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May 20, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-20

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f A picture of the freshman
t rack t eamn will he taken at
4:30( o'clock tomorrow afternoon


Blue Eleven Downs NET AflhIWlIir PrAY TWICE
Slaugdhter's Red Squad 7-0;I4UVHLIIVU iian sall teamtj will play
fAR I1~ I N P1 f1 Jtwogames instead of one with
- - - - -T - -T I-1 the Janae't l- , tsr * im U iI I


'"-"' " e_ onFer1 fel.All the men on Darold eler'r;Blue eleven defeat- ttemrts at the opposing tackles were 1 iY11 UY 1 1.11 111.. 1tannouncedm t
Tthe ir4iroi ~iiilsquad are rVPquest ed to bh e d -d lfte lautgter's lRed Iteam, 7-0, Of 1n0 avail and Parker's pass to W-180annountoday.he thei
C~tre Star trot I~stvillt lllioia,' presnt. riner fell one yard, short of the .Jeromwe Favored to) 'fake Slz(Iesi ~ietdy
ligetrv oMae oo I IRt B IF, in~ yesterday's scrnniage on South necssary yardage. Macih i Elitlon ( Defeat--- ~ ___
Sxw l t ak (fnd(I AR CB oacT, Ferry field. B abcock returnedl Parker's pint to Play at. Chkago
-_I Prior to thle regular (on Cest his ;' yard line, and(1onl the next play - }l~f~J~ffI flrl
OVER 500 ENT ERED Slaughter's team s eirinat age Ie vnt tT right tackle for 10 more. EXTG O H 'IG V~ f~ ~f v rn
-*a gainst a te amn captained by, Rankin \\ b r na e i rt d w n t E X P E C T'___D__
The Inerchoasistrak eet.nne for a twelve mntehltad eedi 5 ' ~yardmark as the gate Mcign' Vast teis ea Af
hihiInesloliI( d( me- V fC heldl to It scoreess tie, however Ithey i endle. leavesganoonartoy frtWe s tern L flfE ENCE od 1 My
vheisto be helll'hrethis week-cemi ,7 J71,9.3I/~~~,.~ put the ball in ascoring position frlavs.tnontda o'heWserfOlu ' ee~. e Same teamrs wil wind upI the tM'
will bring together a galaxy of stars v Steele' eleven who relieved then1. i Isping, training season when they Conference tournament which will
from all over the trilddle est, many h eod af [ee a onwtivet inianoth srimaethis after- ioe t hcg oorwadva rp
ofwhom are title holders in their fav- r ii'iiicof.ore wa; van so nwscimag continue through Saturday. The Ther blly o l oSra g raoo
orite events, andl they comp~lete at'- touchdowns against the luckless Rni tisii year has been lreand some tourney consists of a series of chi- Courses 4Givss Tliemi Edge sarr4
Mihga' fehlargeal ea kns e,' ination singles matches and(]xwil keel)piRvl hi
Ferry field to ascertain which one is !iOlRvl hi
I is ow nearingI ie(,cul of its practice In tihe major game of the afternoon The scrimmageshaebnuusly the contestants on the go from the- mark
the chamnpion of the chia~pions. r heHancock, catain of the Reds, won ianinte I meet should teAlstYlim
ThelitllittlefDanitownll. of; orahev:7,,leasn.Themenareithenanltoass mandg sochoseY HItoAT RDYI111_1
tshe tosseaso.dTcmesen arekick off. Lns,- ken da'sillation has lwen played oft.,___low
aediguptheemnwhtaeexec-no laigealf l thnkkto I 1berry kicked offto Garbr w xho re-li CI)b lseycnetdafi. Those to reipresent Michigan in the lTcmgm' molt sfi ofr the 2c
dt aketevy irolnaia itthe Iisalletutlage os Skpper Mather and1 turnedl the ball to his 30 yard line comptition accorPngstotite flect- onMeI
pecypoints ra of other Po sibertchoo9ls ri at tishsasitat.On the next play Garber tor'e arounid ions made by "BobW'Angel, who has ence golf honors ar exceedingly feet 8
pe~cl osbefrtmstiivrat:, !Tie rosh tossers have but one'I
to win tile.meet,' if they liv e up to nre eeteir worf sn teifrm f tenbailonrte15 yard mark. Ahe leInheen overseeing the work of thei strong. Not only is the Wolverine The( ,retead hnwl an
th blloi te 5Var mrksAlie , aeCaptain Rbr rn. uatta h edofthCofrneTx.
thyefracste nuin erals. ifty e aebe buck played andl then Weber went:. Paul eronie, arl Krickba im, and(1 (
wceek when they won the illinois y mnohve ee now, but their prowess over strange I(l
interschlolastic.,(roppledl front the squladl during the truhrgttcl o is 1 courses was prioved on teir tril) last3'd
Fowery of.Danvili is c:onlceded tha I season. The fourth cut was postedloon the Red's 35 yard lih. Two line it s expected t hat the Wolverines week. Iu si
mile Saturday as lie has made that yesreiday and 10 mhen suffered. Twen- plays nettedI four yards, amnd then the i le folowing doubles rnatcles must will coe through with some finej The Ann Abor Country club and 7~
distance o inodsar4:29iny it.and a fraction, *a ty-ono uenwere driopped on thle in- Busls hi crn hac hnlellI'lof 'lc oly rrcrd tte WnyCt.PuIwhich .is available to the squad fr 41e
fete hihtoldwiwmnhcllgeiia ct,12ul heseod nd7 e PrkraeovretWic'efmbe. Iheisil stovewlr! 1rope0ro00roe ynardusa oe fthspacicisovrr00 ars hrtr 1Y
mifles. -Whitlock, from the sanme scioo on the third, After two unsuccessful endl runis, thle tournanent: -Merrick and Sack ( strongest contenders for the Con- 1than tie course over which the teams (M
Is a ten.pint man in most ever'y There is luili Prospective material Parker pinted to Babcock who re- 4818 i. Grenbaum nd pater'2936. fereice chamnpioship Iis nearest dfadt;f-defeated the Tlilni at Urbana. The 5-10
met tkshand to bolster the Varsity i u turned tihe ball to the Red's 15 yard Iliemer and (bet 617 vs. Norton andI rivals ame Sagalowsky of Butler and Pudu cureaswel asdffret 1y1
prep school javelin, record here last' tare ,years. The tinfid men especial- iline. After three plays had failed to lI. a671 odileofIlnieaho voufromttile]omec layout, so tie victory time
year, and1 since tihen has ettered thatly~a enoeywatce , 'lir gat] the necessary yardage a pass, prviu
lyhae ee loel ~ache~ a ilre} Tee inle athe ilstalo eI h asared efae< llpeios t e' is noticeable. As a. result when Ist
mark. ilisibest mark to dlate is ovel' I will be three vacancies in this de-!(Garber to Babcock, gave the Blues Played off by the same time, or they matches. Hunter of Ohio State is thjofrnetall r ihigi 3rd, t
wi85 feet.be dipped theiovabilityonwitence te Mtront of tinkeeVarsitygneintJyearitheireefirstBesidesonlyatouchdownt. 'ith j xxntill alsoVbrsitm nepedefromthehe fiusna-dalsoy anothernformidable fommthepttntng- out overhethfoMaroone linkstinr'JuneoveuiMun
wnmt : Pekkala 6071 vs. Marsh 3657. frtettlrhnr nve fct
feet, and broad jumps in tile nighn- infielder not to giraduate. nmadle a pretty Iplace kick for the -- fact ;that he is tle only net mian who ie athtiStudywtite 12 i
biorhood of 23 feet. "Mingee, is the Both Luce and Gilbert look very tra point. -I has defeated Jerome this year. ThereDtotclgehkmn lhe Schro
third mlan, andl his favorite event is caphalel at shortstop. At tile, imitia This ended the scoring for the day 1I NI)EIENI)ENT BASEBALL is little doubt that Sagalowsky wil lae1ve h!BronHls3onr id't
cae itintoday: Diamond one, Wolson's pee pte tometolsto o lubedcouerte. hiBat illgiventiyC; p
the half mile, which thle advance idopiesack Oasterbaan is rapidly rounding although tie Blues cae.wihin \'arirpv.reePnnis. ientMaie s amid Blue pyer ionhowvr Xl itCoolie
says lie negotiates imn twvo mimutes. into ireal form and lshould (develop. 1 lug distance;ofTtn YinOhnine.ectslgoalursve.i Thssan act willtliet t Sli
Lanoke, Arkansaw, is sending one 1Both Williams and McLane are hold(- oly to lack thle punch to carry it simce he ranks higher than George tes thei blt nasrnecus.tir'd,
mian, who holds the national Inter., li loi hehtjone ngoodl style IarsThe following teams have won their O'Connel1 in the Conference ratings. o atwekstipPieLemnsig a;
scoatcbroald jmpr1ecod as well ,1( ilim ok good on second. I Garber made a pretty return of leagues in baseball: Phi Chil, Sig macolsi The rest of tie Michigan repro~- omne wa seill oe North.
asbeing a tenm second l malin tle In the gardlensumany good perfor'ml-ILonsberry's kickoff, and succesive Alph Sa Kpp, Delta Son igmta Phi, s ntegh to stmy.keinbasm, play-withanimc ta edial tly ~na aid
alownteIra1ers ihave been unearthed. Lang,. Tomes, gin i 3e' sInWl r I'i hi Sigmaa Kigpa, DPh, imd a P-iI n h hidpsiinfo ol- his ounIlwaslaed omtw c h et l(hiC
jumrnp at the Stagg inlterscholastic lst amd Smlith are 1the pick of the outer PhiKapa Sg'oa Pil Lmbd. ),Cap imn thlttawihlaonnfthe Rad.ed'sranai a
year, andh has been (consistenttly jump- o en~mse. 'p,! n't Sga IDelta, Tan Delta Phi, veites tlhisyerashtonyoiof11
luPvr2l1h Slc ht ~Ile batteury muen iareall playimng!yard line. Ii rc 11th 131Bies filed amnd yearthas Tst oty onIof Lehman came through with two good bear
fn vr2 etsne ht iee it ,was the Redi's ball on an incomi- ; er hea1" hig ]matchles, while Captain Crane, %itare.Ante!fau'ewsfi3 eet f
There are threeC0sh1o0pulleys wholE) good ball. Martin, a boxsman. who'pletedopass.oerntIhee goaluine.wasrkei.3-
c asnl~yal o lee pssovrth gallne Prkrproied rthat he is in form, may b foteutdrppdbylovlo teNeso
ll do ovemr 45 feet, Carison or Detroit ha lae (olge all with Detroit WnesIotpt rpe yGoe nt
colg hudcoetruhi punted for Slaughter's team, after at- Winners lin the all-c am puts sim- dependedl upon to show sonme flashy 18th reen ouig nte vi o (M),
N'orthwestern, Wilson 01 Ann X,b it oleesoldcnc hnOuh11good nin~ imeet should call at the Intra- playing. Vose has 1bee doinig well the local areensmemrrnMann
high, and Barrett of Lansinig1high1., style on tie Varsity squad. It is pre-i tempts at the line had proved ftile. mubloell fr herbear locale- utsemst llaeiesrekss________________ann ()
Olm-stead, thle lone represenrtativc' (I ~Clta o Mlna ntli acc aeaprety" etrntote l-y. Trhe winners are: Aldrich, jOver fiVctrftyi, horontcqhihetnrcers aareolof eemi.mteredRd' IoyadwinawhrCityr IeaIOvr.ift.May 19. -ae Iowa'sow CtylaiayiV11Iwa'1Wll
Jump in lte Stagg imtrsholstic schbool circles, viHbe the biggest as- kce1fth lt 501ClhinitiwithIiz kand Luer. gpro retably Sta trckyeamrhngedterahic 1fe
last spring with as jump of ix feet se oteVriymetyea r and( there-. a pretty tackleo-ttohe. Aast nx apass Garber to i there xill poabybe ia continual ila(ilM~
oencxiiascopeater. Kane seems well able to take Ilaskins put the ball on tie 28 yardaen on.Ma 9.7 succession of natches from Tlurs- track: meet, 107 to 33, winning 13 of 1 Miihie
onew I Iawiv ano(o'pete e,>MYrd :I 9.-n 'a'(aymrng ntltlcoiuso ofhe1frtsadcoiisasIno
There are three m11en who do the carie of tihe receivinlg end~. All in all'ine-, but Parker killed a sure scoruig Statemeintnissuled last night byTtm the plasorning utimte oncSaurday.f tevenfits. adscrn A m i o T TI
century in 10 aOne(icfft lu as wll as thle class of '28 has a good squaud and chance whiemn le intercepted the next Yale' athletic board of control, it as 1 ____ ometeona__day__vents____
txvo hurders, from IDet roit. who can~l shoul d comle thiroughin m good style overhead attempt. On tie next play i (isclosedt that Joe Wood present base-
gt over the high hurdles imm 16 anditnecxt year. Parker, gave the R~ed's their only tfirst i all (oachi andl former major league'
one-fifth seconds. doxvn of tie day wheni le raced star, hae renewed his coltiact for.
Kenneth Seick, interschiolastic mani- L~odon, May 19.-Jack IDempsey, arounid right end( for 15 yards. Three i three yea rs.

In C('OSely Comtested
ra's fresh iiam ina( kteam (defeatI:-
Hchliga l's yearlinmgs in a. tele-
ric mleet last Sat urdav 79-61. s
)per, l uslander, amnd Vc~l hand'
ed for the Wdxrlerinles, wvinninmg
events with uulsuailly good.
s. Cooper xwon thle 120 yard.
hi urdles in 15 41-5, and the 220.
urd(les in 24 4-5 ; Ruslauider won
20 yard (lash doin1g 22 4-10; and
Alandl xon thme pole vault at 1:1
y inlimes.
Sother mresults are: 100 yd. Ilash,
an (1), (luiel (1) and~ Rusland-
4) tiCed for 2nd, anld MVintz" (MV)
imne 10, sec, fiat; 220 yd. dlash,
gder (M) 1st, Cuhiel (1) 21nd,
Taxman (1), Laverity (M) and
(MV) tiedl for third, Time 22 4-10;
'drunlm, Cuhel (1) 1st, Munger
nd, anmd Brown (MN~) 3rd, tulle'51
880 ydI. run, Bergstrom (1) 1st,
(M) 2mid, and Carson. (Al) 2r(1,
2:00 9-10; mile run, Ilunn M1)
peers (I) 2nd, and Swinton (M)
ime 4:33 4-10; two mile run,
1.(1) 1st, Speers (1) 2nd, and
kley (M~) 3rd, .time 9:45 5-10;
nighl hurdles, Cooper (M) 14t
eder (MW) anmd Jonmes (1) tied for,
timec 15 4-5; 220 lowv hurdles,
r (MW) 1st, Cuhel (1) 2nd and,
)edei' (M) and Ones (I) tied for
tinme 24 4-5; mile relay, Mfch-
javelin, Nolan (I), Mann (1),
irump (111), (distance 168 feet; lamr-
:browv, Nelson (1), Campbell (M),
app (1), distance 113 feet 2 1-2
(;usidcu throw, Nelson (I), Mc-
id (MW), amnd Rodawig (1), 124
Fet3 1-2 inchies; shlot p~ut,
li (1), Lapp (I), and Aroruit
43 feet 5 1-2 iniches; high' jump,
(I). Waldo (Al), and Kelly
5 feet 10 1-2 iinches ; broa(1
Mann (1), West (MW), Bales (I),
et 3 inches; and time pole vault,
lan l of(), Cranskit (1),, and
us (I), heigh~t 11 feet 8 inil(,sI)


alter, has received m~ore t hani 50() en- a(lking at a luncheoni today, saidl
tries for tiemeect. lie had extenldedi his Eropean tour
__________ _______frml thr'ee to six xeeks, and thatlhe
Ix'ould (d0 sparrinlg xvorkouts in Paris
GAR WOOD TO RAHE6BOT iaim ill Berlin..

Detrmoit, May 19.-(hy ATP.) Ihe
speed boats Baby Car IV al iBabh'N
Gar V wiii arrive in Albany, N. Y.,
witiin the next few days to be piro-
visioned for time race clown t he I Iudson
river xxhirh CGar \Vo'd, the worldl's
motor b~oat chainpion wvill ma kLe May
28 against t11e New York Cent ral's
20th Century linmited.
Thoe boats are powvered wvithI five
Hundred hou'se powr twelve cyli ci'~
engines andl clainmedl to1b1)0('01)01)10of
more thlau fifty miles ani 1oer1.
Newv York. May 19.-lMickey \alk
er', woril's welterxx'\igiit chia aimpion,
who knockeml out Lefty C~oo per inl Sane
F'rancisco Saltur'day in thme first l'omind,
is expect ed to finishl itis tma infniu for
Ii iq bout with hIarry (G'b, wor'ld mid-
d lexweight e'ialljnioil, inl I liis city. 'Cimo
bout will take lace at t li Polo
gi'eujiEds omi June 19.


at the, Lake House Pavilion
Whitmore Lake
t ~And EveryT lt

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a champion's game.
done in our shop is
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White, and thie famous
Davis Cup Spiral.
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Prices $2.50-$8.a©

Saturday, 9-12
Music by
Bill Watkins and His Graniger Eight
Granger's is tile second pavilion on the high-
- way upon reaching the lake.

t o weaf c~en

wv i .Iii3C.ay , (J-1 1

t riiay, y- 1 L


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