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May 20, 1925 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-20

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'GE)NESDAY, MAY 20, 1925


PAGE? ,'R 1I

...- I

Report Advocates Increase In
Number Of Faculty Positions


Sn cceedWs

InHarnessing Tide

Invest igat ion shows Itha more than
$50~0,000coul d he l1ld to Ithe('pay
rofl of the Un iversityvfor teaching
anti research antd 101'creating rnew
fadult y positionis x"'tich are ne'esar}
to I le xwork , a icordng t the annul
1-loprt (of t1 'rv)dd5j dint o tllsiBoa rd
of Regent.
-'Pile 1ime 'anl~il~t e for oelic(ienx
tt cuingis i the tne ait °c aflu (isit i
a ratio 01fI eaters to st ti(Vltf.s I at
clases will not be too largeo," I I
report states. "We feel that ihe prop.
erI ratio has not yet been atam ed,
antI I hlat the ontlyx met hod of ' iieiael r
snyd a sitniartiot, wic l will be jr4
10 ;the p111)1ic which nmain laii s Ihe U n-
versit y and a ss it to pi ovde prope'
irndalls of edu(cati10n1 for its youig men'f
anal women, is to hinreae the 'tch-
ing staff in such a manrner as o
brin this about.
' This .statement is not made n
general or t heor'et ical groundns alone;
it #; sebsta ut fated by a ca re'l analyis
ofl .1 e sil8tuion mnade by 1the l eans at.
he Plresident's request. Il the (Co1
lege of Lit eratur'e, Science, and il
Antsa alone 24 iiew iisi rue Iors, in 14I
dlifferent deartmen ts, are iieeded°
Pressure is also felt acut cv in la w
zan~l inleducaition.
''The other iphase of tis snb jet m)-
tWrially involx's br1inging to our1 staff
min thil Ile hi iheir Tanks. The n i -
versit y geneva ly. 18 ecles as Ivell as
tudents, crave the stimulus to itl-
1ec0iial Woi'{Itha It coies from itthe it'-
senee of reaal leadters, men nat iona I-
ly 'recognized, 811(1 ilIrisenot inl irig
tiil it es. To baring such rnei, anld to
heepp 1hem1, is the lbrw8 h of life t o
shll1an istititionis 85olIPs. It is
of 'vitIal iiportailee to u Ito 3 adto
lb d nultier o0f teachIers, adnmittedly of
111t;11 ighiest grade, Ithat we aalreay
have, and to do so we inust have ,v i-
ditional Itiitd.
,tie vacant; I needl Iment ion only thosx
N foi'ea rv r admlfine art. Several
others ought 10 e ceted in order
lhalt new (courses5plaly be gi vel. 'lis
nedil is felt !art icuavly in t he ('01lee
of literaltre, Science, anl tho Ats
but e'xpansionl is clearlly (caled for in
otheicr directs1 as wll1. 't'e iew
rSetlool of I his ess Admin istrat int
has not yet bten plrovied with1 a fac-
ultyr large enoughl to deal vit hi all t h
sn1ijets whih ~lit.should Otti nie i
its. curriculum; tahe faclty orIte 111--
i versit y high school demrantls elilai e-
mien il thtie same groundt(s.
"The' itiseililiof z0ooloy !31o011d11)
allowed to untdertake extenision work
among the seon da ry schools of ltil 1
Igan, and a sialt for thle 1nulini o
anthropology shou thld be e:tahii she
French Profess or
To Lecture Here
Prof. l1i ul Laumlon em, cfof 10 (elix
11 i' versi Iy, 'whlo}is ('x(ha flg(' prfesor'
tt.'olumibia-u~niversity this year, will
lecture here on the "Count ry o Ran-
son," Thulrs day, May 28. P'rofesor
Lantonier will also lectutre at Chi-
cago, lowa, and(1Noriit1rlIiuntivt'l-
;,it b;r. Hola hs been 1 rough 1the ('a -
Prloessor' La umoie~lir is consideredl
oneoOf the three (ling athrities
on I i 1101. Il~e is also considered a
h''inig authority on thle sixteenth
(C~iII ury.
'f'ie lecture wvi le illustrated.

is cla~ tj '! ilt') I d a n d or i tt e V xvast ':m
voc:tt 101181 guidalnce and pi:1xe nt,
ou1gt1 to lbe inst it uted at, once for thle
belt ail service of the Ul~iversitv to a it
its thd nts. 'Iis it o IlleaIS ;Mi
cx11; ~t .,±, ix a lt,' hs sect ion iifh1
t Campus

ims de(1cora8tionfo r tII z5ye '' colasp
a tle;s, 'The Scheme n; Uflit an1d(
and buiin:;s lhave ,bee Icatilxxiii
Vault 11111(11l to 10 ii thet Ut I e j: t -
hit etl x' it
alolnsTo iit il:l~
t frc than ei lht studet' -of the
I ;+,1] ; ;a of Archlitecture xwillis :j ' :7t.
t _ _

t' I ils A., ox i f cro ilt
E i ~ i"tl \ I'. ixuv ll xx Itls x- h st t
xi! I.. 0w ; i ~l 'ii ott ' gr u i; -
xl ~ll;'a-t'~x aoe 'alei-' xorh' n
,, jx x i 11 i i x l i
esw .na +,ela IIA-.' L U'I't\1481


Get tra reits Jh!Sl w
Zoolmyy, Modern Lanugs curis iloehScoo t.
are given by correspondcnc:c. Learn ho(th)cditthey yield may.
be applied on your college p1rogram, Catalog eiig courses fully, rihd© euz !,i
funihc ~ rquet ietoday.

(Im"V' Sttion 11: Tlo
that t the' woo-'1einof the
Counil?~ i 'n'x'ete t

von think
linive~rsi tyX

E.._. ._-__ _._ r __ _ . _ _
,mss . s
_.w_..._.. ,..a. e. _._..... v.F._....ik... w..._ . ... ,.. . __

' WIn-re ic e The I bra ry.
J.. S. i1) ] f' I t. ]l . ''s-b, tar asi:
But if flte owia want. it they ought
to 11a.ve 11.'
Mt'a uga lc , Efi it gem', '2 } I" thinik
tha itheII xrtv(iel shouildble irepro"ellt-
ed (ot 11 heSh idetlt colucil. T'l'vhavxe
lir rdX' ii1 teitlsal x'es (ca pable of ('lii-
c e11tIy go vernilimig I Ililselvces and
(ould (ct1.13: the samle sp1iit inito geil-
oral (-;;putIs affairs.''
weilwi fl tilte University vflhouild be
repre'senlted oiltthle Stutdent counicil1,
laiut here is'great:I (dangert'of Itheir
influienlc not countijug for much once
tey are meresejtted, because of the
fact that tl,, are so easily pci's ti xd-
edI inl most matters of that nature."''
I IN ar y (1ie an sltie ld s, 7 . --- 'o f- o l s ,1 V ~ e s o l o r m e
senflI ('11 ltthle (counicil. They aro as
itiicli a lhart off I Itliversit 3 as thet
hel t'ti t lilt[ il ilit :1113 ('ses (luestiowts
Mr so tlb 1aiils dilre( ti v:affect lit em as:l
thxey do 1tht(y lien." '
' Ii XT.Simithb, '8- tis my shn (TO
belief that, xvom~ellof' the l,-niversitly
Shiouldi be ill the St tlnt (counicil.t
Tfhleve are 118any problemls relatinlg to(1
the wvel fate of' women that the menu"
alone alrehnlt capablie of htand Ilng."'
tivers'i ty(of (Califtornia al ~ex cling''
li t ,,t r o h lo o h , 1 r f s e it t P ark er' o1 tl ew )11 lisohhx d o-
1)8it iien I, is onmIhsxiiwy to Anitit A rbort;
and tlis exN pct id t)omrea ch l lloe earily
inl .1111to. At prtesentl imo fe 5501'ill1th
Mirs. Park'lerI'are ~i nMtnsa s City al:i
thelihomie of R~uth Mary Wet'ks, '11.
P rofesso r Parker' is seelei1(dto
s :peak bfcth1le Na utsas ('ity Arti~
lttst itle otday, on ''The Freud iani
'[tloery of .Arit.,"'lend ittl Priday , MaY
het~ I'will be thelt'uest.0o,1101onor ait
tit,(lnv8111 di hallIllet of t ie -K aitsa a
('ity HaI rvarid Clutb. IIi 5 lrogral) n
chlielded a, talk to lhe giveni at the 1 Tn i-
'rersity of:fMissour'i also, but hie was
Next w inter', in JIanua ry, Prof'essor '

Taste telis.

Tha^ r

whyso mary o'l
'a ir y I cc C r C
LIts rihahd purc ,-a

Q. i urn!a idit'i i. a a x~sltytsix
('(151 v xwag it M ,t:uIt11th'e utact ti
"dt h o'±ilie ,diy 4x!llluIt(I'txix tclxub ec ir.-
term On, ho.leu!in cooperatiotn wihf
ati tsic:It. AtIsa ixnt(,IecV. 1Hssa'v~t,
countuy schooul c(tiilsmioit('i, all ett asI
cha irimant.
Ia'iv - intte I~net er o l :ldf ct
by Dri. Al it 1'ittni n.ditecior ofh'
rural x uti;tl t;ii 1I iciliguitiMte
<;ritlthschol: MI 1T'ctici lischter.
il(jtty 3:511101 ('oily'I~t siCmv or
t1,yecolt 1 xau Itarles AchKinl--
hex', lxixetu'vitof Mei' \lIAg:n A itS x
Noitlal college. LaVeinII(). C usttgQ
xxo 1was pi '. :>MIas tI es'ttal kie ot
th lix' Ii e12 lg~t incoluill~i et' of lota

h Lithfoal.

r eit

fat' )x iat al;1 (4 I;E' l' ter Jani ~< r i!xpress
Al Pefrence II rs
aet:, thi ol5lloufit e icounx~lity Ktt'ewledI . (rastituie of t'lii'CXsity ianttors (ex-j
}l~a 22eEIin'tnds 1toIL asooliointo tcclax.s.In th2,,

nxt time.,
Di al14101
A iiAy'bor f0y

x li4>l.i'ti, May 19 I. - Sitloho wli.
fille ti 1hie'c Itt llluxi'oi o(f th Alt ' m skegon
PIIcis WhsxxIo wo re reooed from t h
ltnilxl ivtg xi'N1" ip wt'iliy ",I t lta
flaitlil e"

(1iroi(I sNw, issued'( ves t'mrd::tv aftJ-
y:u;h;xa oit its. iotuxhl formtof. caun-

H ()M F




sr xaar u eab..y. y ,.:,i., ,.. -s_ tm. "_. < ...z,_a.. -.


7i iso . ta i'X l"(" i'11i I is lirsu 1 t i tI liii i'e- S N 411 1 NQI'l T 1 'I '
' I?\ i,4PI ii cY ; iI INCHAI EYt'S A
.r cais 1I- kc B Dr"s wav
III U (l - J . Y d@h .l.i 6( B. 9..8 e tO bA A NT
- - -- /-4 " 1
. ShCU.(
A LRTTOS;- :.. L The xdl )fMilion
I' Jr> /i. 43Yy , 1 tos6A Cb C CT'I
WITH\ 'A F() tke on isar,
TH-ONAGE TJLSA E II ~i" e ci",n'-
w.l f*0 ~ Lx i~ I'~ O
IV .\T i~,',
A# - - li1'Iiaa-_~



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