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February 18, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-18

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24 TF I . I !
Research 1'4ocety Holdsi Banquet
Tonight to Commemorate

A.& ' uv , ' 17,IT 9 i.) -:an-j
ty -naxe Ileg;ed cure for tubercu-,
''.s., used by 1401ger V ollgaard, pro-
fessor of Jphysiology at the Royal Vet-I
en nary and A gricul tural, College of
Copenhagen, Denmark, is described
by the National Tuberculosis associa-

V -

ton in a statement issued today, as a
In commemoration of its fouad " -. arag the; claims for which as a cure
25 years ago today, the 1?r . arc'v''. ave not been proven. Tuberculosis
ci tie TTnivrsity will hold '~ banquet patients and others are warned by
at 6 ' o^' lo k tonight' in s r UTnion1. ; TL association not to place false
All of the living inerbcl o iic'i 7 hopes in the "m< ny highly exaggerated
President Emeritus Hutchins, the Re-' statements regarding sanocrysin that
gents of the Universby,, and the presi- ;nave been made by various people."
dents of the Junior Research club ,i r ru-sanodon,-ay r
anad the Society of Sigma Xi have been; White, "a combination of gold and Sul-
invited as the guests of the active or-; ;,rsatecnalykonsgldf
Being founded with the express pur- ,oimti-upae rfso ol
nose f uniitin-e "those mmers 'of


ire, Is i-e ann The territory served by the fleet
IWIEK rCrPAP !of six trucks now employed by the
j\T~ ~ ~CUSJ '~'''~; Times-Herald, Mr. Doolittle explain-
o ynPPIgTfl1 i~pr r alincludes a considerable section
U1IIULRUI~ h~tdLof. the Michigan "thumb" which is in-
accessible by rail, insofar as prompt
;cdused1 it onl animals that had tu- Chicago, Feb. 17.--Motor trucksmaldieriscnre.
berculosis andl found that it was an ex- Itravelling apoiaey100miles T ec hi ilhesm a
tremly dngerus dugwhich pro-i daily were the direct cause of adding wih the latest edition of the paper,
tremly dngerus dugsome delivery system other thanx the
duced fatal results in many cases. In1 6,000 subscribers to the circulation
erdinary doses, however, it is not dan- of the Port Huron Timies-Herald i Iailroatds had t10 le found, Mr. Doo-
gerous to those who have no tuber- II the last four years, J. L. D~oolittle, cir-liteadndhemortukpn
'u losi 5. culation manager, told members of evolved.
"Because of tWe nature of sanocry- The Inland Daily Press, association in
:n andi its method of use, the regu- 'annual meeting here. London, Feb. 17.-Although his cold
lations of the Ulnitedl Sates Public, Starting from a circulation of 12,4000 is ,described as "unchanged," King'
i so!.!h Service require that a license whben the motor truck service was in- George today was ordered by his phy-
ae issuedi before the drug can be used augurated, the figures climbed to1, 5-; cians to. remain several days in
in interstate commerce. A study ofj 000 in six months, to 17,000 in two Buckingham Palace.
the claims of Professor Mollgaardk years and to more than 18,000 at the I -
with reference to sancrysin is now be- present time. RATE YOU SUBSCRIBED YTI
ing made by the Hygienic Laboratory
of the Unitedl States Public Health
Service under the direction of assist-
ant surgeon general, Dr. G. NW. Mc-°
Coy.I Tod s
"At the request of the medical re- yuv
search committee of the National Tru- Once yuv re the new LincolnRetua ,
berculosis association experiments'w etuat
aenwbeingcodte by trew feel sure that you will become a steady
felists on calves. If after the ani- pto;i h odsre o e
roal experiments are completed, Qult!iL
sufficient evidence is secured to war- it is fully realized that this is of paramount
rant the use of sancrysin upon hu-
man rimportance.
anbeings suffering from tiuberculo-
ius. a study of the possibility of such
treatment will then be made undler Lincoln Hotel and Restaurant
the supervision of one of the Danishj
physicians who has had experience 210-12 E. Huron St. Phone 3668
i: the use of the drug."j

Have you read
I By
G. D. EATON 923
Read The Daily " Classified" Columns


the academic staff of the University
who are actively eng'.ged in research,
x' ooiint n upport siich,
iwo ,'.i.uu iz o a aremarh-
!ii's41 4111'iJ~',:1ani~. hile others
, the charter members have died,
fihave removed their residences
cnye are oti 11 cowI :rt i > P
University staff.
The Research club ba)a contautlv~
beep ,n sup.orte.r 4 1rhr ~_i rtmenn .
ke'" the standas thor caromote'o
iu1fvations and th1,-,research work
wiio hoha:(l~lV.Only a sr a
car y7 ' gahm1:anytuvm ion
T1'hr' FellomwshfilsNot W~idI Include
Stipend of $1,440) ,
Per Aninum

J Rook On
K. 'm 't'~library, is the,
a a' b', . om' °aently publish-
E't Ky .''U.. Ill , ompany on the
"i~i-4 o of oreign, Policy of the
z ?itO 'IS'o. Te hook is an ac-
CO01i :ofa uxca's d plomatic pro-
' to ":'rlist settling of theI
oo r' t<<1, ':rTrntimes and is main-
0 ca> , ,ia oc ause of its broad suir-v .x o a i tr d i ns
(),z at 'l }. 7,st interesting pro-
b« swiA , Jt h,book trares through
^ ,. e: a jii U ion> ics he qu'sti n of,

Governor Makes
F4ight Against
Suit For $10, 000

__ __ _ __ __ _ __ __ _ __ __ _ __ __ _ __ __ _ __ __ _



I ++

V.4toe~'~i~'w:;ac nsetle inwere heard in the Ingham County Cir-
l r1 ; ''U wo n lwar shoutthatetscut Court yesterday in the $10,000
Unrg iL~:rrcnt ar howd tat e'suit for personal injuries instituted
Inst r ~ To racltically surrendered by Mrs. Mary Anderson of Lansing
ot' ujuijdaonstI stand to the English against Gov. Alex J. Groesbeck. Mrs.
a sail(t - llin.h'son alleg-es the t she was struck'
4o'~' 5 0 0 0011 1 U e o 4: t * ernor's car in this city in
. ~' --acltine being dIriven by a
.50 lt; , )4 toP 1't'i 01011 4'> ~ti; a}U and the Governor was not
(11!i tali .aI .44! in ar ~ it.
0' thi B O uu'1'4'iUClare"' (lare R otnn deputy attorney gener-
kArs 3, t' '40 vroWi~2 A 'Rann IJappeared for the Governor, argued~
('1I'11GP':0 ~1P'm;0'~'FTyr. Adam~s that the service was notnlegal lecaus~
a~~~ ~~ "sIh I' ozeW lingtrcn's fare- it was given the Governor while i:j
well addlress may have been a pious; Lansing on official business. The
hope that America could steer clear Governor is not: subject to legal pro-
of European quarrels, but it certain- cess under such conditions.
ly was not a statement of that as a' Should 111i' motion be sustained
fact. He also says that "the idea that service wieuld have to be made upon
America can stay out of European af- the Governor as an individual whilo
fairs has no basis in fact, for Amer- in Wayne County.
lea never has clone so from the time! __ _j____
of the Spanish Arm'ada to the Treaty I
c'Versailles in 1919." COmpany Changes
'mooe hooks upholds the American Phone umbhers'
sand nn the nobiect of Russian recog- j ~fl
i'n1 d alit. undertakRes proof of the;
tit ±tt t e internaltional court is a! Letters arca being so ut out l~y the(
E>4 ^'rrv institution for'the upholding Michigan Dell Telephovne company of
f ,inte'rnational law. Dr. Adams points Ann Arbor, notifying subscribers of
cut that America in a sense originated 'the changes in numbers which will'
the idea. of the international court and take place when the new automatic


Fourteen students from the Colleges
of Engineering and Architecture hold
scholarships and fellowships with
amounts varying from $100 to $1,200
p~er. year. Every yeamr there are a num-
lur of these ,scholarships available
ios tudnt and graduates of this col-
>4, awrds bed con a high schol-
1'y h
ref :i>)with $50 for expenses. These
are te Ry D rChapi n fellowship in
vigL'r tarat. held by Olaf Jen-
!ca t~ Roy D. Cha'in fellowship in
highwvay engineering, now held by
Lloyd F. Rader; the Detroit 'Edison
,compny fellowships in highway en-;.
rfrm' which there are two, held
at ilr prsentlne, by Horace J. Lake
a~ 'in ce S. Jarvis, and the United
j'i'I z.atn4zopiyc ompany fellowship
,!i~litl'y engineering, held by War-
l1' K ,e'oi. These four, as their I
}' ain'. y 11th, rc for time study of the
tiapro :4>140of 304 '-surfaced roads
'i ~ 'o oN h!. .oe nd flolor;
4(11>4.4 40 '1 -_ls which is
('K 4>4 li Pl 1';AC~'t'U ): ?rt m ent for
I [.'inv ctigt 0.tut1:.0~'tt4 ngof sus-
;.: i~ r' 01 *anctlier $750
f ;d Iid yPc nrd E. Towsend.
Tho Swenson. Evapcorator fellowship.
held this year by Carl WV. Christman,
varies in amount, this year its is $600.j'
Lloyds Register scholarship of $500
per annum, tenable for three years,
is awarded annually to students who
are taking Naval Architecture and
.Marine Engineering. The present
holders are P. Blaydon, '25E, Mark L.
Ireland, ,269, and."AW. R. Renner, '27
E. The George G. Booth traveling j
fellowshi~p in Architecture is awarded
annually, the stipend being $1,200.
Ralph H. Calder, '23A, and Marion
Blood, '24A.
At the present time there are three
scholarships which are not being held I
by anyone. They are the American
Bureau of Shipping scholarship of
$100 for Marine Engineering students
which has been newly created, time
scholarship of the Michigan chapter
of American Institute of Architects.
of $75 which is open to students who
show miarked ability, and the American
Academy, in Rome. For time latter.
graduates are admitted to the annuala
competition for the fellowship in ar-
chitecture of the American Academy
in Rome. 'This fellowship entitles
the holder to three years study abroad
with a stipend of $1,000 per annum.
$500/- 00 Given{
Near East Fund~

The Classified Columns sell, rent,
locate, publish notices, announcements.
It finds lost articles, employes, seeks
It is an excellent business medium.

that opposition to it is only an evi-
dence of a total ignorance of the whole
,American foreign policy.
Besides the Robert college, the other
i wt1 1.t i,,Vns that will benefit are the
g .t r'tan: university of Beirut, Con-
11 6'Lnople Woman's college, the In-
r~tnatioim'J college of Snmyrna, and the
.fa American schools.

dial system 4;slput in use, probabPly
some time in the spring. The instal-
ling of tin: new systenm will necessi-
tate the changing of every number in
Ann Arbor, and the numbers must
be properly distributed according to
the requirements of the equipment,
so that it is; practically :impossible to
give subscribers any choice in num-
hers, company officialt; state.


The next few months will witness
an in crease in interest in the Classified
Columns. New business opportunities
will be listed. The Automobile Dealers
will find there an opportunity to an-

nounce used

cars that they have on


Real Estate men, too, Will list

The F'avorite!

there buys in their line.

Wants in gten.-

_ ",.
"'4 4,,

The ever increasing popu-
larity of Rentschler portraits
proves them the favorite.
Everywhere, in the homes of
the most particular, the moAt
fastidious, you find Rentschler
portraits dominating.
You too should have one. Ar-
range for a sitting today. Make
an appointment by phon'te if.
you like.
$7.00 to $50.00
the Dozen

eral will increase as Spring rolls around.
Certainly, now, is the time to watch
this development, for the Classified
Column is not only advertising but it is
also news.
If you desire to place a c1lssified, come into the
Dily ofices on the second floor of the Press building

You can
showing you
in portrait
phy. hook
new displays

count on
the latest
for the

All 'A Ar

r .. 61-1 .+w W To a .rir w A& "wA w Aft wt -w.a 4 09 4FAN 4.0/* ss


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