- L
F'ascists whom he led and who trusted /, ,.
himt as Benedict Arnold was to the FR
American cause. There is no) lower 1 ivns1E
form of humanity thtan that which will' NW
sell the c'auste of its fllow:; for imoney, As the history professors say about
and Garibaldi was just that sort h Holy Roa Empire, the Bigt
P-erhaps the incident was not typical teoa
of the operations of the ascistiTheiseterBgorhe.
everywhere. Perhaps-, ot the othe eiltrleeIPreidet Little,
hand, it is the methodi of that govern- ('(Il lz Iost and the B. and G. boys,
ment. -Whatever the (ease, Mussolini in eejs rigt e nt~t
hias gainedl little pre tige through te, h thend were 4trying ogt in 1loueit
('v('iit, tizd he will gain still less, hen E ulfu litcl'Ott~l'hi
the policy of rigid suppression is put ti aprv ~top'e l" 4 liit
into % feet. The l ~ c ist i are losing
1For fear they don't print the colun
their grip; they are slipping in their ors1ewoeo1heeet ewl
hold. At Paris there were thousands gor sobiefywewre. on theaventhat
of anti-Fascists gat hered to avenigegiestrieflyashre.stieaasdthat
themselves on the traitor aribaldi myr Ate vrytinticesDay atd1th
when the French police brought him o'lc-o tomnts
there. Such demonstrations are many o'lokfo tomiuts
more times as effective as the com- Aibot the only ones that stopped
mecal cheering of paid agents. were those few who heard the whistle
a tnd stopped to wonder wher the fire~~
Although illustrating the sentiment* *
of. the German Socialist party against ItACE IS Il SO FAR
~he former head of tile royal house, I Admiral lxzo and Kernel were both
the bill providing for the perpetual staying overnight at Tifin, Ohio, last
exile of the former Kaiser, which has( night, according to word received
been introduced into the Reichstag here. Telegrams received were as,
by the members on the left, is little follows:
more than a gesture. Tiffin, Ohio, Nov. 11, G P. M.
There is little likelihood that this Great excitement. Ixzo also here.1
bill will be passed because of the op- Will beat him away in morning.f
position of the Nationalist, the Pe- Heidelberg University is also here.f
ple's andl the Catholic Centre party. Oscar already staggering and trying
Furthermore, it is exceedingly doubt- to sing the Drinking Song. Oscar con
fil if Wilhelm will ever be moved to fident.
return to his native land. It is strong- Kerel.
ly suspected that he prefers his pres- IIIDLEIAP SCY~I '4
ent peaceful existence in. Holland to
any dem onstration w hich m ight be 0'Q 4 _o c o d d h m b o e of t e m r o s e o s of h s f r e u j c s
acoed hlfeimebysne eoft the mre-MAM (
boistomu o hisompertuec s.osTfiOi, o. 1 .M
of esra Micdhesn wofrChicgoths Ws ol wm h eto h
spentca ifenttii on the exa deter a.eainghrerytoorw
minastionofthespedoIarazf igt
The ematioearicompltdshw Tffn Oio ov, 1 6P.M
tatmenthave beents incorfre o hera aeEi OK n lou
aextentfnso ex31 mesherscondthr OhTheLLOhiOMdrAnagecnl
doentemae andifhenc educe this WiS peculd swme fRS f h
tom perentaeeidlthat itens wyaesstued Hors eMaek sould.
aotfone-thenthrpofesondperhen t Btmexphiset oma e fastline,
Thoerat wproletriat t wl rediar FOTAL *RO AA *7M
telyvthrow upvite.handstfromshlieer R il oti cmet
" this are important. Any contribution. from various students and fc
to man's exact knowledge of the uni-j ulty on the Stadium situation.
verse is of tremendous importance,I Contributions are solicited.
and the discovery which appears in- ______________________
significant on the surface may be of ' ***
great moment when considered in the YE JIJI)GP SPEAKS
Slight of its possiible effect on other IIHa e erY!Ila e
mor prctial hins. Whleeas: There is in prore ss a
Our knowledge of radio and Xray, raet hoSaebtenoeA'
othditneofrmtunvre, miral Ixzo, defendant, and one Ke rel,
is due directly to our knowledge ofchlegran
1the speed of light . Professor Michel- Wheeas: The undersigned has been
son has contributed immensely to' the appintedi Judge,
Sprogress of humanity. j r P olowig ,uls .rede pC ol

I ~AND__ _ _ _ ___ __ _
111r .l" ,s iN; C'Inledy ClTuael -Poetry - Plays - Fiction - Biographies
tr oiP'aht o'uu of New- A Very Comp~lete Stock of the Latest and Best Books.
berry k bli . 3to : ~ 5 4-ek.
j"TIHIE 110NOR () V1 l ;'e d 1FAJiL "
A. re 'ie w, Iy Robrt 1' etzel -:01-'~ Y
14,r. tisSkimer th adoitan~ At ofhEn s of The l D11 ortek l
mumble dyen of the roatd actors, has';

long, valiantly, and prolitably import-
ed the drama to those hinterlands

Advertising,......... ........Paul XW. Aia.m.ld
:de'tsn.................William C. I'usch
Adc yen isi.g..........omas Sunderland
derii.............erge Ii. Annable, Jr.
Cirultio............... T. Kenneth Raven
I'IbIic:,tai............... .John lI. Bobrink
Accuu'i............. ....:lrancis A. Norquist
Assist ants
Cec)', Alin Jr. L. T. Van Tuyl
AlliiII. Iaer J. IB. Woodl
31.At.llownl'stlher Booze
L1 I. Cain Ilitlda Binzer
Daniel Finley 1 torethy Carpenter
i;. ! . I ilmnley iAlaion A. Daniel
A. :.i inkley 1Bea:trice Greenberg
P. 1, 1 lt~seSeinma AM. Janson
S . I'mawy 'Al anon Kerr
1. A. Meyer 'Nkarion L. Reading
1 a~ur, uy osenblumn !] arriet C. Smith
11 illiamnl F. Spencer Nanuce Solomon
i [arvey Talcott Lourence Widmaier
iharold Utley
Night Editor-JO 11. CIHAMBERLIN

wihec all but hm have fled. "The
H~onor of the Family, 14r. Skinner'sj
latest exhibit, current last 'week at the
New, Detroit, revealed itself as not so
much a new play as an olt one paint-
e d asp. The piece, taken from a story
of' falzae's--a long way, one suspects
-w~he'tdisinerred ftom the reluctantj
tithals oi 1 907, proved t) be by noit)
means a (omfortaile holiday in the
historie bal) ti at ers of the ITheatie,
whenit:-e the may trut our pren t'
dicta--sex was rarely sen and never
he'da i. !vtii then the sage. was, itj
j eesnot unpriry to the locomotivej
paintings of passion. For here we had
fW sli~anr as Phbilippe D'idau. an!
nnpectttnsyet uzziztal veteran,
savug 10, own patrimony froim theI_
fellutchies cf the rapacious and ui-
faithful ('ubte who vi.as tie Peaches
Drowning of his miserly uncle's sen-
ility, by the simple proess of send-
ing ier Packingi, vowing oyy the
while t meet her himself is Paris.
,1 nuttJy fable, nicely i cur s ve nto
the sy and it innt oe way otf the mi-
I 9th, cntury sweetu Part, yet :ith-1
out the hopital exlicitnes; of our
more taquishnive modern, i furnished
a conttadiots vehi'le shre'xdiy de-
signed to ear the years andt ehniqe
of Mr. Skinner. That actor, grace-
fuly putting aside the bateed som-
brro of) lanzza for thet' ecfrlly batter-
ed high hat of Philipp, remained,j
on'tu n;ises, substantially the same
as he was in Sanctho--miuut, of coursej
the No. 16 Crease Faint which wientj
to create that unctuous peasont. The
lethal and epository first act, cn-j
nlngly confectedl to allow M~r. Skin-t
netr to burst in for a first entrance in
the last three minutes of the act witht
all the awesomeness of a suspicious
chatelaine interruptinlg a mdnight
revel in a rooming house, aroused the
customers from their somnolence in
time for a rousing curtain to the tune
of an ear-splitting belaboring of
A company that may charitably be
describedl as euivocal assisted Mr.
Skinner in the present at ion of this
pleasat fiction. Save ftnr the actor.
(whto 1)1ayed the amorous yet canutis
harpagnon, the suppiort , considered as
Bila xicia1Fronch me, were eager;
=".,qt, Y actors giving third-t'ate iinita-
tit)1is of Wth. Walker Whiteide in Act
Ill of "Sn kura." In them te stored
blam-fat rota anticisin of a generationt
ago returned witPh the annoying per-
! L t tee tfl nniil -titd spectre. MissI
WON d, asily thle most lryngel of I
te seasont's ingenues, suggestedl note
so ltach the lusitus hussy of the
sript as sre did the President of the
Puri;ity legue addreissng the Y. W. C.
A. on Sunday afternoon. Indeed, had
it not been for Mr. Skinner, one ightj
h ave spent tile evening mtac more
divertingly -int(I rad late IReaditg Room
A reit', Iy l(elel'Oive(le.
t 'em ni eli tig with ia r1 itous gather-
I igol' iParisian trevel 1"s in thleir
Coneo W, 'The :vagabiondtiln~g'
swin'gs at otnte into thte rol licking;"
nalty eleifx a an siea 1 play. Tihe s en-
crty is iprtorhai , the cost ntes are
go gerte;'_, eyt hing we uld lbe lovely,
" i thr 'chI it;s Iatlonly beentr 1aindi
ati ifthiie dancers had been able to
tdatce. (0130y in one nu tmbe, tieJ
'sone, ofi bte Vaabontis"did the ;
chorus pa Pptd laytLhiirg li-o ht-
irony in action and sng. And whenj
i e confid ers Ithe ine ie los in 'my-
nnL e'tc' ' a;is Kintg's immnixrtl fres-
(It ntt. 0a fir L Viintan'd1tee trend ecf
the play in ge aral, t hi seems ex-
cuitle. As regards the setting, the
e ffect o 1 i t play would le con vic-
ing if onte could overlootk tie itroIT-!

cim tin;,n of ": o's your e1d man"

SI I h r
in t tIe \be"
!-,ful A aian
SI l', t
; , 't B rl (1 ca
3' + ,yc eItlr OlunI 14 u-
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7- 1

F1or some years it has been evident
that the almost venerable Big Three
is riot quite what it used to be. The
straine d relations and dissentsions
which have arisen have been smiled
.~waylby the authorities only with the
grea-,test difficulty to prolong the ebb-
ing life of the triple alliance. But
this could not last forever and the
severing of relations between Ilarvard
vand PIrinceton was the final event of
the break-up whid:! has long beep
Thie termina{'tionl of the big Three
i 'u oVhil5,rsl:.'arsbeen accused of "playii)- to thle
g i adtad,' s ndntbodies have been
criticised for the paucity of varsity
('a noda es an. d reprimanded -for poor
spot snaship.Coaches as well have
had,1Jt t share of obloquy. Theu, too,
at ilt C olt'ilshave beeni suspittioli
that the othelrs were taking advantage
Feelng as brought to a head last
jatulrday< wheni the "Harvard Lain-
poon '' greetedrincetonians in Cam-
bridge it h jibes andl insults. This
was the las.t straw. Onl Wednesday,
.'inon ant bhorities broke with Iliar-
x .e, ndtl'te triple agreement cxe-
ca:eda. fw yers ago, and ~made the
Big Three-h!istory.*
It is hard for one familiar with
history tmo link tihe two things to-
'tthet It name (Garibaldi and the
worl "i'titir.'It is harder still to
B aijevo i ti",Ianut 'tltideliberately
b r Q'piI8l~ . n to lure his friends
int i'a Itra~s a~d1to doeeive mu'.
li~s e ~''iiC holookcel to him for
hieitciI l'eei-_sli1 as Colonel Ric-
cio'ti Grbli grandson of the great
pntttot lts (OtiC.
The CIt?<iii'afl governmenlt is astute,
I hee sticdont aboutt that, anid its is
als dceifoi.It would require some


~,~...e___._ ..,,.sr
.R. ..,., a. ---..".a


,e.xYS+nrwxs : .iorm us.

fur EconornzicaI Transportation


i fIl
. $
f 1{1'

A University professor surprised
mlemblers of his class M\'ondlay by giv-
lng thlem the qttestiotls for a mlidse-
mnester ' in his course whticht will be
held today. The questions, three in
number, are so wyorded that the si i- !
dents will find it necessary to review
all the work completed in tile cours5e I
in ordler to obtain a satisfactory gradIe.
Dither professors have departedj
from th< regular e'xamination system
in use byy giring their students a long
list (of questions, a limited(1numb er of
which must b)eaitswered in the test.
Under tils pla th e students ar-c per'-C
mitted to use their notes and text
books while writing the "blue book."
This particular professor requires
that the tht'ee qutestions be answered
in the test with ito aids except mlental
This particular professor is going
a step further titan tile others. lIe is
departing front their departure, and;.
from aplpearances tite result of his
experinent sh~ould be anl improvement
on the older systems.
Thtrough the funtds conitributed re-
cently' by school cltildren, civic, pa-'
triotic, ft-aterntal, and idsra
groups, the frigate "Constitution," bet-
ter known as "tOld Ironsides," will lie


ploy any other means of transporta-
tion than the common horse (equis),,
the number of the legs which shall
be limited to four.
Neititer of the contestants shall in
it any way jeopardize htis amateur
stantdiing by receiving retiuneration
other then the award stated.
/ The awvard, which is to bra a vati ed
antique, shall be presented tot the wini--
ncr on htis arrival, PRIOVIDED3I that
he reaches the scene before the start
of the game.
(signte ) FElfe'
I* * :15
"The epochal race between Oscar
and Wolverine spells the doom of thte
automobile," declared F. W,1. Drake.
manufacturer of Four Wheel Brake
.Automobiles in an exclusive in1ter-
view today. "It would not surprise me
to see horses antd buggies as common
in ten years as automobiles are now,
jand there is a growintg trend in that
direction. This race has brought
come with, tremendous effect the ps
po-sibilities of horses over long distances.
It must be remembered that Henry
Ford got his start in a race like this,"
he concluded.

:Neither of tlt) saidl parties slitall em-

r y ?}


i yoursovuc




pi osand

niedern chorus costuttle



sreconditionted and preserved for futurej

degreetof ability and energy on the American generations. Half of tile
l~i' o teItalian secret service toI sums necessary for its restoration
unoe posfront the outsidIe; but has been raised. The historic ship
to stat;te plots theselves, or will enter drydock December 1 to em-
throughl their authorized agent Carl- I bark upon a second youth.
baiad then arrest the Iparticipants Few will contend, that titis monal-
was simple. And by the added device! ment to the early American ntavy
of starting thenm on French soil they ought not to be preserved. The only
could accuse France of having a part criticism offered might be the heavy
i., ?-E , , a ik -----i . xxzr.th Fam., h~ Av.. P-'. - n pnn cp. tf' i t~ 4+ Ic.C1'7PlliPt

K s *
Dear Tim,
Speaking of making an investment
of the Stadiumt bond fond, better,
buy masks to protect the Ann Arbor
cops from tear gas.
Let me know how much yott want;.
to cash that Hungarian crowit for Z
might pick it off.I
:Butter ?Nhut,.


ink, to fitetith('elitur iy atmlosphere.
('t'editable mention must 1)0 accord-
edl (lone Wvallin, who 'as Ka therine do
~u:ntehles, b: ai ti 'hl cousin of LoisC
!i becorn ,s involved in a network of
cir,,cuurst ances that heatd ber'to I'ali
in love withI the Vagabond Ksing.
i'tLd5Villon. Miss V .%llin has a
('le'ar', tweet stop Ianc voice which is
iii ab Solute h ammtynxxith her appeat -
an cc.
PgB far the outstanding chtaractert'f r
tin prC)tod-finin is J1ohnt Mealey 'irho,j
in I he role of (lie-Vagabond Kinig


That Hunuaalan crown. listed on tho




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