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March 04, 1926 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-03-04

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'Women ?Tot CapabIe To Take C'ontro~l
In Own Hands Dean Jeani
Hamilton Declares

Miss McCormick
Gives First Talk
To Club Leaders
1l"F hthel \ ( (rikn n, of Itbe physi-
,<leucation departmen t will conduct
'he firvt meeting of the beginnersj
course ini clubi leadIership whvi i is to
)e held at ; o'clock tonight in Lane
huall. The subject to be0 discused is;
"Adole scent Psycheology."
1Recreation wor'k Will 1)e (irectedi by
Mrs. L. 1. TBredvold. All wvomen who

"If the present system of sell: gov- are interested in taking up work of
erment was taken away and the fac- leadership among highl:secol groups
ulty placed in control, the majority of are asked to enroll in tlie course. No
women students would not know the fee is connected with it. The course
difference," Miss Jean Hamilton, dean will lake upj) (ifferent phases of the
of women, declared in an interview work every weeki and wil be discuss-
recently, and added that "the average :,d by persons who have had experi-
girl who comes to Michigan simply e nce in lea l rship. Meetings will be
does not understand self govern- held every Trrsday night..
Until women students can thorough- D r ioylo r
ly administer what they now hayei mter o'f s
their own hands they are not ready Fornmer Chaperone
to go ahead with other responsibili-
ties which thus far have not been i
their hands, according to the dean. Miss Helen C. Bishop, former social
"I believe the potential power to be director of Helen Newberry residence
interestedl is there, and also the abil-( will be entertained lby womn of the
ity to carry much more responsibility, dormitory at a tea from 3:30 to 5
B3ut the ability to do this has got to o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and at a
be 'awakened to wanting to do it. formal (dinner t ernorrw night at Helen
"The independent women of the uni- Newberry residence. More than 25
versity do not seem to realize the1 guests will be at the dinner andl all
power they exercise under the pres- Miss Bishops personal friends are cores
eut machinery of the Women's league. dially invited to the tea.
Each house has been given the privi_ iss Bishop wos social director for
leg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ie of being represented by two wo-fieyasadatl 5(anow-
men even though there. are only five mhen during three summer sessions.
women in the house, the independent At present shoe holds the position of
women therefore are in the majority dean of women at the Un-riversitly of
in the board of representatives. Wyoming and is ref urning from theE
Miss H~amilton would advocate that deans convention held in Washington,E
the Women's league organize the 'en- D. C. recently.
tire school calendar. The Women's { From Ann Arbor, Miss llishoep will
league, so far, has failed in her opin- go to Detroit where Newberry alum-'
ion to undertake this development of ne have planned a tea at the College
self government, but until they can' club in her honor. She will, then,
thoroughly administer what they have resume her duties as dean at Laramnie,
in their own hands the dlean goes not WVyoming;.
believe them ready to undertak e other
duties. Patronize Dally Advertisers.

lMi a sTo Offr irlChmpion Kinols will (mupep(to ith Ie chain-'(Glee club are from 4 to 5 o'clock toi
ion ( CHOSN [To O fer Gir - ampin~rl Iponshl lman openl evnt. there illd(ay at the School of Music.
t TO Part ~q~O f Proceeds j Coumpete At L/ni Ca ch< rgei of 5rn thisora'tbl>uicnizt, To11day's rehearsals will be as fol..
~ PII~R~&!Pto wvhich 1TUniersity wolli are espec- loxs : choruses C and M at 4 o'clock
I~l ~ v~i m R DoootoNaninalLA.gA. L.ially inivited0. the Russian and Waltz specialties at
hyCler eeale a' ~~lsi~s Wl o'clock, and the cast of act 1 tq-
Astecnrbuino h junior pentathlon champion, and the I also be 1hel( at thsaisle meetied. ~ ter wvithl choruses A, B, C, and JJ
AienAlle.'2 1avsi~~)(t '1)lxsdrmtcoraiaiotefour members of the Detroit Yacht at' 7 o'clock.
'28, 1 lelen 'Woot en, '28, flan .et'riA icclub drh.h "'r ors an'W'1E'..th
ly, '26,. andiGrace hlratr, '27, hlave beeI ln Mies are donlating; a half of the pro- temrwo hfatoa . N] ' '(' hri~ re will be a meeting of the cos-
chosen by Lydiaits h' ,2 7, intramural i cocois of W. S. ibert's burlesque, ;A. U.junior 400 yard free style re ay .t v ii tuie committee of the Junior Girls'
" Engger," to co resancodinitteeIrace, in the recent championships 1T gzd"t b reene i hepl-any at 3:30 o'clock today at Barbour
nI~ane, t cy?.irla cnl;;s~te toy\l: , stheazter Wednesday. Thursday-whinch were held at F'lorida, xil ap-; Tryouts for Ithe l>'eshalllu ils'. gyi-vnasu'.
plan for'.II intramr'al ________________________y
at the nd. Friday of next creek, to the Wo- 1paperhre Friday night in the State
1. A.ne Miss b Khed ah request the 1 ncslege.lnin.ItihpdA. A. I;. senior championships which II!l I1Iiiimi iii-
letic mamagers cf the different houses that by establishbing, such a precedentwilbhedateUnopo.
and zoes tor-rak purethat; l h hi other organizations of the Uni- is otr will compete in all her "
womvoen on their teams hav~e paid the1 vesity w ill aliso turn their receipts to events which include the 50 yard backW ^gp
fee forth lastt. ml ramulral swim milt;g the inter est±of the proposed building.( stroke, 50 yard breast stroke, 100 yard .9t ring ae
met>efr 1gung u1 fr)hi ne C umn es of the, eriod are beinig fre style, 500 yard free style, and 1 116661131@s1i6111111I lllllllllilnh
Ne lse navne wme- '1ie~fo ~i onadcompayncy iving. Several other state--r
are to be op~enedl soon at the ; of Philadelphiai. andi special cartoon-
t~t~nFs have_______esigedbyred-'__-_ '_ Men's W hite Oxford Cloth and Broadcloth Shirts, with
C. A., a elding oT5> aNio' r eik1l 2,ateio fte r olr tahd 2f8vle ...... .i.
in which instruction will be ivce n , 2,~i' lt~o h an-()in-l olr ahd 29 vle........16
adacdswimm-ing, life sa611"gand a e'?eet rebcn paedo
(iving. The classes will be hld fion <.. ''' m , an Slters bot.iAr Men's Athletic Union Suits................. ....49c
17 o S o'clock Aondays ann xiedne 05(5 -'omro nonig rt S a
days. Beginning classesin <> ii - n _ a Sal "'M 'sFancy S'll o, .oVle..,.. ..4c
Jare lbeing held at 4 o'clock on :' o n1red ion of 1AHiss Apris mall, of the phy-SaeM s ac slk o, .Oxlu49 -
days andl Wednedays, uno er ilhe di .,(al eiIIC1ion department. T'1h is d ipay has lbeeni person.
I slly selected fromnl the bazaars Ann Arbor Dry Goods Co.
of CGII Stl~tiel.
Establi Idd 188 "IiLane Ha(/l 316 Souh Main
li p1 t lli-
% X, .N *'Y1" .X .{§ Y'--f cS 'Gu /l


Koda ~ V ~J ~ ve Cicco, ILL
iay Ittpihlbrdy7
rj ~ c

'N \ f

___ __ ___ _ ___ _ ___ _____ __ .

a race


.6' W . P.


-- - - ._......... __ ..,. ---I

.A l~,
4 Y. Illi iul
,~iO ~LL~k -4?t4~API'-


JMarchz is



of Daffodils

King Alf'red--Largest and Finest
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Cce rt tionery
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Poet tis

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in w t* tr n t ta ta n0 ',


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Cud L Doon
Campus Frocks
Springtime pastel shade-sc
siken jersey=-youthful, tv
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frock that collegye women f
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collars, button trimming ca
smart pockets make th
frocks extremely clever


""Yu(tyy i l
4 t l/ n Ia ;
7'Y R e
5 p f3'1
The Remington Portable will serve you well-- I
to come. It will give you a training which will be
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Comipact-fits in a case only four inches high.8
Compet-has the four-row keyboard-no shift-
'int for figures-just like the big machines.
Con7cnint-can be operatedl on your lap if you II
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Sizes, 1 6 to 44
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r, - . i
A f' ! , s?. Q 1 ( i
3.; e. j " tt ,1,
( r-.e' 1.. j 'iy rWr ,c.. .. ' - /Y f _ " L '? 7-s 'i '' ' r'f 0'
- -
Si r' 'L..da.""a"

-//// d 0.




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