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March 17, 1926 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-03-17

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TIh.I.._,\4vxr.Mxll~nN vr~aTIxVa-XU."




Siees Danger J
In Ambitions
of Filipinos;

May Make Aew .Bid Princeton Economics Professor Is Expert
I-) I In Reorganization !f tional Treasuries

Will Explore Asia 'Irish Compact


Henry Morgenthau, former United
States ambassador to Turkey, declar-
ed ini a recent speech in Manila that
a cyclone of sentiment for immediate
independence is being created in the
Philippines. IHe said that if it bursts,
it will spendl all its fury and do(1 all its
)!a yoc there because it will be unable
to cross the ocean and reach the U~ni-
ted States.,
In his appeal to the Filipinos he
said, "For Cod's sake, cease flaying
v,-ith the highest and most dangerous
cxlosives ever discovered,, human
Passion. L~tve statesmen to settle in
a statesmanlike manner an interstate
problem and use your ability and
energy to produce a giant 'wave of
prosperity. Your country is far more
ready for that than for p~olitical agi-
He also told them that they did not
necessarily have to change their lead-
ers. However, hie advised them to
change their methods and trendI of
national thought to one of intelligent
and peaceful deliberation instead of
unproductive agitation.
Mongenthau concluded by telling
his audience that if the Philippines
want genuine freedom, they should re-
tain their junior partnership. In the
United States, and not try to navigate
the. troublesome seas of international
affairs without a pilot. "Statesman-
ship should supplant politics," he ad-
Yale Ilead S.-tys Cours~e Is Too LongI
And Social Life Too Proniiient
P~RINCETON, N. J., March 16.-
While disclaiming any relation to, thej
consistent grouch who considers col-
lege students and their activities an
ever-present and legitimate. field of
criticism, President James Rowland
Angell of Yale, son of a former pres-
i'dent of the University of Michigan,
In addressing the Princeton student
Body a short time ago, stated that on,
consideration the present "lockstep"
method of education, and the too
great stress of social activities lbe
eliminated, the average college course
could be decreased by half.
President Angell stated that the so-
called system of "lockstep" education
placed all students in the same class,
while in reality there was a vast dif-
ference in their respective mentalities.
Fu~rthermore, lieontinu.e(, the high
tension at which the average student
lives- dae-no-alo-hn to coiwen-
Irate on studly to the best of his abil-
ity, and as a result the various col-
lege courses are being lengthened
from year to year. Not until the rub-+
ber stamp type of student who merely
fellows the dictates of stronger-mind-
ed associates is eliminated from col-;
lege, can the length of the courses be+

lorganization or nat ional tI easur'- lisbi g a sim ila r i net I it io i il lie 'isisonspecially charg~edlwith (Cvis5-
ies has become, the practical applica- I Philipp~ines. Ilec returnPied ,,diafI'tedl i g a st able1 currency and reha bilitat -
tion of the specialty of D~r. Edlwin W. a plan for such a an,mad itiereaftercv ing fio b e Relsbanh, two of the most
Kemmeer, irofssorof eonomcs went over to tbhe tlay St raits-set le- imporlt ant dili es of the 'omnmissioni,
iliejitto 5study coniions 1015 h' e. 1x hP-h wer'e Performed without: noise
andl finance at Princeton university. }f Returning to the United Stit es iin or tumult, but which stand todlay as
Tlis latest case is Poland, whose bud- I 9(06, Dr~. Kemmterer became as ;itaaiit 5solid foundat ions of the entire scheme
get, coinage, and tax systems have "lprofessor of pouiti(l econtomy t 'oi'- of main g C ermany able to pay her
been submitted to his study. Tlhere Hell and three y.ea vs hat 'ar }beani e pro- war penalties.
fessor of c no ics and iota fee, T .hat same year lDr. Kemmerer, with
has not been a year since 1903 (luring transferring to Princetoni in 1912 forl Dr. ( Vissering, lpresidlent of the
at least a p~art of which D~r. Kemmer- the same chaiir. B~ank or1 the Netherlands, wvent to
er has not been engagedl in this work. ( Iis first servic os anl adliser antd SoutlIi Africa to decide whether the
I le was a fellow in economics at 'counuselor to a 16110111,11 nat 1(01 Wd's in new dominion should return at once
C;ornell when, at 27, lie w<sasppiiointedt 1917, when lie wvef,: to Mlexico as fl- to its anicienit. gold standard or await
financial adviser to the Untited States inncial adis;er toi the AIQxi('iiIIgov- ; ationl by England. The two finan-
P'hilippine commission with special erment, thenr unde(,;Orran-za. Twvo ciers recormniiwiied the speedly return, I
reference to the establishment of a !years later he ac:ted in a, similar (ca-, ;which wvas done, and England herself
gold standard in the newly acquiredf pacity to tiena, and in 1922 hle ;at once announcedl her decision to go
American possessions. 1 was naumcd as Uited St atcvs ('omiis- ralong.
Egypt had started a hand bank 1 loner ;I tl inui: Alcoudit ictis Last year the P~rinceton professor
which was working very well, amid bhrougi ,;)D oith ie led a misiS~on to Chile, 'which wanted
three years later Dr. Keimerer was The fllown i year~; e wi'n to Co-1 to get her financial affairs straighten-
sent to that country as cominissionci jlnjj a+li '94 n'bcaethe ex- cei out,anIteilstDcm r
to investigate with a view to estabe pert to the H'u wes reparation corm lie tooks a hurried trilp to Poland.


ilenry Ford
JHeniry Ford has announced that he
will place a second baid to a committee
of Congress for the control of the
IMuscle Shoals power project.
Try Education
By Mail With
.Foreign .Boyv
f (A.P.)-Education by snail, direct
from subject to student, is being put
in practice for American boys by lDr.
S veni V. Knudsen, professor at Anti-
och college here.
"My Friend Abroad" is the name
given by Dr. Knudsen to his system
1which consists of letter writing be-
tween boys in America and bays
abhroad-fromn Lapand to the~ Argen-
tine, from Jerusalem to Singapore,
from England to 'Trinidad.
"Education through letters w ritten
from one boy to another can be nmade
itol a more personal thing; than can'
tex bokswritten for quantity con-
sumption," Dr. Knudsen b~elieves. ".If
we can only bring geography, sociol-
ogy, and such subjects, which deal
with the surrounding world, cosier to
a b~oy's personal life, he will like them
much more."
Strengthening-of international goodl
1 will among the young people of vari-
'ous nations' will result from the
scheme he thinks, In letter writ-
ing, he urges American boys, and boys
of foreign countries to write about
their personial lives, their everyday
cuistoin, their viewpoints,, their fami-
ilies, schools, and their p~lay.
PRINCETON, N. J.--Ilard studly at
college would seem to conduce to long-
evity'. Of the 10 members of the Unii-
versity class who stoodi highest At
graduation 50 years ago, six are living.
Only two remain of the lowest 10 in
the class.


nriv in irni neaain !



ej t r ViiLbII Iii Withinfnurlmmmi safter the V~ 11VN ~I
_ ~ ~issue of th& 4,600 copI ies fP)hi' u u
~iiide Wll (linb 3lwzil M ('hlifly Daily, copiesw aire n01ot(illv i; Pnt101c'it j1 AdresCairi
GuideWill '11211) munt bcliitl~cy o; istribu l ted jhr oia 1the ('it y, rhlt'st ilAdles aiona
Study (Crater of ighIest lbut arealoOil he'Wa y Aluiit u on rip lo Dedicate
Amririm iPeak I;trog.th-nails to ;h-i mstaies Pstlla lid
j anyI 3 fore(ign iti Amies ore j
!mite ae ir Lousie heciy. OPENSLE T R SRIS
ANCORAE, asa, lai(~h~.The D lk i s r<eeived by every
6 ANHORAE, aska Mach 1. - member of thle faculty, lini versi- Prof. Alfred Scott Walrthin, direc-'
Believing that Mt. McKinley, the high-I y authorit i-, theares,li bra- ti fthe ptooylboaoyo h
est mountain in North America, may, I res, scores~ of c oller ~Meia scholtwllrsve
b e in active eutoAlex ' Mdia sholwlldeivrthe dedi-
erpin inIuitr i' t et ic- eatey addr'ess at Ithe Stanley Black
Aaskan guide and mounta in climiber,' j iaions ji all part's of1 ib 0 Memnitoria I bilding ini Pasadena, fCal.,
plans to ascertinmtihe condition of the coudnty. ilui d in thepare of ilareh 19. lie will leave Ann Arbor4
epeak by a 20,000 foot climb. It is ex- ct are orr 'linail tit list. Mondy in ordler to addlress Michigan
,sity alumni associations in Los Angeles
;pected that he will follow the route IProf1essors Win, leave keep in ;andl Phoenix, Ariz.
-tatkei by the late ar'chde~acon Hu[idsoni touch wvith lt afair here even E 'h
s thughthei (- 01:mwor taps ''heStanley Black Memorial, which;
Stck wo caedth deiht i 11 , them to NeW YorkPort o 1l() is the gift of a Pasa rena citizen
, approaching fromt the northiwest. I Alaskam, orzra>~ si. to the phyhsicianms of that city and
IStuck dlescrib~edthe crest ofIt lie Almiiilh Caefrm'x ;1 the surrounding coiunltry, is to Ie used
i munainascona~nin; crte-lie Ias, CalifornIa anitd Oregzon toi for medical metretings and as the head,
fsnoIw basin about twenty-five !)y sixty N est vim."iniht, New Jeris :y anal Id linarters of the county mredical assn-
feti dmnio.Iemade his trip i aine are inomdifhl-;Icitilon. Among other equtipmuent will!
_ in company wit h I hi iry I'. Karst tis, penimigs at t cir i' a I atniIer by ctranamdcllbay
f Rlobei-,t G. Tat Cain, daIiissioiiai'y, and aj The I)ai ly li is received in I# Opening t he ;aeries of yearly lee-
-third veteran of the Klondike, andI all biut l10 st~~es of theis t l), lures, Dr. War-thin will speak on "A
Ithree Indian boys. On the sumimit. !Culbs, lPomto (i co, land( Spain are I theory as t.o the Relation of H-eredity
reached June 7, the inustrumnmt rcia-(l the three, forkit count vies to) to (Cancer," at the dIedication of the
Sing disclosed the peak t) be 20,3001 which ea('h issue i nie~a building, March 1y. A second Stanley
feet above sea level. 3 thle'pi'esenl th inr. IBlack -led~ui'e will be given by Prof.
I The Stutck expueditilon imade its startf New 'Yoi'k state(,asd Illinois W1tarmt 11111onlMachm 20, the subject be-
_March17 nearly tlremnhbig; fie for first plac ein thme nimnber Iifitg "'Syphilis of Cte heatrt.'
5required frtime ascent. Proceeding of coie r covkd ihOri ol txichiigan alummni of lAos Angeles xil
by dog'teani front Nenana, camtp wasI lowiing('lose in seconrd plac'e. 1;hear Prof. Warthin at a lumncheon on
est alished a month later 4,000 feetj_______Mai'ch 1,3. lie 'will also ,;peak before
up at Muldrow glacieri'.This ws___Itlhe Southwest ern Iediatrix society of
twenty miles fromh the top. The re- o A igees mi''Eythedena, o
_ 63f~orof the Itrip was-i-iorc, diftl1 ;II, 'ha/rvard I9Viii G3ie wa rch 22.
ridge between the lower and upper Engineering Award in illadreun ouMcia i at
glacial floors. I- henxA(rz. icianaumia
Tespec'tac(umlar eruptions of sub-' Gradunates of libter al art col leges in
terraneani forces in thle Nor'itI in r-- June, I t2 are oti'(,red ao $1,000 ('01m- HARRVIS1BURG, IPa..--Gov. Piichot
cent years, lI ringing into b)0i1-g the petit ive s-cliolar'ship in thelie armvard h eas anmiouniced his candidacy for thel
Valley, of Tre Thoiisamid smokes and engiinteing sc'lool, No st udent reg- Republican nomination for the United
other natural phenonmena, lends inter- istemed in ant mgine, rimig, scientific I States seiiate in the Pennsylvania
est to the undertaking. or technical school is eligible. Iml~mary this sprimng.

p3 food I rng~Feeling
I(fly Asso ited Press )
LOND)ON,3\Mai. 16.-The'vnew Irish
B loundary agreement has imsherme0(1in a
1 i ew era, charamcteirized bhu i1e fiend-
liness amid('ooperation shown by the
_ twxo Irish goverm ninents in relations
J with each other amd idvth the Impnerial
- ( Cabinet at Lonidon.
This was the constuis of a cani-
x v-ass of thle heads of the Dunblin aidc
IBelfast goveri'nemits andl other leadi~-
j I em's of both states, some of whom even
shpoke hopefully (of the prospects of
- - I5 eventual unioni of all Ireland. The
f t agmeement has beemi in operation near-
fI ly three months.
P'resideont William T. Cosgrave of
t .he Free State Cabinet saidl: "I am
well satisfiedl with the results of the
Lomidon agreement and~ with the
r friendly relations between thme gov-
ernmients which it has facilitated. The
Roy Chapunmn Audirews, chdef Asi-I result has beeim beneficial all around."
a-tic explor'er of I lie Amnericani Museum Ini'Belfast, Sir' James Craig, premier
of Natural History, oIf New York City, of the Ulster govermnment, while care-
who fomud time first (dinosaur eggsj fully avoiding reference to the possi-
ever discover'ed two years ago, ami' bility of union, stressed the coopera-
who will make his thir'( scientific ex- tive aspect of their new relations. He
peditiomn into Asia this year., characterized them as "two neighbors
1 who are friendly, who wish to oblige
Scie tis. W il each other an thus et'fect ecomnomies."
Sc e tst W l "North and South Ireland must live
i together as neighbors," said thme Ul-
Sttuav Fossils Istmleader. "B~oth administrations
n uist turn thmeir minds from those
In Gobi Jjesert matters which have (divided thenm in
the astand conc'entrate on affairs
that meally affect the' welfare of the
As chief of the Asiatic exploration I people, so that the whole of Ireland,
division of the American Museum )uf amid not onie lpart alonie, may be' pros-
Natural History, Roy Chapman Ani- pemrous."
drews, who two years ago dliscolvered The agrecemint has caused a benchi-
the irs diosar egs eer oun w ('mval change in the rmelatiomns among
time~~~~~~~ ,i'tdmoaregsee' utwtheflt'peo1)1ealong the border and of the
coniduct an expedlitionl into Mongolia Naitionalist uminority in Ulster with
this summer. Th'le purplose of this time rest of the Orangemen. There is.
trip will be to find fossils blearing 0on no longer any question of forcing the
thme theory, that all evolutionary tr'ails ( North imnto a union with the Free
of' land nmamnmals lead to Asia.. ThisI state, aind the South frankly recogniz-
idea was proposed 25 years ago by e s thaittin ion can only come in time
Hemnry Fairfield Osbuorn, puresidlent of1 by agreement between the two gov-
the museum. erninents on the basis of equality.
Automobiles and canmels will 1)e used The Nationalists in the north, nmo iomg-
to cross 1-le Gobi (desert, according to or ,able tou rely on support from iDub-
plamus now prepar-ed. iiu, have abandonmed their boycott of
Mr. Amdrews, who graduated frointhtie Ulster legislature, and National
Beloit college in 183-4, hias been niak- ists ar'e arranuging to take their place-s
ihug scientific explorations since 1903,y as an official parliamentary opposi-
when lie journieyedI to Alaska. Ini the j tion.
following year lie went as a special Both governments have benefited Fm-
maturalist on the U., S. S. Albatross nancially from the agreement, which
to the Dutch East Indies, Borneo, and relieved time Fmree State of its obhiga-
Celebes. Nor-thernm Korea was his field 'ioin to pay a share of time British War
in 1912,' and n 1913 lie again wemnt t:) I debt.



H is first Asiatic trip for thle Aieri-
can nuiseum of natural history was
made imi 1916, when lhe traveled iin
Thibet, China, amid Borneo. The sec-
ond, in the following year, was to
North China amid outer Mongolia.
On his third Asla t~c ,;uirney he tray-
011l(1dmmore thani 6,000 miles, largely :(a
mottor c'ars, studlyinig geological strata,
as well as paleomntology. It: was on
this expedlition that he found tme dini-
osaui- eggs, andi also the skull and
pam'ts of the skeletonm (f the largest
knmown manimal, tme baluchithierium.

Solons Organize
.for Better Laws
DIENVE+R, Mar. 1u (A. P.)-Organi-
ization of the Ammerican Legislators'
association for "fewer, better, and
more umniform state laws" has pro-
gressed so satisfactorily that its first
annmual imeeting will 1)e held in Den-
ver, July 19 smit 20, immnediately after
the Amnerican B~ar Associationi conven-
ti()n here, it is announced by Henry
W. Toll, piresident.


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