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May 19, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-19

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TTTSrAY, MAY 19, 1923



non i" I

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i z





Professional students of physical
education will hold an interclass
swimming meet at 6:45 o'clock,
Thursday at the Y. M. C. A. No ad-
miskion will be charged spectators.
The early hour was set so that the
match will be completed in time for
the participants to attend the May
The students of each class have
been divided into intermediate and
adlvanced groups. The events will
consist of the standard intermediate
test, the standard advanced test, a
competition for form and one for
speed, a relay race, fancy (iving, 'and
a circus which will include novelty
races and swimming to music. A
short life-saving demonstration will
be given. To distinguish the classes
the freshmen will wear green caps,
sthe sophomores red caps, the juniors
yyellow, and the seniors blue.
t The committe in, charge of the
event is as follows: Alice Felske, '27,
chairman, Gretta Mae Adams, '25,
sGladys Eastcott, '26, Gladys Appelt,
'24, and Irene Field, '27.
Modern Wardrobe
Favors Variety Ofa
Ensemble Suits
Everything from georgette to flan-
'neliN being used for the ensemble
"suit which is constantly gaining pop-
ularity in the modern wardrobe. No
xlonger need we doubt as to what we
jshould wear; we are always safe in
choosing the ensemble.
All of the changing styles are fastI
bieing translated into the ensembles-
the one innovation on which the de-
signers and their audience are
y agreed.
The compelling idea of the en-
semble has been attributed to the in-
S troduction of light-weight, soft ma-
terials in a season that' is largely
partial to silk. There is the ensemble11
for the street, for afternoon and for
daytime dress for every occasion.
Perhaps the most popular ensemble
has proved to be one using printed
crepe, for the frock together with a
S three quarter length coat of plainI
goods lined with the figured crepe
to match the dress. For strictly
practical wear the plain straight
E lined, often double breasted suit of
flannel, kasha, poret twill or broad-
cloth is favored. While less strictly
tailored models almost always have
coats of satin, silk poplin, or of ben-
galine shown in unusually delight-
Jai color-combinations.
Modern taste would seem to demon-
strate that there is nothing too sheer
or fragle with which to build an en-
'emble. Chiffon ensembles have been
introduced for evening wear. A par-
" ticularly attractive evening ensemble
has for its gown rose colored chiffon
A with garnitures of silk rose petals,
and for its wrap chiffon in two shades
of rose. Gaily colored voiles and rain-
bow tinted georgettes are included in
some of the latest patterns. Paris
~'suggests: lace as charmingly artistic
for the ensemble. The idea of the
Sensemble has taken so well in Amer-
ica that every dressmaker is doing
" ensemble of any and every sort of
goods. Because of its unlimited
adaptability to all forms of dress the
continued vogue of the ensemble is
7 assured.
May Day Similar
To Lantern Night
Somnewhrat similar to the lantern
Night ceremonies at the University of
Michigan is the May Day ceremony
ait Northwestern University, accord-
ing to their nwspaer. "The Daily
monlies which will be held at Evan-

Senior Xwomen are81 to form
thieir 1l1n2 of lmarch on top of the
hill behind Ithe nfew verses'
home.. J uniiors will formi along
tle. sidlcwalh: in front of the
fieldl house. Sophnonores wili
form on the sidewvalk besidle the
nurses' home and freshmeon will
form across the street from the
The seniors will march four
ab~reast to the middl(le of the
large hockey field and turn
(own it, marching (down the
center. The juniors will follow
the seniors to the center where
they divide and two juniors wil
march down on either side of
the quadlruple line of seniors.
After the juniors come the
sophomores also fonur abreast,
w ho m arch s(:rai lht a.ciwos thle
lack of the field anid Iturning at
the fairtlir corner of the field
foi-in a line on the ext reme
right. After come the freshmen
who turn at. the first corner andl
march four al1 rea st do wn the
left side of the field. At three
w\histles th seniors will turn,
divide inlto twos andl go under
the arches formed by the hoops
of the juniors coining down the
center line. in fours. At three
whistles the sophomores will
march (down and cross in front
of the seniors to stand between
the two lines of freshmen. At
the same time the freshmen will
march straight across the rear
of the field adI come down on the
ouitside of the dolel line. of
sophomores. At two whistles
the juniors will march to the
front, turn, andl pass between
the center line of sophomores.
They will leave their hoops as
they go along, turning at the
corner andl coming down to a
diagonal line to the center of
the field. At one whistle the
seniors will come to the front,
turn, dividle in twvos, andl go
lown the outside of the fresh-
man andl sophomore lines on the.
left and right sidles of the field.
They will turn at the farther
end of these. lines aid come.
down on each side of the diag-

VW.WE CO E S 1,Wo enCh os T5!:30 o'clock today at the Palmer field
O PEN S[COND SOUND IN Y(W o en C o s ohouse. Participants in the pageant are
TA VELLERS ON Discontinue Idle j N TC Sfreueste to dress immeditely after
-r-_____; Portia Literary society will not meet
Opning heo scondroun of the' The international world-wile reo- A barometer that seems to indicates- tonight but will meet promptly at 7
tat ion and sig;nificance 01 the initials jthrat vacations of the summer verandla EetooffierfrthWmna'cckTusyngtto olte
infra-mural baseball tournamentt, \V. WCA." are not aways fully7 rec-;type are rapidly becoming extinct, is Pyia Education club will be held;
Physicalweeplye ffystr election of oficers for next year. A
thre gine we'e ~laed ff estr-ognized in this country, according to:the national Y. W. C. A. summer con-} at 5 o'clock tomorrow in the nparlor of. rga n"oenWmn ilb
day in 1Palmer field. D~elta Zeta won _Miss Kthei in: Gerw ick and other;frnenx pnn hi 95sa1hrorgmaim ~eet~ tti ie
Ia narrow victory of 21 to 20 from the. members of' the International Friend- son.
Alpha Phi team. The teams were Strprywohv utrtre During the hot months of the so-call- Coffee will be furnished by the Wo-j Announcement has been made of
evenly matched and the game wasa from the Mediterranean cruise. ed vacation period, June, July, and lI men's League for the picnic supper the marriage of Eleanor Miller, '23, to
"The initial --1". W. C. A.-arQ, a jAugust the "Y" summer conferences, which will be held at 5:30 o'clock at George Miller, '23. Miss Miller is a
close one all the way through. maic door to the homes of the worn- annually attract 10,000 girls and yong; Palmer field. Everyone should bring member of Kappa Delta sorority ani
Alpha Epsilon Iota showed somn(i of the Last ," said MUiss Gerwick women,I her own cup. All women who ordered!Miller is a member of Gamma Eta
excellent work and (deeated the irecently. These conferences are ten dlay per- lunches from the W. A. A. may call for;Ganmia fraternity.
Hlenz Newlberry team by a score. of "Nothing in the world is as broaden-i iod s given over to the study of world, them at 5 o'clock in Barbour ________
ing to one's pinjt of view as meeting religious, and personal problems f-.ium.
25 to 10. Delta Gamma took an easy Announcement was maec at the Al-
victor fromAlpha I Dela. Th women of different nationalities." I .ecting present lay life. International h h mg os ftemrig
victry romAlph XIDela. Te 1'The woman movement in some of; issues, religious educations, self-pond- There will be no meeting of Athena' of N aomha Titius of the maniveo
final score was 2G to ;. teMdtraea onre isitedNaongoverthe fturewhat arees toiverslittyight
jThe intramural game scheduled for th eieraencutre iied:rn ve h uurwa arest;tis wekdue to Lanen llh(owa, to Cleveland Moody. Moody is
field d(ay today is Delta Delta Delta' by the. p,;r. lissCerwick said, was? choose, and a general broadening ofl a member of the lDelta TanlDelta fra-
vs. Martha Cook. This game should found to lie tiedl up witih political as-bonet's horizon are features of the ds-! All freshman women are to meet at ernity.
he of special interest because it is ir~ations. Icssion groups.
t he former team who defected Betsy f lTme nex-t prty sailing under the an- In between there are outdoor events,
Barbour this year and thus cut offj spices of the international Friendshipl hikes, picnic and frolics. The predom
the chance of the drmitory team to tor, hchi oin to the public, mnating note for the entire ten days,
h old for another' year the cup which 1leaves July 27, spending July and Aug- however, is a serious outlook n life
Ithey won last year. The cup will bll "St in I';it-la niland( on the Continent. iand the indiviual's responsibility in
tawarded permanently to the team! - - --- ;helping to make the world a betterr
which wins it for three successive ATTE ND 'IlE EN IOR BA NQU'ET place.
The schedule for tomorox's games~
will be annotinced tomorrow. Ij Plans for Home Trips and


Coach Announces
Teams For Archery1
Mis-s Ruth Price of the phy sical ed-
ucation (delpartmnt has pickedl the. fol-
lowing teamis for archery; Senior and
junior team-Evelyn Smith, '25. Leona
Weniger, '25, Norma Clark, '26, Flor-
eance Pollock, '26; sophomore-Ella
\Vebb, Margaret (Clark, Elizabeth
Campbell, Mary Allshouse; fr'eshman--
'Mildm'ed H-uebner, Sadie Spicier, Mary
Thomipson, and Ithmei' Coffman.
IThe archery tournament will be held1
at 4 o'clock today in Palmer field. Onej
member from each team will shoot at
ithe samne. time. Each contestant will
shoot 24 arrows and the decision will
le given to the team whose inemblers to
tal the highest score. Tihe( distance is'
35 'yards.

Pleasure Jaunts Are in the Air!

A number of new hits have
arrived - "Titina," "Who
Takes Care of the Caretaker's
Daughter," "Joanna" and oth-z
ers. Your phonograph will
play them.

A Sturdy Trunk
Makes Traveling a Real Joyr!
An excellenit wardrobe. trunk, sturdily built-equipped with teni dress
hanigers, a shoe troy, laundry bag, htat boy; ind three dirawers for
Hlat c'lothiing--top thlat opens and corneris Iztat ithstaind hard usage,
is a real valiue t


Peking, Majx? 14-Thie famine relief

f onal lines of juniors. At t his commission here received an esti-v
f ploint the senioir song will be mate F'riday that 6,500 persons were;
Isuing. Then while in "M"' for- I killed in the carthquake at Talifu in
Imation the seniors will hand Yunnan pirovince on .March 16.
Iover their lanterns to the ju n-
iors. TIhe seniors and juniors 1 '"'NI i ~SE 01INIEI
Ilead off the field keeping the -_________ ______
" 'V" formation, sophomories and 1111iil131I1~llillblll 11IlI~i lll,
freshmen will f(ol1ow in their
Iturn. a=A vW omensflair wI_____
ston this year, according to tihe ens- J NI.E w ~ 4
torn of the. past few years will he ond r. M .E ed r
May 21. Imartculy hir $5.50
Beginning at 41 o'clock in the a fter'- E Up.
noon with the T~ay pageant atnd fol- HarG o -
lowed by the W. S.' G. A. program Swtces Sid Pices
and the lantern ceremony the event = wths d icl
closes with a supper on the lake ; Curls.
shore for all the university women. J= Made Oof r own hair,°
After the picnic supper theoy gather your .
for' the inter-sor'ority singing contest "3'00'
to be held at 8 o'clock in time evening. Switches made over.
50(1Phone 4368 _=It, .Co:N ' IJ 8EIT
Candy an(d frost bites will he sl 610 East Lihltf ' "a 1(0 e)
by the Women's L~eague tonight at ; = ~CLJ - Not sit.ti(:eh(ays of Lillian
Palmer' field. '*iiIlll~ iiII1l iimIIiI I Nom'd h a h a a American heard
l~llllll~lliltllli113111iiliiilllSltt I i li iidc i~s of applause be-
stowed b1y a M~et ropolitan audi.
e (Hie as fedll) timte lot of Law-
_ I ma end e Tihbett in the part o1
MI d'L a tl V ond in Boito's 'Falstaff,' " re.
i orts the Literary Digest undor
H~eres aNvanitie Iif d Pe cof February 7, 1925.
for Loose Powder 1Hs w
GMha Cannot Spill I1
The Vanitie You've Al-.
ways Longed For---goes
Away With Cake Powder ':.VA 1LD T'' IIAlI'IJEST
(! mALrIahie-ter was born ih
Spain. lie sang frequently it
. Elnd long, -andlItter went tc
A"M X o rid u larm ,,wlimrte he made his (debit
is 1oI)'ii. Since t hen lie ha,
w nmi ithgreat success in Italy
a Souihi Ae.ice_, ramid wtt hotl
5the (1 w;) lid iMetmropol)iI~
for LOOSE POWDJEER. opemaComupamie
For the powder you prefer.
the same soft, Acl,.n lose
Powder you use at iome. Marion Nixon, Fox film star, in
j ~~~The Purp I Sage~ always uses a$s '
Nori a antie.
j ! ~Thousands of women have bought Norida Vanities. raffs
Now they wonder how they ever got along w'ithout it.
IYou, too, can now use your favorite And it's so easy to refill! Takes but f
powder all the time. Think of the a few seconds to fill with several
convenience -- the comfort -- and days' supply.
! what2 real eauty id Norida is. MNori-b Vanti~.e isa ainy.thin # l e . k-, 'A4 I iA



rl^,/'J"//"./."'J'.a4 .d".r".~+.t'"./",i..i «f"l~+'"w/.I'.I.r ./rI".I."..":0././:/:I". ."YJ .0".r .d+'"''.~'~'ri'".+.I'","."d~.rm""',s'd.. °.VI. '..,rt'"..I^.I

Six of the Artists
who are to appear
on programs of the



Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor
20a, 21., 2 2, 23

Miss Meisle is the possessor
of one of the most beautiful and
opulent voices to be heard to-
(lay.. She has been with the
Chicago Civic Opera Compsany
since 192"), making her dlebut in
the important role of Erda in

YOU .,



Mr. Morgan, time young Welshb
tenor, has been dc5(ribed I~s
"Evan Williams of this genera-
ti." Since corning to America
lie has, a:ppeared in practically
all of the miusic centers of the
East and Middle West in ora-
tori o anti rec.ital. His engage-
ments have been veritable tri-

Ii r

Six Concerts

-Four Days

f .-,1.-~ - F4 Ili

IRE mtitAirs, iousewife, talie oft
Syour apron. We'll take care
f your baking burden.
You'll find we make our cakes
;ust as you did-with thme same. care


!i , -- -- itI I ;I




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