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November 08, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-11-08

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Urir1Ji'~ t~u~ xt An then he funds that there is a '
chne in thc lrrea eiwr linel., "T.'Ie
notes0of auithoriity, undto) ugt~l- ot MvS
Published ev ery morning except Mlondayj viRtioiRO
during the U niversity year by the Board in "1"dldasiiet beie wic hiv I
Control of student Publications, marked the greater pr eaching of thep s r o ar ey a s n . "'is )\D R
Members of Western Conference Editorial pato agl asn.Ti RM
Asoito.unavoidable shadow on the religionsd t
TheAsscitedPres s eclui~ly n-ministry in time diff sedtldoubt alid- goraleae,"aith r l (.1'n teC-
TeAscaePrsisecuieye-Iintellectual confusion."liidviTON IGHT: ~"'ie Cl n h a
titled to the use for republication of all news ;girl 11as ;<.he went Hneri for the thlird -
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise!I These are the main thoughts il < tix ll ar'y" by John 11Willaard in the Wli
credited in this paper and the local news pub- ariltrte yD.Hno nr-imne. tE~8~''Iw~
isethriply to the Archbishop of Canterbury',,* * * "ly teii.. (
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, criticisma of modlern sermona1s. Andl iTe l"). and!Gv. war is progressing [HE ('AT AN 1Irj 1FIVANAlly"
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate( I:C AN "IlECN
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post- there is undoubtedly goodl foundlation sltlllly. ()f (ourse thee wlta 3no eiwbSr'oiTfi
master General. f ightinagtiuring miost of yesterdlay le j A re,by Sr oy Tffn
Subscription by carrier, $3.50; by mail, for Dr. Hlenson 's statenments, for his'I
$4.00.. belief in the present ''decay"' (f tle caulse of (,he( rain,i but that only adds t Well, wtinter has come again, antit
Offices- Ann Arbor Press Building, May- ss~l'.leo' h ansatd ihi h nwadia ni"u
nard Street. ministry. {.lsele eoeteri trewihi h nwadri n Tl
Phones: Editorial, 4925; business, 2I214. 1 Religion has not fadedl, it never will, however, the generals on both sides Cat antd The Canary." Such things,
for man is a being who must, have a =sscalbl ed for conferences of strategy. applarent ly are unavoidabile. The p~lay I
EDITO1RIAL STAFF religion regardless of his social statuis. I IBoth campis are thinl~ing seriously, of appearedl again last nighlt at the Whit-
Telephonle 4325 But many cannot accept, the theology transferring the front to State street, ney ad thr'illed at few, amused oth-
__________that the church wouldi give them. It where they believe the trenches arI Ci5, an(d gav e the b)oys in the gallery
MANAGING EDITOR is too impractical, too vague for thlem ar suerin, ecasenteytauedug
GEORGE W. DAVIS to accept. outs of various sizes. o lanyracopiehve grand ime
Ciiiain hs p-g-sd i The t raffic along this highway
ChairmtnsEditorial Board.+.ishNormanTRe Thai
Cit..NomnRty Ediztor ..........oert .Mnfed ep adbud ntels fifty ywould aid last to the baittles5, it is also ti haeMs ik n"h i
News dito .......... Mnnin Houeworh 'thoughet. Neither sidge is willing toI vats'' Walter Hlampden, and thlcn
Women's Editor---------...Helen S. Ramsay years whlile theology has almnost stood
Sports Editor-------------..Joseph Kruger stll anhs ote eyn the iOfii itit iveON, however, so things showvs like ''The Cat.'' Perhaps this
Teerp do. .. ,.... William WaithourStl.Mnhsgtnl yni h<
Music and Dramra.R..lobert B. Henderson; Stage where he accepts,; blindl~ ixlyrman 'etymchth sm,(as eeieI atil lry poori')ecaiise
Night Editors has becomne so well educeate(d thlat lie; particularly if thle rain keeps upi. ot the t \'pe of lay, hit lheretofo re we'
Smith11. ady ecxiad C.Hall must first ask thec why aud wvl"'EforAei. ~ ~ ~ ~ hv lwy ileeihthrsi
Wmilrd1..CCrosby Thonras V. Kykka U inA.in1 'o tete ffihig d G d y i b ym chaetc et a e al a s beivd h t D rs i
Robert T. DeVore W. Calvin Patterson The teachings of the Bible xwiil- Imysteryipimis the tightoig (laylprouc
Assistant City Editors ways lbe lip-to-elate, but fromtitime to more I hanl eight hours, thus makink Whmytevritplastwecabot folproowha.
Lewin Ohian Frederick 1-. Shillito time theology, the science of religion, it quit(e siilurior to other and pre -I might have been a real thIr iller.
Assistants ms ervie ~vious Nwe r' =of siiilar nature. Tbhe
Gertrude E. Bailey SWanford N. Phelps ms ervsejsa veyhn We should like to see it withi, sy a
C harles Behrymer Evelyn Pratt else is rev isedl, to keeplup liwith it he aui o fhtI sdsi etn
Philip C. Brooks Marie Reed i vI t lolgti no oe on thidiate company, juszt; to he fair to
I;. uckinghamSionR Rsth baRosenthali Can of we blame f the wopreachierngam Rth Roenthl Canielllset' yeh i encellently, seveaecceild tl. ac-11 r.ti l'l 5 book.bok Tb''ilt ueneaaee
Edgar Carter Wilton A. Simpsonclvringay:hos'teptisb-
Eugene 11. Gutekunst Janet Sinclair changing?' We assumei that lie is ili- cor-initg to luutlioiil i('5oil both the eeiIIiiai511,thpotsb'-
Douglass Doubleday Courtlaw'i C. Smith Bidn n h Ionssds e hnteaeaesokpai
Mary Dunnigan Stanley Steinko bued with an overwthelmnin~g dosire to iiliiaidte ronsie.trtaiteavtrgepek lyn
lames T. Herald Clarissa Tapson help his time and hs p'ole*t* * I acet quite logically wo trkeed oult, and
tlizabeth S. Kennedy Henry Thurnau ~ii~POet c
Marion Kubik David C. Vokes vate thiemse'lves or else he wvould not A CO NT U113'! still ha fflin:g until thlit clii'sax.
Walter H. Mack Chandler 3. Whipple g notemns~3 l striliITiiei ieo oe g
Louis R. Markus Cassami A. Wilson goit"h iisrlei rand hr Sa ie0li~iC ~mt h o iiaiiy is heratlded by uiltr'a-
Ellis Merry Thomas C. Winter ( first at a. uaniversity , and tOlien at a iarouind loose inl this town il aiing. for naive pr'ess ay tents * s. being a metro-
Helen Morrow Marguerite Zilszke i theological school. If lie hopies to do Ithe bozo who call invcut ia noiselets )1 noe.Tir ousi~yh
Margaret Parker I y ~~~[i~,~i
_, - ~a.Lny tr~ e inf i'..JIo r . .t hV' In n onn a,12t .o k.,,,._ ,,..... ... ..

P Valle
Spe00I ar , 0gains
We are running bargain tables at both stores. Displays are changed
twice a week. Prices are, so greatly reduced we cannot advertise these
bargains individually. It will pay you to watch thema each week.
G Craha m's Boks
At Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk.




getting what you want when you want it.
When you think pens-think
Rider's P'en ShopmThe only plaee
where you are sure to get the pen or part you Wvant when you want it.
We carry the stock and have the skilled workmen to give you real




302 State St.'




Telephone 21214

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Margaret L. Funk Ruth A. Sorge
Stan Gilbert Thomas Sunderland
TI. Kenneth Haven Win. H. Wearne
E. . Little Eugene Weinberg
P rank E. Mosher Win. J. Weinman
F. A. Nordquist __________
7- Night Ed itor-W. C. PATTERSON
What may undoubtedly be called
one of Michigan's greatest teams yes-
terday suffered defeat at the hands of,
Northwestern. The Purple, consider-
ed weak, toppled the nation's best
from their throne of supremacy.
To Northwestern goes all praise;
perhaps Michigan's was the stronger
teamn, perhaps- in another contest the
Wolverine might conquer, yet in this
game Northwestern rose to topmost
heights and upset the most conserva-
tive of predictions. Northwestern,-
the underdog, Northwestern,-a Con-
ferFence weakling, Northwestern,-be-!
sme'ared with mud anti slime, North-
wsestern has 'risen as in a dream to'
overthrow the undefeated Yostmen in
the middle of their march to national
Some will say that it was only a
technical defeat,~ some will contend

fession of faith in sonic sect and hope
against hope that sonic thay hie may
say from his pulpit what ho sincerely
believes and has often sahid to It'e
more liberal of his 'fellow studcents .I
Youth is optimistic.
His earlier etducat ion has inst illetd
in him an unbelief in the ideas lie now
has to give to his scantily tillted pews,
-almost the, same idieas that his
grandfather listenetd to withi so xntth
interest. Is it any wonther the poor
preachier is intellectually con fused
and not so undoubtedly convinced as
he might have been half a century
But the motdern preach,?-'s attitude
-is not that also a sign of progress?
The old time minister- acceptetd just as
blindly as the blindest of his flo~c.
while the present (lay "minister is a
thinking mlan who attempts to tdelve aj
little deeper. But he is restriecied too
much by a sltw moving church coup-
Before the church cain hope to r 'o th t g l e e a w en t e re-l
of its preachers fired great congi'cga-
tions with religious fervor- for weeks
instead of for momient s, it must male
a mighty rejuvenation in its tdoctrines.
To live, it must progress with the rest
of humanity.
Anonymnous colinuni'..ations will be
disregardedl. The names~ of comnnmuni,-

1 would sugest
ill conjmuct ion with
P'olish I
it courIIse in
I'le dealf and dumib
be given
(1nd( that the
1fe suhplied xvith
printed iin
this taguag'e
(oelsec that
311'. Bishop
put some, moei'
there'; o that
We strug;glin~g
are forceod to
t6i4' Htat place
Io l beable
11) ioail t lie
'ill l ,ie hinalii imagin't ionl is a wvon-
'dci ul thing. The otlher day we xvvereG
staning at a spot: marked X onl the
camipus ad miring the clout! effects.
Thei e were twio fellow stutdents with
flU 'I 1 i f ' liI A

lte case', i'5 irot l t'epla yer is IY New
Yo(,rk acta'ut s. The thIiin g we quest ion
is I I ;: thel ty appi.arled in this pairtie-
1u1,1r play in that cit y.
ITher' is a ver-y definite technique
conecteti- withi the presentation of
Ihese iiiystery lpla ys ; suislelse, imlii-
cation, feari, are I-cltdepiced o in a imore
or less conventional iua ni'. All with
the puirposetot excitingan(! baffling
an audience. 11' thlis is tdone convince-
ingly, it gives onie a thiriilling e vening,
fille'd withIi nyst ery and terrori; if it. is
not it gives. one a Soi L of sickly JYe'(]-
ing, a ;ii a.l'I'w mi rthiless lauigh ;. It h'
(t('ild("( iihilI';Isalil. Anm when it'sI
all1 over yenu sa vo' a s;igh of relief. It
has the same effect upon you as Itbe
end of a. long p'iiless j ske, followed
by an enipt y silence.
The g allt'ry gods are the best thea-
i-ricah thermometers, If a piece is
worthwh~ile, or at least convincing,
they are loudest in their appilause or
miost court eons in their silence;, if it
is poor~ they are the loutdest in their
iceers and cheers.
Last night they were quite audible.
Oh, well if winter comies
Famne has lassoetd Will Rogers. I-I
has grown to be all Aimerican institu-I
tion. He is our untflieial ambassa-1
dor, frtm Bull Dlurhami tobacco to the
Zeigfeldh Follies and His Highness,
the Pr'ince of Wales. Once a cowboy
on an Oklahoma rainch, once a hobo,
tnce a newspaper slavey, lie has risen'
to a position unique on our stage. He
is quoted and patronizetd by every
syndi(cate in the country; he is fea-
tured in the largest andi most portent-
ous revue on Broadway; he stands in
our literature as an animated, subli-
mated Mark Twain.

With the Old One
and get a
We Jlie the mos~t modern equnip.
ni.n ed 'fr numbling Collegiate lhats amaail
Buoey ar~ te ow 11,^ ' values onl tley
('ii il ut-- ('ist out Inade m41114 to fit anly
lwa d. Wie also ake 0ld hants look
like new.

617 I'aear~l Street.
(Where I). U. IL.Stops)

at State St.)

- Frog, Chicken anxd Steak Dinners
Served at
- Two blocks frome city bus line on Jackson Road,-
from noon till midnight.
- .Special attention given to parties. Phone 6534.
W e d n e s d ay N g h
I A little relaxation in thc mid-'
die of the week is good for
anyone. What could be more
enjoyable than a few hours of
dancing at Granger's Acad-
emy? The music, as on other
nights, is furnished by Jack
Scott and his 10O-piece Club
Royal Orchestra. We are sure
that you will have a thoroughly
good time.
Wcdnicsday , Friday), SaturdaD




. a ts will, however,
confidentrial uw
To the Editor:
I regret to see that
say's soundl criticism
John McCormack s
Tuesday night has
drivel as appearetd
Opinion" column th
though the atidience
tain Your crrr'mnt

be regarded as ~ - Iywer lu ahpn
ton requ(eMt. ari~lll widaodh~p
- I ed to col e IIon the hiorizoln. At Iir.st
C" I TW we t hiongm I it looko'd like at ho t dogt,
the Iother.I fellow sA hI it looked like a
*jzeppelin to him. 'Well, every muan tof
Mr. Robert Raul- iIII own likes.
1 to the effect that When it got nearer it appeared tot
aug poorly ltast I us like the dragon at the end of last
calle or tithsuer I year's Opera. One of our group re-
in ;irkecd that it looked like a prlofile) of
in fue '( amps toolidoge.,t"lie third suddenly cried:
15s rxlorniig. AI-- '"Why look att that cloudl. It's just
e~ Sediiiee to sus- ' the shape of a gt'and piano!'' Well,
,dent, in fcec~arinug what do) you do in a case like that-
thirilh'd the Mira- Anyway we hereby swear off looking
singe qr 1)1ocm-i is' at weir'dly shapetd clouds,
discemui ing Ni list**

thtiat it was a far better team that lost ; haty 'mocst of us are
ithan that that won, but the fact re- ute this muatchless
ma<<insw that Michigan was defeated,
.. ., mouth" the nmore

~Irving armoltsS C4
707 N. Uili er-Afiy A IT'. h'liouni' ~11
WVe have .a n exceptionally
lax gc assortment of personal
Xmas cards for- your in-
2 Nickels Arcade
The Shoe for Unique Grifts


assn iNor rti vve >tet n won.


Aen d te t rue Mlich igan mian andI
omnwill mot make excuses, will
net grtnr'ble, btut will take thme defeat
0' Al ichzigan men anmd women are ex-
oteo t tahke defeat, with that same
tirlc 1 .o slP. ortsmanship that has al-
o wy c haracterized Michigan teams
aind Michigan men.
Thie eleven men who battled for
;sixty minutes with the Purple gave
thiei r all th at Michigan might win, but
haiglost they are of too fine mettle
to leak4 for excuses. Having lost to
Nor >tliwestei-n, those men will enter
the remaIining games with a greater
dter! ination to win, hut they should
net be a~c ;sked to win to redeem them-
V aelves,----by their actions in the game
th~ey redeemed themselves beyond any
11'e11are that mortal Judge can ask.
To Northwestern went the victory,
a ,ndI to Northwestern goes all praise.
M.rich iganz admires the sportsmanship
of thce Purple, and hopes to mieet it
nimymore times on. the gridiron. To
l ortIwestern,-Michigan extends her
cong ratulations.
No leass a person than Dr. H-ensley
IHens on, Bishop of Durham, who,
whenc> Canon of Westminster, was
the mot' popular preacher in Eng-
hI. wlhas aduli mitted that there is a real

have observedthtiat; thle great lri hI Thie D aily sprung at nice little joke
tenor' gave anm excerlil.,Iy d11ll1ettoil nAm Arbor in go'ntral ye'sterday
cert. when people phonetd for scores, there
ITo begini with, the parogra m tiv wrt-u kit ally. wh(-n they didh give otut
one of the vilest ever pe1,rpet ,raed pon the final score, people who calledl
an audienee sunpos'o to pus_;-. .., kilt- thioug-htt it xx as -a joke,
sical intelligence. We who hnroxv N'r.-
IMcCorimack's suplremnely beautiful iii -- All we hav e to say about the game
terpr'tations of Ilamithel and] Mozalrt, ycstertday is--Ther'e ain't no Cool.
and his finely artistic-; s iigh (oftht1e* I*
c lieder of Schubert, Scbhumanmn, Blralli ue!IP ERSONA1~L FE l, (JN ALI PERSON AL
and Wolf, were nauseated by tic' IU- t (111 F : Afteri'nch research we
of monentities oi his progi-am.. hImi~- !i~u xe fountd that one of the stones has
tock, Perry, Dickson. and II irb lra I wuapedt o ther.re is a, straight line in
=hope for, oncet' made us i'tjoie ll tt the Plait tio'on. Flurry up amid get
''asistig a 'tis'' IbatckSto that you bold up your faint.
j Furthermiore, Mi', ',e'rie a
in very poor' voice. Nn uhmpr'etj tud - l litc- poltilation of the Republic tof
listener, wi thuo'uttnieniori'.7,, umust have1 I oi ig;al in thlie census of 19)20 is 5,-
wondered at his reput at ion. I is, voice 62t3,6 10, exclusive of the Azores. This
sounded fatigui~ed and conustricted, 10i uuar hue of great jiport ance and value
N igh notes wveire aco-ompi ished vi t to so f outr rca deut's but it doesn't
manifest difli(oh ty amduid hodked ii uel t iii I A.es tiisin the s ig htest.
the clear, ring ing o'111,lily of o(t her EThe rca son weTreinaurked about it is
Iyea-r's. 1<ht xe just. huapiucu ed ft) pick up a{
:Finally, Air. MelComach; was liot ' V, (.rld's l lulanac, and it svas so conl-
even~ in his; best forum art isiticall~y. 'i'hme vt'iieiit t hat we just hall to use itI
flawxless oiimunt-l:at ,ion wras there as al- stomewxhie. I'
Iways, and a 1 t tiltes his prsn a
hica ittiful. Bt on t o' x-i (I, e see IWe lwil mi ost. unusual expemrienlce
with singiula rlack uo enthuisiasuu m'oh(1xwit hi tI lo, yest ei'daly. It seems we
poetr'y anid scentedl eager toa finiish _the forgot to feed lhn t his week, andI so
Iconcert and escape as soon as poss:i-'at olst, tenl o'clock hi sl, night, just as1
le. Neithior Ithue Iandel molr I t Ii ho' got iut o a posit ion tot block ',ll
Iarias were delivered wiith [their ell s- ', raffico hot hi ways in the UITlall parking1

I,~~ _ _ _ _ _

i -- --

Po ,

Will Rogers

IMr. Rogers is that quantity in the
lbheater hknowvn as a a persomiality. It is
impossible to set on pahper whaut lie
does: twenty arid forty minutes of
I Mtic mcuonuologie, and you have his
program. Yet in that hour critics i-
in -list there is the finest humor oin the
IAmerican stage today: and the words
soiuindlpale in comiparison to their
cut husiasum.
Mr. Rogers, in this connection, is tt
appear under the auspices of tile Anmi
Arbor branch (of time American Asso-
i ation of University Women Wednes-t

e'li admit we say a lot of
complimentary things about
ourselves, but eat S unday
dinner here once and you'll
wonder why we don't say more

[ 1


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