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November 21, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-11-21

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_ Y

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reduced to a minimum by Janet ~Te's~____
actions. Frantic efforts to avoidI pub-
licity have 'so long been accepted as
evidence of guilt that suchI efforts on
the part of the state parole commis- {111111111 BRWN N
sion can have but one. meaning in floe 1114 O
minds of the people. I1f the conrm> ~-- LOE '1I E
slon can support its policy of fre~u iel ospseeeybd i l
criminals right and left, i, is about - e ",pooev~yod sal
time that some state official too: it (x'Xit (51aout 0It°lieoi'. 're g hs
upon himself to acqn aip t th people Tw .* r( pintd ant the now is oX
of the state with these reasons. the' field (;o reort s ao!, to(;stand s) so
A new interpretation of alpublic i all whe Lha;e t> say' is that may the bestl
servant's duty to his state iflty 1W t cam win; bhit if t he best, tam isn'tc
foitnd in the report ed answer of Alihigln -well thamt's a (rligrrat'df
Commissioner Janet te when ash e d I so-y
why the Sept ember and( Oct ober' e- Ikst night at tie pep meetng held
ordis of his office have been withheld. aI Wrh1 ictdi houe, leruse it is ur-
"You'll get nothing fronme;flI1 don'titem from thle IAaj and other vuner-
want t seyo gan.Dn' oncable pio~t saout Itown, the teram was i
back. I'll give out n)othing," ,he n- given a big sendI off on its long trii
formed newspaper r eport ers. I to Bart on h ills, near Ann Arbor,r
If the parole commission is actingg Michigan, where the game will aket
for the good of the state, it can tlasa' place hi a ft enoon. 1>1) meetingsf
nothing to fear from newspaper pub- are wnerfl thns in their way,e
licity. If it is not acting for the ood bllnt we still are dubious abot their l
of the state, proper action shoudbe .'exact purpose. Not that we doubtli
started at once to force it to atipt: a fhit tiy lhavet one, bt we canh't seemt
sane attithide on the subject, to throw o id out just what it is.
open its records, and to alcknowledg-e x* a-*
the fact that no ele(-t d emiployee of It; nusen pointed out that in caseil
a democratic state can defy the peo- cf rain or snow during the past few
ple of that state,-from whom hie (d- day b, erry fieldi would bie nsal
rives his authority, his office, and iris well nantd.1
-311,1411, SN() P 1hN;1'j'R ACTI.Ti-,
WOJITIIY 1?1'111:x, 6x1 g , ;l's i'iERi ISSION TOtI
Though the proposal cf founding a '9 11'I'1 VOR C (EM ",Y CLUB
$5,500,000 university to honr tie \9It
memory of America's war-time leader,
Woodrow Wilson, has failed to receive a Fna e i'an i c=Coed rcehesS Ie
the approval of the late Pres.ident s 1( l ogi '')
w]iow and of others in cdose touchdir Iec Clk:!c
with his family,, those supporting th Jtr Lca (Itts
plan are still eager for its consmma-
tion. Mrs. Wilson's reusal to give NULL9,1 OT JIA 11111s
her support alone could not be con-
sidered a condemnation of the pro- Ann Arbor, Mih., Nov. 21, 1025.--
posal, for she has opposed 'all lre- \i~y ,:111o e'., lN) norp, uner.aduatei;
vious plans for commiemorating hlieu grl studeint at the l'niersit of iic-1
illustrious husban's work. But the igaffrtl today tried out for about everya
plan has other objections, even meore I oicty to which she is eligible. Comedy;
weighty. Club tryots weie hld iii the aftr-
To be a true memorial, one which nlon, and( Miss Sfopirecitd( the Old;
would prove a lasting t ribute to the kA timivtt o Te bible as her piece.
President's work, a sumn fir geater It spite 01 te~ shortness of her s-I
than that proposed would b)e meca- led m,Eflic xwas nabe to giapical-
sary, Five millions of dollars wuld y preent her ciot ional large ness t
scarcely provide the physical equip- and the bignies of her personality.
ment which a university such as t, A tiugh 110 reports ha 'e been is-
proposed 'Wilson university, to I see as to those elected to nefnlir-1r
built on the Virginia bank of thle lil), it is quite crtini tht Mss
Potomac,, would 1)e expected to have. $Slorp, or EIic, as her intiates allt
If such an institution were to e a er, will lac taen in, as the laugh;
true memorial, it would be expected ( wnii sre got were token enough of
~to assunje' and bold a place of leader- he(ri populrity among the membes,i
rghi ff.tze field of Aneicant educes- even thouh they had never seen her
tridh . And yet, experience shows that before.;
age, traditions, vast equipment , and aI In a statement issuedi to the A~ffiiat-,
faculty which includes it hin its ed ress lat night, Aliss Snorp stated1
ranks leaders in the field of edrcaction, tr-tder0((no1( circunst ances would&i
are necessary for any such instittion se C cept nhonoary membeshipt
rightly to assume an influential place.~ to 1\iie.
Not only wouldI vast sinus be neces- 1 ,ot be a copykv-cat," she is re-e
sary to pr'ovide a propier physical homeiul to have said. "If DorotlyI
plant, but sums proportionately arge(" A ons wants to join that society,
in the for-mnof salar-ls, Nold be no- thatt's her business,55 not hnine.'
cessary to attract leaders in the \it'i lked xhtior she would have
various realms of scholarshrip. joined had she t en ofereI a mrn-
Beyond question;,_ Woorow W4 ilso~n h Q'shi bte re MisStone, she replied
was one of America's great resident (A intheafirmat ie.
and it is fitting that his wog. be iial- "1\ies is a t good thing'," she said.
ed by a lasting monument, blest until a When askecd whether she would try I
meoilworthy of the man can be for th e Opera, [.fne declared very dei-I
The building of such a t ribuktary Can a aihig that while sheo Inilht not
best he left, to another genera ion a ndI11c eI lhe voice se('certainly had theic
for a newer date, when Anierica hiar bu'~id fr (Grand Opera.
come to a fuller appreciation of Wil- Aliss 1norp weigs 357 pounds,
son's work. c'i'(iiSanat iie
___________________________1lTIC)1N. '
________ A fat oficer of the law
EDIT RIALCOMM NT dcnnltealthy specimens
______0________(b hat we (by courtesy)1
?aIxng a innholet
(The Manchester (Nlass.) Union)( Ot of a publicii

it is a blessing to 1tle Cause Nf 'fhn.ogfara.1j
American education that. I'Li rarc can her'i;
le defeated in football with compara-- Similarr triangles
tive ease. It is a blessing to the Are all alike.
cause of education thaat Harvard, Yale, * * "
Princeton, on1ce the only foot ball in-' An uatnnus wvit Ii lotsa degrees
stitutions in tihe country, long; the in- At tendmed the ga;ines at his ease
vincible foothall colleges, can now lie jSaying; "I wa nt n1 ~o mar
defeated by very much smaller insti- Than julst two feet by four
tut ions. On the fifty yard line, if you please.,"
It is lucky for the country that the 0 Thitti mi S.
earliest colleges to develop foot ball * * a
were the ones that did it. For it is ,We, haver heard many wier(1 stories
plain to even those who neither ruon of boot)legI( ng tricks, lbnt the scalping
nor read that though Hlarvard is mitiwI gamew right, here in Ann Arbor has f
rather inconspicious as a foot bail in- t(l'itt all b)eat.
stitution, it has not. stepped down One, foxy gentleman, for instance,
from its th1rone as liae great; muot her ,bad his tickets very neatly displayedl
of American edticaation. oit the b)1east pocket (of his coat and
Ihad somie univrsity 1(c155 s uae in was selling mumns. The tickets we
its p)osit ion been a thie Iirst great ex- OI'eane wenat with each mum, and
ponent of football and then h1 ad bet ra I Imese rarest of all flowers at football
deposed, the effect; would have been ainessold for uplwardIs of five (dollars
unfortunate, For the popualarstn-01 c, depending on the time of day
ard of measurement of a imivtlmrsit. y:arid the appezaance of the customer.
excellence would have been it;;~
prowess iln athletics.. The smaller' A loca ati iOspahi('i' ran a contest re-
colleges, whenl surffering a pet',, ?of ci(eltly for th1e( two most beauti fil girls
eclip~se iii athiilet ics, woul(d lax t lia i Ann Arbor to appeartl as lbridlesmaids
ittle benefit in asse't ing j; e h, Iin "Abie's Iriish Rose'' xwhich hats taken
scholastic wor-th. fTe public is neat over the, Whitnrey for the next decade
conversant with suc'l matters. or so.
But just as it knows without lied- I 'Ill(, necessaary qualifications, ap-
tonal in vestigation, taking it oil tri-st, parently are to be beaautiful liut(dumub.
hrat it is twventy-five thousand 1117il:s it**
arotund the w orld, it know s that. ' .\Vhich is about. a para pihra sing ofta d i gr t sc o s ic l y r af ,, " h e 'E u t on nd C n n r e w

rjO(I\J(~Iir: The Gheee('tb Concert
ini l1ll11 anditor-iiiium at7 :0o'clock.
,ni' ; I'(lt': 'Desire Uder te
)flms" by Eugene O'Neill in the i.
lh('rt-l)et roi Opra houtse m'It 8 :5
A review, by Robert Ilendcrson.
--And yet, "Aie's Irish Rose" is,
after all, a good play. In this man-
Its plct is puerile, stupid ; its actin
in the main-the piiest, the Cohen,
the Irishman, the two bridesmaids
forty-seven apiece-ridiculous and
conventional ; its situaLtions are a long
line of gags -hoary with Plaut us and;
its piathocs is the bathos of "ast
Lynine." S3olomon Levy is choked with
eimot ion at tile mietionl of his wife:
to0 muted violins off-stage. Little Rosy
M urpby conniotes Ireland with thec
godls(of Saint Patrick. Ms. Cohen
stalks to tihe wedding with the brass
knuckles of a lady of the evening. Anti
worse, there is a conversion between
a rabbi and a priest--the moral of the
piece-as soft and as nauseating as a
plate0 of pancakes.
Conversely, there is the occasional-
ly adroit acting of the boy and the ir,
Mrs. Cohan andt the rabbi. And there
is the very beautiful interpretation,
even subtle and convincing, of Joseph
Greenwald as the father.
But more than these, more tan the
appecal of thle Irish-ebracht compllix,
More thian the oddly pat lines or the
soft sentimlent, it the old warorse
situations, as venerable as Aristo-
phonles and the commedia dell' arte,
as constant in Jonson as in Sheridan
and in Shaw, that have turned the
ti'ick of this homely farce. The tra-
gedly of Mr. and Mrs. Cohan is only
the comedy that you will see i l io-
berg's "Beggarman" later in the year
and -call the pinnacle of broad art;
the slapstick of the Irishman aid the1
Jew is only retold in Bernard Shaw's
"Glreat Catherine"; and the unfortu-
nate lovers forced to the ruse of mis-
taken identity is as ancient as Aios-
to's "Supposes" andl Farnar's Beaux
Stratagem". When you aug1h at
Solomon Levy making a dive at Pat-
rieik Murphy you are not, compliment-
ing Miss Nichols;lit Fletcher ad(
Mlasters andl the whole gallery of im-
miortelles enshrined to the dusty
a rchives of untivesity scholars, and
re-applauding the obvious nonsense ofI
their rowdy genius.
Somleone, in fimal anathema, has
calledl "Abl's Irish Rose" as bad as
"Uncle TCon's Cabin." But then
"Uncle 'Tom's Cabin" is a good play
Fin 'l arrangemlent s have just been!I
comlpetedI to present Jessie lon-
'Ateilei's produict ion of "'The Swan"i' by
Ferene Molnar in tie Whitney theater
Monday afternoon, November .10, at
2:15 o'clock. The entire production
will bo brought to Ainn Arbor, and theI
(cast will include Mliss Ponstele in the
part of the Queen Mother and Jessie
'Rloyce Landis inl the role of the prin-
cess, played by Eva LeGalienne il
New York.
And to at tone, for the infuos
heresy at the top o1'tie columni may I
repeat that "Saint Joan" to appear at
the Whitney theater M~onday evening,

is one of the most over-whelnming plays
1 have ever seen : in every sefise it
stands alone. Save for suih produc-,
tions as "The Miracle" and "Cyrano
de Berg~erac,'' "The Cherriy Orchard"
and1( "Children of the Moon," New York
has seen no more brilliant: and amaz-
ing performance than this master-
piece v.'itllin the generation.
{ 3.t
a +I
Joan in "Saint Joan"
While it has not becen pointedl ot t
n the criticisms, the thesis is an at-
ack on the -author-ity of Rome amnd theI
«vr-lords of the world. Joan, in
;nwsown words, is a protestant
aimut in the Catholic church, and

- 'lea m'sI ill ammd 1 Quality s
in Our Shop.
S.ea 1Dollar or M~ore A tlime
61l7 1'achiard Street. Phone 7415.
(Whmere I). 11. IL' Stops at State St.})



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Two Conference championships will
be determined in Ann Arbor today:
this morning teams representing eight
Conference and three non-Conference
schools will race over the new Varsity
course for the Big Ten cross country
C,_amp1ionshiip; this afternoon Minnie-
sota and Michigan will meet on Ferry
field to decide the Conference football
Michigan welcomes to Ann Arbor
harriers from Illionis, Indiana, Iowa,
T.i ,nnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State,
Wisconsin, Notre 'Dame, Michigan
State, and Marquette. The University
is justly proud of the privilege of en-
tertaining these men, who, in a larger
sense, may be said, to represent the
highest type of athlete.
Michigan also welcomes the hosts of
Minnesota, who have traveled far in
the hope of returning to Minneapolis
with the traditional. Little Brown Jug
and the football crown of the West.
This will be the sixteenth meeting of
thme two schools on the gridiron,
Mi11chigan having won eleven and tied
oe of the previous contests.
Though today's contest means much
to the supporters of both teams, it is
safe to say that neither teamn will
]'retany excuse after the game is
*Ow.er; the teams are two of the finest
that have ever repr'esented their re-
spective institutions. One team must
lsyet there need be no shame, no,
humbingof the spirits, for the sup-
1; rters of that team.
Tiwo teams will meet on Ferry field
this afternoon to decide the Confer-
ence championship. The victors are
to be cn gratulated, and we trust that
the losers muay be even more highly
comImended~ for their display of spirit
wnd sportsmanship.
'There is an old fable regarding the
self-implortan1t fly, who wvalkyd up 'and
"gdared defiance" at the elephant. The
acinof. Fred E. Janette, paroled
c:): ltis'Mon~er of tl~e state of Michi-I
gan, who refused to make public thme
recorols of his office on requmest, and
'wh lo failed to offer even -a pretense
b' a reason for such action, is strange-
1v reminiscent of the fable. The pub- !

i c


sic 'which Commissioner Janette re- i9
fu1ses to consider is the agent which ;t]

pa-ys his salary and elects the admin-
ititrationz which he represents.
On the fact of the matter, it seems
evident. that the pa'role commission isI


it.s pti msuit oft'r uth , rneaerini. ts IiMeet ''
forty of thought.**


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