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March 28, 1926 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-03-28

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Joys And Sorrows, Dreams And Hopes
Of Life Of lIumnans To Be
Enacted .Lantern Night
A Jester, representing Life, closely
1 y followed by a group of Bells, his com-
panions and followers, will be the first
actor to occupy the stage in the danc-
ing pageant, to be given by the fresh-
man women for their part of Lantern
The theme of the play, suggested by
Miss Janet Cummings of the physical
'n education department, has been taken
from the translation of the "Life of
Michael Angelo," by Romaine Rol-
land, and has been adapted by Miss
Pauline Hodgson and the dance com-
C mittee to suit the abilities and re-
sources of the freshman women, many
of whom have had no previous ex-
perience in this sort of work.
The Jester and the Bells dance mer-
rily until they are interrupted by a
maiden and two of her friends who are
playing nearby, and who all uncon-
aciously enter into the dance of Life.
«.=4 Immediately following their entrance,
the Jester and his attendants move
away, leaving them' to their carefree
fun, but Life soon decides that they
should know the cares as well as the
joys of the world and its people. In-
" terrupting the dance, he proceeds to
show them the concomitants of every
Life's Dreams and Hopes are the
first of these factors to enter the
dance, followed by Beauty. The joy-
ful and youthful portions of Life soon
leave, however, and their places are
taken by Sorrow and Grief. Toil, that
breaks the spirit and leaves the body
'bent wearily comes on the stage, fol-
lowed by little Doubts, creeping in
and slyly scattering themselves
around the scene, until they feel
themselves triumphant, and Fear, the
greatest Doubt, enters and does a solo
r dance of conquest and triumph.
A troupe of Courages come on the
scene unobserved by those already
there much in the same manner as the
Doubts, until there is a great enough
number of them to overpower the
Doubts, and send scattering from the
At this point Toil returns, but a
different figure from that which was
seen before. A happy glorious Toil of
strength, accompanied by. Dreams and
Beauty again, dances in victoriously.
Joy finally a pears, and enters into
tie GrandFinle, in which all partici-
pate except Life and his Bells, who
linger behind the others, jesting about
1 he manner in which the maidens have
responded to the phases of life that
they have witnessed.
Tryouts for the pageant will be held
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of
next week, from 4 to 6 o'clock, in
Sarah Caswell Angell hall.

Distribute Riding 1
Tickets To Womenl
Riding tickets have been distributed
to all sorority houses and dormitories
and several of thetlarger league
j houses. These tickets which are
transferrable and.good until the first
of July, are selling for $5 for six
tickets. Mr. Guy L. Mullison, owner
of the stables has offered to give the1
Women's league 20 per cent on all!
the tickets sold. The tickets which
are being sold for spring riding are1
those which were left from the fall'
sale. The league had. 500 tickets to
dispose of and still has 350 to sell be-!
fore school closes.
For those who desire riding lessons,
classes are being conducted under the
physical education department and in--'
struction may be had without extra
charge. Lieutenant Wilson is giving
the instruction.
Alumnae Meet At
Tea Before Play

Miss Anna Owers, national person-
nel secretary of the Y. W. C. A., is to
be present at the joint meeting of the
cabinet and the advisory board of the
Y. W. C. A., to be held Monday at
Betsy Barbour house. Miss Owers is
j here as a representative from the Na-
tional Board of the Y. W. C. A. and
the purpose of her visit will be to in-
terest women in the Y. W. C. A. work
as a profession.
Miss Owers will be in Ann Arbor
Monday and Tuesday and will stay
at H1elen Newberry residence. She
will also be at Newberry hail Monday
and Tuesday and will be glad to inter-
view anyone desiring, especially sen-
ior women. Appointments may be
made by either calling Newberry hall
or going there. There are still some
hours left open. Appointments may
also be made by calling Kathryn Will-
son, '26.

Curwood Praises
Work Of Author
of Junior Play
Margaret Lord, '27, author of the
'Junior Girls' play "Becky Behave,"
which has been running at the Whit-
ney theater for the bast week, re-
ceived a letter from James Oliver Cur-
wood, the well known author, con-
gratulating her upon the play. The
letter reads as follows:
"I cannot begin to tell you how
much pleasure it has given me to wit-
ness your success as an author, and
I only hope that you will continue to
go on with creative kind of work that
you have so promisingly begun. I do
not like the word 'genius' or I would
say that you possess it to a marked
degree. I prefer four other words, in
its place. Hard work, determination,
and courage, and if you have these I
predict a future for you of which ;ou
and all of your friends will be justly
proud. That a girl of your age and
lack of experience should throughherI
'own efforts alone achieve a work of
such admirable proportions as "Becky
Behave," it is to me a most amazing
proof of very great ability.
If I can help you in any way in any
future literary work which you may
undertake, I should be most happy to
do so. With all good wishes I am,
most sincerely,
'James Oliver Curwood."

Miss Amy Loomis, '23, who has di-
rected the Junior Girls' play for the
past two years and who is well known
E through her dramatic achievements ii
the university, will address the mem-
hers of club leaders at their meeting
to be held at 7:15 o'clock Tuesday in
Lane hall. Miss Loomis will speak to
tile members on "Amateur Thieatri-
cals for High School Groups." Any
women interested in this line of work
are invited to attend the meeting
which will be a combination of the
Tuesday and Thursday groups.
At the last meeting, the representa-
tives of the various organizations of
the city and local Y. W. C. A. ad-
dressed the members using as thea
topic of their addresses the compari-
son of the different endeavors of the
varioussorganizations. Mrs. Edward
IGregg, secretary of the Girl Reserves
spoke in their behalf, while Miss Flor-
ence Mills and Miss Herrington repre-
sented the Girl Scouts and the Camp
Fire Girls respectively. FollowingI
this part of the program, Mrs. L. 1).
Bredvold spoke to the members on j
recreational training, leading them in}
some games.
For every article ror sale, there is
a buyer. Reach him thru Classifieds.

Flats Built For I *Y.W. C. A. at 4 o'clock Monday at
Betsy Barbour house. Committee re-
Women In England 1orts will be given and Miss Anna
owers, personnel secretary of the Y.
(By ssocate Pres !W. C. A. will be present.
y tHonor council will meet at 4 o'clock
BRIdHTON, England, March 27.-- Monday in Barbour gymnasium.
Brighton is the proud possessor of the There will be a meeting of the
first flats in all England built exclu- League of Women Voters, at 4:15
sively for women. The first block was o'clock Monday in the Athena room 3'h
dedicated by Lady Emmott, the fourth floor of Angell hall.
Each flat is self contained, and the There will be a joint meeting ,of the
Costume and Poster committees of the
occupant may have children or a wo- Freshman pageant, at 3 o'clock Wed-
man companion-but no husbands, or nsai h eodpro fBr
anything of the kind. Seven addition- nesday, in the second parlor of Bar.
al blocks of such fiats will be erected bour gymnasium.
here and at other places. The rentFs All committee chairmen of the
Freshman pageant will meet at 5
averages about $1.75 a week, I o'clock Monday at Betsy Barbour
I Miss Jean Hamilton, dean of women,
'will be at home to graduate women
from 4 until 6 o'clock this Wednesday
There will be a meeting of Senior afternoon at her home.
society at 7:15 o'clock, Monday, in the
library of Martha Cook building. Want a room. Read Page Seven
The publicity committee of the and use the Classified columns.-Adv.
Freshman pageant will meet at 5
o'clock Tuesday at Barbour gymna-
The new leadership commission ofII
the Y. W. C. A. will meet with the cab- Orders for caps and gowns
net at 4 o'clock Monday at Betsy i must be in Moe's Sport shop by
Barbour house. April 1.
There will be a joint meeting of the I
cabinet and the advisory board of the


Many alumnae of the University met
at Martha Cook building yesterday at RIFLE TEAM TO
the tea given by the Ann Arbor group IP7,r 77
of Michigan women. The tea was CO IPETE WITH
given with the purpose of making an ,T
alumnae week end out of the alumnae l.
night at thle Junior Girls' play, and 'a
large number of those who returned I This week the women's rifle team
for the play were present. Represen- will fire in three matches, with the
tatives of most of the Michigan clubs) University of Kansas, firing in the
were there as well as some from Ohio prone position, with South Dakota Ag-
and Indiana. ricultural and Mechanical college, and
In the receiving line were Mrs. North Dakota Agricultural college, in
Shirley Smith, Miss Eva Fornerook, the prone and kneeling positions.
Mrs. W. D. Henderson, and Miss Jean The following women will fire on
Hamilton, dean of women. Mrs. Carl the team this week: Ann Wheeler, '26,
Winkler and Mrs. Edwin Goddard FiFrances Gorsline, .'26, Frances Huff,
poured. '26, Maurine Jones, '28, Mary Alls-
{ house, '27Ed, Carol Cleaver '28, Caro-'
Scores including all of the musical line Steen, '27, Lucille Walsh, '27, Ger-
hits from "Becky Behave," Junior trude Benham, '29E, Irene Field, '27Ed.
Girls' play which has been running The alternates will be: Miriam Hos-
the past week will be on sale at the mier, '28Ed, Grace Colby, '27, Stella
three local bookstores and the Uni- Sturos, '27Ed.
versity Music shop, costing $1.50. Inl
'dividual numbers are 40 cents each. GENEVA.-Prohibition in the Unit-
The main hits of the show, "Lilac I ed States was attacked by women dele-
'Time Lady," "Becky Behave," and gates on the League of Nations com-
"Just Because," can be obtained ii mission for the protection of women
individual numbers. and children.I
Jessie Bonstelle's Coipany Present
Jessie Lynch Williams' Comedy ' I


I a


Martin Hailer


Spring Salads
Our Specialty
Afternoon Tea





S .4

Aak Reservations for Dinner.



4 . Air

Behind Hill Auditorium

Dial 3941





F 5

218 Nickels Arcade 4882
Like Bringing
Bread and Butter
to a Banquet-r--
to compare other stores' values
with ours. It may be a lot of
fun, but it really isn t necessary.
Our Diamond stock is selected
with care and discretion. Every
gem in our collection represents
the greatest possible value in
faultless color and conformation
at the right price. Our mount-

t-At the-
Whitney Theater
Wednesday, March 31, at 2:15 P. M.
Mail Orders Now Being Received at the WHITNEY
PRICE-Orchestra, $2; Balcony, First Four
Rows $1.50;, Remaining Rows $1.00
Whitney, Wed, Mar.,3 :1 p m
x 'J
Smartly Sustaining
the Scrutiny
of the Boulevard
Miss Mack-Clad walks her smart way down
the Avenue. The critical eyes of other
i promenaders turn her way. A flash of in-I
terest and approval acknowledges the im-
C) , pression received, that of a well-dressed

Hlarry Harper
formerly of the a7rcade ilarber Shop
is now located with
The Blue Bird Hair Shop
5 Nickles Arcads
Morning Appointments on Short Notice.
A9'ppointments can be made by calling 9616
Work by Appointment Receives First Consideration.
Make a Standing Weekly Appointment Now!

.You've thought of it often. Why not utrn thoughts into
action? Things that make home livable and lovable are
not expensive. Fine furniture and floor coverings do not
mean fancy prices. Since 1881 we've been furnishing
Ann Arbor folks. May we serve you?

w --
= .
- - NM -1
w, 1/, aww
w w-
.. ito
w w -
Jill a
w w
l= ~The "RUBY RING" is a
Friendship Ring
Judging from the many womenw
who 'are sent by others t u this
i_ stocking.

Capt J B Noel, the ofca photographer of the Mount Everest
Expedition, with the official and excliusive still and motion pictures of
the last attempt to climb rhe highest mountain in the world, is to ap-
pear here i the near future.
Captain Noel caught the last photographs of the ill-fated Mallory
and Irvine as they disappeared in the clouds at 28,300 feet-never to
return. His story is extremely vivid and dramatic, and his pictures
have been the sensation of London, Paris and Berlin the past year.
His talk is entitled "On the Roof of the World" and visualizes not
only the attempts to scale the dizzy Everest peak, but also presents a
fascinating picture of people, life and habits in the quaint and mys.
terious land of Tibet.
>rhe accompanying picture shows Captain Noel renewing acquain.
tance with a Tibetan Lama he met during the 1924 Expedition,


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