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January 19, 1926 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-01-19

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Independent Women To Be Chose
For Committee Work At Opening
Of School Year
Reorganization of the junior ad
visory system was advised by th
guests of the Women's league Sunda
at the breakfast at Barbour gymna
slum. It was generally felt that th
junior advisory system should not b
linked up with the honor council, bu
that it should be made a more re
sponsible system, by supplying educa
tional meeting in the spring of '.
year .so that it would be a well o,.
ganized committee in the fall. Also
standards of membership should be
raised, and more honor attached to
the position. An emergency squad
was suggested to take care of the last
minute names, and the women work-
ing in private homes who need special
Women who were affiliated with
fraternal organizations, it was felt
were too busy during the first two
weeks of concentrated rushing, to act
on committees of this sort and it was
recommended that independent wo-
men who were actively interested and
capable should be chosen for the
work either through appointment or
Miss Cline in her introductory
speech stated, "There are three means
of contact through which we endeavor
to reach entering women," she stated,
"they are, The junior advisory sys-
tem, the honor council, and the house
organization committee of the Wo-
men's league. All have failed because
of the lack of responsibility felt by
the members of these organizations,
and because of the additional fact that
the greater share of the entering wo-
men do not signify their intention to
enter the University in advance. They
come the week of registration, and
find us unprepared to aid them dur-
ing that strenuous week. These
existing systems, must either be re-
organized or revised to preform their
purpose of reaching the unaffiliated
and unacquainted entering women. It
is to advance the discussion concern-
ing this problem and give you an op-
portunity to express yourself that the
house organization committee has
planned this breakfast."
After this introduction the, facts
were brought out that the league par-
ties failed in their purpose, because
the same women attend time after
time, showing that the methods of get-
ting acquainted are no more efficint{
idutring the semester than they ar
during the first few weeks. It was
suggested that upperclassmen be ap-
pointed in each league house to under-
take the responsibility of looking out
for the social welfare of th members+
of the house, both by aiding them in
their individual problems and by in- ,
troducing them to members of other
houses, as it was felt that outside
contacts were keenly necessary.
Japanese girls have formed a so-
ciety in Tokio to which only women
who have discarded the traditional
hair arrangements of Japan for the
modern bob are admitted.

'Study For Exams CAD!DT O~ i Dramatics To Be 'POINT SYSTEM TO
Aided By Skating lC9 PTl LTDBE Discussed Before
Amost delightful winter sports, Dr. 61J l LTWe 's o ityHE P M L YE S
0== GIIEN B l i"""""$ HELP EEDIERS
Margaret Bell strongly urges women Community dramatics and the work IM
students 'to take up this form of out- - - entailed in the production of plays ? 10f,
n door exercise. Chess Tables To ye SpeciaV Feature will le (IiseUssem 1Luoom '23 Transcripts of Extra-Curricular Ac- ety,
Dr. Bell recommends the "club" or Of Affair To Be Gen For in a talk before the Women's club Iivities Of Women Will Be 1folk
"rocker" skate for beginners as well Buildig Fuilnd at 2:30 o'clock today at Lane hall.1 Available igan
as for those skilled in the art, as it Miss Loomis will speak of dramatic lant
is a skate easy to learn upon and one ' SET DATE FOR FEB. 10 work in connection with the Junior1 SHOW QUALIFICATIONS ipro
especially adapted to fancy skating. Girl's play and discuss the play in uca
"Learning fancy steps in skating is as t i breference to its social significance. gy
- fascinating as learning new variations Cs "Miss Mercy," will be played by the TIrden
e of the Charleston," states Dr. Bell. a new feature in the annual card Play Production class, under the di- records as well as scholastic stand- ! Bur
If the cold weather prevails, skating party of the A. A. U. W. which will reCtion and instruction of Prof. R. T. ings will be available for the use of acc
should prove an enticing relaxation be given Feb. 10. Seventeen hostess- Honister of the public speaking de- the school superintendent or employ- of t
-to the strenuous preparation for finals. es and their assistants will open their artment' er seeking information as to the the
e In this connection, Dr. Bell advises homes on that day, either at 2:30 The program for the afternoon is in Iqualifications of Michigan women stu-
e two hour study periods, followed by o'clock in the afternoon or at 8 o'clock cage of the drama section of the 'nts throeh the point system of IIn
.t intervals of brisk exercise, preferably in the evening. In many cases host- Ann Arbor Women's club. fthe Women's league, which provides ing
- In the open air. According to Dr. esses will entertain both in the after- ifor the issuing of each student's ser.Mis
- Bell, every woman should take at noon and at night. The evening par-T vice in campus activities.difil
least an hour's exercise daily. ties are being given this year in order The development should prove ofIabr
that the men may join them. JL I [OJIspecial interest to the women who ing
Those who will attend are requested 'are graduating in February as a copy of t
to call the hostess or assistant in lUof the records may be received direct.. the
o FIRE . INSPECTION TO charge of the particular group with LIFLIILVU IPIF I E ly or a transcript be sent direct to ecul
Swhich they wish to play. They ar~eany superintendent or employer. Ap- ed
alsoaskd t furishther ow brdgeplications should be made to Kather- Mis5
covers and cards. Those who will Requests for posters to be used for line Booth, '26, chairman of the point live
INC26E LLhOUSEralonakedto frnih teirnwn ridevR
play chess should call Mrs. Wilbert publicity of the life membership drive committee at the Women's league of- be
Hinsdale, 716 Forest or Mrs. W. G. of the Women's Icague building fund fice of Barbour gymnasium, or left at the
Fire inspection of all houses on Smeaton, her assistant, to make reser- hIave been made by Hazel Huy, '28, the desk of Miss Grace Richards of wie
, campus Is beingorsantitdunder te ations. They are requested to bring who is in charge of thisadivision of the office of the dean of women. to b
DdcmpusofIs beprgsaied underthe vtions.cheyret rqus. t rigthe campnaign. Ten dollars is being IMiss Margaret Cameron, head of the j a p,
state fire marshalls office of Lansing. er chess ses. offered as the rize for the best post- s bureau of appoitments of the Uni- invi
The office of the dean of women has The committee i charge has cx- er submitted which is to go towards versatyfhasoierintrst th i- AftU
urgently requested that the recon- tended an invitation to those who doa life membership in the Women's versity, has voiced her terest o this Afr
mendations made to women's houses not play cards to be present at tea leag I development and will make use of the Bur
as the result of the inspection be con- w will be served at the various Jan. 30 has been set as the last day ostins The Women agse
formed with before the annual house Lstea tfor the acceptance of posters. The i sstembs. T il e gue ind r
rnpcini h pig hsi h Last year the attendance at thetyef posirn eiglf t h t system blank will be used in er c+
inspection in the spring. This is the ( atIa 0 type of poster is being left to the listing data obtained from the files that
first investigation for fire protection party was 800. Since the men will { individual, the only requirements be- sm
frt bnvestigationiforefireoprotection00f) 111, i concerning the student's work in col-' aboe
held at these houses in two years. be present this year more than 1,0 ing that the dates of the campaign, c tiitie. snati
Out of a total of 104 houses, 36 have people are expected to be present. Feb. 8 to 15, and the title "Life mem- "Through the present interest in enjo
been'inspected, and the remainder wfli With the procees from the party to- bership drive" be placed on the post- s og ,' comente is dn
be done in the next few weeks. On- gether with those from the Clavilux er. Original designs and fancy ar- Richard, advisor for thepm n
ly three of the 36 have been exempted the local branch of the A. A. U. W. rangements are preferred to printed Richards , "the i t act- -
I hopes to establish a guarantee fund mittee, the extra-curricular activf-
Toecmeaityonhsswr for the next issue of "Michigan cards". pte aosrdig to i Huy. ties a woman has had during college erat
The majority of houses were given Tecag hsya ilb The posters will be placed in local bcm atrwihsprned m
reomnain ocrigtei-The charge this year will be 75 cents sprsbfr n uig telf become a factor which superintend- elr
recommendations concerning the in- aFloigi h ito otse stores before and during the life et r neetdi osdrn.~a1
stallation or correction of their pres-m person or $ for a table. membership drive, to aid the league in is gener ede thatstrogh l
ntmnsffreece.R e re.Following is the list of hostessesasng$0,0,hemuwhh s is generally conceded that through All
entseas of fies espe. o firder land their assistants: Mrs. Edson R. raissng $400,000, the w isher work in coach school dramatics a scho
R.escapes in women's houses or ladders nudradadMs .E rnMsIiecessary before erection of the Wo- teacher maySneldadMr.DE.BnkMs.y persuade her students to may
reaching only to the roof of the porch mEeinan asiste .b Mrs. n's league building can be started. read Shakesp ae merately
will not be sanctioned. Chain or E. H. Croarkin assisted by Mrs. Robert - edSaepeare more creatively ---
w owell. Mrs. Carl Smith, and Mrs. I than the one who is merely a student
iron ladders are the types of fire es- John Brumn, Mrs. J. L. Markley s For every article for sale, there is herself.
capes recommended. In almost every sisted by M-s. J. C. Dickinson, Mrs. a buyer. Reach him thru Classifieds. "In addition to these is the consid-
rase it wasnecessary toadvislathe Edward Adams assisted by Mrs. Fred-
t-erick Coler, Miss LoSretta Beal as-KILLED REPAIRING
eable material. This means that ash- sisted by Miss Elizabeth Lloyd, Mrs.
es must be kept either in metal con- E. C. Goddard assisted by Mrs. C. O.
tainers or against brick walls. In- Davs MsIF . eefean rs.'~i sure your pen i ready for exams now
vestigation showed that many land- Davis, Mrs. F. N. Menefee and Mrs. Mak Sr O pnIS rayfrean W
ladies do not keep their back stair C. L. Washburne, Mrs. W. D. Hender- No charge for looking it over. Better be safe-
cases cleared for use. This must be son assisted by Mrs. Walter Walz,
done as each house must have two Mrs. Max Winkle- assisted by Mrs.
means of exit from both the second Hugh Keeler, Mrs. Alexander Ruth-
and third floors. ven assisted by Mrs. Theophil Kling-
iman, Mrs. Shirley Smith assisted by
I Miss Anna Steele, Mrs. Archibald Thme only peumakers in Ann Arbor.
Old fashioned apple pie still holds Diack assisted by Mrs. W. A. Paton, bIt ts no more for our skilled servlce.
its own as the favorite desert in most Mrs. Tobias Diekhoff assisted by Mrs.
restaurants. A survey taken at the .K. cAlpine, Mrs. T. E. RankinSERVICE
student cafeterias of several western assisted by Mrs. Theophil Raphael, 24 HOUR SERVXCE
colleges shows an overwhelming pref- Mrs. Joseph Bursley assisted by Mrs.
erence for the pie of our ancestors. Herman Kleene, Mrs. Hugo Thieme
assisted by Mrs. J. R. Hayden, Mrs.
The earliest example of needleworl William Hussey assisted by Mrs. A
known to exist comes from the tomb S. Whitney, Mrs. Russel Hussey, Mrs.
of a Pharaoh 1,500 years before the I Carl Gehring, and Mrs. Berry Rat-
Christian era, and there are specimens cliffe, Mrs. Otto Haisley assisted by
of Greek work dating from twelve Mrs. Lewis Karpinski.
centuries late-.
Let The Daily sell it for you thru
AY YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. the Classified columns.-Adv.

ts are attending some of Miss
chenal's classes at Ypsilanti, and
ording to Miss Ethel McCormack,
the physical education department
classes are very largely attended.
n speaking of her work in collect-
folk dances from foreign countries
s Burchenal told how much more
cult it is to get the folk dances
oad than the folk songs. Accord-
to Miss Burchenal this is because
the social nature of t he ldances;
large groups required for the ex-
tion of the dances cannot be call-
together at a moments notice.
s Burchenal stated that one must
in the community, and grow to
a pert of it, so as to know when
various festivals and) pageants
re the dances are performed are
e held. And one must be so much
art of the community that he is
ted to attend the social affairs.
er that it is, according to Miss
chenal, not difficult to get the mu-
for: the dances, write them up,
preserve them. for the use of oth-
ountrids. Miss Burchenal believes
there is nothing so individual
ut the dances of one country that
ves of another country would not
y them; the social nature of the
ces, their simplicity, and the tune- 1
ess of their music make them
ion of the contacts a young teach-
may make, through the glee club,
terary society, or debating team.
of these things supplement her
olastic preparation although she
be a Phi Beta Kappa.

Mortarboard picture to be taken
1112 o'clock today at Dey's studio.

drd Burchenal en
Addresses Women NOIE
On Folk Dancing NOTICES
iss Elizabeth Burchenal, founder
the Aica olkt g1)aners so I Newberry hail
who is conducting a course in[ All money and pledge cards frn
Sdancing this week at the Mich- the Y. W. C. A. finance drive must
n State Normal college at Ypsi- in by the first part of the week. Me
ti, spoke before the assembly of bers of the teams are asked to bri
dessional students of physical ed- them to Newberry hall.
tion yesterday morning in Barbour
nnasium. The professional stu-

11U 11 m1111i11111i1mi11Illilillllliilillillmi iII1Iiellll



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