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January 05, 1926 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-01-05

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Workers Will Cover Camnpusi In Tbree
Day Campaign; :funds Needed I PRtESIDENT LITTLE VRGF.S



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Formal opening of the annual Y. W.
g C. A. finance drive will be held at a
banquet for the advisory board, com-
mittees and speakers given at 6 o'clock
tonight in the Congregational church.
More than 2.60 guests will be served.
The speaker of the evening will* be!
Mrs. Herbert Prescott, president of
the Detrdit federation .of Women's
clubs. Mrs. Prescott has had con-
siderable experience in conducting1
campaigns. Katherine Wilson, '26,1
president of the University Y. W. C.f
'~A. will preside. at the banquet. Sing-
Ing, is to be conducted by Margaret!
Sherman, '27. B~esides the general!
campaign songs, each team will have
an original song. Geraldine Knight,l
'26, will speak on the value of the
Y. 'tWt. C. A., viewing it from the stand-
s point of a college' woman. There will
be other features on the program, in-
cluding a stunt by Pauline' Bridge-
man, '27.,
* Every year the Y. W. C. A. carries
on a financial campaign to procure
enough money to do their work. This
year there are a total of 220 women
who are to -do actual soliciting for
the drive. They are organized into
10"teams, each one having the namej
of some important person. These!
names are given to dolls and the
amount 'of. money 'that each team
brings in is to be accounted for by the
growth of these dolls. There is to1
be a prize given every day to the team
which has the most money.
By ftbeans of the system used this
year in soliciting, every woman in the
university will be called upon person-
ally and asked to contribute. During,
vacation cards have been made out
bearing the names of the women.
These cards will be distributed to the
various teams according to the ,loca-
tion of the houses in which the wo-
men live and every one will be called
on before the end of the week. The
goal of the drive has been set as $2000.
The campaign will be conducted on
Wednesday,. Thursday and Friday of
this week.
Luncheons will be served every
day during the cewnpaign n Newberry
hall for the workers. At these lun-'
cheons repor'ts~ of the various' teams
will be made and the prizes awarded.
The cards with the dolls on them will '
be adjusted to signify the amount that
each team has solicited. The first
Sluncheon will be held Wednesday

"Christian associations are al-
jways handicapped by having to
ask for funds in order to he of
real service to their community.
Few people realize the extent of
that service.
The argument frequently ad-
vanced that "the t, W. C. A.
doesn't give me anything. Why
should I support it?" does not
apply. The Y. W. C. A. does give
many people real and valuable
service. You who are asked to
give to its support should do so
willingly as a christian duly up
to the' limits of your aility.
Th dal n aims of the as-
socatin arehigh,-far higher
in fact than many of the individ-
uals asked to contribute. If your
personal ideals are higher than
those of the association join its
active workers and give it the
benefit of your constructive help.
If your ideals are like those of
the majority of us---continually
shut off from fulfillment by the
difficulty of individual effort-
give it your financial support so
that it may accomplish as an or-
ganization what we as individ-
uals are unable to do."

OPPEduccinties T!h"0?VSETEAS 0en Have Part In Campus lRushing Rules
PoitcsAt Other Schools 1 lc e eie
F rGranted T da, WEOTA~~ MEI snttietI ntIloe ndtiutig h
For oday Et 001N To i icigaen's an-Iellenlic Concil is
"Tomn ~UgpopecaYfm ~sna ii ohmoewmn Questionnaires sent to 25 colleges -ettv.I this way Minnesota is jIo ln nAs~usnteaoti
toun coleg,"0 50v5 ir^Iss inuai ohooewmnand universities, 15 of w+hich were- Iassured of equal representation for of new rushing rule for next year.
ilton, dean f i mn. t ifl i hereafter be permitted to play on, turned, reveal interesting facts in re-; en and women. , A eeting of the I'n-lelienic con-
]~t ofy re '(iato ti. !itil~icyi do.an OioStteunieri-ef ate,.riest fIln e
notapIW ,ecifl tl .. n'er ,.licw ioual 1l;thinrumnurai andt interclass teams gard to student council organizations.j WisconsinanOhoSteuirs-ila he1.iv myofIlnise
portuntiesrathe they~he ~~'~- ceor.Ug I op~anomane y thentra-Thie stdent councils n all of tee;ties have what might be called joit 1cetly, wa e~ h proeo e
,rne."ua iad Ti ca ses imply that there is a provision! councils. The men and women have av ising the rushingf, s~em at that n-
arrangment ?for a body of students, both men and separate organizations which meet to- ~r~y
In an interview on college) Conti-! ake effect with thex cemencement of!wmn o ics campus problems. gther when called to a joint nmeeting Oe of the suggstions brought up
tions AMiss Hiamiton said, "T irl the besi! iali sewsae which is to be1 Among the Big Ten cllges, Ioa, by either body. ,fo' discussion was that each house
of 20 years a 'o realized that the eliz a ews olk. Illinois and Minesota provide for aI The smaller colleges have ver dis... should have a tea for the first event
cational openings won for he r ti:: £,j hours, for intramural basketball (ldistint body to e of arbitrary or tiucet councils among which Iowa Statej of the rushing season, to 'which it
hers through the effrts of otiers, L a 1.aus aebenpae raht GIpootcalrprsnain tIw colage has an organization caledth should ark all rushes; that if a
she realized that she must make good,j o'cliock Monday, Wednesday, and 1--nri- the presidents of, certain oraniza- Cardinal Guild, composed of 30 mm-! rushee is not called for, she is to tle-
that it wee a critical poit, .^nrd her', cay, andl t%o 31igts each week will bae tions are on the concill. At Illinois, !hers of which seven are women. At! Phn the rushing captain at the
duty to mlake good, A g eneraton h^~s!sta~lo i for tis. Interclass pratise where the proportion of men to wo- Depaw, position on the co~ncl is d-!Ihouse where sh has the date.'
Ipassed and things have changed, is to be from 4 to 6 o'clock Tuesday 1 men registered is 3 1-2 to 1, the con- termined by the holding of the pres- The matter of restriction of call-
"I learned while travecling ,tliiouchn and Thursday. oial of 1d is composed of ti women and idency of certain organizations., Theing (ays 'was brought up for consider-
France' nnd Germany somethL in of Al intramural teams will be put in- r m n. Thse women onl the council University of Southen Dakota hias a yain, and it wvas s u gested that cal-
Iwhat education nicans t) thos:emeu; to leaguecs inl whiech they will Comn- are officers of organizations, such as student council composed of eight i ig lays e limited to two, and the
people of both countries. Ticy haetie ct efi the winning place. For they president of the League and Y. IV. C., members of which three are women1 length of the call to 15 minutes. A
1 aresectfor the things that 'tu'ning' iterl.;as schedule te plan is differ- A. At Milnnesota, there is a unique I members, The council here is based onI suggestion was Tso made that each
stnsfor. I compared that attitude nt. A squad o 25 women is to be iarrangenient, whereby provisions are the number iof students enrolled iu sororty 1)0 requiirel to seure permis-
with that of our halt-taug t and half- d1hC i friom~ each clans and fromI made for women on the All-UniversityI the different colleges. Northwestern !sn of the ittounSkde i ofie giving any
lere yugtrsoe hr nA.znr these squadis twvo toms for the class- ! and Academnic council. The basis of has approximately equal representa- en tertainment outside the house. Miss
icea, who have grown into a dire- es h\ill hleiie'.. Thne t-,,,ns will hae; representation in the All-University ion of 10 to 20. Those on the con- Coa ilesitntothdanf,
spect of learning' bcause thy ae rcglai' schedules and il have strict council is upon te percentage of wo- il there are ex-ofico, tose holding women at Illinois is at present gath
no relyadhnslylari.Te training i ules, e ;ch team playing jm en enrolled. If 30 per cent of a reg- the presidency of an organization, and I ring material ol referential bid-
;not ryethelonet icndihratnnsitth sIhol ae wmenthe thse eecteifrmthwthrehuper-dingmwhch sstemisoet nwninuse
are getting a certain nuiunher of 'r te net~c.ita.io ntethere. oe, h hoeeete rmth he upi
creit b pasig xanintins--zeirpresentation of womien in this cou- classes, the elections of which are tee
thtis all." R por P adeOn il is given accorinly. The Acad- general, both men and women v ting.
!i"A,there rieire n en studsntito ne IN. l{Al.. iet; iccouncil is ased,, upon classes Michigan State College has separate a semester. The University of en-
i andur the three upperlasses are en- orgeinizations but provisions a e,tcky has the same provision ,for joint
Iwomian student. 'There is a great( titled to a man and a woman repro- made for joint meetings at least twice mietings.
Ishortage of work for women ,rti d ntsi The wemxen's ii san of the ation-
because men students are ltiven the _a ~al ieiter .atie.ie fdration of 'a-l
preference. There is. of cours e, penty i f iecourrages a broadly plannerd[
of house work, but that entai~lo ivinig intre-niral prograin and stands firm!- PH-E T RU E M ICHIGAN SPIRITFl
iup everything else, because such wrki ly against the nolicy of ext ra-mnral ;i ciiiso
with her studies :means gi ing up herr comnpel ition at a confere nce hld Dec.1 is exempliiedintheaciteso
1entire time with none for rcatio n; 31 to Jan. 2 at Barnard colleg:, Ilew q° rt
or for other imnportant things in cal-';,York, The conferenice as attended tT I T l T T 14 R Tr1iT AN ~C TA 1V 'T Y .x

carried on and to give a sumniary of
the benefits that one can receive out
of participating in this particular
kind of work.
The committee in charge of the ban-'
quet tomorrow has been announced as
follows: chairman, Elizabeth King,
'2T6, committee members, Fadelma
H-off stetter, '26, Gertrude Welsh, '28,1
Lucinda Sherwood, '27, Elaine Gruber,I


'29, Mary Stuart, '26, and Cynthia
League Committee
Makes Plans For
Social Functions


loge."' by represenatatives gromn allIIthe uni--
"It is not ambition for the, best, versities, colleges, and training schools
always, wvhich inspires a girl to go ,, Ilste count ryr offering courses Mn
college-not an ambition to de'~claon hystal education. Dr. Margaret IFell,.
personality and to achieve things t- h Mcia representative.
worth while intellectually, but it is Exts'a,1ualonoetion, that is,
merely ambition to get ahead in the I com)C ti X11 be t \VOCn. colleges, as oppo -
world." (edIto in! co-mura,or c omlpetition he- ;
"There is anothier phase of ambition tlve--en s'cups of cone school, does not
-that of the desire to teach. That is !rom t holesomae athletic contests I
the outstandhing thing for which col- ,lorth te majority of women but rather
loge girls are preparing-to teach. I ends to benetlit only a small number
have told them, risking much to rio so, " ti CUopinlion of the federation. Tis,
that the teaching profession is ov et- polic y is mzainta ined at Mlichtigan, andl
crowded, and that it is not getting noge ihotid col r r
the right consideratiolk because there ranged f'or women, here.I
are oo mny egagd init. mai- ;It was decaced that teachers of ole-
tamn that many of our college woton nd leodrseof anphtsicagrouinath-n
are far better fitted for o 'anh1er o taturngs.s n th
________________ ____fe______sh5.ould lie proidfed tip.i more
speei t e1 nowledge andr that something
The question of whether or not t reC ! C mre henmeretechnic and sk:ill in
two groups shall combine will l im f- he sports I heniselves is needed, that
cussed. Trhe need for such on orgaiii- oours ; hi,,et beds and theory should


Extensive plans will be made at
the meeting of the house organiza-
tion commiittee Thursday afternoon
for more social functions between the
zones in the near future. To this end
the personnel of the committee will
be reduced to include only those
houses actually interested in the work.
Plans have already been nmade for a
breakfast to be held Sunday, JIan. 17,
at Barbour gymnasium to which will
be invited those league houses which
have over 15 women and which are
interested in campus activities, and
the league organizers. Particular em-
phasis will be laid on acquaintance


1 ... ....
.,_ '
" ;:.
:, .
- .
,; r
.P i
. ,
r a.

Tomorrow morning there w
window displays in the windoN
some of the stores and large pc
announcing the campaign wi
placed in the university built
Speakers are to be sent to the soi
houses and dormitories to tell c
campaign and create an in1
among the women for the work

'ill be
ws of
11l bel


pyw\ y[

of the{I between the different houses andl up-'
Merest l on the correlation of tihe honor coun-
being cil and house organization committee.
-tatsthe name of the smart-
est and gayest of the lovely
prints that Fashion sponsors ,
now ! In conventional and '
floral designs in a gorgeous

zation "whlcI:will uittl the omen O hc ofeed
the various houses ::1d zonaes wyho-E
have diffe-rent interest, an'd serve to ~1nn, ns ent has been made of
further acquaint ar-- between te t he na - aeof Normia lBicknell ,'25,
has long been felt, ~ni Jlb At ansfield, '26. Mrs.
\ianoiel I i president of the W'4onton1's
Team captains of Y.' V. C. A. fiac o eanid :Mansfield is city editor of
(rive will rmeet at .l o'cloak to a-at The lily and a member of Theta.
Newberry hail. J); elta C hi fraternity. -
S >K,
e7 "A
t.C pl'a- + ,ts,!} Cj~ x6 , i~ S 3bp
Side's 10 itfK,.s.-
made, ~ ~ ~ -' .' Lia5 t E> l J4
3? t i
Sget !II j te i urdkyor otbe

riot of colors -- soft,


shades, rich dark shades ! And
such modernistic names as My

G-M. Motorized Power-
nn ideal combination of
clectric motor and con-
trol properl y fitted to the
individual task-is at
work the world-over,
relieving workers more
.n U more for better and
more profitable pursuits.
A new series of G-E ad-
vertisements showing
what electricity is doingi
in many fields will be
sent on request.
Ask for Booklet OGEK-l.

Trip Abroad,


Moon and Sixpence, and
Boquefi. Moderately priced
from $25 up.
(Second Floor)

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two relosef -
sversing jibbon,
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any port able tpwct
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of ill he hton.
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, o

E L:E xlF-IC


It (

l i i



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