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February 17, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-17

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1l*ES1)A 1'1:I3ft1 ARY 17, 1925


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All tryouts for assist;int man,
agersh1ips of milieu Sport s are
(ex 1)Cteto 0 report at 7 o'clock
toniight at, \Veinberg:'-"(Coliseum.




lsli11~ vI, d~V-~ s :Sqlad ill IIMali ill
Orde-r to Give Belierj


The entire varsity baseball squad of
about 45 amen indulged in the first bat,-I
ting practice of the season yesterdlay
afternoon in the fie1(1 house: The
pitchers andl catchers, who have been
practicing for a week, handled the
hall while the fresh tryouts gave their
batting eyes a chance to function. All
but two of the liurlers were not allow-
ed to put anything on the ball, but
even with this in their favor, the bats-
men, most of whom were too eagerI
to hit, did] not succeed very well in,
meeting, the hall. Jalblonowvski and
Benson were the only two hurlers al-
lowedl to, curve the balL, much to the
discomfiture of the opposing batsmen.
Two of 'the regular 'infield were
missing, 1aggerty, because of basket-
ball, and first baseman Wilson who is
oil the hospital list with a 'bad knee.
All of the regular outfieldlers report-
ed for the first pract ice, including
Steger and Coleman. Walters," a very
promising twirler last season, who was
docla red ineligible before the spring
tripl was also on hand for the first
t im7e.
Among the pitchers, the sore armas
a re confined f o three men. Left hand-
e=r Shumsky's arm failedl to respond to
treatment over tihe week end, andl lie
is still n~st allowed. to throw. Fish-
er's arm got worse after Saturday, and
he is also being kept out of the box.
Another man who not allowed to hitch
yesterdlay because of his arm was
Not all of the candidates have re-
ported and because, when the remain--
Dingmen rkeport the squad will he too
lairge to handle, Coach Fi'sher has di-
vicjed the squad into two sections,
whch will practice at different per-

I All candidates for the Varsity1
football squad are urged to be
! present at the Union tonight at
7:15 P. M. Manager, Assistant
'managers andl tryouts for the
Imanagerial staff will also heI
present. The meeting will be
called to order at 7 :15 sharp.



y irsiy Ten i eam Star IDowns
D)etroit Player in
Straight Sets
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 16,-George
O'Connell, of the University of Mci
Mih-gan tennis team, won the state indloor
tennis championship Sunday by de-
feat ing Irving A. Smith in straight
sets, 6-2, 6-1, 6-3.
O'Connell played the best brand of
tennis he has ever :exhibited in local
indloor matches to whip Smith. Hisf
driving was hard and accurate, he
covered the court well, and his work I
at the net could not be improved.~
Many of Smith's shots were returned l,
fcr placements by O'Connell.
In the dlouble matches O'Connell
and his partner, Richard crane, also'
a former Michigan player, defeated
Kelly andl baker, 6-0, 9-7.
O'Connell in additional to his newly
acquired, tennis crown is the presentI
outdoor champion of Oklahoma and
IWisconsin, while he held the Michi-
gan clay court title for two years
1922, 1923. He won this champion-
ship on the Canoe club courts at
I Saginaw. In collegiate c i r c l e s
~O'Connell ranks as the foremost player
in Western conference tennis. The!
Chicago city ranking gives the new
'Michigan champion third place, while
Michigan's clay court ranking fist
p Ilaces him second only to George Lott,
Jr., a. national rated star.

Tuesday night at 8 :30, Red and mood Performncnes Mfade in Evert w ieanto hold Fist Workout il 4>'mgr. (chlci's Scheduled to invade Ani
vsrias f'anidte n fe ous
day night at 7:45, Nitghthawks Zigea omrowiThr ee Weekend~
433; Agonies vs. Fletcher Hall; . glic igan--
1-ouse of Hannas. a es C o e
Wednesday night at 7, Delta Upsilon E Fxcellent times featured thle pre- NMore thani 150 winter football ('mdli- B Knue 114 I(kI'1. Poo ice reslting from the recent
vs. Theta Chi; Tait Epsilon Phi vs. liminary track trials held at Yost ates are expected to( be presenl at I hda ws, has put a stop to the activities
Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Mu Delta vs. field house last Saturday afternoon, the meeting which will be held ;ii 7:15 11bree, former Michigan football (IIt ihe a rity hockey squad for the
Phi Sigma Delta; Kappa Nu vs. Beta[ Good performances were turned in o'clock tonight at the Chien.en}werepchsentb oc Kue~, and plans for the remaining
Theta Pi. 8:30, Phi Beta Delta vs. in all the events especially the half The rneting has beeni celled for the I)(kii (Itl- te aAeie afobl ai on the first of'til n h^
Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Clhi Rho Is mile in which Freyberg did 1:58 andprpsofbigntgehr1lemt-Ianswchercnly ad1)1)0.a.
SigmaChi C hi SigPhiapaSigmaetaKappa urvs. oDeunangCog -Reinkenet-1:58s hi-hlierCochran'se ublime aof
Sigma Phi; Nu Sigma Nu vs. Alpha 2:01 was next best and Freeborn and stralto mrrowinci aftoo i(O thehfil ?lAmdr 111air-10 emwee Ls eo Wek- ewsthe first oppor-
Kappa Lambda. 9:15, Phi Lambda Hatwrebt lokdar20 -. os.picd by the veteran (coach. unit ythe Wtoleine ice team had to
Kappa vs. Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Chi j Likrt and Walsh did 2:06 and 2:06 3-5t CahT( imn wl e i orhsed eoel)6lecoework rot, with the result that the
vs. Alpha Rho Chi. respectively. All these times are good chalrrge of the meeting and will e~x- ,neanlSvinofYe. Wh gmesededwtAsupono-
cosd11gth atta tef ~ lant h entePi)50o h 'togetler jst like ham ad ggsi lege Friday night was called off. Mi-
The fraternity volley ball tourna-housierais not fat.ta tefel linor ro uts. Coc he prioemaof thethe onearm res~aurnt." Curtis, (nesota'ssextet is slated to invade An
mentwil strt nxt eek Entiestim wasthebes amog te Iof i~timeigam, and I llehi'hii, of lPrince- Arbor next Friday and Saturay but
will be received until Friday noon ,lung's tm a h bs mn h landle the wintr practice this year. ton ar the tackles; H are, of Penu,' the aes are not yet definitely plan-
from those fraternities- which haveI milers, being tinfedl at 4 :30 1-5. Cal-; taking the place formerly occupied IzllI fcfue' I ae h urs mluo u oteucranyo
by approach n Schuflf (If Mi of a,theads; nek- t peni dueato tCoieum.etapreyent
The medals for the winners in the in the order named, the former doing duties at Wisconsin will take himi from -;I lo hcgqatrrc"Ies h ufc sfil tog u o
al-campus wrestling tournament are 4:35 2-5 and the latter 4:35 4-5. The Annr Arbor early next month. slo hcg, umtrak s-tesraei;ail tog u o
at the Intramural office. The winners remaining times in the mile relay were Last year's inoor worke proved to al o,f lihignupthefmostrensation- i rughe foer stisfactory o results.
can get their medals by calling at as follows: Iflicks 4:36 2-,Briggs, ;be a great assistance in (eveloping ofllth ro bl'o rre sI ofthgpners Ceres tca l-
ths fie 1:4,Ik-ra :4A3-5, -. one ; i hafb lack.d1(Mole, (If olu-01of.Mcia'Cnercesndg
thi- offce. ' lk~n~eria ~ -5, n~ieo iateri'ialfor'the 'Varity and ill rmu et- btte oiler. '"And~ Salmon, of Nolre will denden tirely on the Northern
4:44 4'-5 and Mason 4:46 2-5. sting the candidates for the 'eleen uu I )ae,'' he said, "as great a full back ' trip \bich is booked for the last part
The following f reshiman gr'oup Fensinger's time o 51 4-5 featured shape for' the more strenuos lgund a h l ai 'O'sw"cm~ets(Itemnh w ae r ob
times are scheduled to play on these the quarter, the rest. of the men run-'I0 u g 'cie inhi ed a the ote am vrsa, omltsi olate inth eachofgthesothe twobig
nights: i ng as follows: Herrnstein 5 i nually as soon1as5 XVtlith(i' cod~it ions fanin, of Cornell, "the greatest all1 Ten hockey teams if the trip goes
Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 8:30 o'clock- Mller 53 qa 1- , Gibbs 53 3-5, Oheiser permit. The work in the field house ariounld xponenrt of what a quarter- itroughl as planned. Wisconsin and
Group .1 vs. 7, group'5 vs. 4, group 2 53~ 3-5, Koplin 54 1-5, Bishop 55 -5 will consist entirely (f fundamentals,bchud10"i i~ fhsmyhi instwowl uns h po
- I andh Spedding 54 1-5.i although scrimmages will 1)e held at- c oenelvn h rs ftesitin to the Wolverines on the annual
Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 8:30 o'clock- In running the fifty, Wittman, Con- r in the year. lnu olw:Mler f aio-,I.jut e rdy n audy h
Groupp fovs.w5, groupr7 vs.C4lifornua,2;aerenceecenturyychampSotutdvy.years
agoI didgrup7 s.5,gr5-210rnc cserycm otond.Thsise,,,andt Hardwick. of Harvard, ens; Gophers took 1)th games, 5-1 and 1-0.
vs. 6.Flu ning Hery, of Washington andI Jefferson, The ice, while strong for the first
Tuesday, March 3ird, 8:30 o'clock- lbest time that lie has turned in so far o-ndIaCKCoLNbasa tcke; eS~;
Gop1v.4gru7vs5,gop3 this season. 1 onadWir fNbak, ake;Pc, ame, was rather baly cut up Sat-
vs.u 6 Ts.o4highohurdlevheats werepaldorn Engineers 01' Pittsburghi, center; Spears, of Dart- { urday, with the result that the Badgers
ruo_______Sndeakngon mouth, anl Pennock, of Harvard, hll their opponents even throughout,
ITuesday, March 10th, 8:3 0 o'clock. Igard;nGponofSaturday, ad 1aSnider takingios wreoneesar
Finas wll e hld btwen te andl Walk the other. hule won the Thrusting the oft. criticizelced oed;(m,(f or ae n nd(vetm eioswr eesr
Iwnesof the two leagues. League only low hurdle trial run during thei far to the rear in the muatter of color;, CIGrme, fIlioihlfbck;ad-odeieth-onet
winners i.emer o th Jnir ri-inpre, of Carlisle, full back._(ipo,
11s opoedosGous1,4,mp7osatenonemmer ooheJfir ugncri Canean Tope h ail4ae, .yrDntelyPa yuaSbsrpto
League 2 is composed of Grqtups 2, <, T-..AT ______e1class appeared on the apu ye stem- esWhfO "('0rte. ones'('rn a liele. l(" -today

Nurmi Superman

andI 6.
The following games in class bask-
etball arch scheduled for Monday and
Tuesday nights. Monday at 8:15,1
Architects vs. Freshman Engineers;
Tuesday, 7:45, Soph Lits vs. Senioi'
Laws, Senior Lits vs. Soph Engineers.
Frosh Lits vs. Lower Dents, Junior
! Lits vs.' Frosh Laws. -3:15, Senior
IMedics vs. Senior Engineers, Soph
IPharmics vs. Upper Dents. Junior En-
'gineers vs. Architects, School (of Ed.
to be held ther-e while the basketball
vs. Junior Medics.

Hlowardt J1.Liverance, '2;,former i lay morning attirod in fnaming cardu
star pitcher- of the Michigan baseballI inal redl jackets. Each year, in ac-
team and Miss Florence Baldwin 11er- ;cor d with tr adition, it *has been cums-
rick of H oughton were niarried yester-i tomiary for the JIunioir engineeris Ito
day at the home of the bridle. Liver- I choose as a mark of (distinc'tion sonio
ance pitched thiree seasons for the foriuiof: cress. The 'ommhiitteCe Ibis
baseball teani. Ilis hbride is also a year (c11ose c:ardhinaillred corderoy ja~k,
I gladuiatc. (ets.


.............._... ... FMOiAIV LtkMMr- ___"r' rl

Fa rrell

Exclusive styles and high quality moderately pr'iced

"Nurmli is superhumznan," was the
remarnk madle by Coach Farrell when
asked what lie thoughit of the flying
Finn's new indoor r'ecoird for the two
miiles. Nurmi's time was S:58 2-5,1
clipping a full ten secondls off the oldI
r'ecord of 9:08 2-5 inade lby Joie 'RayI
in Februiary,. 1923.
To think that any one lean could
break t[wenty indoor records in t he
short time t hat Nurmni has been in the
country is unbelievable and~ it is high-
ly p:robable that he will break several'
moere dluring ihe priesent indhoor sea-
It is not surpising ttt Nurnmi's"
opponents "'re b~affledl iy the type of
race he runs for if they run at their
cuso1ia~- paces they tind that lie
llahps tlilen once or- twice and if Ithey
try to keel) up with hlim they have no
finish left, for' his is the p)ace thit
Joie Ray is a great runner and lie
],as an iron beaurt. lBut Nurmil is more
thna great runner. Ile is a stuper
Normuan, Okla., Feb. 1 .-An editor1-
!.A in the Oklahoma Daily in an ap-
1)001lfor - "miore noney or fewer st u-
dn,"st ate(d that thle lack of equip-
meiit an(I faculty of an adequate siz ,
waus an ''almost insurmuount able hianud-
icap in ma intaining the position of t~he
University of' Oklahuoma."'


A~e NewOxord
21'?! sizes in stack
Wit h, even a wider
toe. _Blucher and
CTSori k&Ct XPA
, or 7/en c Since 41&8


One of the newest and most popular shirts for College Men
is of a blue-grey shade with a tiny stripe effect and co es Withi
collar attached at only $3.25.
(Main Floor)




1I!' . EB rU1 ?YO)ITiS


All tryouts f'or Assistant Base-
ball M~anager- i-port to the Field
] louse today.
0. X. REED,

Tele phone .Murray Hill 8800
Our Representative will be at the '
Today, February 17I
with Samples of Ready-.made Clothing,
Furnishings, Hats and Shoes
for Spring

IFratern ities
M Sororiies
~Hose Ogaizations
Kyer Service caters es-
pecially to you. We have -
I s pe cial arrangements
which can be made by
your house manager to
suit y o u r particular

Extreme English?
WITH all ,du~e respect to
H. R. H., the Prince of
Wales, we insist. that college
men set the styles for pro-
perly dressed young Ameri-
cans'. The f ashionf editors of
Vanity Fair are convenient
to the 'Yale campus, so :why
F o to London? -~ Michi-
*gan men arro finding our
Scheyer tailored clothes
quality to their liking.
Fifty-twno fifty to sixty dollars

r'i'CiltI are hh-c inds
~I P(o e--leIVIEM

S~ 'w iT V ' - '.~ -

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