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November 12, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-11-12

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THTJR =AY, NOYF rT TTR 2. 1,425~

To insure that at least once in his
SIlife-time, or possibly even twice, an {R
Pub'lished every morning except Monday I alumnus" shall have a choice seat at,
during the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications, one of the year's big football gamnes, EXTRAI
Harvard has adopted the polio-, of 1A
Members of Western Conference Editorial giigt1ahc ts 5vaa fe XI
Accrai gvn oec ca4 5SE l 4. Y,, XR


The Associated press is exclusively en- i
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwises
credited in, this paper and the local news pub-{t
lished therein,f
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,;E
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate'
of postage granted by Third "Assistant Post-
master General,.ai
Subscription by carrier, $3.5o; by mi,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
nard, Street. bsns,224
Phones : Editorial, 4925;luies,224
Telephlone 490-5
Chairman, Editorial Board ... -Norman R. That
Ciiy Editor............Robert S. Mansfield(
News Editor-----------..Manning Housewortlb I.
Women's Editor............Helen S. Ram say
Sports Editor-------------..Joseph Kruger
Telegraph Editor---------.William Walthour
Music and Drama....Robert B. Henderson
Nighit Editors
Smith H. Cady Lecntard C. Haill
Willard B. Crosby Thoixnas V. Koykka
Robert T. DeVore W. Calvin Patterson
Assistant City Editors
Irwin Olian Frederick H. Shillito I
Gertrude E. Bailey Stanford N. Phelps
Charles Behymer Evelyn Pratt
Philip C. Brooks Marie Reed
I,.Farnumn Simon Rose nbaum
Buckingham Ruth Rosenthal
Edgar Carter Wilton A. Simpson l
Eugene If. Gutekunst Janet Sinclair!
D~ouglas Doubleday Courtland C. Smith !
Mary Dunnigan Stanley Steinko
L mes T. Herald Clarissa Tapson
lizabeth S. Kennedy Henry Thurnau
Marion K~ubik iDavid C. Vokes
Walter H. Mack Chandler J. Whipple
Louis R. Markus Cassam A. Wilson
Ellis Merry Thomas C. WVinter
Helen Morrow Marguerite Zilszke
Margaret Parker
Telephone 21214
Advertising---------------------. J. Finn[
Advertising--------------.T D. Olmnsted, Jr.
Advertising-------------.Frank 'R. Dentz, Jr.
Adivertising----------------..Win. L. Mullin
Circulation-----------------H. L. Newman
Publication.......--------Rudolph Bostelmn
Acconts...............Paul W. Arnold
Ingred Ml. Alving S. 1-1. Pardee
George H. Annable, Jr. Loleta G. Parker
W. Carl B~auer Julius C. Pliskow
John H. Bobrink Robert Prentiss
Alden W. Butzbach Wmn. C. Pusch
W. J. Cox Franklin 3. Rauner,
Marion A. Daniel Joseph Ryan
James R. DePuy Margaret Smith
Margaret L. Funk Ruth A. Sorge
Stan Gilbert. Thomas Sunderland
T. Kenneth Haven Win. H. Wearne
.E. Little Eugene Weinberg
~rank E. Mosher Win. J. Weinman
F. A. Nordquist

its graduation, the best sce'l a in thbe
Such a plan might be adopt-d withi
advantage at Michigan.- Quitec as'ine
from the fact that i. would ipro'ie,
every alumnus with at leastA one good
seat every quarter centiury. the plan
has distinct merit. It wiould give the
class an opportunity to hold ai - :-
unioni, to which it is preblble every
graduate withIiin sat riking iislt neCO
would come: and it would bring back
to the University alumni who (cit her
because of disinc-lina tion, or i nab ilit,
fail to 'attend the rce-unions at ('em-
mencement time.
At Harvard.. members of uaclass
ais Soon a as a, rtr ctoii, ?1
separa.:rcd their 1.-001it=:y ail-e OJY
return to the institution a heniured
guests. At the game. the Yle-._ar-

III the rear of the late Jt i,'.;u. Gof "ILE CRAD)LE SONG"
Gatrgoyle we found the funniest thing
thatI ,hat magazine hasr yet published. A review by Esther Merrick.
j It5< w tian;ad for Paris gar ters, and A decorous and poignant little play,
Sta:"-A fthat the c(ompany which made! was Sierra's "Tlie Cradle Song," Pre-,
theniwa: offering torizes; forr adVer- rented for a second time last evening.
ti,:;e if zt bI (olOC a eei sPnl.It is sc~ant praise to say that it trans-
Tb is ;-eciria to us like askinig Itei cends anything that has been donle
I lan' 011(5to ecomen a oodon the campius in some time. It de -j
boot 1 egger.
:F serves more. It bore some of the ear-
marks of a finished produtittion and\
several of t1~c char-acterizationis were
We lur e long wa.;nt ed to discourse worthy of note. Margaret. Efinger as{
on Iis 'ijee .('i jflyit anexm-the sternly comp~assionate P'rioress
ple of what habit will do. e our- was a dominating figure in the first
v--r e tught to breat.he of act as ;"elJ as Minna- Miller. wvhose
. . 1' tOU "'Ilx ,i . ti-stehkiI'l II
L1 OI 'roles "aieveai Lexui' nIiJLghIUL ill
for instance we once played the partspromne

Sp ci I 15ar6Ldgains
We are running bargalin tables at bcth stores. Displays arc changed
twice a week. Prices arc so greatly reduced we cannot advertise these
bargains individually. It will pay you to watch them eatli week.
Gr ahaz Im's B( )ook s
At Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk.


AV nen y oA~ thinik pci s- tniln
i e 's P n Tbe' only plaee
where you are sure to get the pen or part you want when y on want it.
vWe carry the stock and have the skilled workmen to give you real


yard contest being e-horsen, inemlbcrs elo a. corpse in some thrilling dr-ama,I Lilian Bronson presented a Jistinct
of the class sit in -t body ini thle finest,! andi we (Ii(in't get a way ait all because i -trsonality ini the caustic XVicaress.
seats the stadium provides. At Mi-h- l of tho Fact that we jtt couldn t st op whose diratie brk in po th
igan, the Ohio State or, Cuie llinoisI inhaling. With uts the ha bit seems 'to1 convent calm with happy effect.- Mar-
games miglit well be chosen. ToFe be ats bad as cir garettes. We tried to i guierite Goodman's high-pitched evu-
sar u h lnwudn(estiC~topm it once and gee, after about. ten berance was a disappointment. Thatr
the reservation ot a blockt of seat.,jinintit es we Ilbought we would simply sh osse nsulaiiyi d
on he ovted50va i ine wei- -ll 15~ou ifwedidt ak abrethmitted, but she seemed lamentably
mnteb e ofte 51 -ad ating clatss of 01 ou i ° id 't-a. Thebr at m s-a indications of the p sig o
25 years a go could buy use zts. Peru a a (01I' i5 15;amtexagger-atedcii me wer-eexc-elcently birought outI
In view of the fact That l11e ci 1 s c(P case, hill:e veni ( Rotf ii0oi tl1,bt by the tacial expressioin and t he
19263, through its Mtemnoril fun-i, are in the , ante Way,. Snor-ing is at tituides in the second act. The
plans to rnakhe a pcima ient , n-tieria I a not 111 evil which is caused(5 merelyI changes were subrtly :suggest ed, sonmc-
contribution to thle En xei-sit , it, ' this la bit;,Ithinkh how ma tv 1ro- times almost implerceptibile, but inI
might be well for- the Uiivoisity. nia Rces hatve been broken lby this and every c-ase c(al-efully (lone. Mi nna Mil-I
othctltia {dr~v.rr t~re# c) w ihIler's wistfulness in the firs5t, act, was
Ithrough the Athletic 'association. ttothrII as(lve er(I. hc"ielie ysmtin lemr thr
thus express its appreciation. 1 olt vrhv ocRrd a teexprlessionl around the mouth that was
-would be even moire fitting to tnalw pet-son~s been ta ughit. ear-ly in life the 4-palticularly well (lone. The incor-'
the period one of 20 years, Instead of evils of br-eathing. Well, we could go1 rigibility of Sister Marcella, played by
25, especially since the policies whichJ on like this for hours, but what's the Phyllis L-oughton, gave way to a. pas-I
constitute the Memorial fund will use, we've made our point anyway. sine bitterness, and on the faces of all
mature at that time. And it can Another detail we forgot to mention the sisters an added gravity, an in-
hardly be denied that Michigan will was the poison ;gasses are futile un- creased resignation was visible.
les heenmyhas this silly habit.. The play lagged a little towards the'
have a new and adequiate stadlium hx-les il'eeen * -cd of the seond ac-t but tile interest



3oZ State St.




Save a D~ollh-ax or More at 1;he
617 Paickard StI eet. I'hiolle 7 115.
(Where 1). 1. R. Stops iattate fSt.)


F k

that time.

The only people who -will not


Night Editor-LEONARD C. HALL
Unable to withstand the light of
publicity and the attacks of those
who object to the wholesale dumping
of criminals on the state after theyI'
have been sentenced by courts of 1
justice throughout the state, the ad-
ministration has locked up its parole,
records fc'r the months of September
and October, After repeated requests,
the records i have not yet been made
public--seven weeks after the Sep-
tember records should have been tal-
The abolition of the state palrole
commission and the measure giving
Governor (Groesbeck complete chargei
of all parole cases were mistakes. T1he
governor has neither the time nor the
opportunity to investigate each indi-
vidual case that is brought to his at-
tention. There should be a special
body which would have the time and
the facilities for full investigation and
which 'would see to it that deservinga
prisoners were paroled and that other
inmiates of stat^ penal institutions1
we re not (lumped back on Michigan
M;ore than one-half of the state's
);ri-on population has been paroled
sne1921. More convicts were re-
leasEd-c from Jackson, Ionia and Mar-
quetteo in August, the last month for
which, records are available, than
were received during the same period.

that the language of the st rect U; de-
cidedly not t hat of the clsst-room or
written recordl are those who t-hoe
to ignore the low statie in which our
ordinary speech has falleni.'Studnt(s11
vho spend hours pireparinig written
papers sometimes talk like morons
when in a group of fanrilic' -ft-io d ,.
And yet it. is estimated thaflt theor-di-
nary individual speaks at leastJtou
times as much hts1he writes. Ilov-
many of us have looked the ot her wary
when piassing a fii-nd, not . wantin g to
waste time with the u sual "Well, what.
do you know?"
The same characte~ristics which
make for force in prose must cer-
tainly hold good in speech. If we de-
sire that people on meeting uis be
favorably impressed, we can certainly
use a little of the care we urse in
writing prose for the improvement of
our conversation. The late Presidemnt
Burton accomplished as much through
the medium of his excellent speech as
through many other ordinary chan-
nels. Ordinary improvement, of our1
own speech could be made with little
effort and would pay a.ctual dividlends
almost every minute of the (lay.


i>, little ones.,IMr1. Shter-i-i not
appearing as thet- phant omiof thie
A ; atilting (ert-eneiy leor Armistice
j.fa y celbrt ions.,tfhe B. and C.. De-
patn ettclosest its annual fall War
Witi hi it Ireat y of peace. The delega Ies

wvas siuflicieiit to sustain it.
"The Cradle Sgong'' was an event inI
lie history of (11amat b-sfor women ini
ii'- t'tiivem-sity. 1MaFsqutc inay 'rest as-
scuried [hbat it has (lone somieting'
*k * *j
A review, by H ilda. Manyon.
No woman who has played as a
Child with a. doll's house or mian wh1"

freni hot h sides iiet .0. Doexter to signIhas (leIli I 0(1 in ftoy t 1a,'RiOs,110 onewho
the 'a oild (1 Jam ots doctiiiieiit - is inioved by I lie del icacy amid comn-
'I'lihe treaty ctaitaitabhouit whIen 0th-li- letemiess and ingenuity of linRatuiies
c;ials ldecltared I lie I Grounds armiy vic- in hitIor-ia 1 or lit erary art, (-an fail
I orious because of t ic opponents were to enjoy the intimlate thieater- at Y'psi-
ci isq i io d for 11.0 tig mud1 i with thle 1,111 i. T hcre is at rare' fasinatilon
hi flew-~ hurli iIed atI lie en emny. This. about. thIini]gs dlone on a smnall scale,
ot f the wam-, '7 -'s-- a . nis asciauo auucuoeunmne


Natural Interest Holds
at the
Imitation might be tihe sincerest form
of flattery, but all of us~ like to
hear and dancc to
Opening of our first f matinee dance has
been changed to Sunday, November 1 5,
with an attraction to be announced in a
later edition of this paper.
'join the Four 0O'clock Club "


' 3

(The ' Christian Science Mlonitor) j
It was a fitting repr-oof which Rai.
say MacDonald, leader of the labor
Party in the British Parliament, adI-
mninisteredl to those neOwsppers which
value the position of the writer -a hove.
the soundness tif his cNm- k. "'I tlt itrzl-
that thle whole idea of one's nam111 and
'nothing else is detestable," Itlae de.-
dared in an a ddr ess to pr1essnwii at
Liverpool, Eng., on thle oc(it rontiof,
the last Labor- Party con!iicr-t-nce in
that center. !Aradlie rimplified this
conitentiomn by adding ithat a wr~itei-
of pi'emiienco can comm pose ticitacimas,
superficial comm o1nj:phlc' stu;ffWith-

., rulesoftewr ina-smuch as it li n the perfection of detail which
not only tended to injure the clothes is the essential quality. Certainly the j
and the brand new uniforms which Ypsilanti Players have given evidence L
both sides had purchased, but also of this in the theater itself, with its PA
thij, atetil inju~ry to thet eyes of the excellent organization, and its veryI A
centhat ants. Tlhe bricks, when clean beautiful coloring and decoration. BEST ' PRICES
wd nw could only break grits and( oring and decoration.- For 1lleti's UsedI Clothing.
legs or- kill muon, according to the The Players opened their eleventh) PhIone 1310 115IV. IWaslaington
N fudge.,- ~~season with a progr-am of one-act1. 3 JAtN
Peace After Disqalificalioil plays: "Salvage" by Doris Ransohoff, ____________
When the field ,judge and the timie- "The Farewell Supper" by Arthur _________________________
keeper liothIi-saw thle iiiud on the Schinitzler, anid "To-day," ia jazz coin-
birick, and ii istamitly blew their edy. All three plays were acted with tIfig W 8' flts S t~
wvhities, a. great rage swept; over the spirit, and the actor,,maintained the , KI'
rttnks oif the utildimmgs horde, amid itatopeehruot.OI 1PDS
b("ieevidenthauls peac'~a This wvas especially true in the first 707 iN. 1hli1-(rsity Ave. Phone 21212I
de'cltaoed sonietli lug jsnore serious( play which owes much of, its sombre ~---
wotuld follow. With this in view the color-ing to the Russians, but whose ________________________
refer-ce invited the loadters of hothI toe-sweet climax escapes thei- power-
armies, to D~ext er fcm- diinter, amid after fuil influence. The part of Mrs. Welch ITA
I Ire influenicii-e of good c-atin g anmd was done by G race Foird with synm- I
drinkinig the generals agreed to sign jpathy amid imaginiation. She caught the
a peace tmeat y. tired patience in the face and gaito
The terms of thle treaty c-all for the3 a woman whose life had been one fO
renchecs iiear Ta ippan hi~tl to he left1 ceaseless toil an(d sorrow, anti liftedIM Ao
lh a h y w r ut eo e t e w e ig t h v e n a su y o s q e t S ie ', foi- an indefintite pemiod, in c, se sor"didness to something like hero- e c u
wa1rshud1ra ouagn ThsCim For the rest, the piece was well
cl e t iswas aded at. the request of the Played, with nimuch feeling and, to- m e",,A I
(Ir-ounda ,genteralswhopointd omtaquekidowh war~ds the end, with aquet indof
Iht lien i suitli an emlergency thleflu ild- humor. c
iings forc-es would always have their 11"1Ct Far-ewell Supper,'' which in-
fortrtess while the Gronnds men wcmld ! trotiucrs, us to tone nmore of tihe inter- -________________________
le fotrced to entrieric-l anew. niitnable aniours of Anatol, is a difi
Want flore Putblicity cult comedy to act, Join it needs thea
A nt heri clause of t he treoaty at ip- Very lightest t ouch to save it from ~A1 \fT TLt
it hated t ha . should warm be renewecd for b~iecoiing a vumlgar tiff between a. man 1 ~I- H I
any reason, it. must be giveni gmeater and his mistress. The Player-s mmade C k1. \J1. ILNk.
public-ityv, as then bat tles, bh~tI sidies I t goeth show, and almost succeeded.
felt., wore hardly wort hiightinug whemi Iit could have beeni a little miore light- a
s-o snilall itcmrowcd at tended. I hearted, somewhat more burlesqued, or e
"Antyone could get seats on the fift~y! a little less personal. The play itselS
yardl line,'' said one commnder-, "and! is wonderfully delicatearid daring,
they didin't have to go to the D. A. C. and mnight have been acted with pecr-F CO L G
to etthliieiter Thirstudent tcolt- Iaps a little mrore abandon.
pon~s were good enough ." The last play, "To-clay,'' was of the } RA N
'hre weren't eveti utny watr ccii-- slightest description, and as such,
res pmo ndte ts w ith either side," o i- quite charm ing. It w as a inono-syl- M A 1tio b v r inVk11 #ea i f t e mos oi.u e c . ao o t as oe h
p l m e a o t e r .' a bmo e v e r a ffa , m r eo b yno-s ude d ,n -
treatty wits that both s;ides agreetd not;mr ehns, oeoesdd though it May we show you
to Loeld itity post se0t50i1 wars~. Thi- possibly more elegant courtships of
settle-s ittc ittl for all a life-long' the elder generation; the. entire mood ? our IlCXJ doul
dispute lietwveeii - te two for-cets. was handled lightly and with spirit. ! 1h breasted Y e d g
13Ix 'LET ti "* icy
It is report1ed at a. late houmr fto. I yrKNIthE is coat? It is abso..
galil 1-iIh at aniolbleir eomphlical jon Miss Bonstelle has junst announced . lutely correct, and
1,55 1threateneI Ihe H. amtl (4. a special performance during the next1
x.,..:. . ril., n _,a it'I', - ~ 1T~ -41 I~ +t, ithec ew tweeds

",S tyle Is of Pa aount Importance."
.\1. / s'



j r 7 I % , '
,'r/ /
,, .
r i',
' 1
_ y , r"



With the breaking of the stornm of' out either style or distinction in forn
disaqpprova;l of the entire system in a 01- thiought, anal just lint a namne to it,
September, the records ceased being' and "if you happen to b)e Iwmc0!,i(J
m ad-e public., and the administration I hangman of, your- gent-rat ion yoitne
istill- witzhholding the figures on the 'r£1000 an article. fort, w-a it, vr'
last two months.' I you am-eaperlrm--utkngjral
Ani effort to -keep the facts under ist you woulnhot get a gina fm-it,
cover rand to hush the publicity being arid you would knowv lr.,ri-eclh wellt
acecc,,ded the stcate of affairs will not ( that it war; not worth agie.
aidl those who are responsible. The M.Mdiolldi el tih i rt
situation is bound to come to light speak ls'in hi subtecet, fom re ha i-a is=
sooner or later, and when it doesI ed himself toi an emtiinence, tiretIc:oin--
dirastic chainges a-i- inevitable. The I nands competitive dc-niiaud fo)r-E VetY-,
pawrole authorities would do well to thing that he now writes, froini the1
make public thieir- records at once, let position of an unknown journalist.
thefct be known, and co-operate Ills protest, thernefore, camnnot lit' seetl,
-ith tie people of the state in giving as anythinig hut .usht, tnd hris view is;
Michigan a parole° systeni that is just indeed shamred biyall riglit-iniiided
andi t safe, wiel will parole prisoners publicist"). '"I thmink suc-li au cond]it iont
who have served long and faithfully of things," lie claitned fitrtheri, 'is a'
beihind the walin ac lnksn.nIonna ,~n". if. 11, -.,rcc;-...1-,.,,

In choosing clothes
the tailoring is fully
as iportant as the






s are spe-
tailoreed by


"Dress Well and Succeed."


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