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February 18, 1925 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-18

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I of the campaign against filth on the
' American stage.
- While these two agencies are un-
J'uf'i'd('eiymcxntg xcit lonaydoubtedly two of the most powerful
t o{ ~'id at 'ui turuuonus in the cou~ntry, th~ tivu
cant action taken by any grouiP and

,' tt'e po stoffce at Ann Arbor,
]~ ii'Ii ~ ~cc nd glass matter. Special. rate
~ ~ ganted by Thirdl Assistant Post
aStir (,neral.
Sub,, I ij'ioh, by carrier: $3.50; by mail,
offices: Ann Arbor PTess Building;, May-
sard Street.
Phones, Editorial, 2414 and 176-M .; busi
ness, 96o.
"ED1TORlA 11 5'I F
_Idelins 11 ndia~
3for la . .... ilam l. tonma
at Flliota.r ...J ober . Masfel
We idtort,..E.d .. Vrne Mra
t ms .I leiiay... . Robert . Henrs'on~ r
, rt itor .. WilliamIJ. WStor
Mario We ow Regi na Reich mannx
\T iii'r .I f Jie C.);" vttr St
. , :; 05MQt IN rSI4 r vi~

the one which is the most convincing
argument against the object ionahh'e
ais the refusal o' the actress.
1.elen M :acKellar, to take th e lc a dig
part in Brady's "A Good Bad Woman"
because of the obscenity of her lines.
This declaration followed by an offi-I
cial protest by Frank Gilimore, ex-:
ocutive secretary of the Actor's Equity,
association, who stated that the "ma-:
chinery capable of cleaning the the-
atre from within had been allowed to
rust in the hands of Commissioner of
Ilicenses William F. Quigley" ought'
to ~ i-dj ioe t everyone that the
a ; x V l:) l1 icCI iiist t-
tU6 IPn C oltjc'- to the
t. f ::ct"-' which she was to portray
'sm rather to the "vile worrls" in her;
lure.,, the only real protest which can
be made is against the abuse of real-'
ism which certain theatrical managers;
insist on including in their produc-
tions. There is no point in getting
prudish about the unsavory side of
life, of purging the drama from all
"naughtiness," but there is cause for
objecting to the crude presentation of
sueb elements. If the theatre is no'
} '1'r r l" t o ' ,,c 1-pitcl i 1nt I from
-o llto-i ; <@v:': 1,1%)r l ilff ,! .id urnedt
er to the city police dlepartments
Incl coul-ts.

WM. . ROtCR L- 4ec'd~noser bing Its

Cordn Buii~ I. 1 l Yewanin
0. 1 i-IlT3 cat Olrtedu
1Y l f ;uiii. I - y

j t ! 5+7I 1'. .{-' ' 1.it 'S71U
> hili andto xt'^. Included in this'

n« AND
falls into the right hands it will be o'clock lit Hill audtorium.a
interpreted at once.
ROLLS WANT ADiS PAY ( A review by Valentine Davies. I
A couple of weeks ago the1 For many seasons t he Ypsilanti
Martha Cook building was arous- Players have been producing unusual
ed by a drunken fellow at three plays in a thorough and convincing'
ko'clock in the morning. One of , manner. But for the most part they
the young ladies inserted an ad have -done plays which were prosaic;
in this department, and right( in form, if not in presenat ion; which
away a flood of answcrs came in.I called for sensitive directing but lit-j
!for sorting them and examining{ tie original conception. It remained
thtevarious applicants, we are for them to achieve something of realI
pleased to announce to the young significance, an original conception,{
ladies that we have found Poor, frankly experimental, in order to re-
Wil-- unmistakably. We. are alize the fullest purpose of such an
holding him pending their deci- organization as theirs.
sion as to ways and means of "The Ancient Mariner" was a our-1
handling his case. ageous undertaking. It required an
ROLLS WANT ADS PAY entirely new form of conception. It
* *called for remarkable acting; and
4 above all it demanded an appreciative,
Entrel bychace wefen ths i fan understanding audience . It cannot1
the Quarterly Review of Verse: be called a play; it is a dramatic
Bird, that in the twilight criest, presentation of Coleridge's poem, to
Criest, oh so sad, so shrill, quote the program note, "A fanta stis
Tcll rue, o'er what grief thou tsigh-i illusion for those who abandon them-
rotselves to its spell." It aimed to bring.
uolii~rv Whip-Poor-Will? life by means of lighting, music, and-
-Francis Ryan., pantomime a famous rime, which in
* * l itself has much drama.
Inspecting the dour little review ot The result was decidedly successful.
t Vesewe re rmined neviabl ofIt was not flawless; it could not be.
the magazine soon to be started un-j But it created a definite illusion and
der the auspices of the Carmagnole. crdu c inr.Te eul a
AtN'eording to the ;rpretrua"cin ihr a large part to the work of
->,~nn edtor ha ben (r wll e) ichrdForsyth, who, as the Mariner,
r'llt eito"h ee orwllb)succeeded in achieving remarkablel
Ther appointment of a person en-vait of voice and action and ex-
2~,dwith the great gift of selection' ceedingly convincing moments with
-, -oi mgemwthIat w ill be neces- a part that offered countless dificul-
ir ' at.i nd pubish the products ties. Although his role was practic-
o i i ik :'.rv tlent as we have at ally a monologue during the entire
tp t, i~ypcty is. it seems to us, a play, he managed to find a pace which
<i'je matter. There is in addition carriedl him along without apparent
fh inilnti~.-M f Th Inande to e hste and yet never dragged.
s r o,] Wil th Gret oes, 'The grouping and lighting were
f oasd fst toa pill athe onralOesy extremely well done and were adroitly
bound rootedtonatpublcatei oilrea blended with the music to bring a re-
lured away at the mere prospect of suit that was strikingly effective.
11'a,ing their stuff accepted by some- i "The Ancient Mariner" is an achieve-
bodyeeIohewodwilty menit which is decidedly praiseworthy
wxithstantd the temptation to see their and is one of the few things of real
namnes in twov journals at once? merit to the Drama that such little i
We'll it's a pretty idle speculation theatres can give.
The other piece on the program
** which preceded the "Mariner" was
Piran(eilo's "The Man with a Flower
The Crecus in his Mouth." It is the psychological
A Review by Valentine, study of a man in whose mouth Death
There was a circus in town last 'has placed a flower-cancer. Hi-s
week. They kept pretty quiet about striving to obliterate the overpower-
jf, but if .w ash there anyway. At the ing thought of the future from his
1Arilorv. Letus have a few statistics mind by riveting his attention upon!
fo beamn with. The program announc- the people who pass him; upon shop
r. Tht h i' had a trained elephant; windows; upon anything which may
:: eorn' 3 t iraffe (why the adjecti;'e?) join himt to life, even momentarily,
: fl in, i*,il 'at with acog, a monkey. is as gripping a piece as has reached
'Cl ,hers'e: also a troupe of trained the stage in several years. Roberti
horses. The actual equipment con- Henderson, under fhe guiding hand
u:ited of' two (2) ponies; a mule, a of Paul Stephenson, did extremely
horse (blind in one eye) three () well in the difficult role of the strick-
stray'mongrels, and a banana. en one. His was an extremely finish-
The last was by far the most im-i ed performance, convincing because
portant. A man named "Billy Senior," of the unusual restraint which he
he wras 'also' called "Reno-body Reno." maintained throughout.
"Ryan and Reilly". and other cuch If the Ypsilanti Players continue to
namies in subsequent acts, appeared do experimental work of this kind
in a bathing suit, entered a glass with as much success they will have
to nlc of water which actually reached contributed something of very definite
a little abioae his knees beieve it or merit to the theatre of today ;they
7W :s z; ,r his headl under the surface, will have fulfilled the aims of an or-
-id ate the banana. When the police ganization which has opportnities
had calmed the crowd again, another.such as theirs; andl they will have
man came out dressed like a fellow presented many memorable evenings.
about to play Shakespeare and climb- * *k
ed uip to a trapeze by means of a step THE ORAN RECITAL

ladder and three assistants. When he Palmer Christian, University organ-
reached this exalted position a chair; ist, will resume his weekly organ re--
was handed to him from the ground f citals at 4:15 o'clock this afternoon in
below. For five minutes he attempted. Hill auditorium. The program will in-
to balance the chair on the trapeze elude the following numbers:
and then sit in it. After the chair had Fantasia and Fugue in C
fallen to the ground the third time, he minor .................... Bach
descended from the trapeze and bowed Air in D ...............Bach
elatborately amid the thundering ap-j Minuet .................. Boccherini
-,i uso oif thne assemnbl&1 multitude. Grand Choeur (Tempo di
Another astounding feat was that, Minuetto).......Guilmant
of a man who fooled around with a Nocturne (Midsummer Night's
bullet for a Dig Bertha. The finale 1 Dream) ............~endelssohn
came -Then, sonic one threw the thing Spring Song ................ Hollins
and the hero caught it on the back of Ave Maria ............. Bach-Gounod
his neck. Much applause, but hours Allegro (Symphony 6).......idorj
of research failed to disclose whether {*-
this was done accidentally or was pre- "T<IlE RIVALJS"
meditated. It has been necessary to postpone


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N' ickels



(III~~ ,. ii: E " uh V OItsy Es 1)-C intll
iluiut ~:e- headdress of Ray-
_ tl~ ~s~. ; (imanent jurist oe
~' (ilr ere'. Mon'day night.
TI ': x1elav~e taken an hostile
I'toward anything that' the
C ('710 Un,^crP- and have scorned the
it' Ut I ti wl! o itnd£riie'-nallit, ac.
o' --,cl tl\- benefi t- ich h-ave~c
'UI-tto the world since its in-
£.,-tion. It hardly seems possible that
n of the League's opponents present
-onid havre gone away unconvinced
o- f-ied States should have a part
rt'eat n(ndrtaking.
.t; lt m- oroneof theo critics
'14'. 1, ' ttw t t11jtp- ea 0
:1 Ir.ItcI~7 it 1, 'ontinnzallh
1ua-i~tI'total tt~tt'sover is the only
In i £;)r, ~_:;;lt~t I iio- l) rotect thec
jfl ~ ~ ~ ~ A zu 1It:'-i -i n a uber 01
4- ~ ~ ~ > , ;) I ~tl' iv ireparatory
-I0t' .. n] F-iit ea oth of the
-~ ,dt';P toIe 0- asmblies.
It ' -'ii-'to o'~tI te conclu-
I I~tt)1)-1.)V tillIO t I nited
liii- i-tio~n~-t #.'.ti tibody, as
- a ,lu 1" ~'V etn the end of
-xvit'i" I 'liai nn which is almost
I-IUttotesllt, While many per-
-,I ne!)rly everyone in fact, can re-
nlize the manifest imperfections of
the Leaigue of Nations, no one has yet
^~ne forward with a better plan.
--- olt of lightning, the recent
The New York World


TFtse t ."-xweek-endl was reported to
- r gi ~-~mst active of the year for the
frxtension department of the S. C. A.
"from the viewpoint of student speak-
ng, Well talk always has been
The janitor of the St. Marks Meth-
t~uhinPtO'eua chrch of 'Detroit was,
eztgit ~P 1:-''-- Iip orin big car tho
"Pussyfoot' Johnson may be blind
in one eye but the other one must be
in good shape to enable himt to see
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With ninety new women already
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he good aviators as most of them are

I Thte honor of presenting this showI the production of Richard Bike
alas pth iraou omtin.Igoes to Mr. Royal Rockwell, who is a Sheridan's "The Rivals" Bih rs.y
-____________________ vi ry distinguished looking person. At ' F'iske in the role of Mrs. Malaprop,
lx ' . - yrP oN, ;bst we assume that he was the moanI which was to ha-c been presented in
- li n n f of erimuni slightest provocation thruout the en- \h'T "-holuybew a hite nte. illaitoim Tusa rveig-
--t>s IiIO' ,he regarded as i 3' under the auspice of theE
p .-. ets; ire evening. j Michigan Theatre League. Instead,
i - the company will be brought to Ann
Ori 7 aT ij;' obert Gaylor Ramnsay enters the Arbor later in the season, probably a
To the E,1tor, office at this point, and upon our ask- few weeks after the May Festival.
The Michigan Paily has been doing' ing him for an epigram to fill the rest***
such excellent work this year in its of the col with a discussion of, he, WALRER WHI1TlESDE
sane and intelligent discussion of! says: "Chicago is the smallest Big Mr. McIntyre has recently compllet-
public questions both national and in- City in the country; Detroit is the big- ed arrangements for the appearance,
ternational that it is disheartening to gest Snmall Town in the country." of Walker Whiteside, the distinguish-
"those of us who make our bread by Ile assures us that his "epigram is i edi character actor, in his new play
teaching that there should be studentsi entirely original, of Japanese diplomacy, "Sakura,"
like J. W. M. who complain that such *** Tuesday evening, March ~ at the
discussion makes the paper dull. I Other people have certainly had the~ Whitney theatre. Mr, Wiiteside first
Perhaps such subjects as interna- same notion-at least about Detroit-' attracted national attention for hiiq
ti )nal peace and the union of church- although they probably haven't sum- j brilliant performance in Israel Zang-

W1ain at Washington


i \ --'

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