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May 27, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-27

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Pulished every morning except Monday
during the Univcrsity year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
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tited to the use for republication of all news
dispatches" credited to it or not other w,se
t credited in this paper and the local news pub-_
fished therein.
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,Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
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K. K. Klein 1. J. Wineman
W. L. Mulhins

A ionynious commniications will be
disregarded. The nam eE T of coEmur
cants will, however, be regarded as/
confidential twun req~ueisGSTRLl
To the Editor: Some time ago this department con-
I had been told that to become a curred what might have been called
member of Phi Beta Kappa, a person some enthusiasm in the judgment
would need to have a "pull," but after I handed down in the Worst City con-
reading the article by Mr. Root in test by the editors of Life. The lucky
t winner, as you remember, was De.
Sunday's Daily, I am convinced that troit, the Garden Spot of Michigan.
one man at least arrived there by thge We now wish to retract our sup.
sheer weight of his intellect. ! port of the Detroit candidacy, and
It has always been my belief that place in nomination the city of Chat-,
the main purpose of a college is the tanooga, Tennesse.
development of culture. I believe * * *
that the development. of the ego is Perhaps you have followed the
the most essential part of culture, and stories on the Scope's evolution case
it gives me strength to follow up my in The Backward State. They have
convictions even though most of the told of the guy that taught evolution
students around here think that there in a town called Dayton. He has
is something wrong with me. been indited by a grand jury for
My opposition to the new stadium breaking the state law of Tennesee.
is not quite the same as that of Mr. And as soon as he was indited, there
Roof-it is a question of management. followed a great stir, largely confined,
I believe that they should have on the however, to the press of the enlight-
field an amplifier so that before the ened North.,
game and between halves, the bright- Clarence Darrow, lately of Leopold-
est and most cultured students could Loeb fame, with a record of no death






A review, by Valentine Davies.
Technique has many uses. In play-
writing, for instance, it serves as a
means of enriching a theme, of mak-
ing a fine play finer. It also has other
uses; technique has camouflaged and
glossed over many theatrical shal-

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.... .-


Winchell Sraith and Tom Cushing
are good technicians. They have
taken in "Thank-U" nothing much
and made a more or less entertaining
evening of it. Supposedly the theme is
that ministers are underpaid, that
they therefore must receive gifts fromI
the congregation, and that because
they are forced to accept this philan-
thropy, they lose the esteem of the
community. It further appears that
any sum of money in excess of, say,
one thousand dollars ,when given to a
a party in due legal form, does notj
constitute a gift. Just'what it does
constitute is not made clear.
At all events an old friend of the
minister's who is conveniently weal-
thy . . . well of course, he doesn't
give exactly-but anyway, he sees to
it that the padre is made financially
comfortable. Imnediately his social
standing in the community climbs;
there is also a portion of love and
intrigie involved.


inspire those of us

who have but!

common intellects. If they would do'
this, then I think that the new sta-
dium would be worth-while.
Mr. Roof has made one very grea
mistake during his university career.
Hehas never gone dating. Think o01
all the opportunities that he has ne-
glected for the spread of culture! I
have been told that girls like to go
with a man that they can look up to.

sentences in all the men he has de-
fended on murder charges, wired
Schoolmaster Scope's attorneys that
he would be glad to help in the de-
fense of their client. He would wel-
come, he said, the opportunity for a'
debate with the Silver-tongued Sel-
entist, W. J. Bryan, who was to assistj
in the prosecution.
* * *
It began to look like a good trial.

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How eagerly they would have absorb- * * *
ed his wisdom and culture and then Dayton, Tennessee has a population
passed it along to the ordinary fel- of about 1200 souls. Some of the other
lows of the campus. In this way the cities in the state, observing the at-
present unusually-low standard of tention the trial was attracting, al-
culture would be raised. As it is, all truistically proposed to have the trial
of his culture will be reserved for one held somewhere else, so that the
woman only-his wife. It is my belief crowds could be accommodated. But
that this is dangerous. A woman little Dayton held firm. Like Shelby,
can't stand as much culture as a man. Montana, she would have the fight
It is bound"to lead to quarrels. there where she could watch it and
If the university could only retain make money off it. Persuasion failed
its honor students like Mr. Roof on to budge her high resolve.
its teaching force, our universt* * *
faculty would soon be brought up to And then C'hattanooga had her
a high standard. It is becoming very bright idea. She would beat little
difficult for me to believe that many Dayton to it. A prominent group of
of them could have been honor stu- business men in the city hatched the
dents. Mr. Roof should realize this and plan, and figured (probably correctly)
should not go out into the business that it would mean more and cheaperi
world simply because he can make b ytOldh
- .:1:~ pubictythan anything but anOl1


The cast for Miss Bonstelle's re-
cent production of this play in th*..
Bonstelle Playhouse, Detroit, was un-
usually good. Lester Vail, the com-
pany's handsome juvenile, proved that
he was much more by taking the part
of Andy, an "old-soak" handy-man,
adding just the right touch of com-
edy. Gilda Leary interpreted Gilda
Leary very nicely. The outstanding
characterization, however, came from
Edwin Wolfe, who also directed the
play. His portrait of the millionaire
father of a wild son was as humorouu
as it was truthful. Menart. Kippen
(did a nice bit with the part of the
young lDon Juan, who reforms on
meeting the minister's niece. Inca-
dentally, the play is not nearly as
obvious as that sounds.

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. *+... - .r.- i

Michigan is fully capable of sympa-j
thizing with the University of Chicago
in her bereavement over the death of
her president, Dr. Ernest de Witt
Burton. Michigan knows how it feels,
to lose a loved and respected man,
especially when that man is the presi-
dent of the University.
Words are meaningless at suchI
times as this, but by their sympathy
and sorrow, Chicago may know that
the people of the country understand
not only the University of Chicago's
loss, but also the nation's loss.
Michigan wishes to pay tribute to a
a great soul that has passed on, to aI
great builder that has been lost to his.
cause after laving the corner stone

'more money tint sh1ould e ;willing to( mh iefrste
S Ilo Week, The irst time I witnessed a per-
sacrifice a little to the cause of cut- The idea was to suborn a young fel- formance of the Bonstelle company
ture and scholarship by acceptIng a lov who had been teaching evolution' I noticed that there was something
position on the university staff. Chattanooga to give himelf p 40 wrong with the make-up but I was
I believe that more members of a grand jury and get indited, and then well down tront and so laid it to that.
Phi Beta Kappa should Publish their y with their political drag and At this performance, however, I sat.
I they, wt ~erpltia rg n
ideas in The Daily. I have receive superior legal machinery, would put well back in the house, and I reiter-
a great deal of enlihnment and u- ti trial on in a hurry and leave little ate: there is something radically
derstanding concerning a model mni- Dayton flat. wrong with the make-up. In the thr'ee
versity student from the artieles o A swell scheme. Southern chivalry, different performances which I have
two of its members. Both the article The old Southern hospitality couldn't seen, there has been scarcely a player
of Mr. Roof and that of Mr. Johnson be satisfied without a bunch of people whose face did not seem artificially,
(concerning "winged collars") iter- coming into Chattanooga to see the amateurishly painted.
ested me very much in Phi Beta Kap- trial. The beauty of a good stock coin-
pa members. Let us have more art- ,But the Chattanooga teacher turned pany, of course ,is that all the minor
iles from them to guide us under- j out to be of finer stuff than any of the parts are well done. This is decidedly
clansmen as to what is best in our rest of citizens. He told the Chamber true of the present organization:
sof Commerce, in effect, to go home "Thank-U" is an easy play to see and
A.N and play with its grandfather's whisk- an easy play to forget.
ers. Ile had probably been reading
I"Arrowsmith," and he did the big
EDITORIAL COMMENT thing. The only music and dIrama this,
So Chattanooga was baffled. The summer-the Shakespearian Players
_trial, by the latest advices, will be are not returning for some reason--
THE RED RIBBON (' CHASER held in Da ton will be Max Ewing's concert in Hill


Finest foods tastily
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Nic ke is

A rcad e

cau a a ul u ll, (ful~ 11 O~i1 ,y . a .a, i~aar t . n.. ~ u 11 I 1
and to a great university that must - The Detroit Free Press. * * S
suffer the loss of her leader. The "red ribbon chasers" who have Chattanooga is now, therefore
received a rebuke from the White) our hunble opinion) the worstc
" - WHAT WE DO HERE'1 House for attempting to speak for the the country. But the trial story
A great memorial, a campanili, is American government in the matter blow over in a little while and D
planned in the, memory of the - late of the French debt question fully d- will again come into her own.
President Marion L. Burton bye the serve what has come to them. Ever can't keep a good nian, down.
Student council and the officers of the since the war ended self-constituted I * *
various classes in every college in the diplomats, chiefly citizens of the R E Q U I E M
University. United States sojourning abroad or We feel that it is only fitting
There are many things to be gained having some individual iron in the fire, proper that we should at this
by such a project: First of all, such have made pests of themselves by as- say a few words in lamentatio
an edifice would be a fitting memorial suming to "interpret" American sen- the departed Chimes, long the b
Michigan's great timent and American govefnmnent pol- this department's crude jests. 1
toetimegtesndtouMichiantgreicies to the Old World. What they been a good butt, and a regulara
completion of one of that great man's have said, frequently, has been given Chimes has had a good year.
nzoten a good deal of popular consideration editors have reviewed a lot of
camps.rm ns in Europe and in some instances, mons, they have sent out a l
More than that, a campanile such as their words have apparently influenc- ( questionnaires, they have had a1
the one proposed would add a certain ed foreign government policies. That good, sane criticism of the Univ
indefinable g tscampusthese individuals also have been used Latterly they have taken to out
andetcadbeso eitodthiscalt by some of the continental politicians out scoffing, and have pilloried
appearance that is now lacking. And who have hoped that their words big game as this department,t
might influence opinion in this coun- hop extra, and the Michigan Jou
it would open tie field for permanent try is now indicated by the report that ist.
wont Iiwhile umemoria Is for each grad.
,eatin~g class. - those who urge cancellation of the I People didn't like this, and p
The'e is much to recommend this French debt nearly all receive the didn't like that, but Chimes ke
project, it Is a worthy one In every Legion of honor "as recompense for going. For the last two mont
Av ay, and it deserves the support of their propaganda." has been razzing The Daily. An
students, alumnni, and all others who There seems to be no way of per- it will appear WITH The Daily
are interested in the University. suadi g theseloquacious inividua unday. t wi r ly cs
____________________to stop their talking and as they are sonme, but the sermomn reviews an(
A LACK OF TI'ACT Inot officials of the American govern- enterprises and the discussions
Ament they cannot be ordered to keep girls' lines and boys' lines and d
Alexandre Millerand, who was oust- still. The one hope for relief. from will- go on.
ed from the French presidency last their activities seems to be through Lucky Davies! With Chimnes
year by the Cartel des Gauches, and an effort to shame them into silence week instead of once a month,
who was recently elected to the sen- but we are afraid that some of themi a column he'll put out!
ate, has been elected chairman of the will be impervious. * * *
foreign relations committee of that _ _ _ _A little too solemn, perhaps.
body. .. "Yeggs Reteat in Tears After At- Mr. Jason Cow

auditorium, probably during the first
e (in weeks of July. His program is fas-
city in cinating to anyone who enjoys modern
y will music, and will include both of th
Detroit outstanding Stravinsky ballets, "L'Oi-,
v,,,, seam de Feu" and '"Petroushka," the


g and
on ot
utt of
It has
f ser-
ot of
lot of
the J
pt on
ns b,
d now
ad the

Ponlene "Movement Perpetuel," De-
bussy's "Jardins Sons la Olive," and
Whithorne's jazz fantasia, "Times
The first production in the fall will
be a performance of W. S. Gilbert's
famous burlesque, "Engaged," by
Mimes of the Michigan Uion in the
middle of October. Following the tre-
mendous poularity of such revivals in
New York of Congreve's "Love For
Love" and "The Way of the World,"
Mowatt's "Fashion," -d Gilbert's
"Patience," "Engaged" should be one
of the most imteresting and success-
fuIl comedies of the year. Certainly
there is no play more sure-fire in its
appeal, or more perfectly suited for
an all-male cast.
The first performance by Comedy
Club will be a program of nonsense
farces under the direction- of Valen
tine Davies, including Ring Lardner's
"The Tridget of Greva" and a skit
played backwards in the manner of
a similar act in "Chariot's Revue."

Cherish the memory of those of the nation's de-
fenders who have gone to their great reward. Un-
selfishly they came forward to defend you and I.
They fought and died that our country might live
on in Progress, Prosperity, and Peace.
Cherish their memory WITH FLOWERS. You'll
find many beautiful suggestions at the Ann Arbor
Foral Company. Phone 6215, or stop in.
122 E. Liberty St. Phone 6215
/ 1

s of The January program under the di-
dating rection of Robert Henderson and
Phyllis Loughton, again a first pro-
nce a duction in America according to the
what custom of the past three years, will
be Gordon Bottomley's melodrama,
"The Lady Gruach." The cast will
include Marguerite Goodman, Mary
les. Lou Miller, Vera Johnson, and Miner-


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