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December 03, 1925 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-03

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3RSDAY, 3ZBlxuIER 3, 1925


_ ..

dAMM e ca-r. c+re a-,c ..,.u. rc-av.-.x: cc;,arr.,-wv--^ I

FE i nells Of Florida""Frenzied -
COLUMN LandBoo ;SpeculationEbbs
CLD~~hs .t, a m o n


us .a. ~ ADVER
LOST-Pair round lens gold glasses.
Probably in Dr. Hipp case. Return
819 E University.' Call 7139, ask for
Plant. Reward. 61-62.
LOST-AT Grangers Friday eveningI
Pearl bracelet, green stone clasp. 1
Valued as gift. Liberal reward. {
Call Van Doren, phone 6381.
LOST-Eve of November 25, necklace,
between Thompson and Majestic, via
William Street. Box 32. Reward.
LOST-Pair of glasses in brown cor-
doran case, with Almer Coe signa-
ture, in Economics or Natural Sci-
ence Bldgs. Please call H. L. New-
man, 9217. 62-63.

i ISIN G AT 3 PA I (Cotinned from Page three) ite and forced far aiove their nat
the result tht a sale on the strength Ural va'le by gamblers who bought
of one ox tl. nebulous instrumerts is l and sold on binders, with not enough
NOTICE outlawed in good circles. Another cash behind their investment to meet
manifestation of the awakening is the their fis payments. The activiies
FOUNTAIN PEN IK laiger cash deposit required on prop- of these unstable speculators thrett-
We profit by your satisfaction. The erty transactions. Where a five per ened seriously the future of Miami
ink we recommend is first a record cent binder gave a buyer selling rights real estate, and that of Florida in gen-
ink. It is the best flowing ink and on a piece of property last winter, a cr l. To combat them. the realtor in
will not clog the delicate mechan- cash deposit of 50 or 60 per cent is qucstion concocted a scheme which,
ism of your pen. Ask At necesstry now. Sales on shoe strings although unfair on the face of it, re-
Rider's Pen Shop have been so assiduously discouraged E sulted in the immediate amelioration
302 State Street that they are practically non-existent. of the situation. He opened up a sub-
t., th., sun. tf. at present. The organized campaigns division on the ocean front, placing
of Florida realtors have brought about every other lot in the block on the
TYPEWRITERS this very desirable result. One out-I market. The gamblers, with no more
Rebuilt and second hand of all makes standing instance is the. case of a! than enough resources to serve as
bought, sold, rented, exchanged, prominent Miami broker who found binders, rushed into his offices and
cleaned, repaired and rebuilt. Larg- I his ocean front properties being ox- placed their options on the lots, with
est stock and best service depart-j the result that property valued in toto
ment in Ann Arbor. WANTED-Student salesman for part at more than $1,000,000 was sold out
O. D. MORRILL, time evening work. Good commis- in something like two hours, with the
17 Nickels Arcade, sion. Call Carpenter, at 4618, after incredulously smiall amount of $50,000
The Typewriter & Stationery Store 5 p. i. 61-62-63. or less representing the Investnfhits
Dealer: L. C. Smith & Corona -- __-_ _ _of the "buyers."
tfo WANTED-To rent large room near 'Combats Speculation
campus for use as studio in day The anti-speculation crusader then
FOUNTAIN PEN REPAIRIN C time only. Reply box 18. proceeded to open up for sale the re-
We skillfully repair your pen the - 62-G3-64. mainder of the lots, each one adjoin-
same day you bring it. Why send WANTED-To buy 1924 Ford Coupe, ing a lot purchased on the first sale,
it away and wait. must be in good condition. Call be- at prices substantially lower than


t lli[5 ilIC l El iilCliill tCCCI111tCIilCCCl a:6Cli39: : Bt lsdllid i 3 i l:i Im m a t .
Frog, Chicken and Steak Dinners
Served at
Two blocks from city bus line on Jackson Road,
from noon till midnight.
Special attention given to parties. Phone 6534.
=E 11 lt§I lI CIl l lICI I l 1l 111111i l 11l l 1 l 1111111111lil III I IlIlI IIIIIII 1 1:

Women's Crowning Glory
In song and story woman's hair has
been justly referred to as her crown-
g glory. Without attractive hair,
! Teauty of features are but an unfram-
ed picture.
Many of us do not possess an abund-
ant growth and feel that this dis-
courages the attainment of hair beau-
ty. I wonder if we realize how far
from the truth this is-how easily
it is for us to develop unusually at-
tractive hair that gratifies our longing
for those wonderful, alluring tresses
that glow and sparkle as a thing of
life-for the flowing, wavy hair en-
dowed with the mystic charm of ever
changing shades.
Anderson Beauty Shop
Phone 3059 527 E. Liberty'
Now on display at 938 Church St.-
Beads, Brass, Choisonne, Laces, Lin-
ens and Jewelry from China. Mrs. H.
B. Merrits. 61-62-63.
Promptly and neatly done by compe-'
tent operators at moderate rates.
College work a specialty for seven-
teen years.
17 Nickels Arcade,
The Typewriter & Stationery Store
manent waving, and marcell waving
our specialty. 319 S. Main. Room
202. Dial 4404. tf.
NOTICE--Watch Repairing-All kinds
watches, clocks and jewelry" re-
paireq, work guaranteed. T. H.
Tibbals, registered optometrist, 903
Mary. Phone 3283. 61-62.
We pay best prices for men's used
clotling. Dial 8040.
Student Tailoring
C4r. N. Univ. and Thayer tf
WE take pride in the quality of our
work: You should take pride in our
prodiets. We cater to the student
trade" as well as the town residents.
You are requested to visit our shop
at your earliest convenience.
State St. Jewelers-302 State St. tf.
SCHAEBERLE & SON, 110 S. Main St.'
The popular place for all kinds of
musical instruments. It pays to
trade" here. th., f., sat., tf.


IRider's Pen Shop
302 State Street
t., th., sun. tf.
Personal cards should be ordered now.
Good work requires time. Printing'
and engraving a specialty. Largestl
and finest selection obtainable.
17 Nickels Arcade,
The Typewriter & Stationery Store!
All the better makes including the
famous' Rider "Masterpen." Why
not get our, skilled service withI
the-pen you buy at the same cost.
Rider's Pen Shop
302 State Street
t., th., sun. tf.
ATTENTION fraternities and sorori-
ties. Try our Special Blend Coffee.
Per pound 45c. The Schultz Groc-
ery. t., th., tf.
NOTICE-Manuscripts typewritten by
experienced operators at Biddle's
Book Store. 11 Nickel's Arcade.
t., th., sat. tf.
WANTED-Girls for relief selling dur-
ing noon hours daily. Apply imme-1
diately at office. Mack & Co. tfl
EXPERIENCED two payment men to,
open office covering entire district.1
Full co-operation and protection.
Send $1.00 for supplies and com-
plete information. Clyde A. Ram-
sey, 25-27 Opera Place, Cincinnati,
Ohio. tf.
WANTED-Dressmaking. Relinmg
coats and altering. Phone 9352.1
413 S. Division. 61-62-63.1
MAGAZINE men, crew managers, dis-
trict managers, organizers experi-
enced on two pay plan, also special
offers. Write or wire today for real
proposition. State fully experience.,
Clyde A. Ramsey, 25-27 Opera Place,
Cincinnati, Ohio. tf.
Read the Want Ads

tween 2 and 4. 609 Packard. J. W. j
Howe. 62.
colored woman desires a position asj
cook for a fraternity house. Write!
Box No. 34, Michigan Daily. 62-63.
sires position in Fraternity or Sor-
ority. Address Box 33. 62-63-64.
FOR RENT--Rooms at 422 E. Wash-
ington. Dial 8544. tf.
FOR RENT-Furnished apartment, 1
lower duplex, four rooms and bath.
905 Forest. Phone 6137. 61-62-63
FOR RENT-Late model, heated, clos-
ed car. Lowest rates in city. 1303
Wilmot. Dial 4829. 61-62-63.1
FOR RENT-Rooms at 422 E. Wash-!
ington. Dial 8544. 62-63-64.
FOR RENT-Suite, two offices, StateI
Street section. Dial 4931. th-sat-tf.
FORD Roadster, 1921. Starter, gen-
erator, side curtains, demountable
rims withgood tires. Call J. D.
Lindsay, 6943, 1014 Cornwell Pl.
Saturday morning. tf.
FOR SALE-An antique rosewood
buffet $35. Duplex fireless cooker,
two well, largest size, $12. Mrs.,
Haisley. Phone 3405. 61-62.
FOR SALE-Remington portable type-
writer. Call Pock, 5484 after 7 p. m.
FOR SALE-1920 Essex Roadster with
winter and summer tops, mechani-
cally perfect, cheap. Call 8117.
FOR. SALE--Victrola practically new.
I Will sell reasonable for quick sale.
Call 9352, 413 S. Division.
I FOR SALE-Ford Coup, good condi-
tion, leaving school, will sacrifice.
Act immediately. Box 34. 60-63-64.

those placed on the original proper-
ties. The natural result was the de-
feat of the gamblers, who found them-
selves unable to accomplish their cus-
tinary resales within a few weeks on
the strength of nothing but their
binders. Those who were bona fide
investors and who laid down their
binders with the intention of actually
buying the property were unscathed.
They could meet their payments and
sit back and wait, for the prices on
the subdivision to climb as a conse-
quence of the development of the prop-
erty,.and emerge from the deal ahead
due to the adage that "you can't lose
by taking a profit." But the gamblers
with nothing behind their efforts but
a confident plan of re-selling before
the impossibility of meeting payments
throttled them, were left in the mire
and they were forced to "fold their
tentstand silently steal away." On
the face of it dishonest or at least
unethical, this transaction served the
purpose of clearing the ground of;
the wildcats who wereruining busi-
ness conditions around Miami because
of their unsound activities.
The outcome of this and similar
projects on the part of brokers has
resulted in the salvation of Florida
real estate for a long time to come,
The bursting of the bubbles so con-
fidently predicted in California news-
papers and those of other syndicates
intent on killing Florida is not, yet
in sight. It will not come for a term
of years at least.
Building Goes On
Building is another factor that is
prolonging the boom. In its first
stages, the boom consisted of the mere
buying and selling of land for profit.
This was the condition which gave
the pessimists some ammunition for
their vitriolic attacks on Florida.
Realtors are awake to this fact, and I
this year has brought a magic trans-
formation in the appearance of east
coast towns. Building is progressing
a at a feverish gait. All the larger real
1 estate corporations are encouraging
builders and contractors and .many
immense construction programs are
under foot.
(Continued on Page Eight)
Read the Want Ads


FORSALE-Victrola and 20records.
Phone 5663. 62-63-64.




t ... . : .. . :
+ t.
wit . 1
.. a.t r
3 ., ..

3 ..

° ,

hen the orchestra stops its surge of music- and
the applauding couples begin to leave the floor-when


you join the good fellows for jolly talk and friendship
-have a Camel!

'1 ~


WHEN the orchestra gives you encore after
encore, but finally stops. And the couples glow-
ing with happiness reluctantly leave the floor.
When you join the men for jovial talk until the
next dance begins-have a Camel!
For no friend so enhances the joys of life as
Camel. Camel makes every happy occasion
happier, adds its own charm to every festive
day, every blithesome evening. Camels contain
the very choicest tobaccos grown in all the world.
They never tire your taste, no matter how freely
you smoke them. They're so skilfully blended
they never leave a cigaretty after-taste. Rolled
into Camels is every good feature you have ever
wished for in a cigarette.
So, when you're waiting happily and confi-
dently for your time to rejoin the dance-
taste the smoke that's known and loved by the
world's experienced smokers. No doubt about
it, you'll never know how good a cigarette can
be until you-
Have a Camel!


Camels contain the very choicest tobaccos grown in all the world. Camels are

W4 4

Our highest wish, if you do not yet

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