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December 02, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-02

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In his fourthil W"aPd elr
yes tc"r y C beor: a t ci ~e(vil
cngi~ ecrng d na d n ci,,,I[ .I in 1

France Resorts To, Air To Get East Trade
... ....... ......... .
'' r . . .:< . :: . ... :": ::v .... }:.. :::: '. 1 ".} 5;:: :!: ,'"::"'"}X i~ ~y;:.. . . . . . . . . . . . .:'::

To Speak On :dew 3ivements In Eng-
kfishi Education
EDr. C. M. Kimmrins of the University
of London, London, England, will be
the speaker at the meeting to be held
at 4 o'clock today in the University
high ;school auditorium. The Welfare
coin ittee of the School of EducationI
s.po nsors vans meeting and the bring-'

in; of Dr. Kimmins, a noted lecturer ll ion ..n~l all others interested are i-
and chairman of the University of; vitedl to attend the neet ing.
London Extension board, to. Ann Ar-
bor., Dr. Kimmins will speak .on "Mod-. OTTAWA. Oet.- Parilament ;will re-
emn Movements in English Education.", convene Jlan. 7, Preie lr Mackenzie
All students in the School of Educa- King annvounced k:.5t Right.

During wet 'weather theprdmiatn
college style is Frog Briand Slickers,
Count them on the campus. Thiey kEeep
one hligh andl dry, during drizzly wet
weather, not too cumbersomne 1when h
sun appears unexpectedly, and they look
No student's PXpense allowance ever suf-
fered from the purchase of a F+rog Brand
Slicker, and yet it willV save manor dol-
lars in the protection of good clothing.
't'he old-fashioned raincoats are "imsse."
Be u)-to-date like your classmates,, get
a Frog, rrand ] Slicker today.{T M
Sawyer's Frog Brand Slickers are the
g enuine oiled slickers. The product of
85 years experience. In two colors for
mnen-yellow and olive, and four colors

v.____. _____
r I c Y f
r ' . '
' 1 w s
^n' , . .;r,
r 4k 6999._ I ;
6 ' }I 1 I v \


the early years of ;1 . n Chino. iI W y Ij boe untr
Py the , se of 1Ian ti'll id . ,i lo ".-,I:SO
shoe h jr1aotmotao. , ~ .~ .. lay around? Let us repair
canals in d i l.
,.,l :^...:.... ..... .,.tat., ., s.....;{::;:It for you.
res t"hip ,ra.al,: "a d i t\F "enchI' f . \{; .... :... .. . ... '::f;,il::: :V}f': '.' \..: ::. : ,
cSn l rom th izY 01 B1S( vyato thc -. .. ':>' : : ~ >': ::>.....
In a discus .;ion ;ue ny er- ""' .. .:.. ::,:}. . :,a:a1} .;:.<:f .; : ..:l....""}p.,r: .., ."> '
i ,:1 .}......." v~~P B A DN
to..? }d:::.::. \:. {:}in :( te aiit olte p ts cmm re a (l~ ins th r.1S Daring 4F' rch a rmen now a }}.C ;r e n opn
thistartiica a nd tWOY , he egy~Ant t h p aed 1 .0 oprat pa;senge",and ei htpneonarglrced
maeavne ol ~ ~ ~ UV hoo so stalbaig m ci... t. top I "?:ul . hi? a hatel,< one of?:' : r¢v '.:
waaefroga t t,[ j.}.revct ts a lt t e tim eai" , ad (rght ,::;i's .K'mechan<ic,?: '.... ;....Le,!vov~v
fa osrignestudents tudyNil riE hhrpsii n e Daisplariusy cIn riJbyrh amaycu itsaresavceingreofrimro bl-
cou try as y-,U.-'> 1. fr i 'atip r te e . r ,. il , sn.r °-le .
tlirsartiicia N,,te~lan di.. amapanndop.1a netani c l l (c, naio.tnldod to he ,elianIClld expe11111111 ise to buy aCCI~~tllfil ll CtheCIIICICir
ien i es zlo ,rlcs;n ]c"Iht ~rostalbingdveo JncieA.tpLef _aaeoeo
Mae ae onda, e ren.tse a ltwit~ e frtmn stheaesubjendt(,ofgt),h s exhi ow Lro y . SunerDerot
f e t ~ int h e ,ol r a c t i e s1- 1 ) o n t h e.( .ly i n t e c s s i t e L b a y t e o f c i n r
Inx10tramet ftlel alobby. Ex Dampe-aheerletIos b cot ® fwoanIr ® fdiy ro utshee
swadersweremshown whifc h otaedsi mdr lasaeshwa wocm t hsconr txbu h
wellafotheeobect toillstrteetetmddl ofthelasucetur.the wis- i a - ' ie to;
viestoyof tship oels il ll heirwre-
countryu15etd oure oh nfo, lii )pyia id ftetetr.iprat ot samngran!r i i l_
the crew an' <=d l°s t he spaane(Amercandraa adra"it s ep-;Thelcoplaysn nseveraal of hi h ae is
amri hihonchu10dlete alte fiboth. of Am I te ubercanfteehbtnw ~ltay yM.Sudr fDtot
resen ed by sever l of is pl ysi own ne tionse bi.
evtaiestvlc w iaeo rispr a 'Lecsteay ntherast es it e cib ay-te 1,'ec1oner
,bigPaspoucen oul angworued he dir pod ctCCIIarB
drown i portn ic twstefrttr nlee h most modern lalayshwn a
Zaidshry J;yhorcarnee tprohucedoupottheaAmeroctnthe
shipmodes N bi~hwel as therobjets t ilustrte t suchiddasofthe plast cetuby H itle
,, t(tT oetan400Ylr .,o hsclsd ftheteae. iprtn. oh"a aagefivedacto- '1
BoilyiLJ ia Dnlpwh i -aled the t er 7ogrote orstalo neo er n.
B~ilwil ndlil tuilofSpot fane Arborca ra s e- s 410
body o Zach~ y Taylr, her of t eseonte yevteraerf is.pNew yr, s F sornilev seryiar t . o aeteei
Mexicn warand telfthPresie eftp ri tra7ge. y,13 bhiofgteseciply fa ye r uReh ui g thu C0ssifeds iIIIIIelIIn~u:InIiu~iiiiiiiiiiij
t9 In lyttsistibmportfrm aswelatsinceofitheasothe frst; on-
the g dy ayortraveaindhichit tasremtest mo exhibt arerepritbhedbth
elgtlrimvdcamnh odonbt a cTh majorto pasrisi n sus.ths e podce b te itl OU'IA OD RCETG
t eb o d y w ll 1)o i tr re n g v r - e r y p r d w r t ag ie , nd m s
ntoilaftr'te rbunaI.lTheaotthmrae oly iporanthisorial-lsoRE OLLReSGNSOFeALU
new andmaoldrs wvs wrireen by Roy le rroyesAmongltheatragediesethereeisxthe
peNela n w 'bst('l 01(iicile r adwhc the fAeiaous Ed-bi o
________ ____ eoperadin puwhic "ome SeetQUAIT
lla of -anes "ln o h ad uey o
LOUIhVIisfsY., Deo. c" was inoducerws Jn 1o5Lbs;DAMODVLU
Mi fZcar alr er fte J l an" iven ine 182r in New York. Fo vrIril o ae hr si


for women, red, green, oweC
andl coral.
All progressive c Mllege
clothiers carry Frog Brandl
Slickers. If your dealer is
temporarily out of stoo'k
send his name to H4."M.
;sawyer & Son, East Cam-
1bridge, Mass.

f i

e a s .




- 1


- IKL 4111

Your patro'nage to the
Quality and Distinction of
Printing and engraving of
' ~all kinds --- specialties in

liotwe 3iapfr

Md II n

forc ratCpc ' h
'Yours for better impressions "

711 N. nine., Zttd fWar

ialz 4182

Prof l~am~'lT~ n f ly
"Loc;atio] ndai lAnaltsis of SM
Sovet Russia have incre,;(A
thirty fold in time last 12
Trade statistics published
showed that for ts(e year end(
31i, Canada exporte:" d to Rssi
valued lat 14,000ll( ,00, s
$4,000 for thel ]1'i C(' iIlg 12
OMAHAi- ohi.:gurds todC
plaed rond v~''ybullilr
pldby ChInesehe : to pi
thretend tog wr btween
Leong l ip 1S-ing :< eiols.
(ral m.erch ant of the z On Lec
which omaha GCneebelt
slated for immediate death, th(

Rile T3 the;. Dlay, "TheForest Rose" by
Samuel Woolworth, published in 1.825,
phjy ics the Yankee was first given a place i
P~hysics j American drama.
,)i it the: The Saunders theatrical collection'
suobject, includes many contributions" to the
undls." Library's data of the history of the
stage. The group contains the pi'o-
orts to grams of various plays amid the pie-
d1 nearly tares of many of the _old-time actors.
linOta, goodsL
months. I
lay were
the On I-
A to-ic
ongs, toI
ong, is

1 to 5 Lbs.


(Fresh l. v~ery Friday)
709 711. University
E F very CVWednecsay


Without quality-any price you pay is
~too high a price-off color, imperfect
stones have no ready cash value.
Is our idea of Diamond value-these
prices prove cash Buys for less.
. $50.00 to $500.00.
- Instead of~ "good intentions"--buy
her that Diamond this Clistitias!
e 'Shiderer &Soy! nod
T~tW7T 1Y0

" w .oo







'rrf ~;,.4



304 S. Main Street..
Toul wonl't need .anly Caish.
You1 CaelPseourInta lehlt plan!i



0 .110CO eope. 0.00, 0.1 1,

0., CA

Gift Suggesion
The mirrors we have wifth
polychromne frames and m)i,
priced from
$3.50 t 70


JPo stj

means to you
If you will look in a mirror, you will see a
tiny V-shaped crevice around each tooth
where it joins the gums. This is The Danger
Line. Food particles lodge there and ferment,
forming acids which lead to Acid Decay. The
gums also suffer from the effect of these acids,
becoming irritated and sore-perhaps reced--
ing from the teeth., Then you have conditions
favorable to Pyorrhea.
Serious diseases often result from infection
due 'to Acid Decay at The Danger Line.
Heart and kidney trouble and rheumatism
are among them.
Make The Danger Line - sa fe
Squibb's.Dental Cream, .because it is made
with Squibb's Milk of Magnesia, protects
against Acid Decay, relieves conditions favor-
able to Pyorrhea, cleans and polishes beauti-
fully and protects for hours after use. For
Milk of Magnesia has long been recognized
throughout the dental 'profession as a safe,
scientific means of counteracting acids danger-
ous to the teeth and gums.
Buy Squibb's Dental Cream, made with
Squibb's Milk of Magnesia--today. It is de-
lightful to use. It is free from abrasives and
injurious astringents. Ii makes The Daniger
Line safe.
n IT



1 ' .


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