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January 09, 1926 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-01-09

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$00) Still Necessary To Reach Quota;
Committees Urge Contributions;
Awards GITven To Teams
With a total of $1434.50 solicited for
the Y .W. C. A. finance drive which
has been conducted this week, the coin-
mittees in charge have decided to ex-
tend the campaign until the remain-'
ing $600, necessary for the realization
of their aim, can be raised. Yester-
(day's work netted them a total of
$549.75. The quota which they have
set out to raise is $2000, and they
hope that it will be unnecessary to
extend the campaign into next week
in order to accomplish it.
The leading team in the contest
dyesterday was Happy Lil Sal, led by !
Virginia Hobbs, '28, with a contribu-
ti on of $48.50. This team was also in
the lead Thursday. Katrinka team led
by Louise Carlisle, '26, is still leading
in amount of money brought in for
the whole campaign, with a total of
$128.50, but is followed very closelyf
by happy Li' Sal whose total is
$125.50. Third place is given totthe
Patsy team, having raised $106.50.
This team led by Katharine Pearce,
A mass meeting of all the captains
i and team workers will be held tomor-
t 7 rrow noon at 1 o'clock in Newberry
hall, and this time the prize will be
~ awarded to the team which has sol-t
icited the largest amount of money.
Prizes have been given every day. toc
the team whose total is the highest.r
These consisted of clever trinketse
1 such as necklaces which were placedt
around the neck of the doll leading in
the contest.t
It is essential that during the re-
maining days of the campaign, every
woman who has not already givenv
something to the organization do so
when they are visited by a member ofc
the teams. It has been impossible to
see all the women during these firsti
three days but it is hoped that they
can be visited today. It will be ap-
preciated by the committees, if anyc
one *vho has not been solicited andt
who feels that she can give somethinga
4 will come into Newbery hall and sign
a pledge. Although the committee
have put forth every effort to reach
all the women it is possible that they 7
have missed a few.c
Considerable discussion concernings
the forming of a new tradition has
taken place among the junior women
interested in the annual Junior Girls'
play. The members of the Centralr
committee as well as others not soJ
closely connected with the play thinkp
it an advisable and plausable scheme
to set aside one performance of the I
week for alumnae, just as the first
4performance of the production is de-
voted to the entertainment of senior
It is a fact that after graduation
the former students of the University
lose contact, and to some extent, even
interest in campus affairs. This reac-
tion is a perfectly natural one, be-
cause the undergraduates live entirc-
ly for themselves and their personal
interest, seldom wasting a thought on
those who have gone before them,
even though at one time there might
have been close friendships formed be-
tween the outgoing students and the
Some of the organizations on cam-
pus have endeavoyed to bridge this
seemingly unsurmountble gap by en-
tertaining their alumnae at least once
j a year at a week-end house party. If
these organizations and others willing

to undertake a similar plan would co-
operate with the proposed alumnae
night for the Junior Girls' play, by
setting the date of their entertain-
ment on the week end during which,
the play is given, a new tradition
would be started and undoubtedly a
closer tie would be formed between
the graduate and their student friends.
A.A.U. W. Invited
To Tour Hospital'
University hospital officials have ex-
tended an invitation to the Ann Arbor
branch of the American Association
of University women to go th'rough
the hospital at 1:30 o'clock this1
afternoon. Guides will be furnished
for this purpose. The women will
hold a meeting at 3 o'clock in the hos-!
pital after , their tour of inspection.
Dorothy Ketcham, director of the Ann
Arbor social service department, will'
speak to the association on the work
of her staff, particularly in relation
- z the work which is being done for
r'or etery article for sale, there Is l

lGovernment Requirements For W' orkers Needed Wyvern Conducts NOTICES
FoTeheAnd For Candy Booth Bluebook SaleE
oreign,___C_____Announced____.Barbour_ _mnasum
ahl women iuter;Aed in working at Wyvern, junior honor society, is Meeting of the board of representa-
Women who are planning to teah pointd will be given preference in the' Woens league candy 0booth are taking charge of the sale of blue books tives of the Women's league atc
in te PilipineIslndswil notlpe apoiirrnets., loclock today. Pictures for the Mich-
in the Philippine Islands will not he ap inntn ts." ased to call Marian Welles at 7717. during the two week examination iganensian will be taken after the
required to take a special civil ser- The Cdlat ion equiemets whici So far this week it has been impos- period, in Angell and University halls Imeeting
vic exmwto co~ln otea-oul apply to individuals graduaiz eting.
vice examinationfaccordingtocthehasatis ad-sible to keep the booth open all the before the morning and afternoonI
nouncements received from the United uation with English as the major sub- time because we:men -who had been eiscelanios
StatesfhCivil Service Cnmission it to'jet and ith at Icast one year of ex 'workng there before vacation n e has sponsored their sale in Woman's league point system com-
Bureau of Appointments of the Schoo perience s a teacher of English inal'ts orpr.Bgnigwt ln h mtore,1egu5osends-mttee will meet at 1 o'clock todayi
of Education. Ijrecognized secondary school. The ,Icted to report. la gil wnu o:-ith dormitories, leafoe houses and so room 110 of the Main library,
The Phili iesriei iied -,da, all wvomen wia bae bern work- rority houses, and for the convenience l1braryr ntel~~l ppns pgn
.he Philippine serce s diidscool year in the Pliippines ning there wll be oxpeced to repoen tof the students these additional placess Sigma Delta Phi picture will be
into two classes of teachers, teachers in the early part of June and ends Tuesday a
oftsecondays nglish for wich o- ihthe mont of March, Weth c an- o ewishing to help may get are to be added at this time. taken at 12:30 o'lock Tuesday at
sitions both men and wornen will be weeks acation 10 of whicha ale con- .,a s :et by calling s Welles. Lucille Walsh, '27, who has charge Dey's studio.
accep t anoralsch lbemscat ding eowhi o rItis iterestigtootthat in theof the sale reports that $42 has been Portia Literary society picture will
ace te normal schooldemoin ecutive during the nnth a of ritwo months preceding the hcljdays realized from the venture thus far. be taken promptly at 12:30 o'clock
stration tachers, for which positions Maya tJune and two of which come r25) xr.1s Clemr d and deposited in the Four sizes of blueooks are being Monday at Dey's studio.
womn ol appoill mens arceljt. M re at- Charismao time.n(f mj'c')r(grad V' c'amnp gil IUn. - ffered, including the 16, 24, 32, and members of the Freshmen Girls
Itan 51) appointmentsa 'e made ech Slary is made in pesos, Philippiney - - -I40 p:ges at the regulation prices. Glee club will have their picture ta-
year, five or six of these filling vacan- money one of which is worth about Wood-pulp prices have been raised ken at 12:15 o'clock Sunday at Sped-
cies in the normal sc(hools and theJ . 0cents in American money. Thei u Germany. hYvOUR SUSCRIPTION NO.ad ding's studio.
rest as teachers of second ary English salary for the teachers of Secondary
in the normal, agricultural, and other English is 1,00to $,200 pesos a yem ,,
high schools. 'With the exception o t about $1600) to $1600. The rorml I S I
the few demonstration teachers, mar- School teachers are paid from 3,080 0t
tied couples and single men will be 4,000 pesos a year or about $1,500 to
given the preference in making the $2,000. In some of the provinces ti K INlh
appointments. living expenses are comparativelyWHERE r IC
The age limits for these applicants low, whereas in other provinces ]iV-SA-TSPECIALWHERPFRICA
is: Single women from the ages ofing expenses are about the tame as
28 to 38; married women, from the those in the United States. Trans
ages of 22 to 38; and men from the portation for the initial trip is made4
ages of 23 to 33. In the appointment by the government and then deducted
to the secondary schools the bulletin from the monthly salary, however at
reads, "Men and married women the end of two years successful teach- Ou I-t dreci aw Fifty New 1 llts
whose husbands are also being ap-|ing, the money is reiundedl and at the e . - /i-' J"
-id of three years successful tea h1 Attrac re Lrij';t Cjhrs 1 , S
1I ngtefof t he) teacher is ai --N
Hold JuniorP y " Crepe and Brad Comtiuinatv i
back to the tnilividutal.
Poster Contest fOR
Every year there is a poster con-WMMITTEES T I W ILA Oal Y $ 5 .0
test between the women of the junior rPrR IAX-Fo
FOsRo h uno il'pay h l G USEO IM1N91UM i A SO Closng Out All Wlinter Hats xWith Barbo
poster selected from the number hand- Wf
ed in to the chairman of the adver- Constant congesti on in a at Cost and LessfWonderful Val
Cosatcnlto arbour a
tising committee, and given first place, or Men a
.I gymnasium due to the number of ac-
is to be used as the cover design for!gniai u otm ubro c
1 s stivities using it for headquarters has
the programs distributed to the play ;
audiences, and also on the general ad- brought the request that all commit-
vertising posters that are placed in ; tee chairmen make applications for
Detroit, Flint, and other outlying places for meetings at the desk in
cities. the office of the dean of women. c H IN1 d
This year's contest will begin next The Physical Education department
week with a meeing of all women in- use the parlors and Sarah Caswell
terested in this line of work at 4 Angell hall daily until 3:45 o'clockA -
o'clock Tuesday in the corrective room :and on Tuesdays and Thursdays until-
of Barbour gymnasium, Helen Knapp, 4:45 o'clock. Beginnig Monday, Jun- li7 S.MAI
chairman of the advertising commit or Girls' play rehearsals will monop- I
-Tin.-- -.'l----------'r.--m f -.'I;-- h',1- -----. bl- h i

I Pictures of the Un'iversity Girl's
Glee club wvill be taken at 12 o'clock
Sunday at Renchler's studio.
Sigma Delta Phi will hold their ini-
tiation at 8, o'clock Sunday morning,
Jan. 10, at 1035 Martin Place.
Athena Literary society picture will
be taken at 10:15 o'clock Sunday
at Speddings studio.
Junior Girls' play tryouts today
from 9 to 12 o'clock in Sarah Caswell
Angell hall.
Announcement has been made of
thei engagement of Anne D. Gilbreth,
'26, and Robert E. Barney. Miss Gil-
breth is a member of Collegiate So-
rosis. Barney is a member of Nu
Sigma Nu and Alpha Delta Phi fra-
University Girls' Glee club picture
will be taken Sunday at 12 o'clock at
the Rentschler studio.
DS-Tan or Black
r Storm Welt
ues in Silk Hose
d Women.
98 TE

tee will have charge of the contest olize al the avai ap e ours in ese i
and will.explain the directions for the two places. This limits the resources
construction of the posters. for committee meetings so that ar-
Many of the past inactive commit- rangements must be made even more
tees of the play are becoming active. carefully than before the holidays.
There is a meeting of the advertising The point system committee, Or- i
committee at 4 o'clock Sunday at the chesus club, house organization com-
Sorosis house, the music committee mittce, honor council, board of di-
is working on the lyrics and music, rectors, board Of represtatives, and
and the make-up committee is almos+ V. A. A. are among the activities
complete and will begin their activi- meeting regularly in the building.
ties at an early date. This does not include rehearsals for
Cards notifying the women who the plays given in Sarah Caswell An-
have made the play will be sent out gell hall by Comedy club, Masques,
Saturdayafter the last group of the and Mummers.
second tryouts. Each card will be When the building is to be used i
gone over twice by the central com- the evening it is subject to the Uni-
mittee and its owner properly placed versity regulation that a requisition
in the cast or choruses of the play. must be made. This is to cover the
Jean Kyer, assistant chairman'of the cost of keeping the building open and
play, will have charge of sending out the services of the matron and Jani- I
the cards. As usual the cast will not tor.
be publicly announced until the week;

~ T




The First Sign of Spring-
A New Hat
Don't let the calendar depress you. Get yourself
a new spring hat and see what a change it will make
in your costume and spirits. Here are gay little felts
to cheer you up. Or silks prettily embroidered. Or
taffeta combined with straw. Moulded to the head or
turned up at becoming angles. Hundreds of hats, all
with the springtime touch, in every new color and
material. Get yours today.

- U
r -

eons Form
2l ~ - t \

the Newa
* /
[eavily beaded and rhine-
stone studded models, slender-
ze and minimize the figure.

Subtle drapings, bodice or
skirt, in the model above,
both gracefully draped.
Youthful dancers adopt the
Oriental girdle-or nothing.
The formal brassiere has no
The hand painted shawls are
deeply fringed-lovely.
Feather fans are many
shades to choose.
Hose can be had to match
face powder.

The chiffons,
and romas that

flare wide-

ly from the natural waist
line or swing into motion
by means of godets at the
All the shades of rose,
from palest flesh to deep-
est coral, misty blues and
o-chids and very especial-
ly the greens with the yel-
lowish cast. Black and
white, of course.

ee-- 67. .


11 ItI II

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