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September 27, 1925 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-09-27

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Board Adjournment Expected Monday;
Anderson To Gihe Evidence
(Hy Associated Press)
Lakehurst, N. J., Sept. 26. - Chief
attention of the naval court of in-
quiry here was directed today to the
testimony of the remaining survivors
of the airsh-ip Shenandoah as to the
condition of the helium gas cells just
before or at the time of the wreck-
ing of that craft.
One witness, James H. Collier chief
rigger, who had supervision over the
cells, created a mild sensation late
Friday with the statement that there
was a failure of several of the gasS
bags before the ship foundered.
It was the first testimony of this
character to be adduced and was in
direct conflict with that of a dozen
or more others.
Collier, who was awakened from
sleep just before the crash, was very
positive in his declarations. He saidi
he was satisfied when he awakened
and saw several of the bags deflated
about 30 per cent that the ship was
doomed, adding that he so told an-
other member of the crew.

Students who have not regis-
Itered at the Union to obtain
their membership cards or re-
new those of last year may now
do so in the student offices on
the third floor beginning tomor-
row. The registration, when the4
committee abandoned its offices
in the main lobby yesterdayj
noon, was nearing the 5,000
mark, being well in advance of
that a year ago. Membership
cardIs will be necessary for all
Union dances, use of the swim-
ming pool, and occasionally for
I general admittance to the build- I
I ing.
Life Menibers Reserve Acconirnoda-
tions for Last Three Football
(aames and Spring Occasions
Due to the fact that the house
rules of the Union require that pref-
erence be given alumni life members
over all ,others desiring room ac-
commodations there on special acca-
sions such as football games, Com-
mencement and the May Festival, stu-
dents wishing to engage sleeping
quarters for their parents at the time
of any of the big football games here
are advised to see the room accom-.
-_A,+-_i~vr xhih * wil o.b nared I

Opera Chorus
Will Take Up
Fall Practice
Resumption of rehearsals for the
Union Opera, which were started last
spring, will begin tomorrow. The
} chorus try-outs of last spring will
start rehearsing again tomorrow and
Tuesday with the cast rehearsals
continuing at a later (late. The new
candidates who reported for the first
time last week wilbe called from
time to tinme'.he following men are
eligible for continuation of the Opera
work tliis fall and are urged to report
to E. Moitiner Shuter, dirr eior, at
Mimes theater, Monday and Turda:
as specified.
The following m1en should report at
Mimes theater at 4 o'clock on IMon-
day: Richard Laurence, '2L, James
Cole, '28, T. J. Dougall, '28, R. F.
Price, '27, M. K. Skadden, '26E, 11. C.
Armstrong, '26, A. A. McKinnie, '28,
Paul Ginsburg, '28, Ford Stoddard,
'27, E. L. Davis, '26L, F. L. Stevens,
'26, W. M. Iload, '27, Ben Boyce, '26,
H. Lathrop, '27, W. A. Childman, '28,
James Murphy, '27, W. F. [1enallack,
'28, D. A. x .artlett,
Frank Blymer, '27E, V. C. Wall, '28, ).
H. Howe, M. L. Ireland, '26E, W. J.
Dodge, '271, R. E. Miller, '28, Lester
C. Curl, '28, D. A. Howell, '26.
The following men are requested
to report at Mimes theater at 4 o'-
clock on Tuesday: Iarold Dudley,
'27, Forest Heath, '27, M. Whittemore,
'27, T. C. Winter. '28, sR. T, 1)i nca o,
'26, A. C. Bishop, '28, J. V. Brady, '26, C.
A. Wilson, '28, D. L. Allen, '28, 1).
Sawyer, John Reimers, G. T. Burke,
'26E, R. V. Donahoe, '28.
Will Continue Sessions in llope of
IReaching Formula Favoirable
To Both ParCLes
(By Associated Press)
Washington, Sept. 26.--The French
and Americans commissions consider-
ing the funding of France's war debt
will meet again Monday and it was
indicated that Finance Minister Cail-
laux will have a new of1er to make





Army And Navy Pilots Enter
Pulitzer International Race


Inlaccuracy Cau sed Boundary Dispute;
Franklio' flal IHveAvoided
It If ,.' laami nown


E 'd ward Vinslew's "New England's
lalander", published in 1647, one
I of the rarest of books relating to
early American history, has been pur-
chased for the William L. Clements
Library from Dr. A. S. W. hosenbach G
of Philadelphia. This was announced W
at the regular quarterly nmeeting of N
the C'onmitte oIf Maniagement of the....... ;,
William L. Clements Library Friday. -
This tract was an iimpo itant part of
early New England history of a seriesig u
ini a plolit ieo-religious quarrel whch
gr'eatly excited our forefathers. The
W. L. Clements Library has long!
since owned all these tracts save this
one, and for many years efforts have
been made to secure it. When the
opportunity arose to acquire this copy
from iDr. Rosenbach negotiations were ->
entered into whch have resulted in-
the hook taking its place on the
shelves of the William L. Clements t >
Vi wrary. Dr. Rosenbach will be re-:
memibered as the greatest of Ameri--
can hook dealers, whose Ilurchases in
bokdalrs, whse purhasaesinh; W ith the army and navy represented in the Pulitzer international
L jondon st k inerkevan tebro thht speed race by planes as nearly alike as the designer could make them, su-
London b)o0k market and brought to
this country a book which cost . premacy of the services will be decided by the pilots Lieut. Cyrus Bettis
Rosenbach $35,000, the highest price (left), army, and Lieut. Al Williams, navy, who recently set a new world's
ever paid for a single item of speed record in the plane he will fly in the race.
In addition to this the Library an-
nounceS' that it has secured a large
collection of American imprints be-
fore 1x800 and a collection of 60 rare i
ipamphlets relating to the American !
Revolution, which supplement its al- U R
ready fine collection in this field.
rfwe committee also announces the -
discovery in the Library of tiree Weed-end 'at l'att4'rsoo Like 0iven Annal Freshman Banquet to be Held
maps of the greatest of importance. to .Discussion of Policy; Ac- 1 At S. C. A. Tavern; Initla
These are a copy of the first printed tivities Considered Meeting of Yearhings
map in.America to appear in any at- -- ,
las, that. by John Ruysch, which was cOFFMAN GIVES REPORT TICKET SALE LIMITED
printed in the 1508 edition of Ptol- RTSL
e'my's Geography. Another is 'a copy '
of the Martin Waldseemuller's map Yesterday afternoon 25 members of At a meeting of the freshmen ban-
of the world of 1507, containing a the cablinet of the S. C. A. journeyed I quet committee on Friday at Lane
representation of America. But Wald- to the Fresh Air camip at lalterson ai final preparations were made for
seemuller's map although executed lake for a week-end conference to ds-
th yuhir buh t fhsl h idnn

Captain of "City of Rome" Reports
Navy Boat Showed No Lights
I'util Too Close
Boston, Sept 26.-A radio mes-
sage to the Charlestown Navy
Yard from the scene of the dis-
aster of the submarine S-.1 said
that attempts to raise the craft
by pumping compressed air into
her had failed. An effort would
be made, the message added, to
raise the boat by a sling under
her stern.
(By Associated Press)
Boston, Sept. 26-Tho Submarine S-
51 lay tonight in 23 fathoms of water
a few miles off Block Island while
men from other ships of the navy
were doing their best to learn wheth-
er any of the 34 men on board were
alive. The submarine was rammed
last night by the Savannah Line
steamer "City of Rome." The only
members of the crew of 37 rescued
by the steamer were three seamen
who were landed in Boston late to-
day, one of them in bad shape.
These three men held out little hope
that their comrades would be found
alive, for they said chlorine gas had
been teleased in the submarine. They
awed their escape to the fact that
they were near the conning tower and
floated out. A diver sent out from
the U. S. S. Camden reported that he
had been unsuccessful in his attempt
to communicate with the crew of the
I submarine. 'He found a large hole
in her port side near the conning
tower. The S55 1"came from the sea-
side, said the graphic radio report
of Captain John Thiel of the 'City of
Rome,' with no side lights showing.
Was near the ship when the side
lights were switched on. Struck for-
ward conning tower. Sub sank at
once. Only three men saved. Being
taken care of. All passengers of
Tome...... . Tr mL111 ..u.11 ented__ ."f

modto lit ce willD ie p uu
More than a half a dozen survivors 3
were called today for re-examination. by the Union a few days before each
The re-examinations conducted Fri- . of the important home games.
day developed some rather sharp con- The 49 bedrooms in the Union were
flicts as to the sequence in which the all engaged for the week-end of the
ship broke, but this was not consid- Navy game by alumni holding life
ered unusual, taking into account the memberships at the time of Com-
stress of the time and the different mencement week last June. There is
locations of the men on the craft. still a list of more than 30 life mem-
There was agreement that the ship bers of the Union awaiting the pos-
actually broke in two forward of sibility of cancellations of lodging ac-
amidships, but wether this happen-1 commodations for this game. There;
ed before or at the same time or are just seven rooms left at the 1
after the control car fell furnished Union for the O. S. U. game and eight
the main points of differences in the remaining the week-end of the Min-
narratives. nesota attraction, all of which are
Although only one session of the certain to be taken by life members
court was arranged for today, Judge within the next week or so, Homer
Advocate Foley was hopeful that the Heath, business manager of the Union)
remaining survivors who have been declared yesterday.
here since the first of the inquiry "Several thousand rooms could be
could be heard before adjournment so disposed of by the Union during the
that Monday might be given over to three most important home football
the examination of Lieut. J. 13. Ander- games," Mr. Heath stated, "but it
son, the only survivor whose story would hardly be expedient to have
has not been told.. such accommodations when it is tak-
Additional testimony indicating a en into consideration that this would!
failure of gas cells in the airship only be six days every fall, the Fri-1
Shenandoah was given. August C. day and Saturday of the three big
Querenheim, one of the survivors said agames The lodgings at the Union
he saw one cell in the after part of cams h e ldint te nion
- - -could hardly be maintained on such

R o e . K h i p ln i ttlefi en ted." Ir

_ _.

Members of the French delegatih
and their expert advisors spent limo
of today and will be busy again t
morrow morning in an at tempt to pr
duce a formula for a settlement tl
will more nearly conform to l
American view as expressed yestc
day by Secretary Mellon.
There are serious difficulties vet


nM the year before Ruysch's, was not
st hprinted until the 1513 colition (If I
i Ptolemy. Tmhe Library, however, it willt
be seen, has both, Waldseenmller!
at was the man whose suggestion in
he 1507 resulted in the naming of I
-r America after Americus Vespuccius
instead of after its real discoverer, t
to Columbus.-

cuss the questions of policy and or- I
panization to -be carried out during
the coming year.
Rensis Likert, '2CE, president of the
S. C. A. has drawn up an extensive
program which will be concluded
about 3 o'clock today following a short
discussion by the member's of the
cabinet. Last night around a blazing




the ship deflated before lie heardte l.l 1 apierprsadpopct~ c-.
e a basis as this, and so we are obliged The third ap is the first represen- c
cracking of the ship. to take care- of our life members firstIbe surmounte. The meetingsover tation of the City of Mexico and the tivities were outlined by all the n i
"It is possible the ship had broken to e ofn oure 'emers ist tea cups are to continue, for Mr. Mel- te thirof mepis theicrst epres hers of the cabinet for their aticulao
1~Qur in every instance where 'there is an j GufoIcrcwih perdi o
at frame 105 before that time,"uer- unusually arge number of applica- lon believes that it may Ilnvieo an thef etter by the Spanish conqueror, departent. ir.lt oy ilcCtullogh,
enheim- said. "It would have been tions for rooms. At such times other j opportumity for a formal exohange of te t by the E c eror seatsent sr ry ofCthloY. .
lilctfometherasound ta iw that is uual hltu.Crtez, to his master the Fminperor tate stuodet secr(tary of thec Y. M.'
ific me to hear a than the bi football games, the May harles V. The Library has long had i C. A.addressed the conference regard-
f ay." Festival and Commencement, accom- the Venice 1524 edition of this map, ing some of his organizat ion plans I
modations are generally always avail- and wanted the Nuremberg edition and Ila rold C. Coffman, general secre-
age." ASI I CONINUESalir It has try of the S. C. A. rendered his re-I
MgLRooms are available at the Union prm cred he ear earitn, which Pa to the members of the ahinet.
CO MSSO E LN Inwseuedth erie dtin wihPOO t h mmer fth abutfor all members and their guests at TO IlTPIIL it ettira rmj~ eodITi onn ln rt eds
orii~ rAMPA1I9 f all mers ep nd suh eci usal oc !EdCM I VLLIffr mater4ially from thie second IThis mnorniing Iplans are to lie dis-
all times except on such special oc- relr'semtation. This work was print-i cussed regarding a joint conference.
LIlN asions. Unmarried women guests It ed at the little south German town of j of the cabinet with the saff of the
ItPscannot obtain accommodations at any (y Associated e Nuremiemg. All three of these maps Y. M. C. A., which is to be held at theIc
teriSp.26i eea o mi-eoned evMr Hehsaidopewhichapis(ayWA ssng ociaetd6 -Te;e-Iare (of the greatest of rarity in the Fresh Air campnmext week-nd. Af-j
(tny Associated Press)ie hwvr~uleead lilcaa Washington, Sept. 2. -Thle wcl-colet o m eicanaadreth {ter dinnera short netig l eh
bnesawMoun- regulation in accordance with the come accorded to Col. William Mit- ,colecto ( Arican a. wereis- te o rlu rieet wl )held
taut Landis, commissioner of bosrballle chell upon his arrival here last night i covered by Prof. L.C. arpinski as the concluding event on the pro-
opeedthsAee'iauLeio'scan-anmommthe loose nmaps which came graum.
pan for i 150 egion'soafn Students are applying at the Union from San Antonio was continued ta- i the he Va w ilhrary According to the president, the cab
lgo'$50,0 o eofth dev d ar t night at a barbecue -arranged tm ist.
i for its 17,000every day for accomodatons for their nor The feast was rocee This Library, it will be remembered, met personnel has iot been decided
legion's $5,000,000 endomer nt maaer. ecause tohe i cs ots arch doiwn Pennsylvania avenue. was acquired two years ago and has upon definitely as yet, but will e
Bieas nthiatin c toayn te d beginto handlethe number of appli- The Colonel, former assistant army (nily just begun to deliver its ready- for publication eairly this week.
it tsesditr-air chiefand an outspo doenhrriic oI teauresr
"he as enthusiastic today it them cations, a list of suitable rooming airiian an ots, oke c1 01 Another discovery of considerabilers
he said, "as you were in the days houses about the city will be posted open carriage, with a bugle corps interest made within the last week at
1917 and 191 when they were march- a few days before the Navy, . . U., from an American Legion Post lead, the W. L CT ments Library is a e - Decrease; Board
lug out to.h w." thnyiayrane and Minnesota games for the conven- ring the way. A group of police in ly identified state of the John Mitchell Ability Evident
The fund is to provide food, cloth- ence of all students. cviviliangarb brought up the rear. ma) ot North America of 1777. This
in and est oi fotime cildren - Seated with Mitchell in the carriage was the map on which Benjamin
whosfathiers were killed or dis- I Graduates Lead uhwere four members of time Forty and Franklin and tP other Ameican IFewer electionh cianges have been
abe during the Wrd EWar.tight, of the American Legion lay- omii oerS at Paris n 1783 drew made this year than in former years
__________ngth __________ Late Enrollment ground. pe bouidaies of the ne"l idepemi is the opinion of Registrar Ira A.
--~ d'mtn tUnited S ates. Because the edi- Smith.
Eastern Chem ist Lion of the map which they used was During the two days set aside for
Enrollment figures continued to Foo b Scores decidedly inaccurate, they drew in- making election changes, 828 filed re-
Added To Faculty mount yesterday with the late regis-ssbe boundaries which resulted in uests for changes. Eact xat r
I tration bouioanis2whshursultesianuesstforchanes. xactfigures on!
tration of 32 students, and the regis- fifty years diplomatic wrangling with last year's changes are not availale.'1
W. L. McCabe has been added to tration of 53 the day before. The to- Notre Dame 41, Baylor 0. C rea Britain. If they had seen this Many substitutions have been made
tal enrollment of the University as a Oberlin 7, Albion 0.! state of the map, which is a French necessary because of the fact that in
lug department. Air. MciCabe gradu- result is 9,345. I Western Reserve 14, University of edition and in all probability was in the literary college announcement,
ae from the. Colleg ofDuring the last two days the Grad- Toledo ;. Paris at the time they would have geology was placed in Group IH of
and Architecture in 1922 amd received uate school has led in registrations, Pittsburg 28, Washington and Lee 0. avoided one of the principal errors i the University curricula; it should
his master's degree the following 36 entering that school; while 29 en- Syracuse 32, hobart O i which resulted in the fight over the be listed tnder Group I. Some de-
., Von t cian after tered the literary college. Pennsylvania 32, Ursinus 0. fight over the northern boundary of partments also classified a greater

Le nanquCL wnict is Lo De ea on 4 yWLBURN away SUnAF'' i
Friday night Oct. 2 at S. C. A. Tavern.
President Clarence Cook Lttle will (By Associated Press)
head the list of speakers and will ad- Washington, Sept. 26.-The
steamship City of Rome should
dress the entering class for the firstI have remained on the spot un-
time as a group separate from the less urgently impelled to leave
whole student body. The other speak- after ramming the submarine
ers will be drawn from the leaders in I .S-51 last night, Secretary of the
campus activities who will talk on Navy Wilbur declared today.
The conduct of the captain of
m ers of vital interest to first year Ithe City of Rome,the secretary
men. ! added, would be inquired into in
Tickets will be available to all ,connection with the investiga-
freshmen on the campus until the l tion that would be ordered and
limited supply of 200 tickets are ex- if it was found that there had I
tausted. The comnmitte felt that by I been any criminal act or negli-
limiting the number of tickets, they ],gence on his part action would
would be able to secure a group who be taken against him.
were most anxious to promote the I____________________________
spirit of their class and to make the
class of '29 an organized unit. Tick- I As soon as word of the collision
ets may be obtained at all the book- was flashed on the air in'the early
stores and at Lane hall until the sup- hours of this morning naval vessels
ply has been sold, therefore, those ' were hurried to the scene from, every
who wish to attend should apply for port within reach. A seaplane pilot-
their's as soon as possible after the ed by Lieutenant C. S. Ihawkins ho-
sale opens tomorrow morning. cated the submarine early this after-
The following committees are in noon through air bubbles. The sub-
charge of the arrangements: program marin S-1 quickly marked the posi-
committee: Paul Kern, chairman, tion and as soon as possible divers
howard Palimer; decoration commit- were sent down.
tee: oenjamin Fulghum, Justic Weav- Captain Thiel had sent word that
er, Wynn Wakeman; ticket commit- the "City of Rome" would reach Bos-
tee: Clare Weber, Thomas Watson, ton about 2 o'clock, but it -Nwas not
Marshall Boden; advertising commit- juntil 3:30 o'clock that she docked.
tee: Milford Vanik. 'The three survivors of the sub-
V_ _marine, Alfred Teitar of New Bedford,
Dewey Kile of Peoria, Miss., and
'Parliamentarians 'Michael S. Lira of St. Louis were the
Plan Discussion first to come ashore.
.DsThey were able to walk, but one
Of V'orld A ffairs was said to have heen in a -rius
condition when pick-d up hy Hie
steamer because he had been nearly
(ByAssociated Press) overcome by chlorine gas and had
New York, Sept. 26.- Nearly 200 considerable water in his lungs.
members of 41 parliaments of the: Another of the men also had water in
world are expected here this week his lungs, but the third suffered
end as delegates to the twenty-third merely from cold and was floating on
conference of the inter-parliamentary his back when rescued. They were
union which will be held in Washing- in their bunks when the crash came.
ton from October 1 to 7. Questions concerning the cause
Describing the body as an uiofficial and responsibility for the sinking or
parliament of parliaments, Arthur the submarine S-St off Block Island
Deering Call, director of the confer-; were talked over by officials of the
ence, who opened New York head-I Navy department today.
quarters said the program would in- I Secretary Wilbur, although he
elude the discussing of international,[ made clear that he was not criticiz-

year. fie comes TivILgU
teaching two years in the chemical
engineering department of the Massa-
chusetts Institute of Technology.

'Western Air man
Killed In Crash

Columbia 59, llaverford 0.
Brown 33, R. I., State 0.
Rutgers 19, Alfred 0.
Bowdoin 7, St. Stevens .
Lafayette 20, Muhienburg 14.

Minnesota. The map used by Frank- number than could be accommodated
uin and the British Commissioner Os- in courses.
wald gave an improper location of the The fact that election shifts are
source of the Mississippi. Had they comparatively few this year, Regis-
used the more accessible French edi- trar Smith largely attributes to the

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